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10 Telescopic Dog Ramps – Comprehensive Guide

Pet ramps help our elderly doggies in riding higher platforms. It is also helpful for pooches who are facing some health issues in moving to higher places. Telescopic dog ramps ease the hardship that aged and weak doggies face riding cars, trucks, etc. So you can go through our narrowed items that are durable and safe for your furry friends.

As Pet Parents, the main concern when it comes to our furry companions is their welfare and ultimate well-being. To ensure their comfort we all want to ensure that we undertake every step necessary.  Telescopic Dog Ramps can help with these steps. Unfortunately, despite how upsetting this may be, the reality is that dogs cannot remain healthy and robust puppies their entire lives. As part of the natural ageing process that we all experience, they too age over the years, losing the vigour that they possessed as youths, and thereby require additional accommodation to retain a pleasant standard of life.

As their agility dies down, so does their ability to conduct everyday tasks. Thereby, they will need assistance climbing up or down cars, beds, platforms, and other raised objects. This isn’t limited to elderly dogs, dogs who are victims of injuries or health-related problems like joint issues or even a pregnant dog might need a bit of help. Their aches and pains may make your heart hurt, but purchasing the right ramp can dampen negative effects.

Such instruments help in minimising the effort needing to be exerted by your dog at a not so seemingly expensive cost difference. Besides what financial burden could be greater than the happiness of your pet buddy. To see you through the vast array of ramp options, we’ve compiled a detailed guideline that is guaranteed to make your life remarkably easier.

What are Telescopic Dog Ramps & Foldable Dog Ramps?

Dog ramps are essentially portable pieces that’ll help dogs move around safely both indoors and outdoors. These can easily be purchased on-site in stores, online, custom-made, etc. With such a vast array of possible requirements, it is a responsible caregiver’s duty to look into and learn more about Dog ramps that’ll grant your pet the privilege to gain the privilege of added safety.

These prevent on-the-spot injuries along with possible long-term complications including joint and hip issue developments i.e. joint pain and hip dysplasia as a result of landing on their paws in an incorrect manner. More often than not, potential buyers are confronted with the dilemma of choosing between:

  • Ramps that are flat inclines for larger breeds.
  • Stairs most often for small breeds (4+ steps)
  • Steps (1-3 steps) for medium breeds.

The most commonly heard of designs include:

  • Bi-Fold Ramps: These you can fold in half.
  • Tri-Fold Ramps: These you can fold twice.
  • Free-Standing Ramps: The perk of this option is that they do not need to be attached to a vehicle. Owing to their structure, these are the preferred ramp selection for large dogs, seeing as they have the ability to withstand and support the extra weight without the stress of excess wobbling and bending.

What to look for in the Dog Ramps?

The pet industry in response to the massive demands of canine necessities has developed a burgeoning portfolio of brands, types and price ranges from which you can choose. Based on the individual needs of your dog, you’re well-acquainted with the specifics regarding their elevation capacity. The designs differ quite a lot and maybe designed for different end purposes such as for pools, cars, homes, etc.

First and foremost, you need up to date measurements of whatever object you intend to attach your ramp to such as beds, cars, areas to reach, etc. Secondly, gain an in-depth understanding of your dog’s mobility impairments, predilections and any relevant information that could affect the outcome of your purchase. Afterwards, take into consideration the following essential factors:

Purpose of the Dog Ramp

Depending on your intentions and your pooches’ needs, you’ll have to look into different forms of ramps. The reason for this is that manufacturers construct their profile depending on the final outcome. There will be some that are only made for interior home decors such as beds and sofas. There will be others that are made for car entries and stairs. Therefore before even considering what to buy, consider your end goal.

Dog Ramp Material

The material you ultimately choose can have a surprisingly unprecedented effect on the condition of your dog’s paws. Ideally, you should be looking into ramps that won’t result in high friction that’ll rub their feet painfully raw. At the same time, they should be able to provide an adequate grip to retain stability.

