5 Best Dog Slings – Carrying Your Dog Safely Like a Baby!

Dog Sling5 Best Dog Slings - Carrying Your Dog Safely Like a Baby!
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Carrying cats are easier than carrying dogs. You can take your cat out in a small pet bag on your shoulder, but for a dog you’ll need a good sling. Here are some best dog slings to carry your little puppy with you safely. The slings are strong enough to take the weight of your doggy. Moreover, you can use the sling as a side bag too for other purposes.

Everyone loves seeing a small dog. Walking in the park with a Chihuahua or a Dachshund generates quite a lot of attention. They also appeal to most families so they can go anywhere with you. Going to the local market or pub is much simpler with a smaller dog than a St Bernard or Great Dane.

Carrying your doggie, small or medium-sized, can still get tiresome to yourself and will quickly give you an arm ache. If you are in a crowded area it may not be safe to put them back down. Some dog owners will settle for a dog stroller or whilst others may opt for a Dog Backpack.

Those of us with children, especially small babies, may have already used a baby sling. This helps keep your baby close to your body and feel extra comfortable. What most doggie parents don’t know is these types of slings are available for your dog too. Dog slings are a fantastic solution for a small doggie to feel safe and comfortable whilst strapped to your chest.

To ensure you get to find the best dog slings available please continue to read below. First of all, let’s take a look at the best dog sling carrier UK today.

Some Of The Best Puppy Sling UK – Buyer’s Guide

These next 5 dog slings are a great asset to any dog owner. Keep your dog safe and close to you during days out. If you are looking for something for a larger dog then check out our Dog Trailers page. The following Dog Slings are more suitable for smaller dogs.

Alfie Chico Reversible Pet SlingDog Slings

First on our list is the Alfie Chico Dog Sling. A fantastic, comfortable, dog sling that is also reversible. Made from fleece and cotton, this dog sling will fit comfortably to your body and safely hold your doggie.

When looking for a great dog sling, durability is key. You want it to be not too expensive but with all the amazing features like adjustable, comfortable and above all else – SAFE! The Alfie Chico comes in two different models. One has an adjustable strap, the other does not. Simple. Having the adjustable strap version is much better than without as you can ensure you adjust to your body shape and size.

The included adjustable ring helps you extend the length of the dog sling from 14 to 35 inches. Perfect for everybody. It can also be machine washed which may be required quite often depending on where and when you use it. Dogs can sweat quite a bit, especially if they are anxious or in crowded areas, so washing is essential.

Perfect for pets weighing no more than 12 pounds, the Chico Pet is perfect for pups and small dogs like Chihuahua or Puppy Dachshunds. 6 amazing colours to choose from depending on whether you choose adjustable or non.


  • Well Made and Durable
  • Fits Comfortably
  • Tried and Tested with larger dogs (with caution)


  • Metal Ring can dig into shoulders a little

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PYRUS Puppy Sling

Second, on our list is the PYRUS. Standout features of the Pyrus are the amazing dog ventilation window. Helping to keep your dog from overheating, the ventilation window will ensure air passes through to your doggie keeping them nice and cool. Pyrus has also ensured that the dog sling is adjustable helping to fit around each different body height and type.

Also included are pockets to help store your belongings complete with zipping.

This dog sling is made from 100% cotton and features a superb, machine washable, fleece pad. The fleece pad is placed firmly sat underneath your doggies bum in the dog sling. Helping to keep your doggie comfortable when in the sling is an absolute must and this really does help.


  • Simple to adjust
  • Comfortable
  • Mesh Window is fantastic


  • Have to add additional support to the bottom as too flimsy

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Furry Fido

Furry Fido slings are made in just one size with 4 different colours to choose from. You can also reverse them to the brown and pink spotted side. Made to support and carry dogs up to 15pounds in weight which helps with the wider strap than other dog slings.

The wide strap helps support your doggie but also ensures that you have comfort also. Included is a collar clip which adds an additional safety feature.


  • Comfortable enough for the dog to fall asleep
  • Interior helps hide any dirt


  • Not adjustable
  • more suitable for tall people

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i’Pet Hands-Free Dog Sling

I haven’t gone to town with this dog sling. They have literally made something nice and simple and easy to use. One nice little feature they have added is a little dog picture on the side. There are a few colours to choose from but the I’Pets dog sling only has one size supporting dogs weighing 12 points or less

The dog sling is extremely comfortable for you and your dog and without a doubt is great for doggie walks in the park or the woods.

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Timetuu Hands-Free Dog Sling

Finally, and last but not least, the Timetuu Hands-Free Dog Sling. Great looking, machine washable and a reversible dog sling, the Timetuu Buy sling is a very nice product indeed.

