Entertaining And Supporting Your Pets Through Lockdown: Covid19 And Our Pets

COVID19 (coronavirus) has impacted the whole world.  Countries are in full lockdown.  Supermarkets are barely stocked.  Shops, fast food, bars and restaurants all closed.  Beauty salons, hairdressers and many other businesses all closed.  The majority of the world is now working from home.  This is having a huge effect on mental health and well-being.  But how is it affecting our pets.  They’re not used to us being home all the time.

Dogs will find the lockdown just as challenging as us.  Why are you home? Why is my routine changing? Why are the kids here all the time, All Day Every Day?

Ralph and Rupert have absolutely loved having Isaic out of school but it has definitely changed the way they behave.  We have had to alternate as a family on walks to ensure we stick to the 1 hour exercise a day.  I have been working in the summer house so when they go in the garden they come to see what I am doing.  As a key worker, my role at home is more important than ever.  Getting our customers help with their energy bills during this pandemic is one of the most challenging times for us as a company.

Entertaining And Supporting Your Pets Through Lockdown: Covid19 And Our Pets

To help you with the support you can give to your doggies during this crisis, we have tried to pull a few ideas together.  These ideas are great for you, your doggies, and your kids to play along.  Keeping everyone entertained during lockdown.

  • Hide and Seek; Nice and simple game. Get your doggies favourite treats & hide them.  We have used empty dog food tins, plastic tubs and just different places in the room / garden.  Dogs love the challenge of not just finding them but trying to get to the ones covered.  Your kids will love this too as they can easily help you hide the treats.  Don’t use too many though, 1 is enough per hiding place
  • Freezing Dog Treats; This is probably more for your own personal enjoyment but keeps your doggies very occupied.  Place their favourite large treat (peanut butter cubes tends to work best) in an empty ice cream tub.  Fill it with water and freeze it.  Once frozen let your doggie loose.  This can take hours to unfreeze depending on the size of the tub.
  • Dog Chew Toys: Indestructible chew toys and dog treat toys are another great form of entertainment. Kongs and the likes keep your doggies dental hygiene and brain training going whilst you can relax and watch them work away.
  • Command Training; Training your doggie during lockdown can quickly pass the time.  If they aren’t already trained on basic commands such as sit and lie down then this is the perfect opportunity to teach them.  If they are already trained on basics, then why not try more advanced such as roll over, or even sing.  My cousins dog throws his teddy and catches it.  Sings to us and also dances. All this was before lockdown.

Tips on Taking Care of your Pet

Although we will never recommend stock piling, it is always essential to make sure your doggies have enough food and chews.  Dentastix come in small packs but you can save money by buying larger boxes.

If your normally buy 1 bag of say 2.5kg food, why not buy a larger bag maybe 5kg.  This is not stockpiling but making sure you have enough should you not be able to go out.

Maybe treat your doggie to a new toy.  Toys are very easy to get hold of and available all over the internet however, if you are wanting super quick delivery then we would recommend Amazon Prime for this.

Nerf Dog Toys are great for indoors and outdoors so check out the range of great products available.  There are also a lot of cheaper toys that will entertain your doggie but might not last as long.

As for grooming this can be a little more challenging.  Dog groomers are not essential workers so getting that trim or nail clipped might not be as easy.   There are many different options out there for you to do this yourself.  Whilst in lockdown, now is probably the time to teach yourself and your doggie that this is the norm.   Check out our Grooming Tables, fur Clippers, Nail Clippers and Hair Dryers available for your doggie along with a great range of shampoos.

Final Thoughts

Do not worry about your doggie in this global crisis.  COVID 19 has caused many of us to change our day to day routines and your doggies will quickly adjust.  Make sure they feel just as loved as they always have done.  Ensure you take them for their daily exercise with you and always make sure they have something to entertain them.

Grooming your doggie can be quite stressful but if you are willing to give it a go and do it yourself can be very rewarding.  Why not try?  You could save yourself a lot of money in the long run if you get it right.