Top 5 Andis Dog Clippers: Quality Grooming Solutions

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Welcome to the world of top-notch canine grooming with our comprehensive guide on the “Top 5 Andis Dog Clippers: Quality Grooming Solutions.” As every pet owner knows, maintaining a dog’s coat is an essential aspect of their overall well-being. Andis, a renowned name in grooming technology, has produced an array of clippers that stand out for their precision, durability, and user-friendly features. In this guide, we’ll explore the cream of the crop, highlighting the unique qualities that make each Andis clipper an indispensable tool for pet care enthusiasts.

It is rather a dog owner’s vanity to make their furry baby look their very and presentable every day. However, regular trips to a grooming parlour can be costly, especially if your dog has a thick coat of furs. Enter Andis, a renowned UK brand that can help you trim your dog and make him look presentable in a cost-effective and easy way.

As far as dog grooming goes, Andis Dog Clippers are up there with the very amazing content. Giving your dog the trim making them look extremely presentable every day is something a lot of dog owners take pride in. However, some grooming salons can become costly, especially if your doggie needs a trim regularly.

Using one of the Andis Dog Clippers helps for a comfortable and simple trim from the comfort of your own home.

Andis is known around the world and is a very popular company in the UK across many supermarkets and pet stores. They have great pride in ensuring your doggie has a clean, comfortable and precise clip of the highest quality with each of their products.

Let’s dive straight into some of the Andis Dog Clipper there are on the market today…

Amazing5 Andis Dog Clippers

Andis AGR+

Wow. Where do I start? Andis AGR+ Wireless Clippers are a superb addition to any dog family. Andis dog clippers are generally wired and can become quite frustrating due to the additional weight and occasionally the wire getting in the way. When Andis released the AGR+ we just had to get our hands on them. And we were not disappointed.

Obviously, when not running on main power they will not feel as powerful but there isn’t much difference to be fair. Because there is no mains power, the clippers run extremely quiet. Some mains powered clippers do tend to get quite warm and/or overheat but the Andi AGR+ remain cool and allow you to be free with your doggies trim.

As they are wireless you have the pain of charging them but with 2 batteries included, you can always have a spare to hand. Each battery lasts up to 45 minutes and takes only 30minutes (roughly) to charge.

The Smartsensa charging device is small and handy to take anywhere with you, should you need to. Simply plug it in, slip in the Andi clipper and charging begins. Not only can you ensure a fully charged battery but continuous charging does not affect the battery’s life or function.

If you are looking for an alternative to using dog scissors, then I will highly recommend moving to the Andis AGR+. They are suitable for groomers of all levels and help with thick coats and close trims to tidy up your pooch’s paws and face.


  • Great Wrist Support
  • Light
  • Easy To use
  • 2 Chargeable Batteries


  • Sells out Quickly
  • Not as Powerful as the Mains Powered Clippers

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Andis Pulse ZR II

Andis Dog Clippers Pulse ZRII

Next up is the Pulse ZR-II. If you are looking for a long-lasting wireless dog clipper then this is it. Andis have provided, with the ZR-II, 2x Lithium Batteries which hold a massive 3 hours charge in each. Not only is this an amazing feature, but because you have 2 that equates to a full 6 hours of uninterrupted grooming. WOW. This also helps keep 1 battery charged at all times as whilst you are using one, you can easily place the other on a charge making it available when required.

The ZR-II comes complete with a No. 10 Ceramic Blade for a superb cut.

Overall the Andis Pulse ZR-II is a heavy-duty, chargeable dog clipper for home and business use allowing 6 hours of grooming.

There are 5x different speed settings that will offer short or long thick hair a superb cut. Keep your doggie looking like it has had a slick professional cut every time.


  • Wireless
  • Runs for 3 hours on each battery. 6 hours total
  • Great wrist support when in use
  • Sharp ceramic blades
  • Quiet motor


  • More expensive than others

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Andis Agc Super 2-Speed

Andis Dog Clippers AGC 2

Looking at our Wired Andis Dog Clippers the Andis AGC Super are the good Wired Dog Clippers available. Working with Dog Groomers in our local area and carrying out surveys on the products they use and Andis is the most used/talked about and purchased product.

