Top 7 Best Indoor Dog Gates For Your Home

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Do you work all day?  No one to take care of your dog?  Worried your dog will destroy your house?  Have guests round and your dog constantly jumping on them?  Look no further.  Here we are going to show you the Best Indoor Dog Gates available, that not only look great but keep you and your dog feeling great and your guests less harassed.

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How to choose the Best Indoor Dog Top 7 Best Indoor Dog Gates For Your HomeGates?

Finding the best indoor dog gates is not always easy as there are many factors to take into consideration.

  • Where do you want the gate to be fitted?
  • What size gate do you need, width and height?
  • What material is the best for my gate?
  • What do I want to achieve?

If you have a large dog then there are many Large Indoor Dog Gates available.  If you have 2 dogs, 1 large and 1 small, some come with a smaller door built into the larger door to allow smaller dogs through.  Some are also fully retractable so can be hidden away when not in use.

You also need to ensure that what ever product you choose is best suited for your home.  Choosing a standard white gate might not be the best thing for your home.  Or a really large gate when you only have a small dog.   You may want something you can easily store away when not needed.

What Are The Best Indoor dog gates Available?

Choosing indoor dog gates really is down to what you need and where you are putting it.  If you want them to match your decor or whether they are in the garden, our reviews above tailor for all rooms and spaces.

Have a good look at the crates, gates and playpens above then choose the best one for you and your dog.

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Top 7 Best Indoor Dog Gates for your home

Indoor dog gates are just like baby gates.  They fit across a door way / stair case and lock securely.  These prevent anyone getting in or out unless using the locking device usually found at the top of the gate.  This also acts as a good safety for your child, preventing them from letting the dog in the room  you have put the gate on.  For larger gates you could use a extra large dog playpen that opens up and acts like a fence for a wider area such as a garden divide.

These gates come in all sizes to prevent small / large dogs from escaping.

Lets take a closer look at the Best indoor dog gates available;

1 Lindam Stair GateTop 7 Best Indoor Dog Gates For Your Home

An amazing gate that protects any room from your dogs and your children.  The Lindam Stair Gate Easy Fit Deluxe comes in standard and tall and is a fantastic gate.  The pressure fitting ensure thats there is no movement once fitted correctly.

Opening the gate is child proof so any adult should be fine but children and dogs should not be able to open it.

Lindam is an award winning child safety specialist, established for over 25 years with over 60 awards for its high quality products. Lindam create practical, stylish, home safety solutions in equal measure of safety, quality & value. Look for Wall Fix Safety Gates by Lindam which provide solutions for the top of stairs and perfect for wider areas.

The strong steel construction makes this a really sturdy gate and can be fitted in 5 minutes.

Always check the sizes available to ensure that the gate you purchase fits the gap.

2 BabyDan Multidan (White)

cage11The BabyDan Multidan Metal Indoor Dog Gates are a robust and sturdy metal safety gate which can be used in a variety of doorways and spaces for dogs and children. This gate is designed and built in Denmark in our own IS014001 environmentally accredited factory. The MultiDan Indoor Dog Gates fit openings of between 62.5 and 106.8cm and can be opened using one hand. The gate features adult operated quick release fittings for when the gate is not in use, it can be quickly removed. The gate will open in either direction but does also feature optional “Stop Pins” allowing the gate to only open in one direction i.e for use at the top of stairs.

  • Extending metal safety gate meeting latest EN1930:2011 safety standard
  • The gate is fully adjustable and will fit a wide variety of openings 62.5cm – 106.8cm
  • Simple to build and comes complete with all fixings
  • Will open either direction and comes with Stop Pins for use at top of stairs
  • The MultiDan Extending gate from BabyDan is a high quality Danish built safety gate

3 Indoor Dog Gates with Adjustable Two-Way Opening

Indoor dog gatesSuitable for medium to large adult dogs, the Savic Indoor Dog Gates can be used to span any door in your home including hallways or appropriate stairways. This gate has a double locking owner friendly mechanism which helps secure the gate firmly preventing your dog access.

These gates are also great for keeping your children away from stairs / kitchens / whichever room you fit the gate on.  It is quite difficult to unlock the gate so your child shouldn’t be able to do this with ease.  Older children maybe able too.


Discourages your dog from jumping over it.
Easy to install, Includes wall fixtures and fittings.
It is a strong, sturdy door that can adjust to fit openings between 62 to 102cm.
Adjustable width: 62-102cm


If fitting to hollow wall you will need to purchase wall plugs seperately


4 Carlson Pet Products Home Decor Walk Through Pet GateTop 7 Best Indoor Dog Gates For Your Home

This Carlson Home Decor Pet Gate is a fantastic gate for smaller dogs.  Its adjustable and expands up to 95cm and stands just 78cm tall

This very durable, pine wood dog gate also includes a 10cm extension kit and is ideal for doorways / hallways in most apartments / homes.

It is very quick and simple to setup but also just as quick to take down and move.  With no drilling required, you can quickly remove and pack away this small sized dog gate.

Designed with the small pet in mind, the all-steel, “chew-proof” pet gate includes cherry wood accents and a premium black finish.

The door can be opened in either direction for your convenience but due to its size any adult can simply step over it.

The Auto-close with one hand operation feature allows for a convenient hands free close.

The quick and easy pressure-mounted pet gate is super easy to install and take down and includes bumpers that are gentle on walls, leaving them scuff free.

5 PawHut Retractable Safety GateTop 7 Best Indoor Dog Gates For Your Home

This PawHut retractable safety barrier is a good addition to a home where you need to keep your pets away from certain area’s of your home.

Like any gate this can be installed across door ways.  The gate is made of metal poles and a PVC style door. This is a great item to keep your pets safe in the area you would like them in.

This does require fiiting and all fixtures come with the purchase.  The biggest problem with this gate the PVC Door.  This can cause dogs to feel isolated and trapped as they cannot see through.  Dogs will also scratch at the material and it will soon start to fade.

Although initially the PawHut will do its job, how long it will last with a larger dog is still unknown.

6 Lindam Extra Tall Dog GateTop 7 Best Indoor Dog Gates For Your Home

A safety gate designed for families with children and dogs, the extra tall Lindam Pet Gate Pressure Fit White safety gate keeps four legged ones out! The extra height ensures that your pet stays where they should, whether its to keep your little one and pet separate, This pressure fit safety gate fits openings of 76cm to 82cm. It is important that you measure the opening of where you want to install your safety gate correctly. This gate is one of the tallest indoor dog gates available and will prevent the largest of dogs – even great danes – from escaping.

The unique handle provides for comfortable and easy one handed adult opening and the wide walk through offers practicality for busy parents and pet owners. The clever pressure indicator provides a visual assurance that the baby gate is installed correctly It is assembled and ready to use and can be installed in 5 minutes. All tools are provided and the 4 point pressure fit frame means that it does not require drilling to the wall, whilst still providing ultimate strength when in position for complete peace of mind.

7 Carlson Pet Products Extra-Wide Walk-Thru Gate with Pet DoorTop 7 Best Indoor Dog Gates For Your Home

An essential tool for homes with pets, the Carlson Extra-Wide Walk-Through Pet Gate is a convenient, chew-proof way to contain and protect both your pet and home.

Made of steel, the safety gate is designed with a pressure-mount system for easy installation and is ideal for extra-wide openings.

This portable gate includes two extensions, giving you the option of covering openings in your house ranging from 29 to 44 inches (74 – 112 CM).

The walk-through design features a one-touch release handle so you can easily pass through even while carrying things.

Includes 10-by-7-inch pet door lets small animals pass through while everyone else stays put.




















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