5 Amazing Pet Camera Treat Dispensers: Ideal for Dog Owners!

Are you a devoted dog owner seeking innovative ways to connect with your furry friend even when you’re away? Look no further! In this guide, we present five amazing pet camera treat dispensers designed exclusively for dog owners. These cutting-edge devices not only allow you to keep a watchful eye on your canine companion but also provide the added delight of dispensing tasty treats remotely. Elevate your pet parenting experience with these remarkable gadgets that bring joy, engagement, and peace of mind, ensuring your beloved pup feels loved and cared for, even in your absence.

Are you a devoted dog owner who hates leaving your furry friend alone at home? Fear not! We’ve got the perfect solution to keep your canine companion happy and entertained – pet camera treat dispensers. These innovative devices not only allow you to keep an eye on your pet when you’re away but also let you interact with them by dispensing treats remotely. In this article, we’ll explore five amazing pet camera treat dispensers that are an absolute must-have for dog owners seeking to enhance their pet parenting experience.

Is your dog overweight? Having a large fat doggy means lot of food restrictions. But they can cheat when you’re not around! To keep an eye on your doggy, get a pet camera treat dispenser. Through the camera you can see the live footage of your doggy’s activities from anywhere. Through the pet camera treat dispensers you can always keep an eye on your puppy.

As dog owners, we should treat our pets similarly to how we would look after a child. This also includes a monitor or pet camera to use whilst away from the house. Below, we’ve reviewed and listed the perfect pet cameras/pet camera treat dispensers for monitoring your dog and looking after them when they are alone.

There are many types of pet cameras. Some will mostly record your pet or stream the video to your phone, others will also allow you to provide a treat.

The most popular pet camera treat dispenser, in our opinion, is the Petzi. One of Petzi’s main features is while you can record in great quality and provide high-quality audio to your phone, you can also treat your pet remotely with just a little tap of a button.

With a Pet Camera / Pet Camera Treat Dispenser you can watch, interact, and treat your pet and most have features such as:

  • Instant streaming using your phone
  • Video and Picture capture
  • See in the dark with a night vision feature
  • Speak & Listen to your pet
  • And with a pet camera treat dispenser, you can treat your pet

Choosing the Perfect Pet Camera Treat Dispensers

Having a dog is just like having a child or a baby. This is why we need Pet Cameras. Our dogs can teach themselves to get into places they shouldn’t or investigate rooms/places that you really don’t want them to.

When it comes to the safety of your dog, you can never take too many precautions, just like when you have a baby. We have to be aware of all surroundings and be on our toes of any dangers that ‘may’ occur before they actually do. One of the perfect ways to do this is with a Pet Camera / Pet Camera Treat Dispenser. A Pet Camera Treat Dispenser is a great way to distract your dog by just quickly shouting through your phone and quickly pressing the treat button to eject a treat into the room. Distracting your dog from whatever they are about to get up to.

We looked into many factors of the Pet Camera and Pet Camera Treat Dispensers; (i) Value For Money (ii) Reliability (iii) Feature Quality. Let’s take a look…

Pet Camera & Pet Camera Treat Dispensers – Buyers Guide

If you want to shop for either a pet camera or a pet camera treat dispenser, then there are many things that ought to be considered. All of the below tips can assist you to make the perfect decision.

Not all cameras give the power to check what your pet is doing from your smartphone – this can be ESSENTIAL. This feature on most of these pet cameras helps you really understand what your pet is doing and be ready to support/train your dog wherever possible.

  • Live Stream – Live streaming is the most significant feature of pet cameras. When reviewing, you should purchase a pet camera that comes with a mobile app. The app simply permits you to look at the live feed from any location
  • Motion Activation – Some pet cameras advanced features including motion activation recording. The motion activation can send an alert/message to your phone indicating that your pet is running/moving. This is a great feature to help you if your pet is prohibited from a particular location of the house and has got loose
  • Night Vision – Night vision is vital if you’re employed late or out of the house for long periods of your time
  • Voice Compatibility – Talking to your pet through the camera is one of every of the most recent options. additional usually than not, this may create your dog bark, however, it will check that your dog is alert and not being mischievous.