The current market is host to metallic, plastic and wooden ramps as each offer fluctuating benefits to different pets and owner:

  • PVC material: If you’re interested in utilising your ramp for outdoor use, then this is a smart choice for you seeing as these tend to be more durable, long-lasting and waterproof. Furthermore, they are quite easy to clean and disinfect seeing as they are bacteria-proof. But standing in stark contrast to their metallic counterparts, they’ve proven less solidly built and therefore, are a better choice for occasional, light use or for smaller breeds.
  • Metallic: On the other hand, we have metallic ramps that prove to be heavier, more stable, and also hard-wearing in nature. It is evident that these can withstand long-term and more frequent use. Even more alluring is their ability to serve both small and large breeds of dogs. As with any man-made device, these do possess the downside of being much too heavy to lug around unless you’re physically gifted. They will also be susceptible to rusting issues that won’t prove to be very favourable.
  • Wood: Manufactured with the aim of indoor use, these are commonly sighted amidst interior setups as they blend in well and are exclusively made for such areas.
  • There are even surface materials that a prospective shopper must factor in:
  • Grip Tape: You can never be too safe, and these are just another added safety. Available with or without reflective markings, these are helpful during the loading and unloading process. The aforementioned highlighted, high-contrast marking is especially helpful when it comes to guidance up and down the ramp and for elderly dogs with weakened optical senses.
  • Carpeted Ramps: These are more an “up-to-you” bonus as they primarily ensure extra surface grip. The soft thread carpet material in the fibres end up feeling quite gentle on their paws. These are removable, washable and well-suited for dogs that have sizeable nails.

Dog Ramp Weight

For most consumers, portability is a key factor to take into consideration. Weight not only contributes to portability levels, but the level of stability ramp has to offer. Most though are freestanding.

Dog Ramp Design

Your main target is to reduce all conceivably slippery surface characteristics unless you’re looking to spend more money on separately purchased gripping surface parts. The texture should provide a relentlessly firm grip.

Benefits of a Telescopic Dog Ramp

There are an infinite number of risks associated with unnecessary strain amidst older dogs, dogs with joint problems and inherent hereditary issues. Hence the benefits of procuring a telescopic dog ramp are more than convincing when it comes to making the concluding verdict. The use of this revolutionary device is reinforced by the British Veterinary Association and countless experts in the field:

  • Support Provision: It is pretty obvious that smaller dogs are prone to more problems moving in and out of vehicles or navigating indoor setups. Aged dogs on the other end might be more reluctant or hesitant to carry out similar actions. A telescopic Dog ramp can monumentally reduce all these insecurities that puppies or older pups may harbour.
  • Joint Stress Relief: The main and biggest benefit that a dog ramp has to offer is its miraculous ability to lessen pains associated with joint issues. This directly reduces costs for you as an owner and lessens the misery your dog may suffer.
  • Reducing Injury Probability: Life is unpredictable, as are the circumstances surrounding your pets going about. They may be caught in rain or snow which results in injuries whilst getting in and out of a vehicle or elevated surface. Thereby, a telescopic ramp is the good solution as it’ll provide a high-grip surface, drastically reducing the risk of injury and maintaining good health for your dog.
  • Human Benefit: There are countless instances where a pet owner has to lift their dog, and if you aren’t strong enough, or if the breed is too big, you’re at risk of self-injury. You can bypass this struggle with a dog ramp that’ll let you transfer them into cars for veterinarian visits or for any other reason.
  • Versatile Traits: Dog ramps aren’t limited to isolated use. Due to their lightweight build, they can be used on a multitude of occasions to help your dog out.
  • Product-Life-Cycle: Telescopic Dog ramps are at their core a long term purchase and you normally only have to buy them once in your life as their life cycle doesn’t expire easily. Buying them when your dog is a puppy, through adulthood and old age, makes them a smart purchase.

