5 Best Dry Dog Food for Puppies – Nutrient-Rich Choices

Welcoming a new furry friend into your home is an exciting journey filled with joy and responsibility. As a devoted puppy parent, ensuring your little bundle of energy receives the best nutrition is paramount for their growth and well-being. In the realm of puppy care, selecting the right dry dog food becomes a crucial decision. To aid you in this endeavor, we’ve meticulously curated a list of the “5 Best Dry Dog Food for Puppies” that not only meet their unique dietary needs but also promise a delectable mealtime experience.

As puppies are very delicate, they cannot digest any food as an adult dog might do. As kibbles are ideal for their stomach, you should find a trustable dog food brand for your precious pup. Choose a dry food that provides a balanced nutritional diet for the overall growth of your puppy. Do consider checking our article for dry dog food for puppies.

Your dogs will also want to eat at the exact times, and part of their trying from a puppy is to ensure they get the right amount of food. As your dog gets older and bigger, they may have larger portions. This can be complicated if you are out and struggle to feed your dog at the correct time. Automatic Dog Feeders are a great way to ensure you never miss a feed. These can help with training also as your dog will learn when feeding time is by the noise of the food dropping into a bowl.

One thing to note about puppies is that they grow at an alarming rate, which means they need help to develop their bones and muscles. This can be done by choosing the dry dog food for puppies with the additional nutrients that your dog needs to stay strong and healthy. Discussions with your vet will always help ensure your meet your puppy’s dietary requirements.

5 Dry Dog Food for Puppies

1 Nulo Dry Dog Food

Our first choice of Dry Dog Food for Puppies is the Nulo Dry Dog Food. Nulo Dry Dog Food is prepared in the USA, and two high protein recipes include Salmon and Turkey. With the optimal amount of proteins, your dog will have the perfect aid to help build bone strength, support the immune system and above all else, keep your dog looking healthy with a nice-looking coat. Nulo Dry Dog Food is also grain-free and does not contain artificial colours or preservatives.

Nulo Dry Puppy Food became an instant hit with puppies due to the tasty, chewy pieces, and even fussy eaters will take to this food immediately. Suggestions of the Nulo Dry Dog Food suggest that puppy owners never change to anything else once purchasing the Nulo Food. Nulo Puppy Dry Dog Food is well-priced, and wellness packages dog food. Packaging comes with an airtight ziplock to ensure the food lasts longer and remains fresh. It has also been said that the high-calorie formula in Nulo dry dog food for puppies, helps active dogs stay active.


  • Prepared in the USA
  • 20% Carbs and 80% meat
  • Small dry Grain Free food


  • Some Owners Reported Loose Stools in their Dog

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2 Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Puppy Food

Our second choice is the Wellness Core Natural Puppy Food. Wellness is a trendy brand amongst other dog food companies, and they are not afraid to put money into providing the perfect formula for their amazing puppy food recipes. Using all-natural grain-free ingredients, the wellness core is formulated to help puppies grow into the developmental years through their younger, faster-growing years. Identifying the popularity of this product was easy with the high number of satisfied customers.

Ingredients in the Wellness Core Grain Free Puppy Food include high proteins such as chicken, turkey and salmon, and some quality fruit, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, omega three fatty acids and many other vital ingredients to make this an all-round, complete, grain-free high-quality puppy food.


  • All Natural and Grain Free
  • No artificial colours or preservatives
  • No wheat, corn or soy


  • Reported that food has irritated some dogs allergies

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3 Earthborn Holistic

Wells Pet Food are a trendy brand with dog owners, and in third place, we have their Earthborn Holistic dry dog food for puppies. Dogs will always hunt for their food and try to be scavengers for any foods they can find, especially human meals. Our son often sneakily gives Ralph food to help clear his tea quicker. Dogs that eat junk food regularly will suffer from serious health problems in the future and physical issues. Dogs always require a well-balanced diet full of suitable animal proteins like all these dry dog foods for puppies.

Puppies get many nutrients from vegetables, and green plants and puppies require regular intake to help them develop and grow in their younger years. The Earthborn Holistic puppy food has a chicken and whitefish meal option to help support the development, including strengthening bones and muscles.


