Best Tents and Popup Tents for Dogs: Amazing Outdoor Camping Tents

For many of us dogs are not just pets, they are absolutely part of the family.  They go everywhere with us.  To the park, to a caravan holiday and even sleep in our beds.  However, a lot of us would like to also take them on hiking and camping trips but just not sure where to begin.  This leads to additional costs in Doggie Day Care or Kennels.  Owning a tent for your dog is a great way of ensuring you all get some sleep when in the great outdoors.  This is why we have looked for and reviewed the best tents and popup tents for dogs.

Outdoor time with your dog is the best place to build up a great bond and relationship with your dog.  Whether you’re at the park playing fetch or on a nice walk around the countryside, your dog will love this time more than anything.  Camping with your dog is an amazing way to build and even stronger relationship with your dog.  Walks in the countryside, walking through the hills and streams and going on an adventure.  Whether you have a family you like to camp with, or you go on your own, this is a superb activity to take your doggies on too.

Dogs can be quite loud once they get to sleep so if you do take your dog camping, why not give them their own tent?  Just as easy to setup as a human tent plus the space you and your dogs need to get a good night sleep.

Lets dive straight into the Best Tents and Popup Tents for Dogs

Best Tents and Popup Tents for Dogs

1 Alcott Dog Tentbest dog tents and popup tents

Another tent suitable for Small and Medium sized dogs, the Alcott tent is a great choice.

Due to the shape of the tent your dog may feel a bit enclosed if they are a larger dog and they stand up in the middle.  However, with the included windows opened, your dog will get the ventilation required and help keep the temperature down.

The dog door on this tent is a superb size helping easily get your dog in and out of the tent.  Should you require, there is enough space for you too. Fix the tent with the included stakes to prevent the tent blowing away when not in use.  Just like all our reviewed tents, it is portable and very practical as its simple to put together and pack away.

 2 K9 Pop-up TentBest Tents and Popup Tents for Dogs: Amazing Outdoor Camping Tents

For the smaller dogs we have the K9 Sport Sack.  This is a very light, portable and comforting popup dog tent  The tent includes a small door way that can be attached once opened so it remains open.  Being such a small and lightweight popup tent, you can easily carry this around with you should you go on a long walk and take a little break.  Simply unfold it and place your dog inside.

The sides have a nice mesh also that helps keep ventilation in and flies / spiders out.  One great feature of the K9 Sport Sack is the material as it has UV Protection.  These helps find immediate shelter for your dog in those warmer days.

3 Winterial Pop-Up Pet TentBest Tents and Popup Tents for Dogs: Amazing Outdoor Camping Tents

Popup Tents are so fantastic and practical as they don’t require any poles and time to setup.  Simply open the bag the tent is in and move out the way.  The tent opens up in seconds.  With a huge opening to let the dog in and out that roles up nicely and stays open when tied.

The floor has an amazing pad that adds for additional comfort.  As with all the best tents we have the mesh windows really help ensure your dog has enough ventilation to keep cool when sleeping with the door shut.

Also included in the pack are tent pegs that will securely fix the tent ensuring it doesn’t disappear in the wind whilst not in use


4 Yolafe Portable TentBest Tents and Popup Tents for Dogs: Amazing Outdoor Camping Tents

If you are going to a camp site rather than hiking then this is an absolute must.  Although it is heavier than other we have reviewed, the Yolafe Portable Tent is a perfect, very stylish, dog tent.

The frame is made from a scratch resistant material which helps keep it long lasting and looking great all the time.  The tent material is also scratch resistant which, should your dog like to scratch and dig then the tent will be safe.

Another easy to use door at the front to allow easy access in and out of the tent with an included mesh window for ventilation.  The cover of the tent is also completely water resistant which helps keep any rain and water from entering.

The tent is very simple to put up and take down.  Any time saved having to put a tent up helps prevent you / your dog getting wet.  Plus this tent is a good size for you to get in with your dog, depending how big he is.

5 Pettom Camping TentBest Tents and Popup Tents for Dogs: Amazing Outdoor Camping Tents

Next up is the Pettom Camping Tent.  Fibreglass poles are used to help build the tent and keep the structure secured whilst the Water Resistant material helps protect your dog.

The Pettom tent includes 3 windows which provides perfect air circulation for your dog when the tent is erect.  It also has a good sized door as the tent is suitable for small or medium dogs.  The floor is also water resistant so no matter what surface, your dog will be protected at all times.

As it is completely waterproof the Pettom Tent is perfect for using in the woodland, the beach or even the garden.  It all depends what little adventures you wish to go on with your dog.

Travelling with your Dog? – What Do I Need to Know?

