Top 5 Pet Surveillance Cameras: Perfect Monitoring Solutions

Are you worried about what your dog/pet is getting up to whilst you’re at work? Do you get home and wonder “how did that get there?” Not to worry. Pet Surveillance Cameras are a great piece of technology to have in your home. Working pet owners often struggle with not knowing what their dogs are up to. Your pet can also get a little lonely. If you are going to be out just a little longer than you initially thought then you can also interact with your pet and let them know.

Monitoring your pet at home is now much easier than ever before. With so many options available including Pet Camera Treat Dispensers you can never miss what your pet is getting up to whilst you are at work. Video quality and features are the most important parts of a Pet Camera. If you don’t have a clear picture then why bother? Also, in this day and age, if you can’t speak to your pet via your camera then what’s the point?

How To Choose The Perfect Pet Surveillance Camera?

Choosing a camera can be difficult with so many options to choose from. Below we will provide some of the most suitable features to look out for, which will hopefully help you.

The first thing to look for is picture and camera quality. Buying a pet camera to keep an eye on your pet is absolutely the main reason to own one. If you do not have good video/picture quality then it is not the camera for you.

For the perfect camera quality, a 720p picture is more than enough quality to get that perfect image of your doggie when you need it most. If you go too much lower then you will only see a blurry blob where your pet used to be. If you go higher, then your internet connection may not be able to stream it properly making it a useless camera anyway.

Some cameras nowadays have the function to be able to rotate and tilt the camera from your phone. Others just provide a wide enough angle to get a full view of the room anyway. Wide-angle lens cameras are much better when placed in the corner of your room. This saves you from having to scroll around looking for your pet. Being able to view all the room at all times is much easier and more effective in looking after your pet through the lens.

Connection of the camera is key. Most of the modern-day home pet cameras connect directly to the WiFi which is much easier than using a cable. You also need to check where the location of the camera will be in your room. If it’s not near a mains connection then check that the camera can be battery powered. Albeit batteries can become quite costly they still function just as well.

Treat dispensing cameras are a great way of rewarding good behaviour when witnessed through the camera, but there are other cool features to look out for. Night Vision is a great one along with the ability to take photos and record your doggie too. These features come with most of the pet cameras on the market today, some come with a monthly subscription when wanting to record but others offer this as a free service.

Let’s take a look at the appropriate home pet cameras available and their features.

5 Efficient Home Pet Cameras for Home Security and Peace of Mind

Pawbo Life

Pawbo is an amazing treat-dispensing camera that has everything you need. High-quality video streaming, treat dispenser at the click of a button, high-quality audio, pet laser game and the ability to link to other Pawbo equipment and control them. Being one of the perfectly functional at-home pet cameras on the market today, the price is an absolute steal.

Most importantly being able to watch high quality, live, 720p feeds on your phone is what makes this a great camera. With zoom up to 4 times, your picture will remain clear and focused. Pawbo Life also allows you to record your pet throughout the day and take pictures as you please. These are stored on your phone with no monthly subscription cost associated. Included ring tones help you get your pet’s attention when you need to and with a 2-way intercom, you can easily put your pet at ease, especially if you have a barking dog.

Playing games with your dog remotely is also much simpler with the Pawbo Life. Built-In Laser can be easily controlled from your phone allowing you to play with your dog and keep them entertained. Furthermore, the Pawbo Life has a simple and effective treat dispenser. This is a great way of rewarding your dog when you’ve witnessed good behaviour.

One final, Amazing, feature is the multiple user support. Pawbo Life allows up to 8 different users to check in on your pet remotely. Overall the price and the impressive features make the Pawbo Life an unbelievable purchase.

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Wide Angle 360 YI Dome Camera

Wide-angle cameras are a great way of seeing more of your room on one screen. The YI Dome Camera is a great at-home pet camera that allows a 360-degree view. The initial view is a wide-angle view but if required, you can see the full room Ensuring your pet has nowhere to hide.

Another amazing video display with 720p day and night time video. The footage can easily be recorded with the use of a Micro SD Card (purchased separately). The app also includes a favourites option which allows you to manually set up camera positions in your home and quickly review them throughout the day. Amazingly, the YI Dome Camera includes a nifty little activity feature that can be set up to capture 10 seconds of video during your dog’s movement.

And Finally, complete with 2-way audio, you can praise and scold your pet whenever necessary. Keeping an eye on your pet all-around your home has never been easier with the YI Dome Camera.

