7 Fantastic Expandable Dog Crated and Puppy Playpen

There are hundreds of reasons why dog owners purchase Expandable Dog Crates / Puppy Playpen.  They are great accessories when training your puppy.  Amazing for gardens and ensuring your dog has enough space to roam free.  Look amazing in your house and a great place for your dog to sleep.  And if you are like us, a great place for your young child and your dog to play together without the worry of either escaping whilst you continue with your chores, knowing they are both safe. They are also great for getting out and about in the parks / shopping / trips to the vet.

Choosing the right one is extremely difficult as there are so many to choose from.  Expandable Dog Crates are our favourite as they are great in your home and come in all shapes and sizes that suit everyone.

Lets take a quick look at some of them now.

ImageNamePlaypen / CrateRatingPrice
Richell Expandable Dog CrateCrate5/5
Ellie-Bo Heavy Duty PlaypenPlaypen4/5
Z Pet Large Wooden CrateCrate5/5
Z Pet Stretch Wooden CrateCrate5/5
Stefanplast Transport CrateTravel Crate3/5
Songmics Heavy Duty Puppy PlaypenPlaypen5/5
End Table Wooden CrateCrate4/5
Songmics Puppy PlaypenPlaypen4/5
Aluminium Transport CrateTravel Crate4/5
End Table Dog CrateCrate3/5

Now lets look deeper into each of the Expandable Dog Crates / Puppy Playpen below;

Best Small and Large Expandable Dog Crates

1 Richell Expandable Dog CrateRichell Expandable Dog Crates Puppy Playpen

Richell is the IPhone of Expandable Dog Crates.

The Richell expandable dog crate is fantastic.  The dog crate is very well made, looks attractive, it expands, you can also fit a divider and perhaps it probably the best feature of all is its floor tray, that keeps your puppy mess out of your carpet.

Richell Expandable Dog Crates are a MUST HAVE accessory for any dog owner with a good space

It expands from 35.4 inches to an ENORMOUS 60.6 inches wide.  The divider is a perfect accessory to seperate sleeping and eating.

If you compare this to a standard metal or plastic crate the price can be a little startling. But you definitely get what you pay for with the crate – which can also be used as an exercise crate too.

This crate is an attractive feature, and if you have the space could be left permanently installed in your home.  This will definitely be a safe place to put your dog while you’re out of the house.

If you work out how much you would save by not having to clean your carpet / upholstery then you will quickly make your money back with this amazing product.

With parts of the frame being made from wood, some owners have been worried the dog would chew.  The design of this product is that well made, that the dog would find it very difficult to get its mouth round, therefore struggling to chew on it and damage it.

The Richell range of Expandable Dog Crates are the best top of the range puppy crates and are worth every single penny

2 z pet A large Wooden Iron Dog Crate

cage1wood Puppy PlaypenThis cage is a great option for pets when they are traveling, when company is over, or when they just need to stay in their own space when you are away.

FEATURES: – Easy to open double locked gate door, – Beautiful treated wood appearance, – Sturdy and durable hard wood design, – Folds together for easy storage, – Comes with plastic slide out floor that keeps your pet from making a mess.

  • Rubber pads prevent floors from scratching
  • Stylish and Functiona
  • Beautifully finished wood compliments any decor

3 Large Wooden End Table Pet Cage or Crate

cage4endtableThis elegant looking pet cage is extremely stylish and will look perfect in any home.

This can also be used as a coffee table / side table.

Should not be used for long periods of time or if your pet is being left unattended but can be used if you have company.

This cage can be used for cats or dogs and is available on Amazon.cage5wooden

The large wooden end table cage is an amazing cage for your dog that is not only discreet but also makes a great side table in your living room.

Or why not check out the Cage with Wooden Cover by Merry PetsThis amazing design is again a great side table but a great safe cage for your dog.

4 z pet Stretch wooden crate

Expandable Dog Crates Z Stretch Puppy PlaypenA great way to house small dogs! This crate actually expands to grow with your pet! It eliminates the need for a replacement crate. The Expandable Pet Crate has a sliding lockable front door to ensure your pet is safe and secure in his/her “own” special space. The Lift ‘n Lock side door provides easy retrieval of feeding dishes and training pads. The plastic Expandable Floor Tray protects floor surfaces from pet stains and odor and removes easily for cleaning. Wire Top and Divider sold separately.


