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Dogs have a funny way of showing you that they love their toys. Why? Because they love to destroy them. This is more common in larger breeds or aggressive chewers such as staffies who will literally destroy any and everything you give to them. Some smaller breeds also have a knack for wanting to destroy every toy in sight. Ralph, our miniature dachshund is definitely one of them. He has eviscerated so many of his toys and teddies. Indestructible dog chew toys are definitely what you need to be looking for in these cases.

Dogs’ toys come in all weird and wonderful designs, shapes and colours. Choosing indestructible dog chew toys or Brain Stimulating Dog Toys your dog will surely feel more loved by the treats and pleasures these toys bring.

Pitbulls and Labradors are also heavy chewing dogs that will require stronger, more durable, dog toys. Be mindful of what toys you actually buy your dogs, as well as there, are several downsides. One of which is the possibility that your dog may break off more than he can chew, so to speak, and ultimately lead to him swallowing bits of plastic or fluff and choking. The money is also a huge downside as dog toys can become quite costly, especially if your dog is destroying them within a few seconds.

Dog toys come in all shapes and sizes but are never 100% chew proof however, some toys are far more durable than others.

Indestructible Dog Chew Toys are available for all breeds and they are made to last. These toys will put up with the most vigorous chewing time your dog can stand. If your dog manages to break through these toys, then they definitely require some kind of reward.

Below I am going to share with you some of the best indestructible dogs chew toys that will keep your dog occupied for days and days. We will also look at different options such as chew toys, ropes, balls, stuffable toys and many more.

Best Indestructible Dog Chew Toys for All Breeds

Below we have chosen the best indestructible dog chew toys for you and not ranked them as we feel these are all great for any dog. There are so many types of dog toys that we have only chosen the best.

Indestructible Dog Balls

Making toys for dogs that are indestructible requires some seriously tough materials. Indestructible dog balls are made from extremely hard rubber or sometimes a completely solid plastic that your dog cannot chew. Foam balls and tennis balls can be quickly dismantled and torn apart so a tougher ball is always a better purchase.

Automatic ball throwers use a small ball that requires training to load up the machine. These can be quite dangerous if used with a larger dog however, these larger indestructible dog balls do not fit in a ball thrower as they are too large and too heavy.

Although indestructible dog balls are heavier, they will still bounce and be great fetch toys. You can also purchase dog balls that can be stuffed with treats. Some also help with your dog’s dental hygiene and the chewing will help with their teeth.

Check out our best indestructible dog balls below;

Kong Rubber Ball Extreme

best indestructible dog chew toys: BALLSKong is a world-renowned innovator for dog toys. Not only are these toys made to last, but they are also built and designed for any and every dog owner, no matter on breed or size of the dog.

The Extreme Ball is the toughest and most durable ball on the market. The perfect toy for the dog that loves to fetch and chew.

The hole also allows small treats to be placed inside or even a smidgen of peanut butter.

Kong proves that with every product comes durability and this is no different.

Every owner of the Kong Extreme have stated just how amazing this product actually is

Rocco & Roxie Dog Toy Ball

indestructible dog chew toys: BALLSTough enough to withstand pit bulls, Labradors, and the fiercest of chewers, this can handle it all. It’s made of a special Thermoplastic Elastomer that is extremely durable and also designed with pet safety in mind. Free of BPAs, Phthalates, latex, heavy metals and other harmful products that your dog will hate and should not be near dogs’ mouths. This ball is made to last for a very very long time.

Quality dog products are what this company thrives on and this is exactly what they have achieved here.

Snug Rubber Dog Ball

indestructible dog chew toys: BALLS

Almost completely indestructible, these heavy-duty dog balls are made from high-quality rubber. This ensures that they will last. The thickness and durability of these toys mean they’ll last much longer than standard dog balls.

The size of these balls means they will fit into some of the Automatic Dog Fetch Machines.

Three colours in one pack and 100% safe from toxins that should not be near your dog’s mouth.


Treat-Dispensing Smart Interactive Dog Ball

best indestrucible dog chew toys: BALLSTreat dispensing dog toys are a great way to help increase your dog’s IQ. By allowing your dog to find a way to get the treats out, they quickly find these enjoyable and rewarding.

Treat dispensing dog toys are popular and there are hundreds of choices available. We have already reviewed the FOOBLER which is a timed dispenser.

These toys will keep your dog entertained for hours and as they are designed to last for hours on hours of playtime, they are very much indestructible.

Great for small or large breeds, once filled, your dog will love the enjoyment of being treated for using the ball.

Indestructible Dog Chew Toys

Dog Chew toys are the first purchase on any dog owner’s mind. Having an indestructible chew toy should be a priority.

Ensuring the materials cannot be broken and easily torn, indestructible dog chew toys are a great idea for any dog as they come in all shapes and sizes PLUS some are flavoured, which enhances the chewing experience

Throughout our search, we found hundreds of dog chew toys, but finding the best that cannot be broken apart was more difficult.

See below our best indestructible dog chew toys that will be great in any home for any dog owner, large or small breed.

