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Having already reviewed the best professional dog clippers, we have now been exploring two other areas of dog clippers.  Best dog grooming scissors are not the safest clippers and the least practical they are however the quietest.  Best silent dog clippers vibrate and produce some noise they are however more favourable when grooming an anxious dog.

Many dogs have a great awareness and will become anxious as soon as the grooming table appears.  When we take Ralph to the vet he knows what is going to happen; nails clipped, check up, the way they handle him etc.  This makes him become a little stressed and defensive.  If you want to groom an anxious dog from home, you must ensure you have explored all aspects of grooming a dog.  Making sure you have the best silent / manual dog clippers to hand if required as the best professional dog clippers do tend to scare and upset anxious dogs.

As we have already reviewed the best professional dog clippers, I now want to share with you the best dog grooming scissors and the best silent dog clippers.

Firstly, what is the difference?  Well;

  • Best Dog Grooming Scissors — like giving a child a hair cut.  No noise, no vibrations, can be slower than electric clippers and risk of accidents i.e. cuts.
  • Best Silent Dog Clippers — faster actions, low vibrations and sounds, quieter than most professional clippers, no risks of accidental cuts.

Both these types of clippers are great if you are grooming from home.  They both do an amazing job in keeping your dogs anxiety low and also ensure that you are giving that professional trim.  Even if your dog is great with the silent / professional dog clippers, the manual dog clippers will be great for those tiny areas such as the face, head and feet.

What Causes Anxiety When Using Clippers?

Anxiety in dogs when clipping your dogs hair is mainly caused by the noise and the vibrations of your clippers.  Any professional dog groomer will tell you that grooming an anxious dog’s hair is one of the hardest things to do when grooming a dog.  This becomes a constant struggle because the more you require to groom your dogs hair, the more anxious you are making your dog.

Identifying what is causing anxiety when using clippers on your dog is quite simple.

Fear of the unknown causes in anxiety in many people and animals.  Dogs become anxious about having their hair clipped because they have not been introduced to such a vigorous vibration or noise level.  When this noise moves around the face, ears and eyes, your dog will become more and more anxious and then, what seems like a small vibration to you, will feel like an earthquake to your dog.

Another stress factor when clipping your dogs hair can be the cable.  Cordless dog clippers are available like the Oster Pro 3000i Pet Cordless Clipper reviewed here.  All these movements and motions around your dogs personal space can quickly make your dog very nervous and axious.

How Can I Resolve My Dogs Anxiety Issues?

There are some very simple training techniques to resolve your dog’s anxiety.  The most simple is by introducing your dog slowly to the noise and vibration.  This can be done with your current dog clippers, if you already own some.  Start by leaving your clippers in a room, a good distance away so they can be heard.  Each time you do this, move them closer and closer until they are near your dogs head with little to no reaction.

Searching for completely silent electric dog clippers will lead to nowhere.  There are clippers that are much quieter than others but none are completely silent.

Training your dog this way can take a long time.  Some dogs will learn quickly and be trained in a couple of weeks however; more stubborn dogs can take months.  This all depends how anxious your dog has come and whether your dog clippers are much louder than others.  Because time scales on such training is so wide, a lot of patience is required and plenty of treats.  If you haven’t got the time or the patience for this process then simply look into purchasing the best dog grooming scissors or the best silent dog clippers reviewed above.

Silent dog clippers are much quieter than normal professional dog clippers but are not 100% silent or vibration free.

Dog grooming scissors are completely silent and very manual. These will make the grooming process a lot longer especially if you have a big dog.

Best Silent Dog Clippers

1 Andis Professional Animal ClipperBest Silent Dog Clippers and Grooming Scissors - Reduce Dog Anxiety TODAY!

Our top choice for Best Silent Dog Clippers is the Andis Professional.

Andis have provided a heavy duty dog clipper that is claimed to be break resistant in the super strong black case.  These silent dog clippers are definitely built to last.

If your dog suffers from anxiety when clipping then these are definitely for you.  These are the quietest dog clippers we have found.  Although they are super quiet, do not expect matted hair to be simple to cut.  However, they do offer an amazing clipping experience for all dogs.

Andis have also added an amazing heat reduction feature that will ensure the clippers do not over heat no matter how long you use them.

Not cordless, but nevertheless they do the job.  The cord is a 14 inch heavy duty chord, which can get in the way, but does not take anything away from the quality of this product.  These clippers are definitely up there with the most silent dog clippers around.

Check out other Andis Dog Clippers here


Break Resistant
Quietest on the market
Heat Reduction
Amazing for small delicate areas


Struggle with Matted Hair
Heavy Duty Chord can get in the way

2 Oster Professional Turbo A5 2-SpeedBest Silent Dog Clippers OSTER Professional

Our second choice for the best silent dog clipper has to be the Oster Turba A5.  This professional silent dog clipper is a beautiful looking product with a choice of two speeds.  3000 strokes per minute which is a much quieter speed to use and great for simplest of dog hair.  4000 strokes per minute to help you get through tough, matted, dog hair.  By switching to the much faster speed you will quickly and smoothly get through the hair without any fuss.

The Oster clipper is a heavy duty clipper, and is not disguised as anything else.  The solid structure and casing of this clipper really helps any dog groomer know that they have a produce for life.

There are several attachments you can get for this clipper also and can easily be replaced if required.

Although this is not a cordless dog clipper, the power it produces really requires it to be plugged in.


3000 – 4000 strokes per min
Strong Sturdy Design
Many attachments available
VGets through tough hair easily


Not Cordless

3 OneIsAll Silent Dog Grooming ClippersBest Silent Dog Clippers and Grooming Scissors - Reduce Dog Anxiety TODAY!

Features of the OneIsAll Dog Clippers are what brings people to this product time and time again.  Dog Owners and groomers around the world are not too disappointed with the products and services by OneIsAll.

