10 Best Dog Kennel Options For Your Puppy

Doggie Tips10 Best Dog Kennel Options For Your Puppy
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Similarly to us, dogs too need their home, a private place. Giving your puppy his own little home is a great idea. There are different sizes of kennels available for dogs, but how to sort the best one for your dog? Well, we are here to help you out!

Kennels are sweet homes for dogs; it is their own little space where nobody interferes. If you are a dog parent, you must know how important it is to make your pup’s bed comfortable for them because they can not do it on their own. Some dog owners make wooden dog kennels at home, while others simply purchase one. Yes! You can buy a kennel for your puppy. Plenty of commercial brands make dog kennels and sell both online and offline, where you can customise the size and material. For instance, some prefer wood, while others want portable plastic dog kennels.

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No matter what your preference is, we are here to help you out! We have shortlisted the best ten dog kennels for your puppy, including wooden, plastic and large kennels. If you are planning about purchasing one soon, then this article is going to help you. From very low to high budget, we have tried our best to cover all sides without putting much pressure on your pocket.

Check Out Our Curated List For Best Dog Kennel In Budget:

Go through the options and choose wisely which one is going to be your dog’s next home. Happy reading.

  1. Total Sheds Medium Size Dog Kennel
    Total Sheds is a famous brand for wooden dog kennels. The most available size is 6 ft 4 ft. However, for wooden content, the product is not portable. But you can purchase this as a permanent dog house at your home. It is a bit expensive, but this product is for the long run, and if you get one for your dog, you will not need another in the upcoming 5 years.
  2. Total Sheds Large Dog Kennel
    Some dog parents have more than one dog, so they opt for a large kennel. Also, some large dogs need more space than others. For those dogs and dog parents, Total Sheds have brought a large dog kennel. The product is 10 ft X 4 ft in size, which means two large dogs can live inside the kennel comfortably. Also, your pocket will not be so upset because it would be fit within your budget.
  3. FeelGood Dog Kennel for Run
    FeelGood makes l dog run kennel for those good boys who love running and bodily exercise. The kennel is airy enough for exercise, and it is made of metal nets. The product is 5.6m X 3m in size. However, FeelGood kennels are not portable. But you can install one in your garden or backyard. FeelGood offers the installation process for free.
  4. FeelGoodGalvanised Dog Kennel
    This is a galvanised pet kennel for your dog. It is airy and does not feel like a cage at all. The galvanised property of the product makes it suitable for the long run. You can easily install the kennel outdoors because rain, sunlight, and dew cannot harm it. Dog kennels London and FeelGood are just synonymous with canine products.
  5. Total Sheds Large Kennel for Multiple Dogs
    If you have more than two puppies, you might need a large kennel that fits all of them. But finding a large kennel that fits more than two dogs are quite challenging, and getting one for each is too expensive. To solve this issue, Total Sheds has brought to you a kennel that is large enough. It is 18 ft X 4 ft in size and will be delivered to your doorstep within 5 to 7 days from ordering.
  6. Pinelap Wooden Dog Kennel
    Pinelap makes dream homes for dogs. They make dog boarding kennels. The product is 4 ft X 3 ft in size with an attached veranda of 2 ft. The dog home is 6ft X 3ft in total area. It is a wooden and portable kennel. Keeping portability in mind, the product is made light in weight.
  7. Petsfit Medium-Sized Wooden Dog Kennel
    Petsfit does not make products for a dog kennel and run purposes. Rather they offer a cosy little home for little puppies. If your dog belongs to a smaller breed, you can opt for this one. The product has a removable floor for easy cleaning and a wooden roof. The most available size is 96 cm X 61 cm X 70 cm, which is a medium size. Also, you can customise the product by size. Petsfit dog kennel is suitable for outdoor use mostly.
  8. EasiPet Plastic Dog Kennel
    EasiPet makes plastic dog kennels for outdoor. The product is portable and completely waterproof, which means you never have to worry about rain. Not only it is waterproof but weatherproof too! Even in the scorching heat, the inside of the kennel will not be hot. Hence no matter how bad the weather is, your puppy can have a peaceful nap inside.
  9. PawHut Wooden dog kennel
    PawHut wooden dog kennel is an elevated pet house made of wood. The roof is removable, and hence, it is easy to clean inside. The product is 85 W X 58 D X 58 H cm in size, good enough for small dogs and puppies. The PawHut wooden dog house is medium in size and not portable. But it is the best place to keep a small puppy. PawHut products are not expensive, but they never compromise quality. You can surely go for it in the long run.
  10. Durable Plastic Dog Kennel
    Amazon makes dog kennels and runs them for sale. This product is a durable plastic kennel for your puppy. You might think a plastic kennel would be heated easily, but it is weatherproof, which means neither rain nor scorching heat can interrupt your puppy's sweet nap. You can purchase it for your puppy if you look for a kennel that will last longer. Also, this product is budget-friendly.


We hope we could satisfy your queries. Remember, your dog’s home is supposed to be his comfy zone. Too large or too small both can be problematic for them. So get your dog a kennel according to his size and breed. You will find loads of articles regarding which kind of shelters are the best for your dog’s breed. However, do not forget to share your feedback with us. We are all ears, and we would love to know how much your puppy loved his new home!

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