How to Feed Your American Bully to Gain Weight?

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How to feed your american bully to gain weight? American bullies are well-built, and you know this if you are a dog lover. However, yours may look a little skinny, which is not a good look. Granted, they may be naturally lean or even a poor feeders, but you may feel the need to help them gain a little weight for them to look healthier.

Hetoq lists the ten perfect foods for American Bullies, and you can pick yours from there, but there are other ways you can use to help your pooch gain weight.

Let us look at them, shall we?

Feed them Quality Food

The kind of food you pick for your pooch has to be of good quality as it plays a huge role in their general health and ultimate weight gain.

When we talk about quality food, we mean that the food has to have all the nutritional content that your American Bully needs.

As such, you want to avoid dog food with unhealthy ingredients such as soy or corn as it will do nothing to add to their pounds.

Make Snacking a Habit

We bet you take several snacks throughout the day in between meals, right? The same has to apply to your dog if you want them to gain weight.

Consider getting some snacks with high protein and fat content and meat sources for your pooch, as this will make them gain weight faster.

Of course, these should not replace regular healthy and wholesome meals. Our point here is that a little junk would not hurt every so often.

Split their Meals

You may have noticed that your dog is a fussy eater or won’t finish a meal served to them. To make it easier for them to feed, you can split their meals and feed them small portions throughout the day.

This gives your dog time to get hungry, so by the time you are giving their next meal, they will not be thinking about rejecting it but rather devouring it.

Pick Higher Calorie Food

If you have ever engaged in a conversation about weight loss, you probably heard the word calorie thrown in a few times and not in a good way.

Nevertheless, calories help gain weight, so it would only make sense if you included a significant amount of the same in your dog’s diet.

Ensure that Their Food is Palatable

We all love appetizing and tasty meals, wouldn’t you say? So, why would you think or assume that your dog will gladly eat any food you offer them?

If your dog seems uninterested in its food, the chances are that it is bland. Of course, if they do not feed, as they should, they will lose weight.

You can try different dog foods to find out which one your pooch enjoys most or add tasty additions like egg, yoghurt, or tuna to make their meal more interesting and tasty.

Give Them Homemade Meals

We are not saying that store-bought dog food is not good, but try to provide your dog with raw homemade meals if you can. Nothing can beat that.

You see, with homemade meals, you can tweak the recipe to meet your dog’s special needs. For instance, you can make Satin Balls that are easy to make and filled with calories, and tasty.

The perfect part is that you can make many of them and store them in the fridge for future consumption.

Final Thoughts

You do not have to live with the discomfort or guilt of looking at your skinny American Bully all the time. With a bit of effort and patience on your side, you can help them get to the weight that looks appealing to them.

That should not be as hard with this article at hand, wouldn’t you say?

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