Let’s take a look at our 10 telescopic dog ramps and foldable dog ramps

Telescopic Dog Ramps and Folding Dog Ramps

1 Solvit Ultralite Bi-fold Pet Ramp

Solvit Foldable Dog Ramp

Here we have one of the more price-friendly options amidst our ramp list. The Solvit Ultralite Bi-fold Pet Ramp, available in black is a prime illustration of lightweight manufacturing making it perfect for on-the-go users. Despite its slim scale, it can withstand up to 150lbs of weight. So you’re getting a dual package of high storage ease and high transportation ease.

To accommodate their pets they’ve incorporated a high traction walking surface very much like those found in skateboards or trucks. For pet parents worried about the elderly dog’s movement this is a good choice. Solvit has gone out of its way to install easy-to-carry indentations beneath the railing of the ramp to be used as a handle. This PetSafe brand, based in the USA, has been consistently mass-producing since 1991, granting them a high degree of credibility. The ramp folds out to 62” of the runway.


  • Affordable pricing.
  • Supremely Lightweight and portable 11.6lbs.
  • Space-Saving Design.
  • Slip-Proof.
  • Convenient handle attachment to move around easily.
  • 4 rubber feet for stability.
  • Safety release Latch included; prevents accidental opening.
  • Low maintenance; can be cleaned with mild detergent and water hose.


  • Relatively shorter runway length.
  • Also relatively less weight capacity.
  • No carpeted surface included.
  • Too narrow and not really ideal for bigger breeds.
  • We might need carpet tape.
  • We might need to replace the sandpaper covering.

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2 Solvit PetSafe Deluxe Extra Long Telescoping Pet Ramp

Once again, rightly earning their place on this list, Solvit has brought forth the mechanisms possible with XL Deluxe Telescoping properties making it a dream come true for your dog’s difficulties. In addition, the insubstantial weight and transportable attributes assigned to this product make it perfect for outdoor and indoor use.

Constructed of an aluminium and plastic design within its 48x20x4” frame, you gain access to a strong capacity of up to 300lbs. Moreover, these movable weights can go back and forth on a very smooth surface. It features a length of 87” once unpacked and 47” in storage mode, with a width of 20”. All in all, these dimensions are appropriate for larger dog essentials. This highly sturdy product won’t disappoint as flexing under the repetitive use of a heavy dog will not wear it down. Furthermore, it has been extremely well constructed with regard to its telescoping nature.


  • Lightweight and Portable 18lbs.
  • Very long extension length.
  • A Double-wide design is good for big pups.
  • Hardy and durable.
  • Low-Maintenance; Water hose and mild detergent only needed.
  • High-traction walking surface.
  • Ultra-stiff 4 foot stable design.
  • Deluxe XL 42% bigger, more gentle climbing.
  • Easy to use as well as store.
  • No folding or unfolding is required.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Ramp Carry Case and Side Door Ramp Adapter accessories included.
  • Good angle without full extension.
  • All-around rails complement non-skid surfaces.


  • The textured tap may scratch, scrape and damage sensitive paws.
  • Leaning towards the expensive side.

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3 Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp

Pet Gear Inc. has quite fairly carved its brand name into the canine industry, and deservedly so seeing as their Tri-Fold Lamp, boasts a wide array of valuable features. This 70” rise platform has been fashioned in a manner to promote comfort and relaxation for both you and your pup when it comes to mobile actions. Moreover, if your pet is reluctant or anxious when forced to move, this ramp will help eliminate such anxieties.

Available in black, grey, yellow as well as chocolate, this 71x16x4, instrument supports over 200lbs without even breaking a sweat. Also, to further maintain an established and unwavering stance, they’ve included rubber grips underneath. Furthermore, it is still collapsible despite its enormous size. The versatile character of this apparatus means that the uses extend to small dogs, ageing pets, larger breeds along with those with physiological shortcomings.


  • Plenty of walking runways.
  • Extra-wide frame.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Petite and compact 15lb. unit.
  • Raised edges provide more safety.
  • Slip-proof.
  • Skid-proof.
  • Resilient and powerful.
  • Easily foldable.
  • Compact storage.
  • Built-in moulded handle augments manageable convenience.
  • Rubber grips included at the bottom provides stability.
  • A textured surface provides sure footing via high traction.
  • Patented Safety tether included for vehicular security.
  • Strong plastic build.


