WOW! The Best Professional Dog Clippers – Groom Your Dog Like a Pro!

If you own a pet such as a dog, you will realise that the best professional dog clippers are important. There are a few basics of care that you need to routinely apply for your dogs well being. These by the way are general basics that would apply for all domestic animals and humans. When you think about yourself, what are some of your key basics of personal care? You will identify things like bathing, combing your hair, clipping your nails, visiting a salon for a hair cut or other grooming and that you buy the best products for you. Dogs essentially need these very same things done for them and that is why the best professional dog clippers are an amazing purchase for your dog.

To achieve this, just like for your personal care, you need some dog grooming supplies. Here we are talking things like dog grooming clippers that help to keep the hair or fur looking fresh. We are also talking nail clippers. Most of us are familiar with manicure and pedicure. Well; your dog will need some peticure – care for its nails. Other supplies include some shampoo, brushes, and dryers.

When doing some of these procedures, you will benefit from a dog grooming table as this makes it easy to work in a confined area and reduces your cleaning-after work. If you are using dog grooming clippers for instance, you certainly do not want hair scattered all over the floor, let alone on seats and beddings. Such a table enables you to do so and you are also able to restrain the dog’s movements as you clip. Most grooming tables come with several features including surfaces that prevent skidding, adjustable clamps, and the table surface itself can also be adjusted to suit your height.

For bathing, you can at the very basic level use a normal basin. Use some warm water for the comfort of the dog (not to mention your own) and soap. Dog shampoo will serve you better as it is better suited for the work but this does not mean that normal soap cannot do the job. Clean the nose, and ears as well but do not pour in water, it does not feel nice!

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Best Profiession Dog Clippers 2017 AndisAndis Agc SuperThis model is preferred by groomers all over the world5/5
Masterclip Best Profiessional Dog Clippers 2017Masterclip Pedigree ProGive your dog professional results at home with the Masterclip Pedigree Pro dog clipper5/5
Wahl Professional Dog ClippersWahl Pro SeriesFantastic rust resistant, high carbon steel blades4/5
Oster Best Professional Dog ClippersOster Golden A5Two speed allows greater control during clipping.4/5
WOW! The Best Professional Dog Clippers - Groom Your Dog Like a Pro!Masterclip Show ClippersThe Ranger has a very fast cutting speed which makes it an ideal clipper4/5
WOW! The Best Professional Dog Clippers - Groom Your Dog Like a Pro!Kenley 350W Electric Shearing ClippersThe Kenley Electric Sheep Shears are rugged, hard-wearing shears with a powerful 350W3/5
WOW! The Best Professional Dog Clippers - Groom Your Dog Like a Pro!oneisall Low Noise Cordless Rechargeable Pet Grooming ClipperThere are some features about the pet clippers that makes it quite perfect for professional dog grooming4/5

Keep in, mind that you need to take good care of those dog grooming clippers, and the other “tools”. This begins with learning how to how to use dog grooming clippers, how to assemble and disassemble the tools, storage and so on. Of course you need to ensure that you also get your supplies and tools from good manufactures.

Best Professional Dog Clippers

Dog grooming is an art and can be enjoyed to the benefit of both the dog and the owner. Grooming of dogs includes ensuring that they are clean and without any bad odours as well as having smooth and shiny hair. This art requires that you to get best dog grooming clippers, as well as other essential tools that you will need to give your dog good care. Keep in mind that dog grooming is not just about how the dog looks as you walk together in the park. There are health and emotional benefits as well.

Lets take a look at the Best Professional Dog Clippers

1 Andis Agc SuperBest Profiession Dog Clippers 2017 Andis

This clipper is one of the finest pet clippers on the market. This model is preferred by groomers all over the world due to its superb features, versatility and durability. Professional quality – do not confuse with non-professional, pet clippers. No more struggling to get clippers through the coat – these are designed to glide through all coats with ease. There are a wide selection of blades and attachment combs available, allowing you to enjoy complete grooming versatility.

This clipper runs at 4000 strokes per minute on fastest speed, and 3,300 on the slower speed – meaning you can groom faster.

Andis is designed to provide both you and your pet comfort during grooming. The clipper has a smaller diameter, to ensure it fits more comfortably in the hand. The clipper is very quiet – causing less stress to the pet.

