Best Dog Grooming Hair Dryer Reviews

All dogs enjoy the great outdoors.  Whether its a walk round the local park or running through muddy puddles in the woods, your dog will get messy.  Bathing your dog is one thing but getting your dog dry is more difficult.  Having the Best Dog Grooming Hair Dryer will quickly eliminate the stress of getting your dog dry, unless he doesn’t want you too.

Most people use towels, some dogs just run off and shake (like Ralph) making them difficult to catch.  There are easier ways to dry your dog and thats by using one of the best dog grooming hair dryers.  Also known as hair blasters these grooming hair dryers are amazing.  Using a powerful, great quality hair dry helps, not only to dry your dog, but to keep its fur looking amazing and fresh for weeks.

There are many different types of grooming hair dryers.  High Velocity Dog Hair Dryers are much more expensive and great for the larger much furrier dog breeds.  A good hair blaster is great for your medium sized dogs and then there are the standard, what looks like a human hair dryer, dog dryers on stands.  These are much cheaper and great for your smallest of dogs.

For the professional dog groomers amongst you all, you can purchase professional dog hair dryers that come complete with a tall stand.  This enables you to be able place the hair dryer at the side of your grooming table whilst your dog is already attached, ensuring you have that complete dog grooming finish.

Grooming Dog Hair Dryers

Key Features

Drying your dogs hair with a Dog Hair Drying is one of the most important and effective ways to finish grooming your dog. Dogs with wet hair become smelly like a musky damp smell and easily attracts more dirt.  Ralph tends to run around the house jumping up and down everywhere until he feels dry, even after being rubbed down with a towel.  It is never a good idea to allow your dog to have wet hair as they can easily get a cold, just like us.

One mistake people do make is using their Best Dog Grooming Hair Dryer Reviewsown hair dryers.  Using a human hair dryer is never as effective on your dog and still leaves your dog quite wet on its undercoat.  The air flow from a human hair dryer does become far too hot for dogs to handle and could burn the skin.  Dogs already have a high body temperature, using a human hot hair dryer will cause skin problems for your dog including rashes and itching.

Dog Hair Dryers are design specifically for use on your dog.  Ensuring your dog stays comfortable and does not overheat.  It allows a comfortable strong air flow that still ensures your dog is dry.  You should always look out for a high CFM number, Cubic Feet Per Minute.  The higher this number the more air is passed from the dog dryer.  This will give a stronger air flow ensuring your dog is dried, even on the largest, thickest, of dog coats.  You will need to look for a lower CFM if you have a pitbull or other dog with close hair.

All dog hair dryers have two key measurements.  Each of these measurements can help you make an informative decision about which Dog Hair Dryer to choose.  These measurements are;

Air Flow / Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM)

As mentioned above, CFM is the amount of air flow passed through the dryer.  The simplest way to work out what this means; if you have a box that is 1 foot x 1 foot x 1 foot (1 cubic feet) then a dog dryer with a CFM of 1,  would fill this box in 1 minute.  If the Dog Hair Dry had an 48 CFM feature then it could fill up 48 of the same boxes.  The Air Flow is just like dry air and will dry your dog in no time.

Velocity Feet Per Minute (VFM)

Velocity or Air Pressure is really important in a dog hair dryer as it helps to get the water out of the fur.  To remove the water quickly you need to find a dryer with a higher velocity.  Standard hair dryers do not have VFM and this is why they don’t work.

Many dog hair dryers have a foam padding to help reduce the noise made by the dryer.  This helps reduce nervousness in dogs and keeps them relaxed.  Human hair dryers are loud and will instantly scare your dog making it impossible to dry your dogs hair.

Purchasing the best dog grooming hair dryer can be quite costly, but very much rewarding.  The better dog hair dryers will last years of use and most will come with a good warranty for your peace of mind.  All Dog Hair Dryers should be easy clean and the best models will have an external filter that can simply be removed and replaced in seconds, keeping the hair dryer running at 100% at all times.

Choosing the Best Dog Grooming Hair Dryer

Whats best for me and my dog?

Dogs are like humans and want to look their best.  Best Dog Grooming Hair Dryer ReviewsBeing well groomed and cared for is no exception.  Investing in the best grooming products available you will quickly be able to have your dog look pristine in no time.  Dog Grooming Hair Dryers are no exception to the rule and with any product, the better quality products always come with a greater price, but much more reliability.

Once you have taken the plunge and decided to invest in grooming equipment for your dog then you need to have the best grooming equipment available.  This is where we help.

For anyone starting out as a mobile dog groomer or even a professional dog groomer then you need to have a dog hair dryer.  Any dog that visits you for there grooming will almost always require a quick blast making their fur all nice and fluffy and leaving each dog owner very satisfied with the results.

The best dog grooming hair dryer will not only leave your customers feeling very satisfied with the results but will also leave your  furry friends with a nice soft coat and a big smile on their face.  If this is your own business then a High Velocity Dog Hair Dryer is probably what you need.

Now lets not waste time.  Check out the Best Dog Grooming Hair Dryer Reviews Below.