With a quick 3 hour charge the clippers have an amazing 5 hours use available.  This makes this product an absolute must have for professional groomers looking for an amazing cordless silent dog clipper.

The powerful motor not only helps cut your dogs hair quickly but it will effectively cut thick hair too without any troubles.

Smart technology in this clipper means that not only will your clippers charge in just 3 hours but the charger will automatically turn off which will save the batteries life.  You also have a nice little feature that tells you how much life is left in the battery so you know when you need to charge.

Although this dog clipper is powerful and will cut through thick hair, it is always recommended to trim dogs hair with scissors if they have long hair.  This will ensure the clippers dong jam and pull and cause discomfort to your dog.


Heavy Duty
5 Hour Battery Life
Just 3 hours to fully charge
Battery Life Notification
Cordless and Silent


Some users have struggled to cut medium length hair

4 Wahl BravMini+ Cordless Pet TrimmerBest Silent Dog Clippers and Grooming Scissors - Reduce Dog Anxiety TODAY!

Next in our list of Best Silent Dog Clippers is the Wahl BravMini+

Wahl have produced a very compact dog clipper.  It is also built to help support any dog groomer by producing plenty of power with as little noise and vibration as possible.

The strokes per minute for the Wahl clipper is an amazing 5350 and only weights a mere 4.5oz, much less than the Oster

Most users of the Wahl BravMini+ have found that they can not only use the clipper on larger areas of the dog, but the smaller hard to reach areas too.  Due to how quiet the clippers are, they have found the dog to have little to no fear of these clippers.

One major positive is that the Brav Mini+ is cordless and in just 2 hours they are charged and will provide up too 100 minutes cordless grooming time.  Like any cordless product, you do have the option to use plugged in also, providing just a little more power.

Do not worry about these over-heating.  Wahl’s amazing design has ensured that they remain much cooler than most dog clippers for a much longer period of time.


100 Mins cordless use
Just 2 hours to charge
Silent and minmal vibrations
Great for hard to reach areas
Low change of over-heating


Difficult cutting larger breeds
Reports of clippers not working properly after one use


Best Dog Grooming Scissors

1 Scaredy Cut Silent Best Silent Dog Clippers and Grooming Scissors - Reduce Dog Anxiety TODAY!

The best dog grooming scissors recommended around the world are the Scaredy Cut Silent Grooming Scissors.

These scissors are completely silent and vibration free as they are regular scissors with a nice attachment to help with cutting at different lengths.

All manual scissors become uncomfortable very quickly.  Scaredy Cut have thought about this and have added two gel inserts into the finger rings to improve comfort.  The scissors also come with seven different attachments to help achieve that professional finish, with a closer cut.

Cutting large breed dogs with these is not advised and will take a very very long time.  Thes are great for very small dogs and even better for eyes, face, feet and hard to reach places.

Dogs quickly adapt to these as the scissors feel like they are combing and cutting in one motion.

These should not be used as an alternative to the silent dog clippers. 

These dog grooming scissors cut through matted hair well without getting stuck.  They are great for even amateur groomers.  The attachments ensure you can’t cut too close, so if you are worried at first then use the largest attachment.


Comfortable with the Gel Rings
Seven Different Attachments
Great Professional Cut
Easy to Use
Great for Matted Hair


Not suitable for Large Breeds

2 Tiny Trim – Small Pet Grooming ScissorBest Silent Dog Clippers and Grooming Scissors - Reduce Dog Anxiety TODAY!

Our second choice of dog grooming scissors is the Tiny Trim.  This product is also produced by Scaredy Cut and has the same outstanding quality MINUS the attachments.

Designed more like a normal scissor, the grooming scissors have no guard or attachments to help with the cut.  Ideally you would want to use these scissors for nose, ears and feet.

Great for long and short haired dogs, do not attempt to groom a large breed dog fully with these scissors.  Not only will you get cramp but also it will take forever.

3 GHB Grooming Scissors with Rounded TipBest Silent Dog Clippers and Grooming Scissors - Reduce Dog Anxiety TODAY!

Sharp and Smooth Blade allow you to cut your dog hair effortlessly and smoothly. Grooming Scissors are made of stainless steel. Strong, durable and easy to clean. They would be a great helper for you in the grooming process.

Rounded tips – It would help to remove your concern of accidentally stabbing your lovely dogs.

Ergonomic design features a rounded grip and a small rubber knob acted as a silencer that would help to relieve your dog’s tension. It’s comfortable and easy for you to handle it in the grooming process.

GHB pet comb with dual purpose features wide and narrow set teeth for both coarse and fine fur.

5-Piece premium GHB dog grooming scissors set is easy to meet your different needs for dog grooming. They are 7.0″ straight grooming scissors, 7.0″ thinning scissors, 7.0″ up-curved scissors, 7.0″ down-curved scissors, grooming comb and cleaning cloth. Get one now! And then you would have our lifetime warranty.


Summary Best Silent Dog Clippers

If you are looking at using dog grooming scissors then look no further than the Scaredy Cut Silent which in our opinion are the best on the market.  We have mentioned several times in this article that even the best dog grooming scissors are more recommended for smaller areas like your dogs face.  We would not recommend using these for a full groom, unless you have a lot of time and a very patient dog.  Ideally, if you can afford both, then the best silent dog clippers, Oster Professional Turbo, are also an great purchase and will work well with the Scaredy Cut.

By reviewing these amazing products, no matter what you choose, you should be able to give your dog a professional hair cut without a trip to the groomers. Grooming your dog should be enjoyable for both you and your dog.  By owning the best equipment available, you can ensure that you both enjoy the process each and every time.