Can Dogs Eat Lobsters? Yes! A Great Dog Snack

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Curiosity often strikes when it comes to treating our furry friends, and the question of whether dogs can indulge in the ocean’s delicacies is no exception. One such tempting seafood, lobster, often finds its way to our dining tables. But can dogs partake in this culinary delight? The answer is a resounding yes! In this guide, we’ll explore why lobsters can make a great snack for your canine companion and the benefits they bring to your pet’s overall health and well-being.

Lobster-dish is one of your favourites, right? As a dog parent, while eating lobster, you might be thinking, ‘can dogs eat lobsters? We are here to help. In this article, you will know whether Lobster is an excellent treat for your dog, or you should keep this seafood away from your furry pal.

Can dogs have Lobsters or not? Well, lobster is an excellent source of protein. As protein helps to grow muscle, you can feed lobster to your dog. 

We will also look into its benefits and disadvantages, along with precautions that you must take before you’re going to feed this to your Dog.

Protein and Minerals

Dogs are fond of meat, whether it is chicken or something else. That’s the reason they are in love with lobsters. Lobster is compacted with a plethora of nutrients and protein, such as zinc, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and Omega 3. So, the answer for ‘can dogs have lobsters?’ is yes.

Let’s dig into the details.

Protein: You may wonder how much protein lobster contains in its juicy meat, right? Well, 28 gm of protein can be found in every 6 ounces of lobsters. It’s a pure source of protein that can be served to your Dog. So, can dogs eat lobsters? Definitely! 

Zinc: Zinc is essential for agile and spontaneous dogs. Like other seafood, Lobster contains a considerable amount of zinc in it. Zinc keeps your furry pooch’s joints healthy and movable. So if you see your canine is going through some joint difficulties, you may serve some lobster to its plate.

Omega 3: It’s essential to keep a firm eye on your Dog’s inflammation level. It is suggested to include Omega 3 in your pup’s diet. Lobster contains a large amount of Omega 3. That can be useful for your dog to combat inflammation.

Calcium and Phosphorus: As a pet lover, you may already know that your dog needs strong bones to be spontaneous and agile. Calcium and phosphorus make your pup’s bones strong. According to some studies and research, it is said that every 26 gm of lobsters serves 274 gm of phosphorus and 140 gm of calcium.

So if your pal is going through some bone density difficulties, and you are seeking the answer for ‘can dogs eat lobsters?’, you can slip 1 or 2 pieces of cooked lobsters into its diet. 

Disadvantages & Precautions

You might take some precautions before you slip some lobsters to your furry pal plate. 

As Lobster is seafood, it harbours bacteria in it. Do not think about putting raw lobster into your dog’s plate. It might lead to some severe health issues for your dog. 


Uncooked lobsters can cause diarrhoea, bellyache, and many other diseases. It is always suggested to cook Lobster before feeding it to your Dog. And it is even more juicy and yummy when it is cooked. Can dogs have lobsters? The answer is yes, but cook properly before feeding.

Choking hazard:

Lobster claws are the main reason for this. If your puppy is small, then you might not put a whole lobster to it. It might get stuck in its throat and give it difficulties to take a breath. It is suggested to avoid lobster claws when you feed this to your dog. 

You can cut lobsters into small pieces and serve them. 

Allergic: As humans, your dog might be allergic to this seafood. You’ve already seen that some of us are allergic to some kinds of seafood such as lobster, prawns and others. So it is no wonder that your puppy can be allergic to Lobster too.

Unless and until you feed lobsters to your dog, you won’t know whether your dog is allergic to lobsters or not.  

If your dog is allergic to lobster, you will notice the following symptoms.

  • Your Dog might lose its hair
  • It may start scratching its skiing because of skin problems
  • Runny eyes and noses can be found in your dog 

It is suggested to talk to your veterinarian first before adding Lobster to your Dog’s meal. 

Despite all the points mentioned above, you might face some problems while feeding lobsters to your dog. With every new food that your dog is not habituated with can become a cause of health issues. You should consult with your veterinarian first, then give it to your pal.

Can dogs have lobsters daily? If you are thinking about giving lobsters daily to your pup, you must know these facts.

High Sodium: Lobsters contain a considerable amount of sodium, like every other seafood. Sodium keeps the body hydrated, but excessive sodium can cause high blood pressure.  

So you should not include this daily on your pal’s plate. 

High cholesterol: Lobsters are full of cholesterol and bad fats, leading to obesity.  So, if your dog is already obese, think twice before feeding lobsters to him.

Excessive fat may lead to many diseases such as heart disease and kidney problems. So bat an eye on how many lobsters you’re putting on your dog’s plate. 

Still have some doubts about feeding lobsters to your fur-buddy?  Now we will take you through some critical questions and answers.

Best way to feed

Can dogs eat Lobsters? The answer is yes. But, there are certain things you should know about feeding lobsters to your pal. Veterinarians suggest rinsing lobsters several times before cooking, because seafood contains bacteria in it.

Boil lobsters can be fed to your dogs. Without boiling, you should not put this on the plate of your pal.

Suppose you want to add spices that may be good for your taste buds but may cause health issues to your Dog. Usually, dogs prefer foods without spices. So keep it simple. Boil lobsters are a great and easy treat for your Dog. 

Frequently asked questions

Can dogs eat lobsters?

Yes. Dogs can eat lobsters. Boil it properly, then feed it to your Dog.

Can dogs become allergic to Lobster?

Yes, your furry pal may be allergic to Lobsters; it is suggested to consult a Veterinarian. 

Can I feed raw lobsters to my Dog?

No. You should not feed raw seafood to your Dog. It may lead to a severe health disease for your Dog. 

Are canned lobsters good?

No. Veterinarians suggest that you should not feed any canned food to your canine as these contain toxic ingredients that might make your Dog’s stomach upset. 

Embracing the Joy of Lobster Delight: A Perfect Canine Treat

As we unravel the mystery behind whether dogs can savor the succulent taste of lobsters, the verdict is clear – not only can they indulge, but it’s a delightful addition to their palate. With its rich nutritional profile and the potential to enhance your dog’s overall health, lobster proves to be more than just a tasty treat. So, the next time you’re cracking open a lobster feast, consider sharing the joy with your loyal companion. After all, a bit of indulgence can go a long way in creating moments of joy between you and your four-legged friend.

In this article, we’ve got you covered the benefits and precautions you should take before you’re going to add lobsters to your Dog’s diet. ’Can dogs have lobsters?’ Yes, lobster might bring many benefits, but it has some side effects too. So, consult a veterinarian first and then feed lobsters to your Dog.

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