Treat Dispenser

Treat dispensers are actually the foremost recent development in technology. having the ability to supply a treat to your dog via your sensible Phone is out and away the simplest factor technology can give for your dogs. If you are out all day and have left your dog a minute, simply merely activate the video, speak to your dog, then give a treat (if your dog has behaved of course)! to require it even additional, automatic dog feeders will give a full meal at set intervals do you have to select this feature.

Setting up your Pet Camera

Setting up a security camera or pet camera could sound overwhelming to a number of you – particularly to people who aren’t technical school savvy. Today’s pet cams are a lot less complicated and most are wireless, some guaranteeing sixty-second installations! With the arrival of wireless pet cams, you’ll be able to merely set the new camera on a shelf and transfer the app.

Owning a Pet Camera or Pet Camera Treat Dispenser is unquestionably a requirement for any pet owner.

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5 Incredible Pet Cameras and Pet Camera Treat Dispensers

Pawbo Pet Treat Cam & Treat Dispenser

Pawbo brings you closer to your pets like you are actually in the same room. The 720p camera gives you clear, amazing quality and makes two-way interaction with your pet.

The Pawbo includes an app that allows you to video chat with your pet at the touch of a button. Listen and respond appropriately whilst you are on the go. Pawbo brings you to a close! True multiple entertaining apps, bonding you and your creature, with different games.

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Petzi Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

Petzi Pet Camera Treat Dispenser is by far the easiest and most reliable treat dispenser available. We love this product. Its simplistic design and easy-to-use functions are the reasons why the Petzi should be the number-one choice for any dog owner. Take a look at some of the features below;

  • Remote treat launcher with the included camera
  • night vision and wide-angle lens
  • High-quality audio
  • Compatible with Apple and Android smart devices
  • Place it anywhere with the universal mounting kit

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Furbo Dog Camera & Treat Dispenser

The Furbo Pet Camera Treat Dispenser has some wonderful options that other similar products do not have. It additionally features a very elegant style that enables the Furbo to be placed anywhere and go unnoticed.

  • FUN TREAT agitated
  • HD CAMERA & visual sense
  • TWO approach CHAT

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Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Although the PetCube is not a Pet Camera Treat Dispenser, this camera has the fun element of displaying a tiny red dot on the ground that your pet can love and chase for hours! This helps as an excellent exercise tool for your dog.

Beautifully designed with brushed aluminium and rounded corners, the Petcube camera is an innovative, top-quality device you will be proud to place in any space. You’ll love the elegance of your Petcube, and its appearance as much as you will love playing with it to interact with your pets.

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PetChatz HD Pet Camera Two-Way Audio/Video System

As a pet parent, you regularly worry that your pet is lonely without you – With PetChatz, you’ll be able to make sure that never happens and “be there from anywhere” for your pet. With amazing interactive capabilities, PetChatzHD is the last product you may ever require to keep connected with your pet! Motion & Sound Detection Keep tabs on noise and movement while you’re away with our timely alerts and “Silent Mode”. From rough play to thunderstorms to unwanted guests, you’ll be able to stay on top of what happens once mum and dad have gone away!

Easy Set-up mounts the bracket over any plug socket, fix your PetChatz unit and secure the unit to the bracket. Within minutes you’ll be able to chat along with your pet. Reward Them with PetChatz Treatz® With one single click. You’ll be able to reward your precious pets with extremely wholesome, all-natural treats specially developed to be safe and wholesome for each dog and cat.

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The Pinnacle of Pet Pampering:

In conclusion, these 5 Amazing Pet Camera Treat Dispensers stand as the pinnacle of pet pampering for dog owners. The seamless integration of technology and affectionate care has never been more evident. From the convenience of monitoring your pet’s activities to the sheer delight of surprising them with treats, these devices redefine the relationship between you and your furry companion. Embrace the future of pet ownership with these innovative gadgets, and witness the joy they bring to both you and your beloved dog. Make every moment count, even when miles apart – because your dog deserves nothing but the best!

