Buyers Guide How To Use A Halti Training Lead Instructions

Training your dog to walk on a loose lead with the Halti Training Lead will take a lot of time and patience but is definitely worth the effort.  Once fully training your dog walk will be more comfortable for you and will ultimately be a much more pleasurable time for your dog. Below are some Halti Training Lead Instructions that will help you on your way when training your dog to stop pulling.

Dogs find pulling on the lead a successful behaviour; they want to get to where they want to go more quickly. The best way to get around this is to not punish your dog, but to make it an unsuccessful task for your dog.  Choosing a great Harness to help stopping pulling is one step towards this.  The second that Halti have helped create is a basic guide on to following the Halti Training Lead Instructions.  In the end you may be able to use a standard lead / harness for your dog walks, but starting with a Halti Training Lead is a great way of teach your dog not to pull. Following the below Halti Training Lead Instructions will quickly get you on your way to a great successful dog walk but first, check out the Halti Training Lead below;

Halti Training Lead RED or BLACK Small/Large

Halti Training Lead InstructionsThe number 1 best selling training lead on Amazon.  The Halti Training Lead is an amazing, multi-functional lead that is made to last with users stating that have had the same lead for several years with little to no signs of wear and tear.  If used with the Halti Head Collar or Halti Harness this is when you will see the best results possible, quicker than normal.

Suitable for Adult and Young Dogs, this durable, easy to use lead really does the trick.  The lead comes in 3 size from Small to Large and is suitable for all dogs whether training to stop pulling or whether you just want a comfortable lead, the Halti Training Lead will do the trick.

Size Chest measurement – cm Breed Examples
Small 40-66cm Border Terrier/Cavalier/Pug
Medium 57-95cm Golden Retriever/Border Collie
Large 66-107cm Ridgeback/Rottweiler/Akita

The Halti Training Lead is also a double ended lead allowing you to walk 2 dogs in one.  This helps if you already have a trained dog as you can quickly attach the 2 dogs together and when calling the trained dog, he/she will lead the untrained dog in the right direction.  You can use the lead in a variety of different ways to aid training, check out the below Halti Training Lead Instructions that show just how best to train your dog;

Halti Training Lead Instructions Halti Training Lead Instructions










Halti Training Lead Instructions

1. The First and Best place to start is getting your dog used to wearing a Halti Head Collar / Halti Harness.  Using the Halti Training Lead with these Halti products makes like much easier.

2. Attach the Halti Training Lead by the clip to the Halti lead ring, then the larger clip to your dogs collar. The Halti Training Lead has been specially manufactured with lightweight rings and clips to ensure easy use and durability in training your dog.

3. If your dog gets very excited at the site of a lead then you have little chance to stop your dog pulling.  Show the dog the Training Lead several times throughout the day.  Get them used to seeing the lead and then when they are calm at the site of the lead, take them on their walk.  This will prevent the dog being too excited on the walk and stop that pulling.

4. Using the Halti Training Lead Instructions above, attach the lead and Halti.  If your dog instantly gets excited, try dropping the lead and ignore them.  When they have calmed down, pick it back up and then proceed to the door (assuming stays calm).  This teaches your dog that remaining calm will prevent any delays in walking time.

5. The Halti Training Lead can be used on either side of the dog, whichever your most comfortable.  The 2 points of attachment maximise the control you have.

6. Use 2 hands, extend your lead to a comfortable length.  Keep short so that your able to control your dog.  The hand nearest to you should control the collar and the other should control the Halti.

7. When you begin to walk forwards, should your dog pull, gently turn the Halti towards you or pull on the collar.  This will add additional control to get your dog to stop / brake.  The 2 sets of control help you decide which way your dog should be going and controlling the walk much more comfortably.

8. Always praise your dog if they walk a short distance without pulling or walking away.  This will help your dog understand what is right and wrong.  Remember, rewards for your dog help in all aspects of training.

9. These initial Halti Training Lead Instructions will be the start of your training journey.  These first few steps should be repeated everytime you walk your dog.  It may take several days but you will soon see a change in your dogs behaviour when our walking.

10. Once you feel comfortable and confident that your dog is now walking without pulling, its time for phase 2.  Change to the first ‘D’ Ring no the Halti Training Lead and continue on your walk.

11. If your dog pulls, gently apply pressure to the collar and then release the lead again.  Once the lead is slack continue and repeat until your dog understands.

12. If your dog is struggling at this stage and is continuing to pull, restart the Halti Training Lead Instructions from Step 1.

Over time you may be able to remove the Halti Training Lead completely and stick to using a standard dog lead.  The Halti Training Lead is a great accessory for training and will quickly help you on your dog walks.

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