8 Instant Dog Paw Balms: Protect Your Pet’s Paws

Welcome to the world of paw care, where the well-being of your furry friend takes center stage. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy to overlook the importance of maintaining your dog’s paw health. That’s why we’ve curated a list of 8 instant dog paw balms that will not only protect your pet’s paws but also add a touch of pampering to their daily routine. Let’s delve into the world of paw protection and discover the perfect solutions for your canine companion.

Is it not funny that you can make your baby wear shoes, but you can not make your four-legged baby wear shoes! Their paws are soft and sensitive, and the most used organ in dog’s body. But often dogs develop paw infection for lack of care. Let us start a healthy practice, rub paw balm gently on your dog’s paws. Keep them safe, close to your heart.  We have firsthand experience of how sensitive our feet can be, which is why the first thing we do in the morning is slip into socks or shoes. One of the most unpleasant feelings is accidentally stepping barefoot on something extremely hot or cold or something that is sharp enough to break the skin.

For most pet owners, paw protection isn’t even something that crosses their minds. Dog paw Balm provides just that. Our reflexive thought process dictates that animals have natural protection against nature and that their bodies can withstand all that Mother Nature throws at them.

As pet parents, it is our responsibility to ensure that we provide our fur babies with the highest quality and standard of living. No one wants to see their dog limping or wincing in pain and therefore there are certain adaptations we can make to avoid such mishaps. Keep reading to find out how to make you and your dog happy!

Rating on the Dog Paw Balms

1 Max and Neo Paw and Nose Balm with Calendula

Much like us, the exposed parts of our furry companions’ paws and noses can become worryingly dry and chapped. Max and Neo have come up with an eco-friendly and dog-friendly product that services the needs of our dogs. Named after their own dogs’ Neo and Max, the owner, Hwang has personal, hands-on experience with dogs. He uses this information to craft the products that he can. Their headquarters are located in Scottsdale Arizona, where they manufacture all their products using high-quality controls and high-grade raw materials. Their highly ethical practice involves a donation of over $4 million dollars to more than 2500 rescues in the USA.

Their Paw and Nose Balm with Calendula boasts the ability to moisturize, heal, soothe and improve dry noses and cracked paws. This product, in particular, has received an overwhelmingly positive feedback rate from customers. The ingredients included in the tin are Calendula Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E, Avocado Oil, and Shea Butter. Interestingly the star of the show would be the Calendula Oil that is extracted from the Marigold species of flowering plants. Imbued with impressive healing abilities it is known to accelerate the healing process immensely.


  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Manufactured entirely in the USA.
  • Use of all-natural and organic ingredients.
  • Silky smooth texture.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Quick absorption and effect.
  • Able to repel water.
  • Highly moisturizing.
  • contains calendula oil which has high natural healing properties.
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Adds a shiny protective coat.
  • The beeswax helps to prevent the snow and ice from sticking to the paw pads.
  • Smells good for dogs.
  • Philanthropic efforts: One product donated for every product sold.


  • Slightly expensive as compared to other brands.
  • Difficult to remove from your own hands after applying

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2 Pet Head Oatmeal Paw Butter

We’ve said it once and it’s worth mentioning again, that opting for the most natural products is the decision you’ll make for you and your pet family. Maintaining good health, hygiene, and dog grooming standards is a speciality of The Company of Animals.  Dating back to 1979 Dr Roger Mugford, who is now a world-renowned animal psychologist, established this reputable brand. Oatmeal Paw balm nourishes and soothes your fur baby’s dry paws that are cracked. The 2.4oz container includes ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, mango, oatmeal, vitamins F and E, coconut oil, jojoba, aloe Vera, and essential fatty acids to make sure that the paws remain super smooth. Their formula incorporates a blend of pH balanced, human-grade paw butter. The aforementioned is free of petroleum and DEA, so it is safe for your dog to lick and consume.

Roughened paws are seen to be instantly more velvety and softer after the first application. You will observe a definite improvement after regular, sustained use. The primary drive for this brand has always been to develop innovative products that help pet owners and their pet children find an enriched life and improve overall animal welfare.


  • Highly budget-friendly pricing.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic.
  • Heals cracked paws effectively.
  • It can be made use of in all types of weather conditions.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • All-natural and organic ingredients.
  • Non-irritating fragrances.
  • Wholly manufactured in the USA.
  • It has a fruity mild scent that appeals to olfactory senses.
  • Firm formula with a good texture.