In conclusion, investing in a pet camera treat dispenser is a game-changer for any dog owner. The five featured devices offer a perfect blend of surveillance, communication, and treat dispensing capabilities, ensuring your furry friend feels loved and cared for even in your absence. From real-time video monitoring to the joyous treat-rewarding interactions, these gadgets are a testament to the advancements in pet technology.

Make the most of your time away from home by treating your dog to an interactive and delightful experience. With these pet camera treat dispensers, you’re not just an owner; you’re the provider of joy and companionship, making your bond with your furry friend stronger than ever. Say goodbye to separation anxiety and hello to a happier, more connected pet-parent relationship!

In conclusion, pet camera treat dispensers are a great way to keep your furry friend entertained and well-fed while you’re away. Not only do they provide a fun and interactive experience for your pet, but they also give you peace of mind knowing that your pet is taken care of. With a variety of options available on the market, it’s easy to find one that fits your needs and budget. Whether you have a dog, cat, or even a rabbit, a pet camera treat dispenser can be a great addition to your home. Give your pet a treat and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing they are happy and healthy.











  1. I love this Pawbo+ camera device. I have gained so much quality time with my small cats once I’m away from them. I will definitively and fully recommend it!
    Very easy to install 🙂

  2. I got the pawbo as a replacement for a cctv camera that I had. It looks great and a lot nicer than the cctv but for the extra money it costs it is just a glorified cctv camera.

    The major dissapointment for me is that the camera doesn’t pan, it’s static. Even though it has a wide angle still doesn’t allow me to see both dogs at the same time.
    Both my dogs are crate trained so the treat dispenser is a bit of a gimmick as I can’t use it while I’m out as they are in their crates and can’t get to the treat.

    The noises you can get it to make are also a bit pointless and I’m not really sure why they are there.
    The picture quality is a bit hit and miss and some days I can’t even connect
    I was really hoping to love this camera but due to its price compared to other cameras it’s not for me and I will be returning it

  3. The Pawbo was fairly easy to set up on my phone. It didn’t connect immediately but once I used the WPS button it connected straight away. The camera quality is excellent and you get a great picture of your pet. I think perhaps this is more suited for cats as my dog immediately was knocking over the camera once I spoke through it or gave a treat. The Pawbo is much too light so it can be knocked over easily. This is a design flaw for me and puts me off wanting to use it. It is however a great idea if you are worried about leaving your pet for a long period and want to check up on them. I love the feature that you can give treats. This is such a lovely idea if you are out for a period of time and want to give your pet a treat.

  4. I have a Pawbo theme park and had great fun checking up on my pets whilst i am away – and as i am away for days at a time, i can check in and play with them when i not there.
    It was very easy to set up, however finding the best spot for it was not so easy, and it i did have to set it on the floor so i could see the cats. it is a great idea, but i feel a little expensive for what you get. i would give it 3 stars out of 5.

  5. I have a Pawbo theme park and had great fun checking up on my pets whilst i am away – and as i am away for days at a time, i can check in and play with them when i not there.
    It was very easy to set up, however finding the best spot for it was not so easy, and it i did have to set it on the floor so i could see the cats. the camera is good, but not good quite good enough. it is a great idea, but i feel a little expensive for what you get. i would give it 3 stars out of 5.

  6. I’ve already got other cameras which I use to monitor my dogs whilst out of the house but thought I would try this bespoke one instead. The Pawbo didn’t connect immediately but once I used the WPS button it connected straight away and I then spent the next two hours playing with it with my two doggies. The camera is good quality but would benefit from panning as inevitably whilst one is engaged the other is off somewhere else. My dogs weren’t too concerned with the noises or voice function but once I’d shown them the treat function they were more keen!! The trouble is my dogs are large and the treat holder is small so after getting the treat they were knocking the unit over so I had to use the base the unit comes in to keep it upright. That said watching my dog throught the camera giving the Pawbo a paw to get a treat was too cute!!

