Top 5 Best Outdoor Dog House Reviews – Dog Houses for Your Garden

With so many dog houses on the market at present, it may be very confusing as to which one stands out as the nicest fit for your dog(s). There are such a lot of key essentials to bear in mind, and also you have think about the place and when you are going to be utilizing the outdoor dog house, to the style and even how lively your dog will likely be when placing the dog in the house.

This will create a difficult day/week when you find yourself scrolling through countless numbers of options that all sound identical. There are without doubt some quality outdoor dog house choices available on the market at present, and we’re here to help you to find best outdoor dog house for you and your pups.

This great dog house review will look at 5 exclusive outdoor dog houses for 2020, and describe each and every product and explain the pros and cons of each and every type, so that you could choose the one you know will provide the most exceptional residence for your dog for the next few years.

OutDoor Dog House by Precision PetPrecision Pet Outdoor Dog HouseWeatherproof pet home keeps pets safe and dry in extreme conditions5/5
Top 5 Best Outdoor Dog House Reviews - Dog Houses for Your GardenPetmate Indigo Igloo Dog HouseThe Petmate Indigo with Microban is a top-of-the line igloo-shaped doghouse5/5
Top 5 Best Outdoor Dog House Reviews - Dog Houses for Your GardenCaptain Pet A-Frame Waterproof Dog KennelWeatherproof solid wood construction with slanted roof to ensure good drainage4/5
Top 5 Best Outdoor Dog House Reviews - Dog Houses for Your GardenKennels Imperial Extra Large Insulated Dog HouseThe Extra Large Norfolk Kennel by Kennels Imperial has fantastic, outstanding, awesome built quality.5/5
Top 5 Best Outdoor Dog House Reviews - Dog Houses for Your GardenSuncast DH350 Dog HouseAttractive, safe, easy-to-assemble dwelling for your dog to call home4/5
Top 5 Best Outdoor Dog House Reviews - Dog Houses for Your GardenPlastic Dog Kennel Pet Shelter Large Outdoor Water Resistant Dog House3/5

What is a outdoor dog house?

Even as plenty of dogs sleep on dog beds or simply on the floor, the value of an outdoor dog house can’t be underestimated. A dog, above all if it lives outside, needs a position to cover and feel riskless in. That’s why buying a outdoor dog house can enormously support your pet’s lifestyle.

There are plenty of indoor and outdoor dog houses on hand on the market today. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. There are dog houses designed for outside use and for indoor installation. They normally consist of wooden and plastic, however there are some which are manufactured out of steel and even fabric. Outdoor dog houses most commonly come with a heating option and have got to be more long lasting whilst indoor designs are less sturdy. The sizes of the out of doors and indoor dog houses range depending on the scale of your dog.

When going out to shop for dog houses, you need to consider more than a few motives to get the products you want. Apart from the wishes of the dog, you are going need to check the area size in where you are placing the dog house also.

What Outdoor Dog Houses are Available?

When looking to purchase an outdoor dog house, one main decision you need to make is what material do I want the outdoor dog house to be made of?

Metallic dog houses

Metallic dog houses don’t appear in the marketplace too frequently. Traditionally, they are rectangular formed and are constructed from aluminium or chrome steel. These houses more often than not come over insulated because metal doesn’t offer great insulation. They’re very long lasting when you consider that they are not able to be chewed apart and don’t have the rotting hindrance wooden houses do. Steel dog houses are costly. They ordinarily are available in a form of portable containers however some homeowners decide on to use them all year. They are suitable for each indoor and outdoor use (if insulated appropriately).

Plastic dog houses

Plastic dog houses are regularly the most affordable and the most standard. They’re mild and effortless to move. The style of range of designs is fantastic. Plastic houses will on no account rot. They are very handy to wash and don’t have any pores for tics to nestle in. Nonetheless, they aren’t very durable. They don’t always present correct insulation for long periods or bad weather or much ventilation in the warmer summer weather. They can however be used both outdoor and indoors.

Timber dog houses

Wood dog houses are sturdier than plastic ones. They come in plenty of designs that give you a wide variety to choose from. They’re also allow your dog feel closer to nature due to being environmentally safe. Wood is a great insulator so your dog will not be overheating. Picket houses have a hotter and more average feeling to them and suit most decors. One concern that incorporates a wooden home is tics and fleas but they may be able to be dealt with through purchasing cedar houses. Wooden dog houses can be used each indoors and outdoors.