  • Textured tape doesn’t provide enough grip.
  • Low-quality strap.
  • Small-width.
  • Unstable under lots of weight strain.

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4 Pet Gear Free Standing Ramp for Dogs

Renowned in the Pet Industry, Pet Gear delivers time and again innovative and productive merchandise that leaves canine caretakers satisfied with the results. With their Free-Standing Ramp for both cats and dogs, you’ll find within its 54.7×20.9×23 frame a multitude of benefits. This is especially directed for larger species as it is known to carry weights up to 300lbs, which in itself is quite an impressive feat. Similar to the previously mentioned product, it has a wide collection of basic characteristics that are enhanced by carpet treads that make the whole experience much less painful.


  • High weight capacity.
  • Non-slip.
  • Raised edges to prevent possible falls.
  • Rubberised feet for steadfast support.
  • Easy to assemble as well as fold.
  • Carpet tread removable; easy to clean.
  • Low maintenance.


  • Expensive.
  • Heavier than others on the list 20lbs.
  • Reports of sand-paper inclusion.
  • Scratches on dog pet paws.

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5 PetSafe Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp

Introducing a rather outstanding product from the well-known PetSafe Solvit Organisation comes the Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp that has conceived a well-liked reputation. This quality solution is jam-packed with easy-to-go features as well as various advantages. All in all, as an alternative to pet stairs, this is a pretty viable option.

This is the epitome of practical use because with this slim ramp you can use it fully extended for Pickup cars, SUVs and even grooming tables. The fact that this accessory can hold up to 400lbs is supremely impressive and thereby good for larger dog species. You get to tap into high traction elements that’ll eventually help prevent falling down.

Within the 17.5×4.8×40.5 structure of the deluxe XL, the model is an extra 3” of width as well as 15” more of length. By adopting this construction approach, the company was able to boost gentle climbing angle abilities. In addition, the item’s physical construction includes a plastic/aluminium base making it heavy-duty yet long-lasting in a single stroke.

Furthermore, this above-average device makes travelling with your loving dog buddy a walk in the park with its simple yet tough blueprint. The raised side rails are often compared to being equivalent to tough fibreglass.


  • Tread surface used Proprietary Technology called Shur-Foot.
  • For heavy-duty use cases.
  • Value-oriented pricing.
  • High traction.
  • Adjustable features.
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Trouble-free loading.
  • Easy to open, close and store.
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry at 13lbs.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Well-constructed to serve bigger species.
  • Broad ramp adequate for additional assistance.
  • Travel-friendly slope.
  • Guide rails raised on both sides.
  • Non-slipping footing feature.
  • No folding or finger pinching as no folding-unfolding procedure.
  • Huge Weight holding capacity.
  • Carry handle included.
  • Safety handle included.
  • Telescopes fairly easily.
  • Longer than mainstream versions and so better for larger vehicles and dogs.
  • 100% satisfaction with a 4-day money-back refund guarantee.


  • Course Grip Tape.
  • The unpadded underside of the ramp.
  • No locks.
  • Storage time longer than expected.
  • Difficult to store in smaller vehicle models.
  • Large even when being stored.
  • Flimsy material.
  • The design may be too slender for very gigantic dogs.
  • Heavy and awkward to handle.
  • Maybe too steep.
  • Sharp edges of the ramp pose a safety risk.

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 6 Pet Gear Tri-Fold with SuperTrax

If you are the type of owner that feels the need to travel with your furry companion but are also plagued with their mobility issues, then Pet Gear’s Travel Lite, Tri-Fold Pet Ramp with supertax is your answer. As a result, you’ll be widening your dog’s access points and getting a good gripping product.