  7. I received the Pawbo as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review. We were so excited to receive the Pawbo+ and so were our 2 Labs! after all, what’s not for them to like when treats are magically dispensed from the friendly looking white egg on the kitchen side that sounds like us? Initial setup was easy, but, in my experience anyway, the unit seemed to prefer our 2.4Ghz wifi as opposed to the 5Ghz version.

    On 5Ghz the app told me the connection was slow and often lagged whilst trying to view resulting in a frustrating viewing experience. To reset the Pawbo+ (which is required to change the WiFi connection) simply insert a paperclip in the rear reset hole until Pawbo “tells” you it has been reset. After getting Pawbo on a stable 2.4Ghx WiFi signal the fun ensued, albeit short lived with 2 always hungry Labradors!

    The app is straight forward and easy to use. It also allows for the addition of other accessories such as the “Flash” and “Catch” which can be controlled via the app. The other good use of the device lends itself to being a drop in/out CCTV surveillance device to check what’s going on at home. The quality of the camera is good and works well at night too. Although I didn’t get the maximum use of the Pawbo as our 2 dogs are getting on in years now (as is the cat) I did like being able to see what was going on at home when away.

    The dogs favourite function was indeed the treat dispenser and, for me, the ability to create different sounds did get the younger dogs attention with a quizzical tilt of her head whilst passing. Unfortunately I couldn’t get their attention with the built in laser pointer. Younger animals would definitely have lots of fun with this feature, I’m sure.

    My favourite part of the gadget was being able to peek in at home to see what the animals get up to when we’re not there. As it happens, not much, just plenty of lounging and sleeping (lucky devils)! In summary, I’ve enjoyed using the Pawbo but feel it would be better suited for someone with more time to train their pet using it and to have fun with them whilst away from home.

    Once that training is done I’m sure your pets wouldn’t even know you weren’t there!

  8. I love gadgets and I love my 4 dogs so the Pawbo ticked all my boxes straight away. I had a little difficulty getting the Pawbo on my WiFi but followed their very simple instructions and it took a couple of minutes to fix. My dogs have now associated the doorbell chime with treats and all come running, Pavlov would be proud! I have had strange looks at lunch from my colleagues when I’m telling the dogs they’re good girls and boys! The Pawbo gives me great peace of mind and I love the fact that I can see and hear them, make sure they’re ok (they’re usually sleeping), especially good if I’m working late, although I did use it to spy on my son while we were away to make sure he wasn’t having a wild party! (He wasn’t)! I have the lights for watching them when it’s dark although the picture quality is good enough without them really, it nice and bright without being dazzlingly so. My favourite thing about it is that I can see them and offer them treats. For the dogs, the treats are highly rated, they have associated the doorbell with treats so as a result are not scared of the Pawbo instead get really excited by it! It’s a definite 10/10 from me, easy set up, easy to register on the app, easy to use, peace of mind for me, priceless

  9. The Pawbo allows me to interact with my pet whilst I am at work or out and about, so therefore I can still enjoy time with them whether home or away. My dog loves playing with the Pawbo to see if a treat is released, and it is great fun watching, it put a smile on my face and takes the stress out of a hard day.
    The Pawbo helps me to keep an eye on my pet knowing that it is still its’ mischievous self!

  10. I have a Pawbo+. The app is really easy to use, download it from one of the app stores, sign in & connect the Pawabo to your Wi-Fi network. It’s worth turning off Wi-Fi on your phone & using mobile data to make sure you can connect from outside your home – that’s the whole point after all. I did find that it took a couple of attempts to get the app to connect to the Pawbo but after that, everything is really straight forward with no instructions needed.

    The field of view is quite wide but I would like to see the next version with a pan motor so you can look around the room but my room is quite long While the field of view is quite wide & someone in my house keeps moving mine so I can’t see the dog bed & check what she’s up to. so maybe that needs to be an optional add-on. The treat dispenser is nice but if you have a dog it will probably end up associating the doorbell noise with treats! the laser is nice, allowing you to play with your pets, 9/10 cats like laser pointers after all but it would be nice if it was angled down slightly as it is projected on the wall mainly & my cats lose interest when it’s not on the floor. Motion detection & push notifications would be great so you can see what your pets are up to & give you measurement that you’ve seen them or they’re in at night.

