Best Dog Stroller: 5 Reasons Why Dog Owners have turned to Wheels

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Owning a dog will always involve walks round the park, the beach, the city or even taking them out for a jog.  There also comes a time when you’re taking your dog with you and feel it may not be best that your dog be on a lead.  This post will provide you the answers and show your which are the best dog stroller and carriages that are affordable and practical.

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The biggest reason dog owners look for the best dog strollers for their pets is mainly down to the age of the dog.  More senior dogs may need more support when out for a walk / getting around.  Your dog may have had surgery so cannot walk, but the fresh outdoors will still help alleviate depression in your dog.  And ultimately, when out for a walk, your not lonely and you can take your dog with you, fitting in to the dog stroller and walking round like you would with a child.

PetGear Dog StrollerPetGear Pet StrollerWith air tyres your dog will enjoy the smoothest ride across any terrain
Best Dog Stroller: 5 Reasons Why Dog Owners have turned to WheelsPet Gear No-Zip Happy TrailsThis product is built to last and there are reviews from people who have owned this product for 2-4 years
Best Dog Stroller: 5 Reasons Why Dog Owners have turned to WheelsPromenade Pet Stroller, Black OnyxThis stroller is very simple to put together and when choosing whether to buy or not, check the dog size
Best Dog Stroller: 5 Reasons Why Dog Owners have turned to WheelsConfidence DeluxeIf you are looking for a quick purchase at a low extremely affordable price then this dog stroller is for you
Best Dog Stroller: 5 Reasons Why Dog Owners have turned to WheelsPet Gear Sportstervery simple and quick to put down. It is also very simple to steer.
Best Dog Stroller: 5 Reasons Why Dog Owners have turned to WheelsPet Stoller,IPS-055/ATThe dog stroller also folds neatly down to fit in the boot of any car

Some owners can feel embarrassed about having a dog stroller for their dog.  Let me tell you, DON’T BE!  Be Proud.  Your dog is your best friend and will appreciate that you have taken them with you, even in a dog stroller. Some dogs get tired very easily and a dog stroller will be the answer, ensuring you have a long walk, without worrying your dog will stop walking with you.

The dog strollers listed below are the best dog strollers because they are weatherproof and waterproof which helps if you are on a long walk and the heavens open, your dog will stay dry and safe.


Best Dog Stroller Reviews

1 Pet Gear Pet Stroller

PetGear Dog StrollerPros: Our number one choice in the best dog strollers!  This dog stroller maybe more expensive than the others but is the best by a long way. If considering purchasing any dog stroller, do not consider anything higher than the maximum of £500.

Why is this the best dog stroller? Well, for start it has air in the tyres – while most dog strollers have plastic. With air tyres your dog will enjoy the smoothest ride across any terrain. The no-zip system is also an amazing feature and saves a lot of time when trying to get your dog in and out.  The quick, hassle free, no-zip system is simple and easy to use. And Finally, the quality of the dog stroller is second to none.  High quality plastic, metal and an amazing Panoramic Window, ensuring your dog is the most comfortable and can see the amazing sights whilst out in the dog stroller.

Cons: One of the biggest frustrations is the delivery of the product.  Unfortunately this is not the manufacturers fault and items can be delivered slightly damaged.  As with any product purchased from Amazon, return it straight away and you will receive a replacement and more often than not, issue free.

2 Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Pet Stroller

BEST DOG STROLLER - HAPPY TRAILSPros:  This dog stroller is one that you will not regret purchasing. It’s been the best selling dog stroller and doesn’t look like slowing down.

This product is built to last and there are reviews from people who have owned this product for 2-4 years and still using it to this day.  It is built with high quality materials with a cute, stylish, design.

Although we have rated this second on the list of best dog strollers, this the number one for best affordable dog strollers. With some similar features such as a locking latch and no zip, at Half the Price why would you choose anything else?

This dog stroller feels great, looks amazing and rides very smoothly.  And finally, I cannot leave this without talking about the sturdy design this product has PLUS the array of different colours available.