Not only are they amazing clippers that give a nice clean cut, but they are also available at great prices and last longer than most other clippers

No matter what size of dog you own, Andis clippers will work. Great for home use to save the trip to the groomers mainly to save money or if your dog is too old to keep lifting in and out of the car. However, they are regularly used all day in grooming salons.

The superb price of these makes them affordable to most dog owners.

As with most things in this world these days, cheaper versions that look similar are just not up to standard. Don’t waste time looking for a cheaper product as you end up spending twice as much. Instead, go straight for the amazing products around and enjoy a long life set of Dog Grooming clippers by Andis.


  • Brilliant Cutting Quality
  • Super quiet for a Mains Powered dog clipper
  • Range of colours to choose from
  • Sharp and Excellent quality blades included


  • None

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Andis EasyClip 7-Piece Pro Clippers

Andis Dog Clippers - EasyClip Pro

The suggestions speak for themselves with this EasyClip 7 Piece Andis Clipper. Finding a dog clipper that doesn’t scare your dog can be daunting. Many are loud, vibrate and just generally scare the life out of dogs. However, not only does the Andis Easy Clip have a quiet motor it also boasts a powerful rotary kit to help get through the thickest of dog coats.

The ceramic blades remain cool through the cut and are detachable so to help them remain clean and sharp. Complete with 4 attachment combs sized from 1/8″ to 1/2″ for if you wish your pooch to keep a longer coat.

This particular pair has been around for some time and still remain a very popular choice amongst dog groomers at home or in business.

The case is extremely durable and supports the clippers extremely well. Both the clippers and the extremely long chord is built to last, some may say indefinitely. Being almost indestructible you should get a lot of use out of these clippers.

The number of suggestions for these clippers speak for themselves and provide amazing insight as to the sheer quality of the product. Andis has never failed in meeting the consumer market with a product that is loved worldwide. The fact these clippers are still selling and popular on the market suggests just that.


  • Superb Cutting Quality
  • Extremely Powerful Motor
  • Detachable Blades
  • Sharp and Excellent quality blades included


  • Start to get warm and uncomfortable if used too long

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Andis RACD Dog Clippers

Andis RACD Dog Clippers

Finally, we have the super-powerful yet very compact RACD Dog Clipper. Like the previous Andis models, the RACD is just another amazing product delivered to the highest quality. Included are 6x interchangeable blades allowing for a short/long cut from 1.6mm to 25.4mm. Additional blades can be purchased separately which helps if you are using them regularly. Keeping fresh sharp blades on your clippers is essential as you may end up pulling and tearing at the dog’s fur.

The RACD also comes complete with a carry case for you to be able to take on your travels should you wish.

The Grip is extremely comfortable to hold and when used for a long time this is very important. You don’t want an uncomfortable grip or no grip at all. If your hand was to slip that could be disastrous for your doggies cut and skin.

Although this is a great product and one that many customers/dog owners have used over the years, the other products are much better. If you have a little extra cash then our recommendation is to go for any of the above. If you want something reasonable and compact then this is for you


  • High Quality
  • Powerful
  • Clean Cut


  • Wired
  • Can get a bit noisy

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A Symphony of Precision and Comfort – Unleashing the Best in Canine Grooming with Andis Dog Clippers

In the realm of canine grooming, the “Top 5 Andis Dog Clippers: Quality Grooming Solutions” have proven themselves as the epitome of excellence. These clippers seamlessly blend precision and comfort, ensuring that your furry friend receives the pampering they deserve. From the robust construction of the blades to the ergonomic design that facilitates a stress-free grooming experience, Andis has truly mastered the art of pet care. So, why settle for anything less when you can indulge your pet with the best? Elevate your grooming routine with Andis, and witness the transformation in your dog’s coat and overall appearance. Embrace quality, embrace precision – let Andis be your partner in creating grooming masterpieces

Andis products are all amazing and none of the above is ordered in any particular order of good to great. They are all equally amazing in their own right and it’s up to you to choose which Andis you wish to go for.

As always please ensure you do your own research on any products. Unfortunately due to the popularity of the Andis product, they do sell out quite quickly.

Each of the products provides a good clean trim for your dog with amazing precision sharp blades. whether you choose wireless or wired you definitely get value for money. Choosing an Andis Dog Clipper will prevent you from needing to check another product again.

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