    It just works
    You can talk to your pets
    You can play with your pets
    You can give treats to your pets

    You can hear the noise of the laser motor on the app & it’s quite loud. Not the end of the world though.

    Add a panning motor as an add-on.
    Quieten the laser motor
    Angle the laser down slightly
    Add motion detection & push notifications when it detects movement.

    Overall, I would definitely recommend this for anyone who likes to know their poets are safe & being entertained when you’re out but you can spend a bit too much time if you’re not careful!

  11. irst impressions of the Pawbo and the PawBo flash where wow! Great sturdy packaging with a great step by step guide, admittedly it did take 3 attempts to pair to the device. Family have been periodically joinging the device stream which seems To cause a turtle image and pixalted image. The voice doesn’t always work or it pick something up every other word. My puppy is quite scared of the ‘doorbell’ entry sound when you join the live stream however adores the treats being dispensed. Furthermore he does not like the laser feature which when on manual does not move and is extremely noisy. Overall this is a goodnight product however feel there could be some improvements with the noise of some features and picture quality. Upon further usage of the pawbo me and my pet are loving the treat feature. And the fact several family members can see him at any one time, especially good for my mum who at the moment is in hospital and has no other chance to see him. I have changed the positions of the pawbo periodically and now the laser pointer is working muni puppy loves it! This is becoming a a great product the noise seems to have died down aswell after a software update!!

  12. Pawbo is such an useful gadget. And not just the utility makes it special, but also its design, as I have not have any guest who did not admire its „cat like„ design.
    My dog loves when I give her treats and she is always sleeping next to Pawbo waiting for one or she keeps sniffing it.
    My cockatiel sings along with Pawbo and it is so funny to watch him feeling like he has his own friend.
    Pawbo is now like part of the family as I always wanted a cat, but with a dog and a cockatiel I am not sure it would have been the best idea.
    The only downside of the product is the fact that you can not record if you do not have the app open. I really needed it to find out who broke my favourite vase last week. Also it would have had a second assignment: keeping us safe from the burglars.
    I would definitely recommend it and I am happy that someone has thought at the needs of pet owners. #PawboFun

  13. Having intended to get a camera such as this to keep an eye on my two cats when I’m away from home for a while, I’m happy to say the Pawbo has really filled the need. Setup for the device was easy and quick (I used iOS) and connecting each time is also very quick, whether I’m on the same wifi or out an about (when it’s actually useful!). I did find one or two wifi networks which, whilst my phone was connected to them, would not allow a connection to the device. I’m not sure what the issue here was, but it generally worked everywhere. The video quality is good, much higher than I expected and with a good framerate. The only downside here is that the camera itself cannot pan/rotate, however the field of view is good anyway so this isn’t too much of an issue, it just requires some thought on initial setup. Whilst on that topic, it’s worth mentioning that the camera is certainly designed to be placed on the floor rather than on a shelf.
    The treats don’t fall especially fast so won’t fall off a shelf and the laser pointer’s range of motion only really works if the Pawbo itself is on the floor. The app worked well and is intuitive, with most of the features working very well. My cats have enjoyed the laser pointer especially (though the movement is a little loud so they have to get used to that first!) but the treat functionality is also good.
    The voice from the speakers isn’t too high quality, so I’m not convinced on that front they would actually recognise me! 🙂 Finally, the app’s ability to record videos/photos is a nice additional feature for when you catch them doing something interesting!

  14. The Pawbo+ seems to be of good build quality and sturdy enough not to be knocked over by inquisitive pets. The instructions in the box are quite basic but luckily set up is fairly straightforward.

    I found the imaged from the camera to be quite noisy and grainy even though I have it set up in a light area. Other reviews I’ve seen seem to have better quality pictures so I’m not sure if it’s maybe something to do with my internet connection or some other issue.