  • Fruity smell too tempting, makes dogs lick it off.
  • No usage instructions were provided.
  • Some users reported bad absorption rates.

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3 Fur Goodness Sake Dog Paw Balm and Paw Soother

If you’re in search of a credible, and highly verified product then your quest ends right here. Fur Goodness Sake Dog Paw Balm and Paw Soother are considered revolutionary concoction that has been designed by veterinarians. Far ahead of ordinary creams, lotions, and wax products, this formula provides rapid, in-depth penetration. It comes equipped with the ability to heal wounds and reduce inflammation whilst ensuring that the nose and paw retain adequate levels of moisture. Manufacturers invested extreme efforts to formulate this balm the very same trio combination that is commonly found in products that are produced by high-end cosmetic brands like Sephora and Ulta. They have laced it with Abyssinian oil, which was imported from Ethiopia, bamboo extract Vitamin K, Vitamins A, kale extract and Vitamin C.

This water-based serum works instantaneously to patch up wounds, ease inflammation, and assist your dog’s paws and nose in retaining satisfactory moisture levels even if they are always drifting outdoors.


  • Immediate relief and long-lasting protection against dry and damaged paws.
  • Composed of organic ingredients.
  • No-questions-asked refund policy.
  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Water-based serum.
  • Highly moisturizing after-effects.
  • No greasiness or stickiness after application.
  • Quick absorption into paws and nose.


  • Dogs find the scent and taste appealing and lick it off. It requires a lot of reapplying.

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4 4-Legger Certified Organic Nose and Paw Pad Healing Balm:

If you want to get the most value for your money then 4-Legger’s Certified Organic Nose and Paw Pad Healing Balm is the candidate.  Its Healing Balm is made up of potent healing herbal constituents including calendula, natural moisturizers like shea butter, hemp oil, and beeswax for conditioning, repairing skin issues, scar reduction, nourishing and protecting your dog’s paws naturally without any additional irritation. Also included in this mixture are rosemary, St. John’s wort extract, and vitamin E to help appease any irritants that are lodged within your dog’s sensitive paw pads. 4-Legger specifically utilizes organic beeswax in order to form a strong barrier atop your dog’s skin. This will help to shield them from the external environment and to help preserve ample moisture. As a bonus feature, this balm can also be used as sunscreen for your dog’s nose. The balm does not have any scent and is hypoallergenic so it can be safely used by any dog breed with any sensitivity level to treat their individual physiological issues.

It is highly safe for pet use as it contains only organic, all-natural ingredients, nothing synthetic or artificial is added. Rest assured that you no longer have to worry each and every time your dog licks the applied area.

This multifaceted moisturizer can be used for various problems, from wound healing, dry paws, itchy skin, to dry nose, even hyperkeratosis, to growing hot spots, and even bug bites. All you need to do to apply it is to use your fingers and rub the balm on the affected area twice or thrice in one day. It will be absorbed pretty quickly, and you should observe a visible difference after a few days of using it consistently. It is advised that for healthy paw pads, you use them only once a day.


  • Immediate relief and long-lasting protection against dry and damaged paws.
  • Composed of organic ingredients.
  • No-questions-asked refund policy.
  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Water-based serum.
  • Highly moisturizing after-effects.
  • No greasiness or stickiness after application.
  • Quick absorption into paws and nose.


  • Dogs find the scent and taste appealing and lick it off. It requires a lot of reapplying.

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5 Pawstruck Organic Nose and Paw Wax Balm for Dogs:

Customers are positively raving optimistically about Pawstruck’s Organic Nose and Paw Wax Balm for Dogs based in Southern California. It claims to be applicable for use for canines of all breeds (especially ones with shorter snouts like pugs, pit bulls, bulldogs, boxers, mastiffs, etc.)and ages with no side-effects or risks whatsoever. Ruff Relief is made up of a list of quality ingredients including all Organic Beeswax, Carnauba wax, Jojoba Wax Olive and Coconut oils, all of which are highly effective in moisturizing and protecting your pet’s paws. There’s also additional non-GMO vitamin E included which acts in the capacity of an antioxidant. This also aids in prolonging the shelf life of the oils in manufactured goods. You can use this grooming product to repair your dog’s dehydrated, chapped skin back to its healthy state. It also deals with hot spots, and even calms itching that is caused due to a rash, dermatitis, or even an allergy. Furthermore, this balm is organic, hypoallergenic and non-toxic, so you should be permitted to use it without fear of adverse reaction on both dogs and puppies.