Goughnuts MAXX


Heavy-Duty, durable and extremely solid. The Goughnuts MAXX is tougher than the original Goughnuts Ring.

Easy to throw and fetch, dogs become quickly attached to this toy and want to take it everywhere with them.

Reviews for this toy are amazing with owners confirming that the usual day or so their dogs have toys is no more. This toy is lasting weeks without any signs of wreckage.

Although more expensive than a lot of the other indestructible dog chew toys, this toy is worth every single penny.


Goughnuts Original Dog Chew Ring

BEST INDESTRUCTIBLE DOG CHEW TOYS; CHEWSThe original GoughNuts toy was designed to address the simple but serious issue of SAFETY.

Goughnuts toys have a complete safety feature of their own which is one of a kind. If your dog manages to chew through the toy and see “Red” then this means STOP! Take the toy away. If the surface is broken but you can still see Black / Green – this is still safe and your dog can continue to “GoughNuts”

These rings float and are simple to throw so your dog can have hours of fun in the water or out in the fields without worrying about anything.

These are specially designed for extreme chewers and great for large dogs.

Nylabone Giant Dog Chew Bone

best indestrucible dog chew toys: Chews

Designed for powerful chewers the Nylabone is built to last. There are many Nylabone products that come in all shapes and sizes and each have there own individual benefits.

With multiple textures for increased tactile and chewing appeal, this bone not only helps with dogs that chew but also increases dental stimulation in dogs.

For the larger dogs, like Labradors, that require regular chewing, this chew bone also helps with chewing stimulation.

Hurley Tough Dog Bone Chew Toy


Durable in more ways than one, with the Hurley you can Toss it, float it, chew it and more importantly love it!

Hurley is all the fun of a ball and a bone in one amazing toy. The special materials used to make the Hurley makes this enjoyable for chomping on for hours and hours.

Created from all recyclable materials, the Hurley comes in many bright colours

If your dog loves to get in the water, don’t worry, this toy also floats!

Everything, including the packaging, is made from recyclable items, including the ink used to print

For peace of mind, the UK Distributor of this product will replace/refund up to one Hurley if your dog is to destroy it. This is how confident they are in their product.


Indestructible Dog Toys That Squeak

Dogs love noise. They also love a toy that squeaks. Ralph takes great pleasure in jumping up and down on his squeaky toy causing mayhem in the house.

Loving the noise so much can make dogs curious as to where the squeak comes from.   This will then lead to the dog tearing apart the plastic toy to find the source of the squeaker.

Owning a hard squeaky toy, for large or small breeds, will help reduce the chances of your dog tearing apart the toy. Check out some of the best indestructible dogs chew toys that squeak.

Kong Jumbler Ball Toy


Kong is here again with a two in one indestructible squeaky dog toy. The tennis ball inside plus the loud squeak encourages playtime plus the hands make the toy easy for dogs to pick up and shake.

Great for fetch and an active play session, this ball has it all. Colourful, loud and a whole lot of fun.

Due to the shape of the ball when you throw it, it can bounce quite erratically and make dogs be more excited about the game of fetch.

goDog Dragon

INDESTRIDUCTIBLE DOG TOYS; SQUEAKYGoDog Dragons are beautiful mythical creatures that are bright and colourful and great fun toys for your dogs to comfort and play with.

With amazing chew guard technology, these toys can cope with much more chewing power than your standard dog chew plush toys.

Although not completely indestructible, the double stitching does help with the longevity of the toy

There are many different types to choose from in a range of sizes and colours

Outward Hound Invincibles

indestructible dog toys; squeakyThree, Size and Twelve squeakers. How much fun do these snakes provide your dog?

These cute and colourful snakes are a great little accessory and make amazing gifts.

These toys have zero stuffing so no mess should they rip and the squeakers are made to last a lot longer than a standard 2-second bite and pop.

You can also wrap these snakes onto your dog like a neck collar making them even more fun for your dog.

Indestructible Dog Chew Bones

Treating your dog to a Rawhide Alternative is a great way to treat your dog but can make it more difficult to stop your dog from chewing on things around the house. Using food as a way to teach your dog to stop can cause chewing to increase.

If your dog quick gains weight, this training method can be contributing. By providing your dog with an indestructible chew bone, they will chew for hours and hours and not take in 1 single calorie.

Check out these amazing indestructible dog chew bones that will keep your dog occupied for hours.

Nylabone Big Chew

indestructible dog chew toys: BonesNylabone have designed some amazing products in fantastic shapes and sizes for those destructive dogs.

Large or small breeds will love these amazing chew bones that provide a great sense of relief when feeling the need to chew on something.

Helping to fight boredom, these indestructible dog chew bones are a great way to keep your dog occupied rather than them chewing your furniture/cushions.

Customers who have purchased the Nylabone have said that they have owned this product for six months and it is still as good as new.

Nylabone DuraChew Double Bone

indestructible dog chew toys: Bones

Nylabone is not intended for consumption however these DuraChew bones come in three flavours which will increase chewing time from your dog. During chewing, tiny bristle-like projections are raised those help clean teeth.

