Automatic Dog Fetch Machine Review: Go Dog Go Fetch Machine

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While the iFetch is the most popular automatic ball thrower on the market today, the Go Dog Go Fetch Machine is its closest competitor.  The difference with the Go Dog Go Fetch Machine is that it is designed more for outside use and also accepts larger size balls and not just the smaller balls.The Go Dog Go Fetch Machine uses six batteries for 25 hours of use and can also use an AC Adaptor in the mains. Check out the company’s FAQ page for full details and specs of this great product.

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The biggest positive of the Go Dog Go Fetch Machine is that, unlike the iFetch, it supports both the small and the standard size tennis balls.  Other automatic throwers only support the smaller balls so this is a big plus for the Go Dog Go Fetch Machine.  You can use any ball between 1.7 and 2.6 inches, which also includes Prima Tennis Balls.

Go Dog Go Fetch Machine reviews

In December 2015, iFetch releasded the iFetch Too that also fits standard tennis balls.

A big advantage of the Go Dog Go Fetch Machine is the colour contrast.  The bright green bucket on top of the black base, makes this product stand out incredibly.  As the iFetch is only in white, with a small blue trime, the GoDogGo leads the way on ‘Eye Catching’ product.

Unlike the iFetch, the Go Dog Go Fetch Machine is recommended ONLY for outdoor use. The machine can shoot balls as high as 12 feet in the air which could be extremely dangerous in your standard house, it is best to be used outdoors.


The GoDogGo struggles to keep up with supply and demand and is regularly/quickly out of stock.
It can be very difficult to purchase from Amazon as it is very rarely available. Go Dog Go Fetch Machine

The price is also a lot more than the iFetch.

Although the Go Dog Go Fetch Machine does have some nice features and is great for outdoor use with your larger dogs, the iFetch is by far the more durable product in our opinion.  However, if GoDogGo Inc could keep up with demands, then this would be a great purchase for regular outdoor use.

Reviews for the Go Dog Go Fetch Machine

Go Dog Go Ball Launcher

The product, like the iFetch, can help train your dog to fetch and drop balls into the bucket.  With its bright green colour, the bucket would be very easy to find for your dog.  The Go Dog Go Fetch Machine does have a large motor which can be very off putting for some owners but, using outside only, might not be a problem.

YouTube again has many videos relating to this product, from unboxing to actual training, but this video below gives an idea on the height and distance the Go Dog Go Ball Launcher actually throws.


Summary: Go Dog Go Fetch Machine

The GoDogGo has many positives including its appearance. I dont believe, in comparison to the iFetch, that the Go Dog Go Fetch Machine is worth the extra cost.  If you have good weather regularly and a lot of space, then the Go Dog Go Fetch Machine is ideal.  As we all know, the weather in the UK is never the best, so we believe the iFetch would be perfect for any household.

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Note: This is my own personal post and opinions and not that of everyone.  We recommend you always do your own personal research before purchasing any products.


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