5 of the Best Dry Dog Food for Medium Dogs

Preventing nutritional diseases in your dog can be easy if you purchase the Best Dry Dog Food for Medium Dogs that have been specially formulated. Medium sized dogs have nutritional needs that are different to that of large and smaller sized dogs.  Best foods for puppies and The below top 5 best dry dog food for medium dogs will help provide your adult dog a well balanced nutritional diet that their body will need and in the long term prevent any potential illnesses. Grain Free foods are also a great way of keeping your dog fit, active and healthy.

Shopping for healthy dry dog foods can be difficult especially with commercial branded foods being designed to every single nutritional need. Plus, commercial dog foods are easier to buy and more convenient that homemade dog foods. Check out our homemade dog food page for some amazing recipes to help your doggies nutritional needs.

With all the different types of dry dog foods available we have researched and found the best dry dog food for medium dogs and will provide the benefits of each.

Now, let’s take a look at the best dry dog food for medium dogs

Best Dry Dog Food for Medium Dogs

1 Merrick Grain Free Dry FoodMerrick best dry dog food for medium dogs

Merricks Grain Free Food is our 3rd choice of the best dry dog food for medium dogs due to the main ingredient being real deboned meat. Plus, it is also a grain free dog food. A high percentage of the food is a mixture of protein and fats (70%). As highlighted on the front of the packaging, the main and first ingredient used is real deboned buffalo meat and is completely grain free.

Medium sized dogs benefit from this dog food as the high protein and high calories included provide everything your dog needs to have healthy joints and be a naturally healthy dog. Merricks Grain Free Food has a 38% protein content and 16% fat. Being a grain free dog food, Merricks will also be a healthy and more natural alternative to help dogs that reach badly to grained foods.

Merricks Grain Free Dog Food is a trusted brand that gets all the ingredients from the USA including its buffalo. Although there are general concerns around importing dog foods, Merrick thrive on quality and customers have noted that since using Merrick Grain Free Dog Food they have seen a noticeable different in the dogs health and energy levels.


Real Meat off the bone
High Quality Proteins and Fats
Probiotics for a healthy Digestive System
Grain Free


Some Dogs have had an Allergic Reaction
Some owners reported upset stomach in there dogs after switching to this food

2 Grain-Free Yukon River Canine Salmon and Sweet PotatoYukon River Best Dry Dog Food for Medium Dogs

Grain Free Dog Food by Victors Yukon River is an amazing food that is packed with all the calories and protein that an Active, medium sized, dog needs. Made with Salmon and Sweet Potato, the Yukon River formula is also a hypoallergenic dog food.

Victors Grain Free Dog Food is made and prepared with salmon and being grain free contains no grains. This makes it the most popular and best dry dog food for medium sized dogs. This food has huge benefits for dogs that may have food allergies and is the best dog food for medium sized dogs due to the high calorific values.

As the food does not contain any chicken, beef or other meat proteins, other than fish. Being totally grain free it is not great surprise that dog owners and dogs LOVE the Victor Yukon River Grain Free Dog Food over any branded dog food.


Hypoallergenic Dog Food Formula
Made in USA
Well Balanced Fat and Protein content
Grain Free


Inconsistent Quality Control
Some owners reported upset stomach in there dogs after switching to this food


Family Foods has created one of the best dry dog foods for medium dogs that is made by a family run business that thrives on producing only wholesome food for pets.

Being filled with energy dense proteins the Fromm Family Foods dry dog food is recommended more for a medium sized dog with normal day to day activities. When feeding Fromm Family Foods it is vital the your dogs activity levels stay the same to help maintain your dogs weight and support the development of muscles. When feeding your dog the Fromm Family Foods dog food, owners have noticed that they feed their dog much less than normal branded foods due to the calories that are packed into it.

Noticeable improvements have been seen in dogs energy levels after switching to this food. Owners have also seen improvements in skin, coat and some digestive problems. This is just after a few weeks of using this amazing dry dog food.


Available for all stages of dogs life
Made in USA
Probiotics to help aid digestive system
Includes Salmon Oil for a healthy coat


Dog Owners have reported some dogs having allergic reactions
Some owners reported upset stomach in there dogs after switching to this food

4 Wild Prairie FoodAcanaWild Prairie Best Dry Dog Food for Medium Dogs

Acana Wild Prairie is a very popular dog food that is sourced from Canada’s local farm distributors and Cold Lakes. Acana dog food comes highly recommended for medium size dogs mainly because the food contains 70% ingredits that have derived from animals, and the first two are ‘real’ whole meat.

Acana Wild Prairie Dog Food is one of the best dry dog food for medium dogs as with every cup full you are providing 462kcal which will easily satisfy your medium sized dogs energy levels and requirements.

When feeding Wild Prairie to your dog you must always keep an eye on your dogs weight. If a dogs energy levels drop suddenly they can very quickly gain weight and you must look for a suitable alternative. Many owners have moved to this best dry dog food for medium dogs because of the calories that Acana offers. Providing a low car diets protects dogs from obesity and the high level of calories help support your dogs energy levels.


100% Real Food from Canadian Farms and Lakes
35% Protein and 15% Fat
Probiotics to help aid digestive system


Some Reviewers have said there dog just did not try and eat this food
Some owners reported that there dog had diarrhoea


5 Royal Canin Health Nutrition Medium Adult Royal Canni Best Dry Dog Food for Medium Dogs

Royal Canin dog food is a little more specific and is suitable for medium sized dogs aged 1-7 years old and weight between 21 and 55 pounds. This age and weight is a great age for dogs to start filling out and reach an ideal weight in their adult years.

AS with most of the best dry dog food for medium dogs the Royal Canin Health Nutrition food provides dogs with a healthy, shiny, coat and help build dogs natural defences. This will help fight illness and irritations in the skin. Maintaining your dogs exercise and activities is a must with this food as it will help maintain and build your dogs body mass and weight.

When switching to the Royal Canin dog food owners reported dramatic changes in the dogs health. Owners that switched stated this was the best dry dog food for medium dogs that they had tried and would not switch back to any other brand. Some stated this was a life changer for them and they had never seen a shinier coat or there dog looking as healthy before.


Much More Specific and Targeted to dogs aged 1-7 years old and 21 to 55 pounds
23% Protein and 12% Fat
Highly Digestible


Some Owners were disappointed to see Rice as the first ingredient
Some owners reported that there dog had diarrhoea and sickness after eating this food

Best Dry Dog Food for Medium Dogs: Benefits

Dogs are always growing and require a suitable level of protein to help with growth and strength. Meat in any dog food is the best source of protein. You can also get protein reduced foods but these do contain a higher level of calcium but must be maintained and controlled.

Dry Dog Food formula for any dog size and breed is not as simple as it may seem. If you have a working or active dog then a high protein diet is what your medium sized dog needs along with a high calorie intake to help with energy levels. The high proteins will help maintain and build leaner stronger muscles that will ensure you have an energetic, active, hard working dog.

Medium sized dogs are not just highly active dogs, many are also nice and relaxed. These dogs can tend to quickly become over weight after a few extra calories. In this scenario you should ensure you keep your dogs activities in mind when feeding your dog.

Vitamins and Minerals are a key part of any dogs diets linking with your dogs energy levels and age, you should make sure they are getting the optimum amount of calories. If you want to ensure you are providing your dog the best diet then choosing the best dry dog food for medium dogs will help ensure you meet the correct nutritional needs for your dog.

Visiting the vet for advice is always advised but they can only provide information which may not always be 100% accurate. More importantly they can guide you to the appropriate information to help.