Going on a trip is a great way of seeing the country / the world.  Having dogs as part of your family is great but taking them on holiday can become quite expensive.  If you are putting them into a dog home at an average of £25 per day per dog a 2 weeks holiday can quickly add up.

Taking a dog with you makes the holiday a great experience as they are part of the family and there are several things to remember.  Taking them out of their home can be difficult, especially at night-time.  Sleeping in a different place in different conditions can make your dog feel a little lost.  This could cause your dog waking up in the middle of the night.  Making sure you have all your dog’s toys, accessories and blankets to ensure they feel as much at home as possible.

Here are a few things you need to think about when taking your dog on holiday with you.

1 – Where Should We Go?

Finding dog friendly properties isn’t that difficult.  Sites like have a Dog Friendly filter.  Next is finding a good location.  Beach areas and forest/ walking places are great for dogs too.  Large forests / hiking paths etc are also great for dogs.  This is not only great for you and your family to get out on foot but also great exercise for your dog too.

We have not taken Ralph and Rupert abroad but they have absolutely loved our days out and our caravan holiday.  They loved being in the caravan although with the noise of kids running around outside it did cause them a little distress but it didn’t take long to get them settled.

There was plenty of space to walk round the caravan site and we were only 5 minute walk from the beach.

Ralph at the Beach

Ralph at the Beach

Rupert at the Beach

Rupert at the Beach

2 – What Should I Take?

Making your dog feel as much at home as possible is exactly the right thing to do.  Dog bowls, food and toys that you have at home should be taken with you.  This will smell and taste of your dog so they will know its their own.  This will help settle the dog immediately once they have explored their new surroundings.

Lets take a look at what other items you may find useful to take with you;

  • Walking Equipment: Your dog’s own lead and harness is an absolute must.  You will need this pretty much all the time on your holiday.  A collar is also essential just in case there is an accident and your dog escapes.
  • Dog Coat: Depending on where you are going in the world, your dog may require a coat.  Waterproof dog coats are a must in the UK.  The weather isn’t the best and even in the summer months it will always come in handy to have with you.
  • Crate / Bed: Your dogs bed is the most important part of any holiday.  Taking your dogs bed and favourite blanket will really help keep them settled.  Dogs know when they are not asleep in their own space and will try to find comfort somewhere else, generally in your bed with you.
  • Food and Treats: Dogs, like humans, have their favourite foods and snacks/    Don’t assume that where you are traelling too sell the same products so take them with you.  Get a dog food container to ensure your dogs biscuits remain fresh.  For yoiur dogs wet food, if tinned, just take a few tins in your travel bag.
  • And finally, Medicines: If your dog is on medication DO NOT FORGET IT!

3 Be Aware at All Times

Taking your dog away from their natural habitat can make them feel confused, lost and over-protective.  Your dog could be the best trained dog in the world but will still find a new place / environment difficult.

When we took Ralph and Rupert to the beach, we made sure we took them on an adventure around the caravan park first.  This helped them sniff around, mark their territory and also let everyone know we were there.  We would never let them off the lead as they don’t tend to listen once distracted by other things going on BUT they absolutely understood we were not at home.  They wanted to get out of the caravan and continue to explore.  We went on many walks too the beach, to the town centre, round the caravan park and even took them to the pub with us to get them used to the surroundings.

Dogs will act different in new environments and can tend to react aggressively.  This is natural as they become anxious and unsure.  Keep your wits about you and try and re-train them a little to the new territory.

Best Tents and Popup Tents for Dogs: Amazing Outdoor Camping Tents

Ruby on the Mountain

Best Tents and Popup Tents for Dogs: Amazing Outdoor Camping Tents

Ruby on the Mountain

4 Should I Change Anything?

Going on holiday for humans is getting away from the day to day strain of normal life.  Leaving work and home behind to relax and get away from the norm.  For dogs this can be very different, and routine is key.  Keeping your dog in the same routine as at home is absolutely essential to ensure they try and remain calm and less anxious throughout the stay.  Walks at the same times, feeds and water at the same time and sleep times.

Play with them maybe more than you do at home to make sure they still feel as loved as at home so you can ensure they relax quicker.  Dogs love attention and giving them more attention than at home will only make the holiday much more fun for everyone.

In Summary;

Having a tent whether it be a popup tent or normal pole tent your dog will love being in the great outdoors with you.  All the tents have a great ventilation system that help keep your doggie cool inside the tent.

Putting up a tent can be quick and easy with a popup tent as there are no poles and just some pegs to stop the tent moving.   They are just as comfortable and just as spacious as a tent with poles and your dogs will love them.

Pole tents are the more common tent and the poles allow for additional sturdiness and a secure structure.  The remain spacious even in windy conditions and have a little more weight about them to help keep them secure.