Cons: This great product has only a couple of flaws that we could find.  For some reason, the smell of the new product just doesn’t seem to disappear.  This can last for a couple of weeks and if stored in a small space, can become over bearing.  Regular use in different weather and it should quickly disappear.

The second issue is that the nylon is a little on the thin side.  The material seems to wrinkle very easily and will not disappear where as other dog strollers have a much thicker material and wrinkle free. Also, being one of the best dog strollers with a very sturdy design, the wheels aren’t great. Unlike the much more expensive product which has air tyres, this dog stroller has cheap plastic wheels and can sometimes feel like they are made from foam.

3 Promenade Pet Stroller, Black Onyx

BEST DOG STROLLER - PROMENADEPros: This dog stroller has all the features to be one of the best, if not the best stroller on the market.  Unfortunately, I can only say this by the reviews that are left on Amazon.

Many of the dog strollers that have a high quality like this will sell easily for £300 plus. There isn’t a requirement to pay that much for a dog stroller, unless you want too. This stroller is very simple to put together and when choosing whether to buy or not, check the dog size. This will be as accurate as  you need to ensure you choose the right size dog stroller for your pooch.

Cons: Having read through the reviews on Amazon, it is clear to see that many buyers of this dog stroller are not keen on the cheap material used to make the zip.  Once the zip breaks, it is irreplaceable making it useless and just another stroller to push around.

4 Confidence Deluxe Folding Four Wheel Pet Stroller

Best Dog Strollers - ConfidencePros: WOW! The price of this product makes this a great purchase for any dog owner.  If you are looking for a quick purchase at a low extremely affordable price then this dog stroller is for you.  If you own 2 small dogs, then they should easily fit inside this stroller.  This dog stroller also features cup holders and a fantastically smooth ride for you and your dog(s).  It is also available in a choice of 4 colours, Pink, Blue, Green and Red.

Cons:  The price is already really low, but with no explanation as to why the blue and pink models are cheaper than the red or green.  PLUS  this dog stroller may not be as sturdy as the above featured best dog strollers, however, it doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap. For such a low price, you won’t be disappointed.

5 Pet Gear Sportster Pet Stroller

Best Dog Stroller: 5 Reasons Why Dog Owners have turned to WheelsPros: Continuing the theme of best dog strollers, this dog stroller is slightly more expensive than the previous review, however, it again has some unique features. One of these is that its is very simple and quick to put down.  It is also very simple to steer.

The carrier underneath is larger than other dog strollers and can store plenty of useful items you may need when out and about. The main use of this stroller is for medium sized dogs and can easily be closed with the zip.

Cons:  This dog stroller works well on grass but will easily start to annoy and irritate your dog if you do this for a long period of time. When you do purchase this dog stroller, check it thoroughly.  Like anything you purchase, the item can be damaged accidentally.  Some buyers have reported that the front wheel is damaged on arrival.  This is sometimes the case with many 3 wheel strollers / buggies as they single wheel isn’t strong enough to survive any heavy bangs.


6 Pet Stoller,IPS-055/AT

Best Dog Stroller: 5 Reasons Why Dog Owners have turned to WheelsPros: Like the #1 choice the Pet Gear Pet Stroller, this 3 wheel, chic design is a great choice for your pet.  With a built in suspension for additional comfort and amazing wheels for a smooth ride, this dog stroller has it all.  The wheels are a whopping 8 inches in diameter and the rear wheels have a locking function.

The dog stroller also folds neatly down to fit in the boot of any car and includes a quick release system on the wheels to provide an extra few inches to help store in the smallest of places, within reason.

It is light weight and simple to assemble, which allows anyone to quickly put together and take apart

Cons:  As great as the product is, size is also an issue.  Labradors and dogs of that size are not capable of fitting in the dog stroller with much room, causing discomfort in your dog.  Anything smaller than a labrador and you will be fine, springer spaniels tend to have the most comfort and room.  The price is again quite high in comparison to the cheaper dog strollers but you will not be disappointed.

What should I consider before buying the Best Dog Stroller?