    There are a few features on the app. My pet wasn’t at all interested in the sounds you can play through the Pawbo+. You can also speak to your pet through the camera but my pet doesn’t react to being spoken to either! The laser pointer was more interesting for my pet. You can either let it move around automatically or control it yourself. I found the automatic setting was a bit too erratic, again, this could be to do with the internet connection. I also tried the Pawbo Catch, this spins for 1 minute when you push a button on your app. My pet was confused by this and wouldn’t play with it. Another feature is the treat dispenser. There is a tray with compartments which can spin round and release a treat for your pet when you push a button. Unsurprisingly my pet liked this but I think he was a bit confused where the treats were coming from.

    Overall I think the Pawbo+ is a good quality device but I imagine it’s more of a novelty than something I would get much use out of.

  15. We had a great opportunity to test out a Pawbo+ at a reduced rate, from The Insiders. This was in return for an unbiased and honest review of the product, which can be found below: Upon receiving the Pawbo+, I found it was very easy to connect to my wireless network at home. This did involve downloading the “Pawbo Life” app onto my phone, but you are provided with QR links to take you to either Android Google play or Apple App store. Once you’ve downloaded the relevant app for your phone and the Pawbo+ is connected to your wireless, you’re ready to start having some fun with your pets! The first thing I did, was to fill up the treat dispenser tray that is part of the Pawbo+. I have 8 cats, and found their treats fitted into the tray without any problems. I decided that I’d play the bird ringtone each time I was about to dispense a treat. The cats soon got used to this, and in no time one of them was particularly rushing to the device, in order to get the treat! He’d then sit and wait, just in case this magical device decided to spit more treats out at him – he’s incredibly patient with it! The laser light is another big hit with most of the cats here. It is quite noisy, making robotic sounding noises as the laser moves around. This may be an issue for timid cats initially, but I would suggest that in time they’ll learn the noise is not a threat, and then they’ll enjoy it too. I use both the manual and the automatic Random Play laser, although I get the impression that the Random Play feature gets a bit frustrating for them, as it can be a bit too erratic! This may be solved by finding better positioning for the device, which I plan to do anyway in order to get better lighting for my photos. I’m not entirely happy with the quality of the photos I’m getting from the device. However, after seeing some fantastic photos from others, I guess I either need to reposition my device, or invest in a Pawbo Flash device. Another reason I need to move the device, is that it is currently sat neatly on top of it’s own packaging, a use the packaging has been designed for. However, some of my cats are big Ragdolls, and theyve knocked this lightweight packaging over on a number of occasions now. Thankfully there is a mount that can be screwed to the wall, but this takes away the portability of the device and it’s positioning around the home. In conclusion my cats and I really enjoy this device, however feel it is expensive. It does its job fantastically though!

  16. The packaging feels premium, was quite exciting to open it. Setting up the app and linking the camera to it was extremely easy and convenient. Still amazed how how easy it was made to connect to it from anywhere, and be able to see our furry friends. Once I figured how to work it, configured and found a suitable place for it. Was a bit disappointed that the camera cannot be rotated remotely – during the day our dogs wander around the flat hence had to compromise on when I wanted to see them. The built-in noises are quite interesting – the cat themed ones (most of them unfortunately) did seem to make our dogs overly excited, while the others bird, plastic bag and rat did not seem to do anything to them. Maybe an option for own/custom noises would be a good idea. Tried the laser too, but our dogs did not seem to be bothered about it at all. They were looking the pointer move on one or two occasions, but most of the time it did nothing to them. Pros : The packaging feels premium Extremely easy to set up Camera image is nice quality Setting up the camera with additional devices is as easy as the first one View the feed from anywhere cannot be any easier Basic, but brilliant app Cons: The device makes a constant low electrical humming noise Sound quality (when speaking through the device) is not so nice The laser and the treat dispenser was designed with cats in mind not dogs Sometimes connecting to the feed did seem to take ages.


  17. This is a great piece of kit, though my dog Toots was a bit apprehensive about the various sounds it makes. Dings when you start watching, whirs when dispensing treats, which scared her a bit, but not for long. She eventually worked out she could get treats from it, & waited eagerly on me dispensing them, & on more than one occasion, tried to get them herself.