In addition, innovation and dog servicing have been their main priority which is why they introduced the new and improved SupertraX mat which stands as a soft component, keeping your pet feet protected and at ease. In fact, even more, interesting is a unique pressure activated grip that enables pet paws to effortlessly grip the mat. Consequently, your pup will not have the added suffering of textured tap consequences.

The structure also includes raised edges enveloping the ramp to minimise potential slipping. The patented tri-fold design provides compact proportions whilst still carrying a weight of 200lbs on above of itself. All in all, it packs quite a punch in its 71×19.5×4 body.


  • High-grade material product.
  • Adjustable strap and clip.
  • Unique surface material safeguards dog paws.
  • 71” reach provides an abundance of support and runway platform.
  • Low maintenance with quick and easy removable function.
  • High sure-footing promise.
  • Rubberised bottom for better grip.
  • Raised edges safety.
  • Built-in handle.


  • Dog’s hind legs may slide sideways.
  • Not suitable for giant dogs.
  • Lack of grip on-ramp edges; safety hazards in wet conditions.
  • Heavier than others on the list at 27lbs.
  • Weight capacity is not as impressive as other models in the same price range.
  • Expensive.

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7 Solvit PetSafe Mr. Herzher’s Smart Ramp

In a marketplace so convoluted with similar products, Solvit PetSafe has chosen to incorporate a competitive pricing strategy with Mr Herzher’s Smart Ramp with a comparatively rigid and secure frame.

They’ve combined a number of gains for your sake in the form of ease-of-use, versatile operations, as well as highly safe use. Akin to tough fibreglass ladder material, this tool is going to make sure your poodle doesn’t fear this device bouncing, sliding, skidding or swaying in any manner. In addition, all of this is undertaken without sacrifice on weight holding of 300lbs. Furthermore, their high traction surfaces will prevent spills and tumbles that some clumsy pups may be prone to having.

Moreover, it’s a great indoor and outdoor addition to make to your household. The 70×17.2×5.1 build is out of rigid-rail elements, with high profile rails in contrasting colours. As a result, they will guide your pet through the most confusing of pathways. Also, your ramp is secure in its place with two non-slip feet, smooth edges and rounded corners and dual-pinch free grips for transportation in both the collapsed and extended form.


  • OSHA approved textured surface material.
  • Shur-Foot Tread.
  • Slip-proof.
  • Good for smaller breeds, delicate backs, and vulnerable joints.
  • Thin and transportable at 16lbs.
  • Decent weight carrying capacity.
  • The sturdy and high-quality material is used.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Hassle-free storage.
  • User-friendly dog experience.


  • Expensive.
  • Ramp’s incline may be too steep.
  • Not very paw-friendly.
  • Rough, sand-paper like surface complaints.

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8 Paws and Pals Auto Dog Ramp

When it comes to crafting a product that ticks the right boxes regarding convenience, portability, lightweight aspects, and efficient utility, Paws, and Pals Auto Dog Ramp is a dream come true. This is especially useful for those on a tight budget, as they’ve marketed the product at a fairly economical price range whilst providing more than the basic features. So if you are in search of discovering a ramp that foots the bill with all-rounder properties, you’ve landed on the right item.

Designed to cater more for small to medium-sized dog breeds, it owns a minor flex of 125-150lbs support. It offers a marvellously slim appearance once you fold it and even extends to about 60” in length. Furthermore, it has a tri-folding technology meaning you can compress it into a suitcase-sized measurement. In addition, the plastic construct with rubber grippers has to simply have the latch released to swing open safely.


  • Feather-light at 10.7lbs.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Easy to fold and unfold.
  • Appropriate space-saving design.
  • 4 wide strips of grip tape included.
  • Easy to train the dog to use it.
  • Apt for smaller breeds.
  • Quad-folding dog ramp, good on the market.
  • 26” width, comparatively large.
  • Dense plastic further removes weight.


  • Plastic is hard and slippery.
  • Not sufficient non-slip padding
  • The low weight holding capacity of 150lbs.
  • Larger dogs will struggle.
  • Ramp slides on concrete
  • Lack of traction.
  • Not as long as conventional but pricier models..