Included features of the Timetuu are a nice sized pocket that stores your personal belongings safely. A collar attachment to ensure your dog is super safe and several colours to choose from.

One downfall is the manufacturer has given no idea as to what size dog will fit in the sling comfortably. Reviews have suggested anything up to 12 pounds but these are only customer reviews so best to air on the side of caution.

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Choosing the Best Puppy Sling – What to Look For?

Purchasing a dog sling is just like a baby sling. Is it comfortable? Does it fit me? Does it support the weight of my dog? Is it simple to put on and take off? If you can answer these questions with a Yes, then you’re halfway there.

Finding a great sling for you with the right materials can be difficult but here we will provide some nice hints on what to look for.

Materials: Depending on how often you wish your doggie to be in the sling depends on what will be classed as comfortable. Choosing a padded strap will help on your shoulders but a cotton & fleece harness will help your doggies comfort. It will also ensure that they remain seated and still during your walk.

Collar Rings / Clips: Each sling is different and has different attachments. Some have clips and some have metal rings. Any attachment on the dog sling will really help keep your doggie safe and comfortable and prevent them from jumping out. Make sure they are secure to the harness when on your person. We highly recommend using these dog clips on a harness NOT a collar due to the height your doggie will be at. If your dog was attached by the collar, a sudden movement or jump could cause serious damage to the neck of your pooch.

Secure Fittings / Pockets:  Some slings feature a really handy closing top. Whether it is by zipping, velcro or studded clip, your doggie will be securely fastened inside. Just like a rucksack, your doggie will have air holes to be able to breathe but will not be able to escape whilst inside.

Additionally, most dog slings include a nifty little pocket for your personal things.

Straps: Adjustable straps are an absolute must for dog slings. This helps you to make sure the sling fits your comfort and can be adjusted to suit any size person.

Safety Tips for Using a Dog Sling

Taking a small puppy out in a dog sling is convenient and keeps them safe. Owners of dog slings find them so useful when needing to go our for long periods of time whilst their doggie is so young. Others use doggie slings when the dog has had a treatment/foot problems. Owning a dog sling will eradicate a lot of your problems when it comes to going out with your doggie.

What are the Best Uses for A Dog Sling?

Sick or Injured: Getting your dog out in fresh air can be difficult when they have just had surgery/treatment. A dog sling will really help ensure they come out with you and get some decent outside time. Keeping dogs confined to a crate can make them feel bored and irritated. If your dog has had treatment, they could then start to try to get at the wound and infect the area. Keeping them comfortable in a dog sling will help keep the mind occupied and boredom down.

Older Dogs:  Older dogs quickly become less able to move about as much. Joint pains, arthritis and other issues can cause a lack of mobility in your dog. This also leads to depression and anxiety because your doggie will not go outside. Using a dog sling will ensure your dog gets regular outdoor time with yourself. Using the sling would reduce the amount of walking your doggie would need to do and once you get to your preferred destination, you can get them out to roam free.

Disabled Dogs: Taking any dog to explore the world is one of the best reasons to own a dog. Not only do you get to keep fit and healthy but you will also get to see things you might not normally see without a dog. If your doggie is disabled i.e. blind or deaf, paralysed or old then a dog sling will be perfect. Although dogs like this are harder to look after, they still are your best friend. Take them with you in a dog sling and ensure they still have a great quality of life. A dog that is born with a disability should still have a superb outdoor life like any normal dog.

Safely Using Your Dog Slings to Prevent Harm

Dog slings and baby slings work in exactly the same way. Always ensure your dog is safe before setting off. If not fastened correctly the sling could slip and downfalls your dog. Here are a couple of tips to ensure that you do not put your doggie in harm’s way.


Any product you buy comes with full instructions on how to use it. A dog sling is exactly the same. Each sling will fully explain how to use safely ensuring you and your dog is comfortable. Read the instructions carefully and make sure that you are all safe before setting off. Sometimes it’s easier with 2 people whilst you get set.


As your doggie is wrapped in the sling, you must always check they can breathe. Each sling comes with breathable air holes helping your doggie to see and breathe comfortably. Always check that the sling is positioned correctly and not too tight. Some dogs will quickly find a way to get extra comfy, this is great, but always check they are facing the air holes.


Being wrapped in a blanket can make anyone get hot. Being wrapped in a blanket for long periods of time can cause overheating and exhaustion. Always check your dog is 1) ok and 2) cool enough. If your dog begins to overheat, take them out and give them plenty to drink. Dogs can quickly overheat and pass out.

Toilet Time

And finally, one for the carrier. Do NOT forget that your doggie needs a wee or a poo. If you do, that’s your problem. Your dog will just go and that will be catastrophic. Wee and Poo down your front will just ruin your day completely. Regular breaks will prevent that from happening and also keep your doggie comfortable.

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