    Although made of a sturdy plastic, it could be easily damaged, by a dog pawing to get the treats. Perhaps it would be an idea to raise the camera slightly & maybe make the camera angles user adjustable with a zoom ability, so that it could be put out of reach of the animals being watched. The addition of night vision would be a good idea, as when it gets dark, the picture quality isn’t as good.

    It was interesting to be able to see what she was up to when she was on her own, but alas, nothing very interesting was happening when I wasn’t there. Can be used to speak to your pet & that can be interesting to watch them trying to work out where you are.

    The drawer/wheel for the treats is rather small, & although it dispenses 10 times, the treats have to be quite small to fit the wheel. You can buy treats designed for the machine from the Pawbo website. There are 2 flavours for dogs & 2 for cats & you get them post free within a few days of ordering.

    This is up, connected & running within minutes from the box. The box doubles as a stand for the machine. The picture quality is first class with extremely good photos & videos being taken on my phone, though quality might depend on the phone quality as well, not sure.

    I liked using it & enjoyed using it to watch Toots; Toots liked the treats, so a big thumbs up from both Toots & me. #PawboFun

  18. This is a great idea in principle, however there are a few issues we found when using it. The camera is poor quality against even some basic webcams available and due to the lag it makes it almost impossible to capture a good picture whilst away from home. The other issue, which is more related to our dog than the product, but I suspect others will experience the same… talking to our dog through the device got him really excited thinking we’re home and then when he realised we weren’t he would howl like a wolf!!… the treat dispenser also unnerved him a little although he got used to that after a while. Great idea but very high price point for the quality of the camera.

  19. This is a fun bit of technology, it comes nicely packaged, it is made of plastic but seems to be quite sturdy, it has a slide out section under the camera that has a turning tray with 10 sections to put treats into, the camera is nice and clear and covers quite a wide section of a room, the speaker seems to work quite clearly although there is sometimes a bit of lag on both picture and sound. I went away for a couple of nights and it was so good to able to see our precious little Molly cat was fine, she sat in front of the Pawbo wondering why it was talking to her, she was not too sure about the treats coming out of it but she seemed to like following the laser around the floor that is one of the other things that is on the Pawbo like noises to attract a cats attention like bird sound, cat sounds and a squeaking rat and scrunching bag. There are settings so that you can add other additions like a toy and lights. It is quite easy to connect the Pawbo to the internet even though the instructions in the box are not that clear if you go onto the website the instructions are a lot clearer and there is plenty of help and advice on there. This is a great piece of technology that really does let you have peace of mind when you are out of the house whether it be for a few hours or a couple of nights, Molly is a little wary of the Pawbo but not in a bad way just an inquisitive one and I think she will get used to it, the only thing that I would say can make the Pawbo better would be if you could move the camera round and zoom in. I have told a lot of friends about it and been able to show some of them how it works, everyone was impressed and thought it a great piece of kit for cats or dogs.

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    When I received the Pawbo+ I was very impressed buy the high end packaging, although I’d say it would be difficult for someone with a disability to get the plug out of the bottom box. The product itself is again high end quality in the way it is made and looks. The Pawbo+ was fast and easy to install. The QR code is also an easy and fast way to allow other people to connect to your Pawbo+. When I opened the app I was quite disappointed by its quality. It seems very basic and cheap. A big contrast to my opinion of the product so far. I looked in the leaflets provided in the box to try and find out what all the buttons and symbols meant. There was no information. I finally found screen shots of a tutorial which was meant to have been provided when you first opened the app at the bottom of FAQ. If you wanted to see the tutorial again/for the first time you had to reinstall the app. I just zoomed in on the screen shots. The camera and sound quality are good. The faster your Internet the the better the quality. The Camera seems to work on motion sensor. My dogs are not that interested in the noises or laser. This product seems more focused towards cats. However, It is nice to be able to call them and speak to them myself. They haven’t worked out its the camera. They think I’m outside the front door and get excited thinking in coming in. So I only speak to them when I’m on my way home. I am still not sure about this product for the following reasons: * I got this camera so my flatmate and I can check in on the dogs when we are at work. However we have both failed to connect to the camera when we are at work. If one of us are at home and move the camera or walk around infront of it a bit, it will connect. That is not good enough if we are both at work and the dogs are laying down waiting for us to come home. We still want to see them. * I wanted to give the QR code to other family members but reluctant to do so now, as everyone who has the app has access to all the settings also. The person who set it up should be the only one who can change the settings or at least choose who can have access to what settings. If I’m home I turn the notify setting on but someone else can turn it off then I won’t know someone is on the app. My only option is to turn the camera off when I’m home but that restricts others from checking in on the dogs. As much I know this product can be amazing, unfortunately for now, I wouldn’t be able to recommend this product.

