Best Slicker Brushes for Near Perfect Dog Grooming at Home

Grooming your dogs hair is an important part of owning a dog, especially if they have long / medium hair.  Using the best slicker brushes when grooming will help clear matted hair with ease.  Brushing and grooming also helps natural oil get to your dogs coat keeping them healthy looking at all times.  It will also help prevent hair from knotting / matting and causing un-necessary pain.  Parasites and other harmful bugs can get nested in matted hair.  Ensuring your dog is well groomed comes with practice so why not go to a professional first and watch what they do.

Keeping to short gentle strokes will always ensure that you have controlled brushing technique and deliver the best results.  You should always use the best grooming products available and we will provide you with the best slicker brushes that are on the market today.

Benefits of grooming your dog far out way the negatives and can never be understated.  Using the best quality products to groom your dog is also helpful.  By visiting our site we will always aim to provide the best grooming products for your dog like the best slicker brushes listed below.  When choosing the best slicker brushes for grooming your dog there are a few key elements to look out for;  Durability, design, price, weight, and most importantly, the bristles.

Lets take a look at our best slicker brushes for dog grooming….

Top 5 Best Slicker Brushes


First on our list of best slicker brushes is the FURminator Dual Brush.  Buying cheaper slickers brushes when shopping for your dog is not ideal.  They can pull hair out of your dog or just be too flimsy.  FURminator however have produced a great value dual brush that will provide the best grooming experience for your dog.  Along with the FURminator Deshedding Tool, the FURminator dual brush is recommended for all pets as the pin brush head is amazing for hair that is shedding.  The brush bristles are also protected by tiny little caps that will help keep your dog comfortable and prevent any skin irritations.  Owners of the FURminator also use the shorter brush to massage their dog.

Using a poor quality grooming brush can cause skin irritation and problems with your dogs coat.  They will also struggle to remove matted and tangled hair.  Using a high quality slicker brush like the FURminator dual brush will help solve these problems.  The design will ensure you get a near perfect groom experience for your dog.  Included with the FURminator is an amazing design that helps conform with the shape of your dogs body and head.  Helping to increase its overall performance and keep your dog feeling safe.

FURminator does not need to provide too many instructions as the design is compact and you don’t need to be a genius to use a Slicker Brush.  You can use the FURminator for small and large breeds and you can also take on your travels.

If you are looking for a light weight, simple, comfortable, safe and high quality slicker brush then the FURminator is just what you need


2 in 1 Versatile Brush
Great grooming bristles with no irritation
Small. Compact and Portable
Suitable for other pets such as cats


Grip sometimes slips off the brush


Second on our list is the Chirpy Dog Brush.  Most dog owners use a standard hair brush on their dogs to save time and money buying a slicker brush.  In most cases this can become irritable to your dog and eventually weaker the fur and fail to do what the best slicker brushes are designed to, straighten hair and clear parasites.  Grooming your dog should be a regular routine especially in long haired dogs.  Using the best slickers brushes and dog grooming equipment is also highly recommended by dog owners and vets around the world.  The Chirpy Dog Brush is one of the best slicker brushes on the market and is quickly becoming the most popular slicker brush on the market today.  Removing over 90% of dog hair without any irritation, the fantastic, lightweight design, is simple and easy to use.

Pets with thick, long, matted hair will ultimately break a standard brush which is why slicker brushes are on the market.  They are design to withstand strong, matted dog hair.  Chirpy have designed there slicker brush with 4 inches of stainless steel bristles to withstand all abuse the dogs hair will give but provide no irritation due to the rounded edges.  Finally, the handle is comfortable and easy to use, made from a high quality plastic.

Safety of your dog when grooming is by far the most important.  Whether you are using a dog hair dryer or a slicker brush.  Chirpy have ensure that the product meets all safety regulations.  Structure, Design and other irritants are not included in this product so your dog is protected with every use.

Purchasing the best slicker brushes for your dog should not break the bank and Chirpy have ensured that this is cost effective.  Buying a slicker brush will prevent future visits to the vet for skin irritations.


Heavy Duty, long last materials
Comfortable and Durable stainless steel bristles
Removes shedded hair well
Stylish blue and black colours





Having a dog at home that sheds and malts hair everywhere can be frustrating.  They can block your vacuum and make your clothes and sofas look dirty and untidy.  Laminate flooring and carpets can also become messy and require regular cleaning.  Automatic floor cleaners like programmable Robot Vacuums are often used to provide regular cleaning and save you time.  To prevent this from happening too often, grooming your pet should be a regular chore. DakPets Deshedding Brush will help.  Collecting up to 95% of your dogs shedding.