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9 Rage Motorsports Extra Wide Aluminum Folding Pet Ramp

Another remarkable well-crafted ramp in the pet industry is the result of the hard work of Rage Motorsports presenting the Extra Wide Aluminium Folding Pet Ramp. Usable for both indoor and outdoor usage, Rage Powersports has been produced with durable aluminium substances that will lend your lovable pet a reliable and assisting hand when they choose to endeavour upon a movement that is a little hard for them.

With the focus to attend to dogs weighing around 250lbs. this is pretty okay with small, medium as well as larger breeds. With larger breed, a certain aura of precaution is necessary with extensive use though. For breeds like Yorkies, Corgis, etc. hopping on board may seem to be mission impossible as a result of which they will be needing a fitting, foldable ramp with a carrying handle for easy manoeuvring to make their struggles substantially less aggravating. In addition, the product comes armed with a grippy surface to provide as much traction as it possibly can, even in wet circumstances.


  • Lined with high traction tape.
  • Non-slip.
  • Paw-friendly.
  • It is available in 6, 7 and 8ft lengths.
  • Easy to handle, set up and takedown.
  • The integrated strap prevents the ramp from unfolding.
  • Extra-wide to accommodate all breeds.
  • Decent Weight supporting ability.
  • 18” surface reaffirms safe feelings in dogs.
  • Carrying handle included.
  • Foldable
  • Gradual incline aids elderly dogs better.


  • Customer complaints detailed having to tighten screws after product delivery.
  • Heaviest ramp on the list at 32lbs.
  • Extremely Expensive, luxury purchase.
  • Reports of annoying noise emissions when walked upon by a dog.
  • Sharp product edges are a safety hazard for both pets and owners.

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10 Solvit PetSafe Deluxe Tri-Scope Telescoping Pet Ramp

Typically, there is a huge strain placed on the industry by pet owners to produce more accommodating ramp structures. As a result, Solvit PetSafe came up with the Deluxe Tri-Scope Telescoping Pet Ramp as an attempt to relieve their stress.

Within the minuscule and preferable dimensions of 70x16x5, you will find heaps of features that are going to improve a lot of facets of yours as well as your dog’s life. Also, a decent alternative to pet stairs, this device will aid your pup is getting on, off and in and out of tough spots. In fact, you don’t even need to strain when picking this up and carrying it around with you for trips to the vet, camping, to the park, etc because of how they’ve fashioned it.

Despite being thin itself, it has the skill to carry around 300lbs at least. As a result, a wide variety of breeds can embark upon its strong surface. This surface is also high traction material meaning there’s very little risk of injury. Moreover, the guide rails instilled within both sides of the walking surface are going to act as anchoring support making your dog feel more confident.


  • Extremely Lightweight and easy to lug around at 14lbs.
  • Good weight capacity.
  • Slip-proof.
  • High-traction surface.
  • Storage compatibility.
  • Simple to handle, install and break down.
  • 4 rubber feet provide it with great stable properties.
  • Low maintenance as only requires mild detergent and water hose.
  • No folding or unfolding is required.
  • Strap to lock in place included.


  • Premium Pricing.
  • Ramp accessories are sold separately.
  • The sandpaper surface proved to be the main source of the complaint.
  • Snap-strap malfunctions after some time.
  • Concerns with scratching the bumper of the attached vehicle.
  • Must double-check to see if fully extended or might hurt the dog.
  • Slides too fast which is a safety hazard.
  • Danger to dog nails.

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We understand that navigating the murky industry of innumerable ramp options can get pretty overwhelming pretty quickly. But remember what a valuable asset this product proves to be in the long run for the peace of mind for both you and your pet. Not only are you purchasing a safety tool but a device that has guarantees a happy and high-quality life for your dear dog.

When compiling this list we’ve kept all common qualms, inquiries and requirements like pricing, portability, customer suggestions, brand reputation, etc. in mind to bring to you a meticulously drawn up guide that consists of properly researched products.

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