Best Hands Free Dog Leash: 4 Incredible Ways They Work

In the dynamic world of pet care, finding innovative solutions to simplify daily activities is paramount. When it comes to walking your furry companion, the conventional leash may seem limiting. That’s where the “Best Hands-Free Dog Leash” steps in, revolutionizing the way we walk our four-legged friends. In this exploration, we will delve into four incredible ways these leashes redefine the dog-walking experience, offering both convenience and freedom for both pet and owner.

Only dog parents would know how useful a hand free leash is! One of your hands stay engaged all the time when you take your doggy outside the house. To solve this issue, here we present top rated hands free dog leash for your puppy. Now you can control their outdoor movements without engaging your hands. Hang out with your puppy freely with hand free leash.

Hands free dog leashes will be quite uncomfortable as your running action will regularly jolt and pull your dog. It will also start to rub in your hand and may cause blisters. Worst of all, if you have a large dog then your dog could quickly drag you into the nearest bush or lake with one swift action.

4 Hands Free Dog Leash for Running With Your Dog

As with any dog training product, there are hundreds of different makes and models to choose from. Choosing the best hands free dog leash was not easy. Cheap and poorly made leads that lack quality makes it very difficult. We have chosen the best 5 hands free dog leash/leads that will really help keep you and your dog comfortable and enjoying your run.

1 Mighty Paw

Our first choice of best hands free dog leash/lead is the Mighty Paw Hands Free Dog Leash. High quality, waterproof and designed perfectly for small, medium, large or extra-large dogs. Made with the highest quality nylon and durable metal rings for attaching to your dog’s harness, the Mighty Paws Hands Free Dog Leash / Lead is an excellent choice.

Complete with 16 inches of giving which helps keep your dog from being pulled or dragged whilst on your run. Reflective stitching to help improve safety and visibility to other dog owners and motorists. Mighty Paws trust this product so much that they have provided a 90-day money-back guarantee and will support dogs from 30lbs all the way to a whopping 100lbs.

Overall this is the best choice for its durability, comfort and just how easy it is to use. You and your dog are safe with the reflective strips and it is just a great hands free dog leash.

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2 Tuff Mutt

The second choice is the hands-free dog leash from Tuff Mutt. Along with the Mighty Paw hands-free dog leash, the Tuff Mutt is a premium product with everything you will need in a GREAT hands-free dog leash/lead.

Made with materials of the highest quality complete with the best clasps and hooks for your dog’s safety. There are also 2 handles that will support more control on your walk or your run PLUS the Tuff Mutt is complete with Hi-Vis stitching for that nighttime safety you all need.

Simple to fit as the lead just slips around the waist, giving your dog options on which side to run on. The spring in the lead allows an additional 12 inches of extension which ensures your dog remains comfortable and safe throughout. The two handles allow you to easily switch to a conventional lead but also helps you control your dog in moments of control or misbehaviour. The biggest downfall of the Tuff Mutt is how much it weighs. If you are going on a long run then this will add a few extra pounds on making the run just that little bit tougher.

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3 Petter Bungee Retractable

petter bungee retractable hands free dog leash

Third, on our list is the Petter Bungee Retractable leash. Designed with heavyweight dogs in mind as the lead will support dogs up to 150lbs and complete with an extremely strong elastic that will ensure your extra-large dog is completely safe and also you as the runner. Made to last for many years without a problem, the Petter Bungee is a keeper.

Complete with reflective stitching and both a handgrip and a waist loop to allow you to control your dog much easier. The quality is one of the highest on the market and if you own a large dog it makes a great lead for walking let alone running. Only one real downfall is the colour, there is only one but other than that it’s a great hands-free dog leash or an even better handheld dog leash.

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4 Riddick’s One & Two Dog Leash

Complete with pouches for small-item storage, the Riddick Hands Free Dog Leash is one of the best on the market and suited for long-distance joggers and runners.

The collar has tubular nylon which is of the highest quality plus a ‘rust proof’ nickel clip.   Complete with two additional handles for extra control should it be required. The features of the Riddicks Dog Leash are the extra pouches. One is a water carrier and the other is a zipped pouch for bags, treats or even your keys/phone. Riddick’s Hands Free Dog Leash also supports an additional bungee leash should you wish to take two dogs with you, walking or running. The cost of the Riddicks Dog Leash is a little more expensive than other models but it is a popular choice. I however believe that the cost lets this down in comparison to other models.

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Hands Free Dog Leash – How Do They Work?

Hands free dog leash/leads are exactly that, hands free. Simple and effective designs make these the best dog leads for running with your dog.

Attaching to your dog is the same way as a normal lead, just attach the clip to the harness ring. Made from a strong, sometimes elasticated, web material that will attach to any harness or collar. It is always recommended to use one of the best dog harnesses for running as a collar could be too tough on your dog’s neck.

Features of a Hands Free Dog Leash / Lead

There is absolutely nothing overcomplicated about a hands free dog leash. To look at, they are just a piece of nylon, a hook and a body connector. Although that is all the hands free leads are, they provide so much more when running with your dog. Finally, choosing the best hands free dog leash/lead will mean you will also get a convenient and much more comfortable lead for running with your dog.


Most,  if not all, of the best hands free dog leash/leads, can be converted into a standard lead or a hands free lead.

This saves you time and money when wanting to just go out for a conventional stroll however, a quick change and you can then run.

If you are lucky enough to own more than one dog then you may find some hands free dog leash that can be adjusted to support two dogs.

Shock Absorber for Comfort

Being the best hands free dog leash will mean some of the top features are also included, like a shock absorber. This allows a little spring in the lead which helps prevent your dog from being pulled or dragged along on the run. This also helps keep your dog comfortable and enjoy the jog/run.

Lights or Reflectors

With any dog walking equipment you will generally find some Hi-Vis piping or reflectors. This is more important if you are running with your dog in the darker evenings or at night. Motorists need to see your dog just as much as they need to see you. With the best hands free dog leash/leads, your dog could be a little further back from you and a motorist might not see them till it’s too late. Some also feature small LED Lights but they are not required, Hi-Vis piping or a reflector strip is. Make sure if your hands free dog leash/lead doesn’t come with a reflector or lighting that you purchase some immediately. Simply stitch it on to keep your dog safe.

Unleashing Convenience: Embrace the Future of Dog Walking

As we conclude our journey through the realms of hands-free dog leashes, it’s evident that these accessories are more than just tools; they’re game-changers. From promoting an active lifestyle to fostering a stronger bond between pet and owner, these leashes embody innovation and practicality. So, next time you embark on a stroll with your canine companion, consider the freedom and ease offered by the best hands-free dog leash. It’s not just a leash; it’s a stride towards a more seamless and enjoyable walking experience for both you and your loyal friend.

We provided a list of the some of the amazing hands free dog leash harnesses in this article here that will keep your dog comfortable during a job or a run during that article. We now want to share with you what lead you should use. Using a hands free dog leash/lead is by far the most comfortable for you and your dog on any run.


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