Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky? – Is It a Safe Treat For Dogs?

Dog FoodCan Dogs Eat Beef Jerky? - Is It a Safe Treat For...
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As a dog owner, you might be wondering, ‘can dogs have beef jerky?’ Look, you know that it’s not a significant concern with some foods, but few of them are not suitable for your dog. You should maintain an appropriate balance to feed these kinds of food.

It is considered that Beef jerky cannot be served to your dog. This high sodium food is the wrong choice for your pal’s plate.

Still, have these questions in your mind? can dogs eat beef jerky, or can dogs have beef jerky? 

The answer is an oxymoron! Why? Let’s look at some rational reasons why you should not feed Beef Jerky to your dog! This article will give a clear idea of Beef Jerky’s benefits. 

What Is Beef Jerky?

Is beef jerky bad for dogs? Before getting straight to the answer, you must have some information about beef jerky. Beef Jerky is a thin piece of meat. It is marinated with many sauces, spices, garlic, salts, and other ingredients. Before it gets packaged, it goes through some procedures like curing, drying, and others. 

It is a highly demandable snack. You may notice that when you crack a Beef Jerky packet, your dog will give a greedy look. It is because your pal loves meat-based snacks! 

You may think as beef jerky is a meat-based food, you can feed this to your pup. When your dog eats these meat slices, it may not get sick instantly but may have dire consequences in the long run.

Although it is a protein-based snack, it has some toxic chemicals. So don’t ever try to feed this as a regular snack to your dog. 

Let’s check some harmful chemicals that are used to prepare Beef Jerky. 

Nutritional values in Beef Jerky

Before we analyze the good and bad impacts of Beef Jerky on your dogs, let’s look at the nutritional benefits that your dog may have.

Protein: Your dog might get 0.9 gm protein from 28 gms Beef Jerky.

Calorie: From one ounce of Beef Jerky, your pal may get 116 calories

Fat: 7.3 gms of fat

Fibre:  Your dog may obtain 0.23 gm of fibre

Vitamin B12: 12% DB

Zinc: 21% of DB

Phosphorus: 9%

High Sodium Content

Can dogs eat beef jerky containing salt? 

According to TBANR, you should not feed your furry pal more than 100 mg of salt. It is suggested by many renowned veterinarians even. It is indicated for a 33-pound size dog. 

If your pal is heavier than this, you may increase it with the guidelines of a veterinarian only.

Now let’s check the sodium component in Beef Jerky.

Technically if you look at the packing labels, you may notice that it says that a single ounce of Beef Jerky contains 550 mg of sodium. If you compare this amount with the actual amount of sodium your pal should intake is 4 times more. 

The technical facts answer, “Can dogs have Beef Jerky?”. No, you cannot feed this to your dog technically. 

Toxic ingredients

We talked about the sodium in Beef Jerky, but many other ingredients in Beef Jerky may have severe harmful impacts on your furry pal’s health. 

Beef Jerky may give your taste buds stimulation with its delicious flavour. But no! It is not suitable for your dog. They use various kinds of sauces that may taste good to you but may leave harmful impacts on your lovely dogs!

Onion and Garlic

These two ingredients are considered good to add a spicy taste to your food. But, Can dogs have beef jerky that has onion and garlic? No. You may wonder why!

Onion and Garlic are from Allium plants. Your dog is not customary with these foods. So it is a suggestion you should not feed food with allium components to animals. 

When you feed onion and garlic to your dog, it may damage its red blood cells. As a result, these blood cells cannot carry oxygen, resulting in breathing problems.

Thus, all the ingredients used to prepare Beef Jerky may add great taste but are unsuitable for your dog. The answer for the question, ‘is beef jerky bad for dogs’, is, yes. It is harmful for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky – Side Effects

There are many side effects that you may notice; some of them are severe. Let’s look at those. 

Kidney disease

As you know, beef jerky contains a high level of sodium which is a significant cause of Kidney disease. Have you heard about the news? One thousand dogs died by eating Beef Jerky. China imported beef Jerkys, which were contaminated at that time. 

Next time, don’t run with the packaging and good labeling. It is there in the stores, and they are selling it as a snack, which doesn’t mean you can feed this to your dog. 

Cause of Hypernatremia

Hypernatremia is a life-threatening disease. Your dog will have a massive imbalance in sodium and water in this disease. Your dog’s body will retain moisture in it. It will lead to Kidney failure in your dog.

Other harmful ingredients for your dog

  1. Your dog may feel lethargic after having Beef Jerky.
  2. It may cause high blood pressure in your dog.
  3. It may increase the heartbeat of your pal.
  4. Beef Jerky may cause bad breath in your dog.

If you still want to feed beef jerky to your dog, you can prepare Beef Jerky at home. 

In this way, you can avoid using high sodium and other toxic ingredients. It is easy to prepare Beef Jerky at home in no time. 

With many arguments, veterinarians suggest that you may keep away packaged beef jerky from your dog. But if you prepare it at home, it might give your pal high nutritional value without any harm. 

We guess some doubts you still have; let’s discuss some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should you do if your puppy eats Beef Jerky?

The answer to this question is simple, don’t panic. Your dog might not face any problem. But, if you see any signs of stomach ache, just make a call to the vet. 

What is the best alternative to beef jerky for your dog?

Many products are available, such as Homemade beef jerky, no sodium beef jerky, etc.

Final Words

Seems like you got the answer for “can dogs eat beef jerky?’ We have got you covered with the consequences of feeding Beef jerky to dogs. Some people might say it is not a bad idea to feed beef jerky to dogs, but we suggest not to do so. 

If you still want to feed Beef Jerky to your dog, it is suggested to consult with a veterinarian first, then put Beef Jerky on your dog’s plate.

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