SIZE. Always check the instructions, descriptions and size guides where available.  You need to make sure if your going to spend the money, your dog will fit.  If you want to buy the best dog stroller for your dog then making sure the dog fits comfortably is a must.  A dog stroller that is too large will make your dog slide about and become irritated.  A dog stroller that is too small will be cramped and uncomfortable for your dog.  Buying the best dog stroller is like buying a Dog Bed, always check the size.

WEIGHT:  Can my dog be supported in the dog stroller?  If the answer is, “I don’t know” then check.  Althought the best dog strollers have a great support and a smooth ride, if your dog is too heavy, your dog will bounce around, feel every bump and you will struggle to push.  This will cause injuries to yourself and to your dog.  Posture is great for you and your dog and any strain on pushing or bouncing around inside the dog stroller and you will have issues in the long term.

REASON: Why are you going to be using the dog stroller?  If you haven’t already decided, do so before buying.   Last thing you need to do is purchase the best dog stroller available and then never use it.  If you feel you only need for short walks around the block then consider one of the cheaper options.  This will do the trick and will save your bank balance.

If you like going for a long jog and want to take your dog with you then consider the Pet Gear Pet Stroller or the Pet Stoller,IPS-055/AT

These are great for longer walks and jogging due to the designs and the durability of both products

Dog Strollers Buyer’s Guide

Best Dog Stroller: 5 Reasons Why Dog Owners have turned to Wheels

Owning a dog stroller is now becoming more and more popular.

Dog Owners everywhere are buying them as they are now a must have accessory.  Many people sit and wonder why I would need one and most even laugh at the thought of getting one.  The funny part about it is that there are many reasons why owning the best dog stroller is a great idea for you and your dog.

Check out some of the bulleted reasons owning the best dog stroller can benefit you, your dog and your family:

Reasons to get a Dog Stroller

  • If you need to take your dog to the vet due to ill health then a dog stroller is a great, safe, way to ensure your dog gets there.
  • If you are attending an outdoor event in a park and wish to take your dog along but not sure how he / she will react to the surroundings.  A dog stroller will keep your dog safe and in a familiar resting place.
  • When using a dog stroller, most of them prevent your dog getting too much sun or getting wet in the rain.  This again helps for a nice walk as a dehydrated dog can become very poorly very quickly.  But in a stroller, your dog is protected from the sun and you will have a much better stroll.
  • If you are going on holiday and your dog has a fear of the kennels / dog minders a stroller will ensure that you can get your dog into the home or kennels without your dog being scared enough to run off and pull on the lead
  • If you are lucky enough to live in a country where you actually get a warm summer, temperatures can soar and the paving can become very hot.  Owning a dog stroller will prevent your dogs feet from burning to the ground but still allow you to take a stroll with your dog.
  • Older dogs that struggle to get about or even out in the garden will benefit from a dog stroller.  Being able to take your dog out and see the sights is a great way of keeping your older dog feeling active.
  • If you like to jog and your dog isn’t the fittest, the best dog stroller can ensure that you can jog and still continue on your exercise routine, whilst pushing along the dog stroller.

Summary: Buying the Right Dog Stroller

There are literally hundreds of dog strollers on the market and you can be very easily spoilt for choice.  There are so many things to consider when buying a dog stroller including what do you need the dog stroller for.  If you want the dog stroller to take your pet to the vets when required or a quick stroll around the park, then go for a cheaper option.  But if you have an active lifestyle and like hiking, running, jogging, biking or any outdoor activities, and your dog is a big part of all of that, then aim for the higher priced dog strollers.

When researching which dog stroller you think is best, remembering that our reviews are only our opinions, consider where you will use the stroller most.  If you are lucky enough to live somewhere nice and warm with a great summer then you will definitely require a great sun guard on your dog stroller.  Protecting your dog from the baking hot sun whilst still ensuring your dog is safe, can breathe through a great air flow passage into the dog stroller is always an absolute must.  Cold, wet and windy countries, just like the UK, then choose a dog stroller with weatherproof / waterproof features.  Most of the best dog strollers reviewed have these but always check before buying.

When first looking at dog strollers, you may think, “What on earth is that?” but once you purchased one and reap the benefits, you will quickly be the envy of all your friends.  If you travel a lot with your dog then a dog stroller is a must, just like a great lead or dog crate.







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