How to Teach Any Dog to Roll Over No Matter Their Size

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A well-mannered dog is loved by all.  This mannerism does not come easy. You need to teach your pooch about it. There are simple commands like sit, lie down, stay and a little advance command like “roll over” that you definitely want to teach your favourite dog.  In this post we will discuss today about how to teach your dog to roll over.

This trick is very simple, impressive and is quite easy to teach. If your dog understands the basic commands then this exercise becomes much easier.

Here are a Few Tips on How to Teach Your Dog to Roll Over

Try training your dog with a reward technique and with practice your friend will pick up this roll over trick in no time.

Setting Up The Trick

Make sure that your dog understands the command like “lie down”. This is the first step and the full movement depends on how your canine is lying down. If your dog does not obey or respond to this simple command then you need to teach him this first.

• Begin working with your puppy on a delicate surface like a pooch bed, blanket cover or grass to enable him to build confidence. Then ask your dog to sit. With your canine in this position take a treat between your fingers and allow him to take a lick. Don’t be on a hurry as you might confuse him.

• After this slowly put down your hand to the ground. Make sure he follows and understands your instructions till now.

• When you’ve achieved this goal, gradually start pulling your hand back toward yourself until your pooch stretches into a collapsed position. Mark this position and release the treat to him.

• What about some hesitant dogs who would lift their butt when doing this exercise? No need to worry. Just break down this exercise a little bit and go slow.

• Repeat this exercise a few times in a row.

The Advance Stage Of This Trick

Now repeat the full trick as mentioned above, but this time without a treat in your hand. Observe their movements and stretching positions minutely. When your dog hits the ground completely then start adding a verbal word “down”. Give your puppy some time to register this word. You may repeat this for some more time.

The Final Stage Of The Trick

With your dog lying in this position move your hand slowly from his nose to his shoulder preferably with a treat this time. Allow them to follow the treat. By following the treat the dog should end up leaning on the side to get it, and:

• Do not give the treat when they are completely in this position because the exercise is not yet completed. Make sure they completely understand this position.

• Now slowly try to lure him back by moving the treat past his shoulder and go towards the floor.

• Repeat this exercise by moving your hand from the position of your dog’s nose then towards his shoulder and then towards the floor. Now add the verbal word “roll over” simultaneously while performing this work. Make sure they follow this final command and then reward them.

• Practice well for perfection.

Have your puppy sit. Hold a treat in one hand and show it to your puppy. Close your fist over the treat so the puppy can’t get it. This is all you can do to how to teach your dog to roll over without a doubt. Happy Training!