SureFlap Microchip Pet Door – The Number 1 Pet Door

If you are looking for a superb Microchip Pet Door for you dog or your cat then look now further than the SureFlap.  This door is an amazing piece of kit that works with your pets microchip.

The pet door is compatible with microchips all around the world making it one of he most durable dog doors around.

Some other key features of the SureFlap Pet Door are;

  • RFID Tag can also be purchased if your pet is not microchipped
  • Programmable settings to unlock and lock the door automatically
  • Batteries for the door last up to 1 year but must be purchased separately

sureflap microchip pet doorAs the door is only compatible with the microchip or the RFID Collar Tag, your pet will always be safe at home from intruding animals.  Many pet owners with flaps / doors tend to find that other animals find a way to get in and then cause unnecessary stress in the home.  If this happens in the middle of the night, it can also cause you the same amount stress.

Being able to install the SureFlap into any door, window or wall.  Although, depending on the thickness of the window /wall you may need an additional tunnel extension to keep your pet safe when in use.   When installing in glass doors / windows then you will require a proper mounting adaptor.   A Collar Tag is included with the purchase however other RFID Tags can be purchased separately.

What Do I Get With My Purchase?

1 x SureFlap Microchip Pet Door
1 x user manual
3 x sets of screws of varying lengths
1 x RFID collar tag

How to Keep Unwanted Pets out of your Home

Larger in size than a standard cat flap, the pet door is designed for large cats and small dogs. The built in curfew timer enables you to set the door to lock and unlock at specified times. It can be set to lock at the same time each day.

  • Compatible with all microchips worldwide.
  • 12 month battery life (4x C batteries – not included).
  • Suitable for small dogs and large cats.
  • Can be installed into doors, glass and walls.

Check out this Product Video for the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door;

Here are some reviews for the SureFlap taken from Amazon.

5.0 out of 5 stars

“Having watched the first night on camera & seeing “smelly cat” trying & failing to get in, & our cat telling him to go away, from the safety of her own home, we were absolutely delighted with the result. Within 24 hours of installation, we knew it was money very well spent !”

5.0 out of 5 stars

“This has Worked brilliantly for both of our cats for the last 3 years.
It was easy to set up and register the chips of our cats by gently pushing the cats through the flap, this helped to train them as well. The cats have developed different techniques of opening the flap but both have been happy and confident to use it from the beginning.”

1.0 out of 5 stars

“This was great for the first few weeks, quite expensive for a cat flap but was worth the money to stop other cats coming in and mine loved it. They loved it even more when the ‘out’ stopped locking and they could escape in the middle of the night minus collars as I had thought they were in and safe for the night! Fortunately they didnt get run over.. We have had to board the flap over which we hate, but have to for the cats’ safety. Very disappointed.”

1.0 out of 5 stars

“Had high hopes for this product but as you can see from the video my cat has worked out how to open the flap when locked within 10 seconds. It’s a shame because this is the reason I bought this model as I wanted to control when the cats could leave the house. “

In Summary – SureFlap Microchip Pet Door;

Overall we absolutely love the SureFlap Microship Pet Door.  There are a lot more positive reviews than negative and have had no issues with the Device.

The door was easy to setup with our doggies microchips and works like a dream.  Training was difficult at first as we needed to ensure that knew how to use the door for toilet time.  Providing treats when they went near and also standing on the opposite side to tempt them through worked.  Eventually they used the door themselves as they understood this was the best way to get out.

We have set the time to be on in the day so they can go to the toilet and turned off late at night so don’t go in the garden in the middle of the night.  Ralph and Rupert both tend to bark at the smallest of sounds when outside so I wouldn’t want the neighbours complaining.

We would rate this a huge 4.5 out of 5 and would recommend to anyone with a cat or a small dog.