  21. First impressions of the Pawbo+. I was excited to have the opportunity to try out this interactive camera and my first impressions are positive. The packaging is interesting and the box well designed as it includes a multi height platform with a snug seat for the pawbo to sit in. There is the option to wall mount it and a template to position the screws in the wall would be a useful addition. The QR code on the box easily links you to the app. I like the flexibility of up to eight users who can log into the pawbo at any time. Once set up you have the option to be warned if someone has logged into the camera. This is an excellent idea and it would be even better if there was a choice of signals and a volume control. The set up is easy to understand, however It took me several attempts to successfully pair the pawbo+ to my router. I found the audio prompt rather loud and muffled to easily understand. I like the treat dispenser and so do the cats but with multiple users it runs out quickly. This is a good as they are only treats and could be overfed if it held too much . It would be helpful if the app could show how often the treat had been triggered and timings. The power lead is not very long so you may need an extension cable if your preferred position is not close to a socket. I am still experimenting with the optimum position. The images I am receiving are reasonable quality but for best possible pictures it would be helpful to have the option to plug the unit directly to the router. I have three cats. One of them is completely fascinated by it and if he is in earshot and the sound is triggered he comes running. He hopes that he may get a treat. All three cats enjoy playing with the laser light and the automatic mode is my preferred setting. I love being able to easily and quickly access the camera from my phone to instantly see what my babies are getting up to. I have discovered which one has been stealing my scarf and leaving it on the floor! Also the ability to call them via the audio link is a good idea. I have the optional “flash” accessory but the light levels have been fine and I don’t really need it. I think this has the potential to be a fantastic piece of equipment as the app is developed and improved.

  22. Unit was unboxed and first impressions of the packaging was pretty good. On plugging it in and following the instructions, the set up was awful, it took many many attempts to get it hooked up to the wifi but it managed it in the end. The voice that appears over the speaker was dreadful, cheap sounding and the speaker did it no justice either. We managed to figure out the app all bar one thing with numbers that still eludes me. Although my dog got the hang of the machine dishing out treats automatically, the camera was dreadful, slow and didn’t capture his face at all just fur. The microphone/speaker combo didn’t work and neither did the flash unit. For the money I would not recommend it and would go for an auto feeder with a home internal IP camera.

  23. Its great to be able to see your pets while you are out and about but depending on your internet speed the image stability from the camera can sometimes be a little jumpy. The voice feature is fun and allows you to talk to your pet when you are out of the house and it comes with a number of pre-programmed sounds including a bird call, meows and rusting plastic, all which seemed to catch the attention of the pets. It would be nice if you could download a few more that interested your pet. The treat dispenser is clever but could do with a count feature to make sure you know how many are left in case multiple users connect to the camera and wonder why nothing is coming out!
    Pawbo+ needs to be plugged into the mains and so doesn’t come with a battery powered option which limits its portability and but comes Wi-Fi enabled so doesn’t have to be sat right next to a network point. Although doesn’t give the option to hardwire which could help with network stability.
    Overall Pawbo+ is a great way to monitor your pets when you are out if they need to be kept an eye on but could be improved with a few more customisable settings.

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    Thhis post truly made my day. You cann’t imagine simply how so much time I had sspent for
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