Let us not waste any more time and get straight into it…

Best Outdoor Dog House 2021

1 Precision Pet Outback Log Exterior House OutDoor Dog House by Precision Pet

The Precision Pet Log Exterior dog house is an outdoor dog house that is available in multiple sizes. The small dog house measures 33.5 inches by 25 inches and stands 22 inches tall, and makes a great cute outdoor dog house for pups lower than 40lbs. The medium dog house is slightly higher at 45.5 inches by about 27 inches and is a bit taller at 27.5 inches tall. This medium log-cabin dog house is a best fit for puppies 40-70lbs. The large outdoor dog house is 45.5 inches by approx 44 inches, and is the tallest of the bunch at 33 inches tall. This version fits puppies 70-95 lbs.

The Precision Pet Outback Log exterior dog house has an off-middle entrance to create extra space and shelter so your pup has plenty of room to turn round and get at ease in its house. It’s simple to put together and take apart in three simple steps. That’s particularly important so that you may continuously take it apart to clean it and set it up without so much effort.

The materials used on this product make it one of the best quality outside dog houses. It is made with strong fir timber with an average cedar conclude for a groovy dog house that appears stunning anywhere you set it.

The slanted wood roof makes it the exceptional all climate dog apartment seeing that it makes it possible for rain and different matters of nature run off easily from the roof top, so you aren’t stuck cleansing out the roof at any time when there is rain or leaves falling. This dog apartment includes plastic feet which raises the floor up from the ground to keep your pup dry and comfortable.

There are additional parts that can be purchased with this outdoor dog house;

First off is a dog house insulation package that you can purchase separately to make it an insulated dog condo for your pup. The insulation kit is a single zip and velcro attachment that goes in the dog house.

The second additional purchase is the Precision Outback dog house Door.  The door works particularly good in keeping cold out and warmth in. The “door” is strips of heavy obligation plastic that hangs from above dog door. It is clear so your pup can still see outside, nevertheless it hangs heavily to block a variety of the wind coming in and warmth exiting from the door.


The Precision Pet Outback Log Exterior dog house is very easy to put together, and most importantly, is built to last. It’s undoubtedly made with out of doors use in mind. Without this slanted roof design, you would always be cleaning off excess water, loose leaves & snow, makingthe house cold and damp. It’s a great feature to have.

The design is really cute and will look excellent in any area you put it in. The common cedar finish with darkish brown trim creates a basic outdoor dog house that you are going to love.

The insulation fits perfectly inside the dog house so that you shouldn’t have any issues getting it mounted, and it really does stay put, so that you don’t need to worry about it relocating round and getting messed up, even with your energetic dogs playing around in the space.


Due to the fact that this dog residence is made of wood, it will start to take in various liquid should you face heavy snow or rain for extended intervals of time.

Relatively bigger dogs may have a more difficult time with getting inside and out of the dog house. Simply take into consideration the dimensions of your dog before rushing out and purchasing a dog house.

These are not available for overly large dogs so please make sure you check dog size and dog house size before purchasing.

2 Captain Pet A-Frame Waterproof HouseCaptainA Pet Frame Dog House

The captain pet a-frame outdoor dog house is designed for a simplistic but amazing look.  With an asphalt sloping roof your dog can feel comfortable and warm whatever the weather.

The sloping roof will allow for rain and snow to just fall out preventing damp and cold.  Keeping your dog comfortable in side.

The Captain Pet Dog House comes in 3 sizes.  Small 28.3inches by 29.9inches with a 13inch height.  Medium is 30.7inches by 34.65inches with a 10inch heigh and the Large is 33inches by 39.7 inches and a 27inch Height.

The wooden outdoor dog house has weatherproof solid cedar construction design also protecting your love dog from inclement weather. The roof is slanted to ensure good drainage and super large space pet house for your dog.

The surface of the outdoor dog house is painted with waterproof material, and is durable for both indoor and outdoor use. The feet are also adjustable for the rough ground and removable raised floor to easy clean and keep wooden kennel dry and comfortable.
With a few very simple instructions this dog house can be setup by anyone


The slanted roof allows for rain and snow to simply fall off the roof of the outdoor dog house ensuring your dog is kept warm and comfortable inside and preventing damp.

The waterproof coating on the floor inside helps keep any dampness to a minimum and will ensure that if your dog is in there a while, it will not get uncomfortable.   Your dog can also easily view the outside world with the large door space.


As this outdoor dog house is made of wood, and if the weather conditions are regularly bad then the dog house will start to take in the rain.