These clippers are quieter than many other pet clippers on the market – and the clipper is narrower in the hold, meaning grooming is more comfortable for both you and your pet!

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Easy Glide
3,300 – 4,000 strokes per min
Quieter than most
Narrow Design
Most Comfortable



2 Masterclip Pedigree Pro Professional Dog ClipperMasterclip Best Professional Dog Clippers

Give your dog professional results at home with the Masterclip Pedigree Pro dog clipper.  This professional dog clipper is suitable for all breeds of dog and comes in a variety of sizes.  Alternative blades can also be purchased.

This professional dog clipper comes with a German steel 30F clipper blade and 4 easy fit comb guides – 6mm, 10mm, 13mm and 16mm.  It also produces a powerful two speed professional rotary motor – 2300spm & 2900spm.  This is a little slower than the Andis but still gets the job done.

The Masterclip is a highly popular dog grooming clipper that will ensure that your dogs grooming is kept to a professional cut and a comfortable trim for your dog.

Keeping your dog fresh and clean cut is a must and this dog clipper will ensure that.

Many people who have used this product have stated that the clippers will glide through your dogs coat with ease and leave a great finish.  Other users have complained that these dog clippers are loud and have scared there dog, leaving them without a trim.


Variety of Blades
2,300 – 3,900 strokes per min
Comfortable Trim


Louder Than Others

3 Wahl Pro Series Dog ClipperWOW! The Best Professional Dog Clippers - Groom Your Dog Like a Pro!

Amazing Versatile cordless professional dog clipper delivers up to 45 minutes cordless use on a full charge.  If the power is low, you can also use whilst plugged in.

Included with the purchase is an instructional DVD that will help you provide the best grooming service to your dog whilst at home.

Complete with four attachment combs for variable clipping length from 2 mm to 13 mm

Fantastic rust resistant, high carbon steel blades are precision ground for a superior cutting performance.  This device also includes a fantastic snap on/off fit to allow easy cleaning.

Lightweight, quiet and low vibration clipper. Packed in a durable storage / carry case this profession dog clipper is one of the best on the market and is extremely cost effective.


Cost Effective
Rust Resistant
Easy Storage


Blades Blunt Quickly

4 Oster Golden A5 Oster Best Professional Dog Clippers

Oster Golden 2 Speed Clipper has been popular for many years. Reliable and features a wide range of blades. Takes all A5 Snap on Type Blades. Now has a cooler running 35 watt motor, and virtually unbreakable casing.

Two speed allows greater control during clipping. Strokes per minute 2,200 / 3,200.

Length 200mm. Weight with blade 510g

Note: The intented Continuous operating time is 20 minutes.

Lubricating the Blades:

A light film of oil should be maintained on the surface of the cutting bladed. Oiling the blades frequently while in used will help keep blades cleaner. Clean blades cut better. To clean bladed, dip the teeth into Oster Blade Wash cleaner with
  the clipper running.Do not immerse the clipper.


2,200 – 3,200 strokes per min
Takes All A5 Snap On Blades
Easy Clean


No Blade with Purchase
Gets Hot When Using

Best Cordless Dog Clippers

1 Oster Pro 3000i Pet Cordless Clipper best codless dog clipper OSTER

This new Oster cordless clipper is slim, lightweight and powerful with a clipping speed of 3000 strokes per minute.

Its compatible with all oster A5 detachable blades making it a versatile cordless clipper.

The Li Ion battery provides a long lasting sustainable cordless power. The battery allows for around 2 hours of clipping time.

This single speed clipper is a single speed clipper and is compatible with all snap on type baldes.

This blade is by far the best codless dog clipper available on the market with a longer battery life than most and a great, lightweight feel.  Although it has been noted that it’s a little loud, it is highly recommended product that is great for any dog groomer / portable dog groomer.

2 Andis AGR+ Cordless ClipperWOW! The Best Professional Dog Clippers - Groom Your Dog Like a Pro!

The Moser ARCO cordless professional dog clipper has a completely new type of power supply which uses an interchangeable battery pack.

This innovative technology makes non-stop cordless clipping possible. Ultra strong professional 46mm mega performance cutting head made of hardened steel, precision-ground. Optimum toothing for all-purpose clipping.

Variable and handy adjustable cutting length with 5 positions from 0.1 to 3mm. Equivalent to blade sizes 50, 40, 30, 15 and 10.