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Zmodo EZCam 2Way Wireless Home Camera

Cheaper alternatives are available, like the Zmodo EZCam. Providing great quality, round the clock video, the Zmodo EZCam gives you that home pet security that you need. Complete with motion detection alerts you can rest assured your pet is safe at all times.

Zmodo has free cloud storage to save all your videos for up to 36 hours. 720p video picture helps keep the clear display you need to monitor your pet. Subscriptions are available to ensure that you can record at all times when you’re not at home. Furthermore, the Zmodo EZCam can see up to 26feet away, in the dark, with the night vision infrared light.

Like most of the at-home pet cameras, we have reviewed the EZCam has 2-way audio so you can hear them barking and talk back to them. With background noise reduction in the speaker, your dog will be able to hear your voice clear through the speaker. If you are looking for a budget camera then the EZCam is definitely for you

This product also works with Alexa which you can get here: ALEXA

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Victure WiFi Camera

Victure have recently been an Amazon Best Selling Dog Camera but many pet owners use it for all pets. Smaller than most at-home pet cameras. It has become one of the most affordable pet cameras available on the market today. Complete with a wide viewing angle including a full 360-degree panoramic viewing which helps ensure you can see the whole room not just in front.

Also, like most at-home pet cameras, you can communicate with your pet with clear and brilliant 2-way communication. Noise reduction speaker and microphone help for clearer communication between you and your pet. Victure have also included a very effective and functional night mode.

Owning a Micro SD Card will ensure that you can save protected video footage that can only be watched by you. By registering a Victure account, you completely protect your videos from any invasion of privacy, making sure that if you lose the card, no one else can see the footage. Should there be a sudden noise or sound in the house, the camera will automatically detect this and start to record.

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Vimtag ULTRA Wireless Camera

Finally, we have the Vimtag Ultra Wireless Indoor Camera. Keeping with the trend of the previous camera’s the Vimtag includes a clear and effective communication facility. Complete with an app for your phone, you can watch, capture and talk to your dog/pet throughout the day. Most of the modern cameras come complete with Night Vision mode and the vintage provides a great visual in the dark also. Vimtag also has great motion and sound detection which helps ensure that your dog tracking is complete.

Video footage is HD and clear day and night which helps you when viewing your pet’s behaviours. Although you can treat your dog, you can clearly provide positive encouragement to your dog via the clear 2-way intercom.

One downside to the Vimtag is the subscription service that is required. Initially, you get a free 3 months to register in the cloud.

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Why Should I Buy A Pet Surveillance Camera For My Dog?

Pet surveillance cameras are a super accessory if you are a working dog owner that leaves the house for long periods of the day. Many dog owners leave their dogs outside or locked away in a dog house. Others have trained their dogs so well that they can leave their dog home alone all working days without worry. Installing a camera comes with so many benefits as, even though your dog is trained, you will be able to keep an eye on your dog. Why should I purchase an At Home Pet Monitor?

  1. Loneliness. Your dog can get lonely. Although they behave extremely well and take care of your home, they can still become lonely. Keeping Ralph calm throughout the day is a great way of ensuring he is aware we still love him. We can also provide him with treats from the Pawbo Treat Dispenser.
  2. Some untrained puppies can become mischievous when alone for too long. We had a friend’s puppy that was found entangled in the blinds when they returned home from shopping and was extremely distressed for several days afterward.
  3. Finally, catching your misbehaving pet being naughty is a great way of stopping this behavior at all times. If you have a treat-dispensing dog camera you can get them to stop and reward them for stopping. Training on the go!!!

Guardians of Connection: A Closing Note on the Top 5 Pet Surveillance Cameras

In the pursuit of providing our pets with unparalleled care and attention, the “Top 5 Pet Surveillance Cameras” have emerged as indispensable tools for modern pet owners. These ingenious devices not only offer real-time monitoring but also bridge the gap between physical distance and emotional closeness. As we navigate the evolving landscape of pet technology, these surveillance cameras stand out as beacons of reliability and innovation. Elevate your pet parenting experience with these monitoring solutions and witness the transformative power they bring to the bond between you and your cherished furry companions. Embrace the future of pet care with confidence and connectivity.

In conclusion, pet surveillance cameras can provide pet owners with peace of mind and a sense of security. They allow owners to check in on their furry friends while they’re away, ensure they’re safe and healthy, and even provide entertainment through live streaming and recorded footage. With the advancements in technology, these cameras have become more affordable and user-friendly, making it easy for any pet owner to install and use them. Whether you’re a new pet owner or a seasoned pro, a pet surveillance camera can be a valuable addition to your home.

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