Build Your Own Mini Dachshund with this Mini Lego Set

Well…… where do I begin with this.  It started as a joke saying just how cool it looked on screen.  A week later I decided to purchase the Mini Dachshund Mini Lego Set.  And I was NOT disappointed.

Over the course of 3 days and several hours it is finally completed.  Our very own Mini Dachshund made from Mini Lego blocks.

When I first opened the bag and seen the size of the pieces, i nearly packed it all away and left it.  NEVER to be seen again.  But I started to construct it and thought, “this isnt too bad actually.”

My son wanted to sit with me whilst I did it, obviously being the big kid I am I wasnt going to let him help.  It was mine after all.

And this is where the journey began.

Step 1:  Open Bag – empty the 3 bags in to 3 seperate containers.

Step 2:  Grab a Cold One – This journey ahead is a long one

Step 3:  Cry a little inside due to the size of the pieces

Step 4:  Begin to build

The Mini Dachshund Mini Lego set has a whopping 2100 teeny tiny little pieces.  Some as small as 1mm.  It measures around 19.2cm high, 24cm long and 12cm wide and is black and brown with a blue collar.

The instructions are as great as you would expect and following them is very simple.

Day 1 Progress:

Day 2:

I woke up nice and fresh wondering what to do with my day.  And there it sat.  A lego shaped like a Canoe.  After getting our morning family duties out the way, Elliot went for a nap, and I began again.  Phase 2 of this Miniature Large Build.

After a solid hour and half, I was in agony.  Back, SHoulder, Neck all hurting.  Id had enough – it was beating me.  I put it away and left it.

Half its chin built but still feeling like it was staring at me.  When the Mrs come back home I decided to go back too it.  It wasnt going to win.

I continued with the same routine.  1 child next to me, not able to help, watching Peppa Pig ( I hate that Pig ).

I couldnt leave it, it had got me addicted and I needed to do more.  I wanted to complete it so I can stare at it.  I wanted to show it off to my friends and family.  The level of detail is really starting to impress me at this point, but I need to get ready to go out.  What do I do……………….. so I stopped, another hour and that was it.  Time for a shower and to get ready for a night on the tiles.

I have done lots of lego models in my 35 year existence but this one really had me.  I loved it.  I didnt want to stop.

Got home, went bed, drunk, excited and really looking forward to finishing this Mini Dachshund Mini Lego Set off.

DAY 3:  The Final Stretch

UGH!!!!!  What happened last night?  Had a great night but WOW I feel rough this morning.  Stagger downstairs to my amazing family and look at the table, Mini Dachshund Mini Lego Set HALF BUILT!!  Todays Mission:  Sober Up and Complete Lego.

Once I started I knew this was going to be the day that my Mini Dachshund Mini Lego Set was going to be complete.  I was like a kid in a sweet shop.  I was so excited.  The Kids thought I had gone mad.  I thought my girlfriend was going to leave.  It was just an amazing feeling.  A sense of achievement that these 2100 mini pieces were not going to win.

Several Hours – Lots of Food and Plenty of COFFEE and THERE HE IS!!!! HE IS FINISHED!!!!

Our very own MINI LEGO RALPH!!!

mini dachshund mini lego set

The level of detail in this lego set is unbelievable.  Although the pieces are ridiculously small, it makes up for how amazing it looks.  Lego Ralph now sits proudly on our shelf above the TV.

One of the greatest things about this set.  It is not the only one available.

Check out these other Mini Lego Sets available for Dog Loves everywhere;

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