How To Teach A Stubborn Dog To Lay Down?

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It is necessary to teach a stubborn dog to lay down and teach him the meaning of the command ‘down’. You need to train it to listen to you and lay down whenever it is commanded to do so. This is the first step to lessen the stubborn attitude. You should make it understand that you are the alpha-male and it must obey you. Once it gets this command it will become gentle over time

Has your doggie been naughty of late, and you could not get him lay down even once? This is a big concern for all dog parents like us. We tend to pamper them so much that we forget they need to be a little obedient. At times they don’t listen to us in a playful mood and deliberately.

What do you do then? Fine, we know they are the apple of your eye, but they need to show some respect to you too. This prompted us to write this post about teaching a stubborn dog to lay down. If you have a Marley (like the one in “Marley and Me”) kind of a naughty one at home, then you better read this right away.

How To Teach A Stubborn Dog To Lay Down?

Character is an essential part of being a parent. Be it a dog or a child, we all are responsible as a parent. In case it is a pooch, you may want to stop habits like sniffing the crotch, jumping on you or any other erratic behaviour. How do you do that?

There is only one way of teaching them to obey you. This starts with the “Down” command. No matter how hard it is, it would be best if you made them understand who the Alpha male is. It is a gesture of a well-behaved dog, and you must teach this in the least.

What Is Down? 

In simple words, “Down” is essentially when your puppy lies on the floor on its tummy. All we need is to teach them to listen to us and lie down when asked.

Teaching Down

Training your doggie has to be direct. You have to discover their weak point and utilise that to take control. If you have a puppy, they can pick up fast regardless of their arrogance. You may get results in only five days. On the other hand, it may take more time if you have an older pooch. You may require as long as ten days before you see steady outcomes.

Before you set to work, you’ll require a couple of bits. The most vital segment is their favourite food. You may additionally require their favoured toy as a clicker for one of the strategies. Start by:

  • Asking your pooch to sit
  • Treat them to a bit of their favourite food
  • Lead them by asking with the palm of your hand to lie flat on the ground
  • Keep lowering your hand
  • If they do, reward them with a bit of their fav food
  • You may slowly start saying the word “Down.”
  • If they don’t, then take your hand to their nose, and point towards their toes
  • Keep practising this and at times give them their toys to play with

Don’t worry. Your little pooch is growing and will like this way of training for sure. Your canine friend is more inclined to listen to you when they love you. However, as mentioned above, you need to act like a master when required for good. Remember this, and things will work out fine for you. This is all we had to talk about how to teach a stubborn dog to lay down for now. All the best!

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