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Best Dog Dematting Comb – Remove Mats from Dog Hair!

Grooming is an essential part of keeping a puppy. Brushing their furs should be handled very carefully because they get rough matting on their coats. The dematting process needs a good dematting brush that is soft and gives a flawless finish. We recommend you to read this article to know the feature of our best picked dematting brush for doggies.

Dog grooming is an essential part of looking after your dog, especially if your dog has long hair that easily gets matted.  Hair can mat if your dog has been playing outside or after a bath.  To help we have pulled together this quick guide which will provide you with the best dog dematting comb and other essential tools to help reduce matted hair.

Dog Dematting CombTo help break up the mats in the hair
Mat Splitter For bigger hair mats, helps break them down
Detangler SprayLoosens and Relaxes matted hair
Slicker BrushFor general brushing

Further down on this guide you will learn just how to do a dog’s hair mat, the essential needs of the above tools and just exactly what you need to do to fix your dog’s matted hair by using the above dog dematting comb and tools.

Why Does My Dogs Hair Mat?

Active, energetic dogs that like to run at high speeds, roll around, dig regularly or do general day to day doggie activities tend to have more problems with matted hair.  Dogs that have longer or curlier hair than others tend to have more problems with matted hair and this can cause tangling or rubbing of fur which results in matted hair.

Dead fur can also get caught up or tangled in new fur when it is the shedding time of the year.  This too can be very problematic and cause problems even with a dog dematting comb.

Curing dog matting hair is easy to do and requires a lot of patience, however, the best solution overall is to prevent the matting of hair in the first place.  Dog conditioner and detangling spray should be used regularly along with brushing.  This will ensure your dog rarely has knotted or matted fur.  When your dog starts to shed, brushing your dog or using a dog de-shedding tool may be required every day.  In some dog cases, this can be something that is done more than once a day and it all depends on how much your dog is shedding.

Is Matted Hair Dangerous for my Dog?

Short answer.  Yes, it can be.  Leaving matted hair for too long and be quite painful and dangerous.  Although initially, you might not worry about it, over time it can be an owner and dog’s worst nightmare.

One biggest severity of leaving matted hair for some time means that when you or a dog groomer eventually get round to it, your dog will be in a lot of pain, even with the best dog dematting brush and tools.  Sometimes, even the best products will just not be enough.

Worst case scenario for your dog is that matted hair could eventually prevent circulation and cut the blood supply on your dog’s body and skin.  This will lead to skin irritations and sores.  If the sores become open wounds you should consult your veterinarian immediately.

What should you do? Easy.  DO NOT IGNORE THEM!

How To Remove Mats from Dog Hair

Basic knotted hair can easily be treated at home should you have the right equipment.  If your dog is nicely trained then you can do this on the floor.  However, should your dog be of the larger breed and not like sitting still, you may want to consider a dog grooming table

Once you have purchased these tools using the links above simply follow the step by step guide for removing tangled and matted hair.

Part 1: Where are my dog’s mats?

Do not dive straight in with the dog dematting comb.  This is a waste of time as you could hurt your dog.  Instead, you need to find where the mats are by using the best slicker brush for matted hair.  Using light strokes, brush your dog’s fur to help find where any of the matted areas are.  These are usually around the back legs, belly, neck/chest and ears.  One thing to remember is that these are the most delicate areas of your dog also so remember light gentle strokes.

Once you come across a matted area, brush the top of the fur that is not matted to your dog’s skin (still using the slicker brush).  A very important point to note is to please ensure that you do not let the brush bristles touch your dog’s skin, they can feel quite sharp and hurt your dog.

If the matted area is only small, the slicker brush may be enough to remove.  When you come across bigger matted areas you will definitely need the dog dematting comb.

Part 2: Using Detangler on Matted Areas

Dog detangling products are great for helping keep the dog dematting comb and slicker brush running smoothly through the matted areas.

The best detanglers help break up matted and knotted hair helping your dog dematting comb slide through the mats much simpler.  This will keep your dog nice and relaxed and prevent any accidents.

We highly Recommend:  The Stuff (Detangling and Conditioner Spray)

Part 3: Manual Untangling

Nice and easy, before using your dog dematting comb have a go at breaking the mats up with your fingers.  This can be quite simple and on occasion, they just fall out.  Simply find the matted area and start to unpick it.  Keep it gentle so as not to hurt your dog or pull the hair for his body.

If you start to struggle then you can add more of the detangling and conditioner spray to help reduce the struggle.

Part 4: Using the Dog Dematting Comb!

After exhausting all other options, it’s time to get out the dog dematting comb.  Yes, you have waited this long but it’s finally time.

A dog dematting comb should be used when you have tried all of the above.  Most matted areas will come out with a bit of manual work.  Some are just too much and no matter how much you try, they just won’t budge.  Dog dematting combs have a long metal rake-like brush that is specially designed for matted hair.

There are many different dog dematting combs on Amazon and you should look out for a comb that is made with solid materials and be extremely comfortable when using.  Dematting a dog’s fur can take quite some time and without comfort, you can end up in a little pain yourself.

Do not make quick sudden pulls with the comb, instead use a lifting action.  Keeping your motions consistent will keep your dog relaxed and comfortable but every now and then you must move the comb towards your dog’s skin as this will help free up the fur and prevent pulling.

Finally, once you have located the matted area and are gently combing, place your hand under the matted area between fur and skin.  This will then prevent the dog dematting comb from slipping into your dog’s skin but also helps keep your dog’s fur soft.

Best Dog Dematting Comb

Our best pick for Best Dog Dematting Comb has to be the Morpilots Dog Dematting Comb with Undercoat Rake.

Morepilots dog dematting comb has a double-sided comb with either 12 or 23 teeth depending on the size of your dog’s knots.  The handle provides a superb grip and comfort for you which helps keep your dog comfortable also as you will not rush.

In comparison to other dog dematting combs, this is one of the quickest and pain-free combs you will need for your dog.

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Comb Them or Cut Them?

Combing out your dog’s matted hair vs cutting them out is always a question asked by many dog owners.  Preferably, you should comb them out.  Cutting them out is a very last resort after exploring all options.  This can be potentially dangerous to your dog as it leaves the skin exposed and could cause skin irritations.  However, spend the time bonding with your dog whilst using your dog’s dematting comb and gently releasing any matted areas.  The tools we have provided above are easy to use and will help quickly eradicate any matted areas in your dog’s fur.

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