FOOBLER Amazing Dog Treat Ball for

The FOOBLER Electronic Dog Treat Dispenser Ball is the world’s first electronic timed treat dispenser created by Company of Animals. Company of Animals are also the creators of the CLIX Training Collar and also the Halti Harness, both also reviewed on this site.

Having a  FOOBLER Electronic Dog Treat Dispenser Ball will help to combat bad behaviour and keep your dog stimulated and engaged throughout the day. It features six treat compartments, which you can fill with dry food, treats or kibble, effectively like having six puzzle toys in one!

The FOOBLER can be set to dispense one of its treat compartments at 15, 30, 60 or 90 minute intervals. Providing up to eight hours of entertainment. FOOBLER will help keep your dog active and mentally engaged throughout the day. At the pre-set time a bell will chime, to alert your dog that it is time to play and a treat compartment will be released.

Spreading your pet’s meals throughout the day, the FOOBLER works perfectly as a slow feeder and helps combat against bloat and over-eating, leading to a physically healthier lifestyle.

FOOBLER releases treats at every timed interval into the outer casing. The dog still needs to play with the FOOBLER as they would any standard treat dispenser.

The ball is weighted toward the bottom to help encourage play and engagement. If for any reason, treats have not been dispensed into the outer casing, it is recommend checking the unit is powered on by looking at the light on the power pod. It should be green to indicate that Foobler has been activated.

Lets Take a Look at the FOOBLER Electronic Dog Treat Dispenser Ball and its Features

FOOBLER Electronic Dog Treat Dispenser Ball

FOOBLER Electronic Dog Treat Dispenser Ball is brightly coloured and ensures your dog will have hours upon hours of fun.

It is very simple to fill and has 6 treat compartments for Dry Food and if used properly can lost for quite some time.

FOOBLER Electronic Dog Treat Dispenser Ball TREATS

By Simply screwing off the red lid, the 6 compartments are revealed. Each compartment holds a significant amount of food for your dog and with a minimum time of 15 minutes before release, your dog can have lots of fun.

Once the lid has been unscrewed, simply fill with treats and fit the lid back on.  Set the timer how you want and then allow your dog to run around freely waiting for the bell.

FOOBLER Electronic Dog Treat Dispenser Ball CLEANING

Cleaning the FOOBLER Electronic Dog Treat Dispenser Ball is very simple also.  Simply unscrew the top and bottom to open up both compartments, and clean thoroughly.  This will prevent mould and other bad odours and smells that your dog may sense.

Keeping the FOOBLER clean is ideal for any dog as this ensures its longevity and keeps your dog thoroughly entertained.

What makes the FOOBLER so Great?

  • Multiple food compartments for fun & stimulation for your dog
  • Electronic timer to create a unique interactive puzzle toy
  • Bell to help dogs quickly learn its treat is ready
  • Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Simple to use
45% of dogs treated by veterinaries in the UK are deemed as Obese / Overweight dogs.  The FOOBLER is designed to keep your dog active and health and with a timer, treating your dog sensibly.

Keeping a health pet also involes, Walking, Running and Play are 3 main elements of keep a healthy, fit, dog.

And finally, it is highly recommended that when giving your dog treats, that you take this from their daily food allowance.  This prevents over-feeding.

Are there any Problems?


Experienced dogs struggle with the FOOBLER due to the unexplained.  Other dog treat dispensers expect persistent behaviour from the dog.  As the FOOBLER empties, it becomes difficult for the final treats to get out, causing frustration in the dog. For example, when other treat dispensers are empty, the dog can no longer hear a rattling or smell the food and will stop playing with the toy.However, the FOOBLER can give out mixed signals and cause a little confusion in your dogs. After the current compartment is emptied, depending on your settings, it can take up too 90 minutes before the next treat and compartment is available.  Your dog will continue to role the ball around, hearing the rattling and smelling the food, but no treat.


Lets Take a Look at the FOOBLER in Action