LED battery condition indicator means that the batteries can be charged in good time. Battery charging stand with LED indicator and 90 minutes quick charge. High performance powerful DC motor with patented sound-proofing.

This highly recommended simple to use product is simple to use and great for grooming your long haired dogs.   If you have used cordless dog trimmers before then this is a definite upgrade.  Although a little pricey, you wont be disappointed.

3 Wahl Pro Series Dog Clipper Mains / Rechargeable

WOW! The Best Professional Dog Clippers - Groom Your Dog Like a Pro!A powerful mains rechargeable clipper that can be used on or off the cord.  This gives you the flexibility of grooming your dog in or outdoors reducing the furry mess. Although powerful, the Pro Series is lightweight making it comfortable to use, it is also quiet so pets are not put off by the noise.

Precision ground blades are produced from rust resistant, high carbon steel meaning they are durable, stay sharper for longer and cut the hair more efficiently. They snap on and off the clipper for easy cleaning

There are mixed reviews of this product with some users stating it can be used on the toughest of areas on there Bichon Frise and others stating, doesnt work on Bichon Frise.

Also some users have stated it is extremely quiet and others stating it sometimes makes an ear splitting noise.

Although, overall, the reviews seem reasonably good, this is one product I would try before you buy, or find someone who already has it and contact them.

This is the cheapest cordless dog clipper of the three and with the mixed reviews I can understand why

4 Aesculap Exacta Cordless Dog Grooming trimmeAesculap best cordless dog clippers 2017r

The Aesculap Cordless Dog Clipper is vetinary recommended due to the quietness of the clippers.  Trimming your dog can be difficult especially with a loud trimmer.

This cordless dog clipper is small, easy to hold and probably the quietest cordless dog clipper on the market.  This cordless trimmer is great for smaller areas such as face, feet, eyes, and legs.  Not for all over grooming.

This clipper is an amazing purchase for those finishing touches to your dogs groom and with the quietness of the product it will ensure that your dog is not scared or fearful of being trimmed.

Why Choose the Best Professional Wired / Cordless Dog Clippers?

Starting with hair or fur care, if you read dog grooming clippers reviews, you will realize that there are several professional dog clippers in the market. These come with different features such as varying blades as well as clipper sizes. While these are generally good, is does not mean that they are the best dog grooming clippers for your specific needs. Dogs have different hair or fur and this will determine what clipper to choose.

If you are busy and still want to ensure that your dog is well groomed, you may consider getting professional support. Best in show dog grooming services will ensure that you do not compromise on the quality of care. Besides having the right tools such as best dog grooming clippers, you are also assured of other quality services such as bathing and nail trimming from these providers.

Nail trimming may not be as emphasized as say hair or fur clipping. However, it is important to also routinely check your dog’s nails and trim them. Routine nail trimming ensures that you prevent incidences of infections such as fungus and collection of dirt. You probably always trim your own nails after baths to take advantage of their softness. The best time to trim your dog’s nails is also after bath for the same reason. You can also access best mobile dog grooming providers that will do this right next to your house.WOW! The Best Professional Dog Clippers - Groom Your Dog Like a Pro!

Every serious dog owner needs the best professional dog clippers. It seems almost natural and obvious to us that if we need a haircut, we visit our favourite barber and expect that he or she will among other things have high quality machines. Unfortunately, many of us do not use this same rationale for pets. Practically, all grooming principles that apply to us apply to pets as well.

Quality brands include Wahl dog grooming clippers, Oster clippers and others such as Andis. These products besides being specifically developed to clip dog hair and fur last longer and are much more comfortable to use. Quality clippers also come with a set of dog grooming clipper blades of different designs and sizes for clipping different types of hair as well as parts on the dog’s body. So, instead of having that one size fits all approach, you are able to change the blades as you work. During purchase, the pack will contain several blades enclosed. The blades can be bought separately as replacement as and when need arises.

The best professional dog clippers also contain certain key features and with advancing technology, the features get better. For instance, today you can easily get digital dog grooming clippers from a local store. The advantages of using digital include the ability to pre-set with accuracy which produces razor accurate results when properly used.

It is understood that certain breeds of dogs will need stripping rather than the usual clipping and in fact when this is done from the time the dog is young, it will always enjoy the procedure. While stripping can be done by hand, most dogs are not created for stripping and will need clipping. Many professional dog clippers reviews that are posted on the internet provide useful information that will help you get the best deals as you shop for clippers.