Other than mending damaged paws, this paw lotion is suitable for other bodily zones including the nose, elbows, and wrinkles. To guarantee quality standards and safety for the client, Pawstruck’s balms are made solely in the US under USDA regulations. Also, they have a US-based customer care team.

They claim to be an American- made brand, that sources and manufactures their merchandise employing exclusively premium elements designed specifically for canines. What’s more, it is licensed natural by Oregon Tilth for caregivers that are morally conscious.


  • Inexpensive price tag.
  • Creamy, a great moisturizer and paw protector.
  • Protects paw pads from grounds brimming with ice, sand, salt, cold snow and heat.
  • Non-toxic, non-allergenic, ultra-hydrating, and restorative.
  • Organic (USDA certified).
  • Safe for dogs.
  • Gluten-free.
  • It is utterly odourless to accommodate dogs that have extremely sensitive noses.
  • Prepared in the US.
  • It can also be used on felines and humans too.
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Gentle enough to be used daily for dog maintenance.


  • No soothing herbs are infused into the formula.
  • Very thin texture.
  • Leaky containers.

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6 Musher’s Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax

Musher’s Secret Paw Protection Wax is the ultimate coating guard for your furry buddies tiny paws. This is a 100% wax-based cream that comprises a strong wax. It is aimed to protect pet paws from numerous dangerous circumstances including pinching cold snow, sand, scorching hot pavements, slippery ice and prickly salt for those adrenaline-filled, super energetic and adventurous dogs. In the situation that your four-legged friend accompanies you on outdoor excursions in relatively harsher climates, this is the right protecting wax. It states that it is suitable for extra strenuous activities like hiking, mushing, trekking, and long walks.

It is produced using a combination of 100% natural pure Yellow and White Beeswax, Candelilla, and Carnauba Wax, vegetable and White oils. Apart from its obvious protecting elements, it also embraces Vitamin E, which moisturizes and repairs any wounds.  The part is that it is pretty straightforward to use and all pure. This eliminates the worries related to canines licking and ingesting them in small quantities. Moreover, it is quick-drying after it forms a semi-permeable defence shield.


  • Easy to apply
  • Non-slippery
  • Not tempting enough to entice dogs to lick it off
  • A little amount goes a long way.
  • Incorporates all pure elements.
  • It offers superior product reliability and safety.
  • It is Non- toxic, non-allergenic and stain-proof.
  • It can be used to prevent and remedy abrasions, burning, dryness and cracking of paws.


  • May cause redness and itchiness in dogs that have sensitive skin.

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7 Paw Nectar Organic and Natural Paw Wax Heals and Repairs Damaged Dog Paws

Paw Nectar Paw Wax is brimming with a lot of highly beneficial ingredients that work synergistically well to soothe and heal any dryness or cracks that may be hurting your dear fur baby. It consists of all-natural and wholly organic materials, so you shouldn’t expect controversial, toxic, unsafe or artificial chemicals. Their proprietary balm formulation works ridiculously fast by deeply penetrating the problem area. It is put together in the US in upstate New York. It is mostly made out of organic coconut and avocado oils, shea and cocoa butter that help in fighting against damaged paws, aloe vera, rosemary, and lavender oil that relax and heal your dog’s paws. Vitamin E exists to lengthen the product lifespan.


  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Good for healing damaged paws.
  • It smells delightful
  • Includes soothing herbs
  • 100% organic ingredients
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Non-toxic substances.
  • Quickly absorbed
  • Fast-acting relief
  • Made in the US
  • Satisfaction guarantee with a 100% refund policy.


  • No protective wax included.
  • It can be hard to get out of the container.
  • Might need to be heated up before use to in order to become more pliable.