Best Dog Grooming Hair Dryers

Top 7 Dog Hair Dryers

1 K-9 III Dog Grooming Dryerk9 III BEST Dog Grooming Hair Dryer

K-9 III High Velocity is an amazing dog grooming hair dryer that works extremely well on dogs with a thicker bushier coat. This is why we have placed it at number one.

It main features are the two speed options and the variety of colours to choose from.  The price is probably a key point to note as well as this is the most expensive dryer we have reviewed here and is why it is at number three.

The motor on the K9 III generates the warm air making this much safer as no heater is attached.

K-9 III Dog Grooming Hair Dryer is expensive, but is the most effective. This product is also highly rated and reviewed on Amazon but the price is very steep for home use, unless you have a grooming business.


Can Dry Small Dogs in 15 minutes
High Powered
Multiple Colours to Choose From
Outlet for Clippers Also


Too Poweful for Facial Hair

2 Go Pet Club Pet Grooming Hair DryerHIGH VELOCITY best DOG GROOMING HAIR DRYER

Go Pet Club Dog Grooming Hair Dryer is an amazing Dog Hair Dryer.  This is largely down to the Customer Reviews we have seen on Amazon.  It is the most popular choice for Home Use and is so simple to use.

Although only 2400w in power, the Go Pet Club can dry up to 4 dogs in just over an hour.

Featuring two temperature settings and two speed settings this dog hair dryer caters for all breeds of dog, from a Labrador down to a Chihuahua.

There are also attachments that come with this product allowing for the user to get deeper under the fur and ensure that the dogs undercoat is also maintained.


Price is very reasonable
Surprisingly Quiet
Multiple Settings for Temperature and Air Flow
Alternate Attachments


Air Temperature takes a while to warm up
Can Take a While to Dry Your Dog


Our second choice is the BTM.  This brightly colour, powerful, dog hair dryer is amazing.

It is a lightweight hair dryer, weighing just 5kg and comes with three seperate nozzles for help you groom the most difficult of dogs.

Although the BTM is relatively loud, the power of the dryer is one that will help dry your motorbike or car after a wash also.

The dryer is great for small dogs and the extra power it has allows for a quick drying time.  Can be used on larger dogs with the additional nozzles you can definitely keep them all looking fresh and clean.


2800w in Power for a Quick Dry
Dry The More Difficult Places with Ease
Also Used on Vehicles


Louder than Others
Motor Can Quickly Burn Out If Overused

4 Voilamart 2800W Pink High Velocity Pet

BEST Dog Grooming Hair DryerWhen researching Dog Hair Dryers, the Voilamart was a stand out choice for our Best Dog Grooming Hair Dryer Top 10.  With a stable and long-lasting motor the Voilamart will last for up too 800 consecutive hours.

The flexible 2.5m hose allows for greater working distance and the 2.1m power cable to allow your to move around your working area.

Two speeds and different temperature setting ranging from 35 to 75 degrees, this Dog Hair Dryer caters for all dogs in all seasons.

High velocity dryer delivers a high volume of warm air to blast water from coats without damaging coats with heat. Yet low noise at full power, offering a quiet environment to work

Another great feature is the noise-assimilation sponge.  This helps maintain noise levels and removes tension from your dog.


Multiple Settings
2.5m Flexible Hose
Noise Reduction Sponge


Hose Easily Comes Away

5 Flying One Force Dryer w/ HeaterBest Dog Grooming Hair Dryer Reviews

Designed with the sole purpose of drying your pets, the Flying One Grooming Dryer is perfect for handling any wet job.

Equipped with a flexible, strong and durable 10 ft hose to allow the warm air flow from the motor.

The steel frame of the dryer protects it from damage, encasing the motor inside and providing a solid, easy-to-clean casing and filter.

The tip of the hose allows for different nozzles to be fitted on and each nozzle is a sleekly designed head made especially for the user’s hands.

This dryer also features buttons that allow the user to adjust the speed and temperature settings. Adjustable air speed and heating levels are perfect for anyone who wants to customize their drying experience.


Easy Adjustable Settings
Great Price
Strong and Sturdy


Motor Gets Hot
Easily Scratchs

6 Euroeshop 2800W Dog Pet Grooming Blaster Best Dog Grooming Hair Dryer ReviewsDryer

Of all the Dog Grooming Hair Dryers available, the temperature of each caries.  With the Euroeshop, you can get temperatures from 43 degrees to 60 degrees.

The Air Speed for the Euroeshop ranges from 27,000 to 36,000 with two controllable speeds to help dry your dog(s).

Unlike other dog hair dryers, this dryer as a removable and washable filter that is very simple to remove and replace.

Dual mounted legs, which allow both vertical and horizontal use.

Powerful, high velocity dryer delivers a high volume of warm air to blast water from coats without  damaging coats with heat.Two-stage filtration and solid state variable speed controls.


Washable Filter


Extremely Noisy

7 Metro Air Force Quick Draw DryerBest Dog Grooming Hair Dryer Reviews

Portable All steel construction the Metro Air Forice Quick Draw Dryer.  Don’t let the size of this product fool you, it is powerful, compact and lightweight, but it gets the job done.

