Dog Owners Unique Driving Habits: Top 3 UK Study

In the bustling realm of human-canine companionship, a recent study conducted in the United Kingdom has unveiled intriguing insights into the distinctive driving habits of dog owners. As devoted pet enthusiasts traverse the roads with their furry co-pilots, this investigation sheds light on the unique behaviors that distinguish them from their non-canine counterparts. From safety precautions to delightful quirks, the study encapsulates a comprehensive understanding of how dog ownership intertwines with the driving experience. Let’s embark on a journey through the Top 3 driving habits that characterize these four-legged companions and their handlers on the roads of the UK.

Dogs are the most popular pet in the UK and it is no wonder why thousands of people every year buy a new car that suits their four-legged friend. A survey of more than a thousand UK residents who own a car and dogs was conducted by North West based personal car leasing business All Car Leasing earlier this year with some astonishing results

• 1 in 3 owners admitted to risking points and a fine when driving with their dog
• 21% of British people don’t let their dogs in the car
• Your dog’s size will determine where you put the dog in the car.

The research carried out identified that malting pets and a doggy odour were the main excuses for not letting dogs ride anywhere in the car. A total of 21% of 1216 asked to refuse to let the dog in the car at all. Most of those that were happy to let a dog in the car identified, small and toy dogs are likely to be kept on the passenger seat or footwell when driving. Medium-sized dogs are usually put on the back seats, while german shepherds and other large breeds are kept mostly in the boot.

Most people think about their dog when buying a new car, a total of 62% think of the needs of their canine when shopping for a new car. Most dog owners drive small hatchbacks a whopping 260 of the 961 who let pets in the car. Less common are the estate, crossover and SUV. The main features of new cars owners look for are a large boot, easy access for their pets to avoid the need to be picked up and a quality hard-wearing interior that is easy to clean and resistant to damage.

Aftermarket accessories dog owners should consider buying to keep them on the right side of the law and their dog safe are guards for the boot to keep the dog in the boot and out of the cabin while driving or parked. Clip-in harnesses keep the dog restrained so that the driver doesn’t break the law and risk a fine or points on their licence. 1 in 3 drivers surveyed admitted to travelling with their dog unrestricted. Incidents involving a driver with a loose pet can be considered undue care and attention and risk prosecution, not to mention the risk of injury to any sized dog in a motoring collision.

Manufacturers have been offering dog or pet packs on their models including Tesla’s “Dog Mode” which will let people know your dog is ok and being monitored by the car for risk to health. Nissan offers a small water bladder to shower a dog and scratch-resistant boot liners as part of their “Paw Pack”.

Digital Marketing Assistant from All Car Leasing Richard said “When travelling with our dog in the car we keep the Papillion in the footwell on the passenger side with a passenger. After the research, we have invested in a puppy ramp and collapsible crate for the boot for the dog’s safety and our own.”

Paws on the Pedal: Navigating the Roads of Canine Companionship

As we bring our exploration of dog owners’ driving habits to a close, it becomes evident that the bond between humans and their canine companions extends far beyond the confines of the home. The Top 3 driving habits unveiled in this UK study not only reflect the unique dynamics between dog and owner but also emphasize the importance of responsible pet ownership on the roads. From seatbelt etiquette to spontaneous tail wags, each insight offers a glimpse into the nuanced world of those who share their journeys with man’s best friend. So, next time you spot a car with a furry face peering out the window, remember the distinctive driving habits that make these journeys truly one-of-a-kind. “Paws on the Pedal” encapsulates not just a study, but a celebration of the extraordinary bond between dogs and their devoted drivers on the roads of the United Kingdom.

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