If you have decided that you want to get the best professional dog clippers but do not know what type will be best suited for your dog, you can seek professional help. Either visit a supplier with your dog or a picture of it and you will get the right advice. Alternatively, you can check for this online. Just use the appropriate key words that include the breed of the dog and the words clippers and you will land some useful sites. As usual visit sites that discuss different products as opposed to a where only a given type is discussed.

Finally, you cannot talk about grooming your dog unless you look for the best professional dog clippers and ensure that it is clean through some thorough bath. Get some dog shampoo and wash your dog regularly. Of course, after clipping the hair or fur, you need to keep bushing and combing it to ensure the sleek look is maintained. This is a much easier job to do and does not necessarily need you to get a professional.

Heavy Duty Dog Grooming Clippers

Most of us are not likely to think heavy duty dog grooming clippers because it just seems weird. If we were talking horses or other such big animals, then that would make sense but surely not dogs. Is there ever need for heavy duty for dog clippers? Well it might interest you to know that both Wahl and Andis dog grooming clippers have heavy duty as part of the portfolio of clippers on offer. Why would such companies develop heavy duty for dogs? Surely there must be need. This brings us to the next question.

Lets take a look at some Heavy Duty Professional Dog Clippers…..

1 Masterclip Show ClippersWOW! The Best Professional Dog Clippers - Groom Your Dog Like a Pro!

The Masterclip Ranger is a mains powered, 120w air cooled, heavy duty clipper.

The Ranger has a very fast cutting speed which makes it an ideal clipper to use for show cattle or large dogs.

It comes with two sets of medium cut clipping blades, which will leave approximately 3mm of hair. This robust clipper has a 6 metre cable and it only weighs 1.2kgs, which makes it an easy clipper to use.

A cleaning brush and some clipper oil are included to help you maintain your cattle clippers, along with a set of manufacturer’s instructions. For ease of storage, these clippers and accessories come in a tough carry case


High Speed
Easy Clean
Simple Storage



2 Kenley 350W Electric Shearing ClippersWOW! The Best Professional Dog Clippers - Groom Your Dog Like a Pro!

The Kenley Electric Sheep Shears are rugged, hard-wearing shears with a powerful (350W) yet quiet motor. They are great for shearing and dagging small flocks whether you are on the farm, in competition or for show. The outer body is strengthened nylon for durability, in a comfortable shape for repeated use. It has a cooling device so that it can run cool for continuous operation.

The Kenley Electric Sheep Shears are versatile: with the use of the blade pressure adjustment dial they can be used on not only sheep and goats but also llamas, alpacas and other members of the camel family. These sheep shears can also be used on cows and horses with an alternate shearing head including larger dogs.

This product has some outstanding reviews and has worked amazing on sheep.  Although Heavy Duty Professional Dog Clippers are not essential for dogs, these clippers will work on the largest of dog breeds.


Quiet Motor
2,400 strokes per min
High Powered



When do I need heavy duty? To respond to that, let is start by looking at a few features and advantages of using heavy duty dog grooming clippers. The first is speed; low and medium duty machines work slowly and of course quietly. Heavy duty clippers on the other hand have engines that are designed to work faster. The heavy duty versions of Wahl, Andis and Oster dog grooming clippers for instance work faster and will therefore be suited for a person who has limited time. You will be able to do a full body clip in half the time a person using medium duty machines does.

The second advantage is that there are cordless dog grooming clippers among the heavy duty versions. These use batteries that are rechargeable. Cordless frees you to clip your dog wherever you want whether you have access to power or not. For people living in the country or who have larger compounds with lawns, this should be a big plus. The heavy duty dog grooming clippers that operate without a code also take away the trouble of cleaning as you can clip out and leave the hair in the field if it is not a large quantity. Note also that if you also need to do nail work, you are able to get heavy duty nail clipper in the market.

As you can see, heavy duty does not only apply to larger animals but to dogs as well. This is true especially if you need to clip many dogs and time is of essence such as in the case of professionals. You can also enjoy the freedom that comes with cordless which is also not costly to maintain especially if batteries are rechargeable. Go on now and get your set of heavy duty dog grooming clippers and enjoy some of these benefits.


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