With a 12 foot cord and weighing just 3.1lbs, this dog grooming hair dry is fantastic for the portable dog groomer.

The dryer can be used your grooming shop or at home as it is powerful enough for both.  Even though the size can be deciving this dog hair dryer cuts dog hair drying time by up to 70%.

With a nice sturdy hand and a easy fit nozzle, the quick draw action enables you to dry the dogs hair in quick time and put away again.  The power of this dryer will ensure the dogs coat is completely even down to the undercoat.


Surprisingly Powerful


Can be a Little Loud
Known to Struggle on Large Dogs

How Does a Dog Grooming Hair Dryer Work?

Are they like human Hair Dryers?

Dog Grooming Hair Dryers are similar to human hair dryers.  They provide warm or hot air at a steady or high speed.  This helps to remove water or dirt from your dog to help keep them dry and well groomed.  They are great for after a wet walk or a nice bath.

Dog Groomers also use Dog Hair Dryers after a haircut.  This helps remove excess hair that may be left on the dogs remaining fur.  Dog Grooming Hair Dryers are not that expensive and can be used at home or in your dog salon.

The force of the air flow from dog dryers can cause an issue to some dogs when drying the face but overall they are a fantastic purchase for any dog owner wanting to have a great looking dog at all times. Furthermore, the different types of dog dryers available make decisions very difficult.  Above are the High Velocity Dog Dryers but lets take a look at other options for you;

What Type of Dog Grooming Hair Dryers are Available

High Velocity Dog Dryers

Often known as high velocity dryers, these are the most effective way to remove excess dog hair / water / sand from your dog without using excessive force.

With all high velocity dog hair dryers you will quickly establish which dogs these are best for – All Breeds.  They quickly and efficiently get to the undercoats of very hairy dogs and clean right to the root.  Some are a lot quieter than others but after a few goes, your dog will get used to it.  High Velocity dryers are reviewed above.

Hand Held Portable Dog Grooming Hair Dryers

These are much the same as human hair dryers and some are just labelled as Dog Dryers.  Be careful with these.  If you use a human hair dryer, you will not clean / dry your dog as well but furthermore, you will be more prone to burning your dog as the heat generated is far greater than a dog dryer.

1 Wahl Pet Hairdryer With StandBest Dog Grooming Hair Dryer Reviews

Powerful 1,800 W motor for quick drying – can be used both in the stand or simply lift out for handheld drying

The robust, multi-position stand eliminates the need to hold the appliance during drying – freeing up hands for grooming

Adjust as required with the three heat/speed settings plus cool shot – all controls fully accessible both in and out of the stand

Comes with concentrator nozzle to direct the airflow for smooth results and features removable air filter for easy cleaning plus rubberised feet which hold the stand firm on most surfaces

The stand gives you flexibility while drying allowing you to hold your pet and a brush

This is a fantastic product and amazing value for money


Amazing Price
Adjustable Stand
Three Heat Settings
Three Speed Settings


Known to Cut Out
Home Use not Business

Stand Dryers

Great dryers for professional dog groomers with Grooming Tables.  Stand Dryers can be wheeled round the table and hang over your dog whilst you dry there fur.  As the dog is attached to the table and the dryer is over the dog, you have both hands to continue to groom your dog.

1 XPOWER Pro Finisher B-16 Stand DryerBest Dog Grooming Hair Dryer Reviews

Whisper quiet and extremely powerful XPOWER Pro Stand Dryer.  Great for the professional dog groomer. This stand dryer is 5 feet tall and has an easy to clean system which ensures the dryer lasts.  With five legs the Stand Dryer can be easily moved around the grooming table and dry your dogs hair.

2 Pedigroom double motor dog grooming mobile dryer on standBest Dog Grooming Hair Dryer Reviews

This powerful, high quality, double motored pet blaster by Pedigroom is the quickest way to dry your pets. With 2600w of power from 2 motors, this high power pet dryer is perfect for professional dog groomers, for use in dog grooming parlours, as well as for pet owners looking for a speedy way to dry their pets.

This powerful pet dryer is on a stand, which means that it can be moved easily across floors, making it more user friendly. The wheels also have brakes should you need it to stay in one place.

This Pedigroom pet dryer variable wind volume settings, so you can set your dryer to your requirements, making grooming faster and more pet-friendly than many other dryers on the market. The hose on this pet blaster expands as it powers up; bring its total length to around 3 meters. There are also 2 different nozzle attachments for your convenience.


Best Dog Grooming Hair Dryer – In Summary

Choosing the best dog grooming hair dryer can be a simple choice as long as you look for the right features.  You must also make sure that you are getting the right hair dryer for your needs.  Choosing a high powered and noisy hair dryer to use at home on a small dog might not be the answer.   It is always recommended to do your own research on any products your looking for.  The views above are that of my own.

If you are a professional dog groomer then the high velocity dog hair dryers are just for you.  Also you may want to look at the Stand Dryers if you have a grooming salon.  Either way, all the dog hair dryers reviewed above are our opinions to help you choose what is right for you and your dog.






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