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8 VetPro Natural Vet Formulated Nose and Paw Balm Wax for Dogs:

If you’re worried about getting an unverified balm then rest assured we’ve got your back. Dr Joseph himself is a veterinarian with over 30 years of professional experience. Hence, to cater to the needs and wants of fur babies effectively he came up with the Paw and Nose Balm Wax for both cats and dogs. His advanced formula forms a shielding layer atop the dogs’ paws and noses. This helps to lock in the moisture and shelter from the burning sun, dangerous surfaces and perilous environments.


  • Economic Price
  • 100% Satisfaction money-back guarantee.
  • Health-promoting ingredients like sunflower oil, Vitamin D, shea butter, White Beeswax, Vegetable Oil, Carnauba Wax, Candelilla Wax, Vitamin E, and Aloe vera.
  • Made in the US.
  • Cruelty-free production.
  • Seeped in rich oils.
  • No parabens, GMOs, sulfates or mineral oils
  • 100% all-natural, non-toxic and hypoallergenic ingredients included
  • Absorbs into paws quickly.


  • It can be tempting for dogs to lick off.
  • Oily consistency leaves residual prints.
  • You might have to remove excess off.

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What is a Dog Paw Balm?

Since dogs spend most of their time running around, chasing squirrels, jumping up and down, playing fetch and generally romping around both indoors and outside, having healthy paws becomes a vital component of their life. Essentially Dog Paw Balm is a chemical substance that has been specifically designed to coat and protect your furry friend’s paws from a lot of different dangers and risks. A dog’s paw is composed of skin, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood supply, and connective tissue all of which are crucial for active bodily functioning. But as tough as they may seem to be, their paw pads are not indestructible nor are they made of armour. They are vulnerable to hazards that range from unbearable weather conditions to infections and injuries via harsh landscapes.

Dry, cracked and battered paws are going to prove to be a problem for both you and your pet. It can leave your dog lethargic and prone to sleep for longer periods of time to avoid partaking in any activity that could add weight to its paws. Also, dogs are primarily outdoor creatures, harsh weather and environments shouldn’t be a barrier between your dogs and their freedom to go on walks or play outside.

Whether your dog is an adventurous character or spends he/she spends their days hiking rugged terrain, likes to race across stone pavements or if they just prefer to take a stroll through a park, their paws likely need some form of added protection.

Types of Dog Paw Balms

There are numerous products in the market that you can procure to protect those adorable little paws. The first option is getting dog booties, the only downside is that most dogs cannot stand wearing them. It makes them feel awkward, they can’t walk comfortably in them and some simply kick them off the moment you slip them on. A balm can be a wonderful and convenient alternative to this dilemma.

  1. Paw butter
  2. Soothers
  3. Lotions
  4. Waxes
  5. Balms

Why Do You Need Dog Paw Balms?

You may think that dog paw balm is another capitalist concoction that the Pet Industry has come up with, with no real purpose. This is not true, as paw balm serves a multitude of purposes. It is necessary that you safeguard your dog’s paws, and keep them in prime condition. They should be moisturised and kept free of infection in order to maintain their health, well-being, and comfort.

  • When paws get dry, they might bleed or in worst-case scenarios, crack. Damage to more than one paw means that the animal is severely handicapped and left at a disadvantage. This balm moisturises the paws so that the bleeding can be prevented and contained.
  • Animals have limited cognitive awareness, and they love to lick their paws. Sometimes this action might result in the ingestion of toxic chemicals that dogs may step on whilst out for their walks
  • Paw protection in severe climates is very important. Wintertime, in particular, presents more concerns with frostbitten toes, salt on the roads and slipping on icy streets. This wax forms a barrier that minimises any interaction with de-icers. These salts can hurt paw pads.  People living and working with dogs in colder regions use paw protectors dutifully during the winter season.
  • Underneath the blistering summer sun balms help to relieve the discomfort and pain, they repair the damage, they also moisturise and nourish the skin, rejuvenating it back to a healthier state.
  • Dogs that are prone to being outside more often and are exposed to rough surfaces like gravel, asphalt and coarse pavements will have relatively much thicker, sturdier and rougher paw skin. Paw pads do give a dog’s feet limited protection when they are walking on rougher terrain.

However, those dogs that stay inside for the majority of their lifetime will have softer pads. If you have an indoor canine and it never walks outside on hot streets, its feet are going to blister or ulcerate immediately and painfully.

  • Dogs will place most of their weight on their toes when they walk. This inadvertently means that the bones in their toes are exposed to a lot of different stressors and require an additional layer of protection to prevent them from spiralling into a detrimental state. Paw balm is one such solution that caters to this problem.