Also not avaialble for extremely large dogs but please ensure you check before purchasing

3 Kennels Imperial ExtraLarge Insulated HouseTop 5 Best Outdoor Dog House Reviews - Dog Houses for Your Garden

Insulation on the front and all side panels (2 sides and back). Insulation consists of timber (tongue and groove) 1.2cm thick, then 1.3cm of Styrofoam, then 0.2cm of plywood board. Keeps your dog warm in winter and cool in summer. Walls 150% thicker than other kennels.

External dimensions of Norfolk Dog Kennel: 116cm (46″) Width x 79cm (31″) (Depth) x 81cm (32″) Height. Internal dimensions: 103cm (41″) Width x 65cm (26″) Depth x 71cm (28″) Height.

Removable Floor for easy cleaning, maintance and pest control. Roof that opens, with 2 locking arms

Raised floor, 5cm ground clearance, allows air to circulate under Kennel keeping the floor dry and comfortable.

Made from animal friendly treated timber, designed to last for years. Feet of Kennel covered by rot free adjustable plastic cap. The height of the dog kennel legs is adjustable.

4 Petmate Indigo Igloo HouseTop 5 Best Outdoor Dog House Reviews - Dog Houses for Your Garden

Petmate Indigo dog house – The Petmate Indigo dog house is an igloo shaped indoor and outdoor dog house that comes with a coordinating door and doggie pad to provide a complete insulated outdoors dog apartment for both small and large dogs. The dog pad is water repellent to provide help to your pup with out getting soaking when set outdoors.

The igloo shape extends out on the front, making a high-quality dog housing area with more space and rain resistance to your dog. This insulated dog apartment is made with a fabric called Microban, which makes it one of the best excellent igloo dog houses available on the market today.

The Petmate Indigo dog residence comes in three exclusive sizes — medium, enormous and further colossal — to suit each type of dog. Each of these dog house are made with a structural foam that helps keep the house warm especially in those wintry days


This indoor and outdoor dog house has an adjustable roof for ventilation, so which you could without problems clean the house and ventilate if consistently used.

The larger sized alternative on this model makes it one of the high-quality dog houses for big dogs, guaranteeing you’ve got all of the great traits of a high giant breed dog residence, at the same time delivering comfort and warmness.


There are some minor cons with the Petmate Indigo dog house, and while they’re simple issues with handy fixes, you can also wish to take them into consideration.  Although the larger version is great, you will still face issues with the taller breed dog like the great dane.

5 Suncast Large Deluxe House Top 5 Best Outdoor Dog House Reviews - Dog Houses for Your Garden

The Suncast gigantic Deluxe dog apartment is a long lasting outdoor dog house made of sturdy resin construction and comes with topped flooring. Of all the dog apartment experiences we now have looked at in this review, this outdoor dog house is the best in sustainability and durability as it holds dogs up to 100lbs.

This model already comes with vinyl doors to support  keeping the wind, rain and snow out and keep the heat in, and that you may even personalize the apartment along with your dog’s identiyy above the entrance of the dog house. This outdoor dog house comes in two separate pieces which means that it is super convenient to take apart to move around if needed.

This is a particularly sturdy dog house that is leak proof and does an excellent job of standing up against the forces of nature, making it a best alternative for outdoor use. The plastic outdoor dog house has a blue roof and lightweight grey bottom that makes up the home, and the colour and fabric does not fade over time.


This is a great low-priced unit for the cost, and really does a first-rate job in maintaining your dog in a trustworthy and comfortable protected area. You may also have to train your dog to however use just a few treats and it will have to conveniently be taught to walk inside and outside of the gap with out a challenge.

Satisfactory of all, it is relatively roomy inside and huge in dimension, so in comparison to other outdoor dog houses this is definitely suitable for mastiffs or other bigger puppies, or even multiple puppies when you have a couple of pups roaming around.


Not like other insulated outdoor dog houses we have looked at previous, the Suncast large Deluxe dog house is not insulated, so notice that before you buy it. You can insulate yourself by purchasing relevant mats / heated mats to fit inside.

You probably have a dog with a view to scratch at the aspects and transfer round rather a lot within the dog house, keep an eye out to make sure that it does not separate the unit which in turn could cause leaks and cold getting in


In Summary:

The quality outdoor dog house is the house that presents the most comfort to your pet at the same time caring for its general wishes. It MUST be heated within the wintry weather and fresh and cool in the summer. It will have to be designed to preserve the worse of weather and provide appropriate ventilation.  You must ALWAYS ensure you have enough space before purchasing a dog house and always make sure the house is a feasible size for your dog.  Always make sure your outdoor dog house is large enough for your dog, if too small you could seriously affect your dogs health.