  • Stretch wooden iron dog cage
  • Expand to the whole width of 57.08 inches
  • It is sturdy and very well constructed
  • Includes black floor tray
  • Beautifully finished wood compliments any decor


Best Heavy Duty Puppy Playpens

cageplaypen Puppy PlaypenOwning a Puppy Playpen is a great way of keeping your dog secure whilst out in the garden.

You can also use in the house if you have a large enough space.

The heavy duty puppy playpen allow enough space for dogs to run around freely without being able to escape.

Unlike the expandable dog crates, these are best kept outside – unless you have a large room for one.  They are also great to extend a room from your house into your garden allowing your dog to roam in and out of the house but only as far as the puppy playpen extends.

Most of the puppy playpens available open up like in the picture so you can secure the dog in a large space or you can make into a hexagon / octagon small smaller spaces.

Puppy playpens are great for ensuring your dog is secure and doesn’t ruin your garden / house.

1 Songmics Heavy Duty Puppy Playpen 8 Panels Black L (80 x 60 cm)

Expandable Dog Crates Songmics Puppy PlaypenProduct Parameters:

– Material: mental tube
– Size of each panel: 80 x 60 cm
– Size in rectangle shape: about 246 x 83 cm
– Diagonal diameter in octagon shape: 210 cm
– Side length in octagon shape: 200 cm
– Size in square shape: 163 x 163 cm
– Size of front door: 32 x 42 cm
– Net: about 17.5 kg

– Do not use it as a toy.
– Put in the horizontal line.

Product Description

  • Bold square tube and burr-free wire, durable, rounded design to avoid hurt
  • Double door bolts and locks make safe
  • Hammer paint, attractive and durable, lowest fading
  • Easy to disassemble and maintain. Eight panels to assemble into an octagon or rectangle
  • Ideal for small animals

2 Songmics Heavy Duty Puppy Playpen 122 x 80 x 70 cm

Expandable Dog Crates Songmics Puppy PlaypenProduct Parameters:
– Material: metal tube
– Color:  black
– Size: 122 x 80 x 70 cm
– Size of each panel: 120 x 70 cm; 75 x 70 cm
– Mesh size: about 3.8 x 14 cm
– Size of door: 57 x 54 cm

The role of the plastic foot:
– Prevent from scratching the floor.
– Avoid directly contact with the ground to achieve the rustpoof.
– Reduce the noise when moving the puppy playpen.

– Do not use it as a toy.
– Put in the horizontal line during the use.

Product Description

  • Bold square tube and burr-free wire, durable, rounded design to avoid hurting
  • Double door bolts and locks make safe
  • Black painting, attractive and durable, lowest fading
  • Easy to disassemble and maintain
  • Ideal for caring small animals in the indoor or outdoor, such as puppy, rabbit

3 Ellie-Bo Heavy Duty Playpen comes in 6, 7 or 8 pieces

Product DescriptionExpandable Dog Crates Elli Bo

Modular system allows you to change pen shape and add additional panels available on Amazon

Safety Warning

Dogs that suffer from anxiety attacks or panic responses should not be left unattended in a pen as they may harm themselves and damage the pen.

  • Heavy duty whelping play pen – 26 sqft of are
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Easily erected, no tools required
  • Modular system allows multiple layouts/shapes
  • Additional panels available on amazon to increase pen size

How do I measure my dog for the right Crate Size?

Your dog should be able to stand up and turn around comfortably when in a cage.


He / She should also be able to stretch out and relax, and also lie down in the preferred sleeping position.

However, that doesn’t mean buy a huge cage for a small dog, giving them too much room.  Why?  Because you risk the dog using part of the cage as a toilet as they wont see this as a resting space.

You can always measure your dog to fit in the right cage and its really quite simple.

Crate Length = Dog Length (inches) + 4 (inches)
Crate Height = Dog Height (inches) + 2 (inches)

In Summary

Puppy Playpen are amazing but can take up a lot of room in your garden.  They are ideal for creating a new space for your dog to roam whilst knowing that they are safe.  They can however get quickly bored of the same space and then start to bark.  Make sure they have plenty to do when in the puppy playpen.
Expandable Dog Crates how ever are amazing.  They are good spaces for dogs to chill out and are great for training your dog on where to sleep, eat, drink and if need be, poop.  With most expandable dog crates being easy clean, poo and wee should be simple to clean and not cause you hundreds of pounds in cleaning carpets and laminates.






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