Buying Referral for Dog Paw Balms

Being fully informed on how to choose the Dog Paw Balm can seem to be tricky with so many products and brands circulating the market. As with any dog health/ grooming product, you need to select a high-quality, paw protection balm that is going to be safe and effective. These will be your weapon against hyperkeratosis, dry environments, whether in hot or cold weather and in the face of rough terrains. We’ve outlined the critical factors you need to consider before making the final purchase:

  • Organic and Safe Ingredients

The dog grooming product line is flooded with so many chemicals infused dog items nowadays. Rubbing synthetic ingredients onto their skin isn’t something we would suggest. Opt for a product that is manufactured with natural, safe, wholesome, and organic ingredients. Deciding on more natural ingredients will prove to be beneficial for your dog in the long run.

A few of the ingredients that are approved as safe for dog use include lavender oil, shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E, beeswax, rosemary extract, etc. On the other hand, not all all-natural products are all that effective, as they may be too gentle and therefore useless. It is ideal to find USDA certified products.

  • Ease of Application

Keeping your dog standing still whilst you apply the product and using a product that sticks cannot be easy to find. You need to choose a paw balm that is easy and quick to apply.

  • Healing Properties

Hounds have a tendency to play rough and as a result, they are susceptible to lots of scrapes and bruises that can easily get infected. It can take weeks or months for the injuries to heal on their own, and watching your buddy wincing every day isn’t easy. Look for balms that contain ingredients that are designed to stimulate rapid healing.

  • Defence Mechanism

As mentioned before, dogs spend most of the day venturing and exploring outside and therefore they may suffer from scratches and cuts quite often. This is especially the case when they are walking around barefoot atop dirt, shrubbery, foliage, etc. The likelihood that they will keep walking on their injury is very high, meaning that the site of the wound continually comes in contact with parasites and bacteria.

The most important thing to avoid is the risk of getting an infection. Using a dog paw balm is the good substance to protect against most infections. This is because it can be used directly over the wound. After being applied it will seal and nourish the affected area.

  • Moisturizing Elements

Dry and cracked paws can bring your pooch a lot of pain and suffering.  Some dogs are victims of a genetic condition known as hyperkeratosis i.e. the thickening of the skin specifically on the nose or paw pads. This situation occurs when too much keratin is being produced and leads to excessive, negative skin buildup.

The skin is seen to become thick, hard and very dried out. To counter such ailments try to look for a paw balm that is packed with loads of soothing, moisturizing, and therapeutic ingredients. Keep an eye out for ingredients like natural kinds of butter and oils, to pump your pup’s paws the moisture they so desperately are in need of.

  • Hot Weather-Proof

The sensitive paws of dogs, when unprotected from heat, can cause them to suffer from sore calluses and lesions. Browse through balms that offer cooling and calming results.

  • Cold Weather-Proof

Depending on the breed of dog that you have at home, you will notice that some favour and thrive better in one season over the other. This generally boils down to their genetic heritage but could also be a result of the kind of weather and lifestyle that they have been exposed to for the extent of their lives. For dogs that are more suited to warmer conditions, you should be ready to supply them with safeguards like jackets, socks and booties, heated dog beds, and dog paw wax that will make your pup withstand the cold weather.

The Origins Of Dry And Cracked Dog Paw Pads

  • Chilling drops in temperature: Cold weather can cause the paws to quickly dry out, become scaly and crack when too much pressure is applied. Furthermore, during snowy conditions, sidewalks, parks, and roads are often covered with sand and salt, these may irritate the skin quite a lot.
  • Scorching road surfaces: Blistering concrete and asphalt can prey on your dog’s feet. Test the temperature by touching the ground. If it is too hot for your hand to bear, you’ll know that it is too hot for your dog’s small adorable paws to tolerate too.
  • An allergy: An allergic reaction can be activated by food sensitivities. This can lead up to itching and paw chewing. There is also the possibility that your dog comes into contact with chemicals such as paint, carpet and floor cleaners, toxic spillages, garden sprays, fertilizers, etc.
  • Hyperkeratosis: This is predominantly a condition whereby a dog develops dry skin around its paws and nose as an outcome of excessive production of keratin.
  • Sensitive paw disposition: Some dogs naturally host sensitive skin. As such, they are usually more likely to get dryness, mainly in the paws and snout regions.
  • Zinc deficiency: There are breeds like Huskies, Great Danes, Poodles, Beagles, and German Shepherds that are more likely to possess zinc deficiencies. Inadvertently this may lead to dry and fractured paws.