Manufacturers of any product claim to be the best and this can be misleading.  Some are even designed to look like the best named products too.  However, the results they give are not the same and can eventually damage your dogs coat and harm your pet.  DakPets have your pets needs at heart.  With 4 inches of stainless steel comb, the DakPets will definitely help your grooming experience.  This low maintenance and great value for money dog brush helps all dog owners provide there dog a grooming experience that they may not have before.

DakPets Deshedding Brush will help improve the overall quality of your dogs coat and reduce shedding all over your house.  Complete with amazing performance, the DakPets comes in an array of different colours to suit you.  DakPets also ensure that this product will last you several years when used correctly and even if used regularly.


Picks up shedded hair well
Self cleaning
Perfect for short or long haired dogs
Spreads natural oils well


feels flimsy


4 Barnster Dog Grooming Mittbarnster dog grooming mitt

Looking after your dog is like looking after a child.  You would do anything for them to help them have a great quality life.  Whether you purchase one of the best flea collars, a nice leather dog collar, one of the best slicker brushes or all of the above.  Keeping to the trend of the best slicker brushes, the Barnster Dog Grooming Mitt complete with Brush delivers great results each and every time.

Barnsters versatile grooming mitt can also be used as a bath sponge as well as a slicker brush.  It will also provide a comfortable clean, without irritation.  Complete with a one of a kind pet brush that you can use to massage your dog, will help to increase blood flow in your dog.  This is not a feature of many dog brushes out there.  Plus, it is great for long hair and short haired shedding dogs.

Although the Barnster is a mitt it is designed to be used by either left or right hand.  Using the mitt on a day to day basis will be an enjoyable experience.

Although the mitt is a lot light then any other grooming slicker brush, it is made to last.  With top class parts and high quality service, the Barnster Dog Grooming Mitt does the business.  Comforting bristles and protective caps help ensure that your dogs grooming experience is safe.


Works on both hands
Can be used as a bathing sponge also
Boosts circulation and improves coat health
High Quality materials used


Is a bit big if you only have small hands


5 Shed Ninja Dog BrushSHED NINJA

Finally, the Shed Ninja dog brush.  Shed Ninja are a company that have provided innovative and creative products.  The Shed Ninja dog brush is an amazing tool for many reasons.  Dry Skin, Thick Hair and spreading natural oils, this brush will do it all. The stainless steel bristles that will penetrate through tough, matted, thick hair and not irritate your dog.

When our dogs get old, muscles and bones become tired and tense.  This makes our dogs have a tougher quality of life.  Massaging your dog can help with all these issues especially to help relax the muscle tissue and bones.  Shed Ninjas Dog Brush is one of the best slicker brushes for providing a dog massage and works on all dogs of different size.

Because the Shed Ninja is lightweight and designed for longer grooming sessions, the brush has a comfortable, less straining, design making it comfortable to use, unless some cheaper slicker brushes.  Most users of the Shed Ninja find this brush great to use but a little pricey.


Guaranteed by Shed Ninja
Works with Dogs and Cats large or small
Stainless Steel / Nylon Bristles with a flexible head


Some models are over priced

Slicker Brushes: What To Look For

Safety: Goes without saying that your dogs safety is number one priority.  Using a cheap, low grade or human brush can be an irritant to your dog and in the long run cause unwanted and un-necessary visits to the vet.  This can then become costly.  Just purchase one of the best slicker brushes and save yourself and your dog the pain.

Bristles: Stainless steel and nylon bristles are by far the best bristles you can get on any slicker brush.  Used to clean your dog and remove unwanted hair, they are meant to be comfortable on your dog.  The bristles are the most important part of any slicker brush.  Without good bristles, you may as well not use one.

Longevity: Durable and long lasting, slicker brushes should be used almost daily.  If they break after a couple of days or even weeks then they are not good enough.

In Summary: Best Slicker Brushes for Grooming

Any of the top 5 slicker brushes reviewed will help improve your home grooming experience.  They will also save you a lot of money on vet bills and grooming visits.  Our number one choice is the FURminator however, we would recommend any of the above.

Removing unwanted hair should be part of your doggies daily routine, especially if they have long hair and an outdoor dog.  Matted hair can cause lots of pain to your dog over time.  Using a slicker brush will keep your dogs coat looking fresh and healthy all the time.