Small pieces of the bones will release and be able to pass through your dog, but the larger pieces will be difficult to break off. Should your dog manage it then take the bone off your dog and contact your vet.

Regular inspection of any chew before giving it to your dog to make sure it is whole and intact, with no missing pieces. Replace a non-edible chew when it becomes too small to chew safely.

Easy clean with a quick scrub in warm water with a mild detergent and rinse thoroughly.

Kong Extreme Goodie Bone

indestructible dog chew toys; kongWe’re back with another amazing product from Kong, the Kong Goodie Bone.

Great for training and recommended by vets around the world, this patented design is amazing if you are wanting to train your dog effectively with the use of treats.

Kong Snacks and Kong Easy Treats work really well with this product

The Kong Goodie Bone is perfect for the biggest chewers and will last for a very long time. The use of treats also helps.

Customers of the Kong Goodie Bone have provided this to the toughest of dog chewers and months down the line, still have the same bone. This is an amazing product again by Kong who really does know what our dogs need.

Ethical Pets Play Bone

Durable, heavyweight and suitable dog all dogs, the Ethical Play Bone is a great product for indoor and outdoor use.

Brightly coloured so it’s easy to find and can be chewed by the most aggressive dog chewers. This product is fantastic.

Made from a high-quality rubber that will keep your dog entertained for hours

Indestructible Dog Frisbee

Dogs love playing fetch, FACT. Dogs love fetching Balls, FACT. It is also a fact that they love running for catching a good ole fashioned Frisbee.

Frisbees tend to start showing wear and tear after just a few throws.

Buying a great quality, indestructible Frisbee is definitely a wise choice. Check out these amazing Frisbees.

Kong Flyer Dog Toy

indestructible dog toys frisbees

KONG IS BACK AGAIN. The KONG Flyer is the best soft rubber disc on the market.

Made with durable KONG Classic rubber, the Flyer won’t hurt a dog’s teeth during fun games of fetch and catch.

Most dogs when playing frisbee like to jump and catch the frisbee disc. This being made from safe rubber will allow them to do this with no pain in their mouth.

Another amazing KONG product that will keep dogs and humans entertained for a long long time. Let’s just hope we have some dry weather as this product is amazing for all the family.

Nylabone Go! Active Flying Disc

indestructible dog toys frisbees

Next up we have the amazing Nylabone Go! Active. Not only do Nylabone create amazing bones, but they also have a wide range of interactive toys.

Tug Toys, Sticks and the Go Active Frisbee.

Brightly coloured and amazing bone-shaped handle for easy pickup, this frisbee is amazing. If it goes into the water, don’t worry, all Nylabone products will float.

Nylabone is not just looking for dogs’ health and fitness but is also looking to help with human fitness too. These products are great for all the family to entertain themselves and their dog.

PlayfulSpirit Dog Frisbee

Looking after your dog’s well-being is what Playful Spirit have aimed for here. Dogs love plenty of play and exercise. Games like fetch and chase are perfect to support a dog’s instinctual needs.

One of the best things to do for your pet’s health is to choose exercise and have an interactive playtime that lifts up your spirit as well.

The rubber frisbee toy is easy to throw and floatable and designed for interactive and supervised play. This is not meant as a chew toy but is made to last should your dog start to chew on it.

Why Choose Indestructible Dog Chew Toys?

Choosing an indestructible dog chew toy is quite simply the best thing a dog owner can do. These toys do not come apart as easy as normal toys or are unbreakable, making them indestructible.

Materials such as rubber or poly plastic are used to ensure that the design and stability of each product are strong enough to withstand any amount of pressure from dogs Large or Small.

All dogs chew unnecessarily for many different reasons, the most common being boredom. Chewing becomes a way of relaxing or clearing anxiety. If you keep your dog very active then they will not feel the need to drag your shoes around the house and rip them apart, or even your couch.

Dog breeds that love to chase, fetch and retrieve things will chew all day long. One great idea for fetch games is the Nerf Dog Toys. This is a form of relaxing as they love to chew things. Owning a breed like this will mean choosing something that will last with constant chewing and biting plus will also satisfy your dog’s urge.

Large breeds should not just be given any normal dog toy that can easily be destroyed. Staffies, Labradors and other larger breeds should always have indestructible dog chew toys. This will prevent pieces of plastic from being lodged in your dog’s intestines and causing severe pains and an expensive trip to your vets. For health purposes, you should always look at buying indestructible dog chew toys.

Summary: Best Indestructible Dog Chew Toys

When purchasing any dog toy for your dog it can become extremely frustrating if it only lasts a few minutes. Ralph has gone through so many toys within a couple of minutes. That is until we found indestructible dog chew toys.

Indestructible dog chew toys are suitable for all shapes and sizes, small or large breed dogs. Although there is much more requirement for a large breed dog, small dogs such as Ralph our miniature dachshunds do require indestructible dog chew toys too.

Taking away any risk of choking and harm to your dog by purchasing an indestructible dog toy can save you thousands in the long run. Everything you see above can really help you and your dog have a great time when playing with any of the above toys. They also last a very long time and your pocket will be pleased too.









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