Preventative Tips & Tricks For Using Dog Paw Balms

  • During the summer period, you should exercise your dog before peak noon times or preferably after sundown. This will help to avoid pad blistering and other heat-related ailments. Also to avert cold weather damage to your pooch’s paws, avoid going outside for extended periods of time. If you do want to venture out, apply appropriate balms, and cover your paws with boots and socks.
  • Be extremely careful of where you walk your dog both indoors and outdoors. Do not walk them in areas where there could be shards of metal and glass on the ground or other hazardous materials. If you are hunting, camping or hiking in rough territories and in open fields, be on the lookout for weeds such as foxtails.
  • Try to monitor your dog’s feet during exercise. Dogs who play ball and fetch with their owners on cement or asphalt are normally rushed to the veterinarian with ruptured blisters on their pads.
  • Examine your dog’s paws meticulously after exploration time, Frisbee chasing, ball playing, walking around the block, hiking in the woods, and walking in a park. By doing so you can evade any unpleasant injuries.
  • If your pet tries to lick the balm of his/her paws, distract them for a few minutes until it’s completely soaked in for the complete effect.
  • If your dog is slipping around inside, you have applied too much. You need to work it gradually into the pad, also between the toes, and wipe off any excess with a paper towel.

How to Apply Dog Paw Balms?

  • Balms are not lotions. They are designed to be wax-based or oil-based serum that encapsulates the paw pads with a hydrophobic barrier. This wall of protection keeps water out, and retains natural healing kinds of butter within; ensure that it is in contact with the skin. This provides first-rate healing of cracked paws and hydration of tough calluses.
  • Since balms are made of natural plant butter and natural waxes, the temperature of the product will affect its hardness. In order to make them easier to apply, especially during the wintertime, they need to be stored at room temperature. Upon purchase during the winter, the balm will definitely be cold. This low temperate exposure will make the product solidify and appear a little hard to touch.                                                          Do not be alarmed as this hardness is exactly how the balm will care for your pup’s paws and keep them dry, cosy and warm. Just let it acclimate to room temperature and allow it enough time to soften up. If you are in a hurry to apply it you can place the container in a hot water bath for a couple of minutes to accelerate the acclimation process.
  • Normally the uppermost layer of most balms will be glossy. You should use your thumb or a sterilized instrument to pierce the uppermost area, glossy layer located in the centre. Circle your tool or thumb for a couple of seconds and use your own thermal heat to warm the salve up.
  • After you have successfully penetrated the centre of the product, swirl the mixture. You can make use of your own thumb or fingers for some time in order to transmit your body heat into it via friction.
  • After a while, you will notice that the texture of the balm will have converted into a soft and creamy state that is mushy to touch. This is when you can get applying as it is the optimum application temperature (approximately 90F).

Pawsitively Pampered: Safeguarding Your Pet’s Paws with Love and Care

As we wrap up our journey through the realm of instant dog paw balms, it’s clear that pampering your pet’s paws is more than just a luxury—it’s an essential aspect of responsible pet ownership. Whether facing harsh weather conditions, rough terrains, or simply the wear and tear of daily walks, these balms are your four-legged friend’s first line of defense. So, why wait? Treat your furry companion to the love and care they deserve, ensuring their paws remain happy, healthy, and ready for any adventure that comes their way. Embrace the joy of pawsitively pampering your pet, one balm at a time.

We, groom, wash and brush our dog’s fur and coat, conscientiously check their teeth, eyes, and ears, but we often overlook the fact that we need to glance at the bottom of their paws. Their paws need some reprieve and caretaking every now and then.  It is your duty to check their paws at the end of each day for any scrapes, or bruises and see if the paws are properly hydrated. Dogs are no different from their human counterparts. Just like us normal people, they too enjoy a good massage every now and then. The ASPCA suggests that in order to promote healthy blood circulation in your dog’s nether regions, you should give them a gentle but pressurized massage all over the pads and the spaces in between their toes.


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