  • Holistic Food
  • Probiotics are included in the food
  • Contains only 20% fat
  • Omega Fatty Acids and Antioxidants also included


  • Not Grain Free
  • Chicken is not REAL Deboned Chicken

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4 Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild is also one of our grain-free dog foods and have also made it into our 5 dry dog food for puppies. Like grain-free dog food, this formula helps with dogs’ digestive systems and reduces skin irritations. Taste of the Wild also understands that dogs can digest food much easier when they are rich in protein, so many of the Taste of the

Wild range is recognised by Vets worldwide as the dry dog food for puppies and adults. Another well-known fact about dog foods is that they require fruits and vegetables and a good protein level. Taste of the Wild has found a fantastic balance of all these ingredients to provide a great tasting dry dog food for puppies. Taste of the Wild dog food is created with history in mind and looking at what dogs have loved over time. The wild side of the ingredients comes from the buffalo meat or the roasted bison/venison, which gets all dogs and puppies a little bit excited.


  • Grain-Free
  • Unique Proteins Used for Sensitive dogs
  • Contains only 17% fat
  • Includes Pro-Biotics for Healthy Digestive System


  • Diarrhea and Vomitting has been noted by some owners
  • Inconsistency have been noted with the quality of the product

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5 Merrick Grain Free Puppy Food

Merrick have arrived at the dog food market and immediately found the food that dogs would instantly like. Merrick have followed the trend of ensuring that stomach problems and stool issues are avoided with their nutrition and that the food can be digested without problems.

Staying away from carbohydrates and grains that more common dog foods use has helped Merrick produce an excellent dry dog food for puppies. Any of the dry dog food for puppies is ideal, but if you are looking for something to suit your dog’s needs, then the Chicken and Sweet Potato recipe from Merrick is for you.


  • Real Deboned Chicken
  • Grain-Free
  • No soy, wheat or Gluten
  • No ingredients from China


  • Some owners reported that there dog simply did not eat or like this food

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How Often Should I Feed My Puppy?

Feeding a puppy should not be a terrifying experience, yet some owners fear that their dog will choke or struggle with dry food. Puppies and dogs are stronger than you think, and their jaws will break through the dry foods. As puppies, though, you must buy smaller dry foods rather than larger chunks. Also, depending on your breed, you may need to stay on the smaller sized foods like we have to with Ralph.

If you adopt or take a dog in from a shelter, always check what food the puppy was on previously. Before you buy any food, it is a MUST that you purchase the same food that was on previously. You can then buy the dry dog food for puppies above to help the transition.

Any transition from one food to another should be done over two weeks. The way to transition is using large parts of old food and a smaller portion of new food. Stick with this for a couple of days and then move on to a 50% split. Stay with this for another five days and increase the new food percentage. Another 3-5 days, and then you are good to go with 100% of the fresh food in the dog’s bowl.

When to Feed Your Puppy?

  • Puppies up to 6 months – 3-4 times a day
  • Puppies over six months – Twice a day

Setting a straightforward feeding routine with your dog will help you potty train your dog as you will know when they need to go potty. As your puppy grows, they will start to go potty on their own as the routine will have helped them.

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Unleashing a World of Nutrient-Rich Delights

In the pursuit of providing your puppy with the optimal start in life, the importance of selecting top-tier dry dog food cannot be overstated. Our journey through the “5 Best Dry Dog Food for Puppies” has unveiled a lineup of nutrient-rich choices that cater to the specific demands of your growing companion. From premium ingredients to meticulous formulations, these brands stand out for their commitment to canine health and happiness.

As you embark on the delightful adventure of nurturing your puppy, rest assured that the foundation of their well-being lies in the bowl before them. Choose wisely, indulge their taste buds, and witness the boundless energy and vitality that a well-nourished puppy exudes. Elevate your puppy parenting experience with these exceptional dry dog food options – because a healthy start leads to a thriving future.

Owning a puppy for the first time is like becoming a first time parent. Many new puppy owners want to know the dry dog food for puppies. They also want to know if cheaper alternatives will reduce the costs. Storing dry dog food is simple. Please keep it in an airtight storage container in a lovely cool cupboard. This will ensure the food keeps dry and the flavour is kept. If any air does get into it, your dry food quickly becomes very soft and loses taste.

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