A Comprehensive Guide On How To Teach Your Dog To Heel In 5 Days

Teaching your pet dog to heel is not easy but at the same time it is not impossible you just have to exercise certain amount of patience. This will help your dog exercise some amount of self-control. No matter how energetic your dog maybe you can still teach it teach your dog to heel in 5 days. However you will need to have a very systematic approach to things. Here is how to go ahead with things.

Teach Your Dog To Heel In 5 Days

To get your dog to obey your commands to heel you will have to coax him with many treats. Pick treats that your dog simply cannot resist. Start out with small pieces as it will serve as incentive, if he heels properly then you can reward them with bigger pieces.

You can do away with the leash while training your dog but make sure you are in an area that is safe and does not have too many people in it. You can try to train him within the confinements of your backyard.

Getting Started

Get your dog to sit to the left of you them hold out a spoon with treats on it and then command him to “heel”. After that start walking and keep giving your dog the treats. This method will get your dog to interact with you which is very important.

Cut Down On The Treats

After a couple of sessions on interacting with your pet you should gradually cut down on the treats. This will stop making things predictable. So your dog will eventually get used to heeling and not expecting any treat in return.

Start To Increase The Distance

After you have managed to cover quite a few yards with your dog, you should then focus on increasing the distance. You can still offer treats to the dog but then you should then reduce the frequency.

If you notice that your dog is falling behind then you will know that you are speeding up the process too soon. So, maybe you will need to slow down a bit. You will need to exercise a bit of patience.

Introduce Distractions

If you feel your dog has become familiar with the heel command then this is a good time to take things up a notch. So, do not hesitate to take your dog out to newer localities and getting him to heal. Remember this is not going to happen in a day. Bring in the treats and get him to heel once he can do this in newer places then again cut down on the frequency of the treats.

You must remember that sometimes dogs can disobey when you teach them how to heel. To get through this you have to be patient and consistent. If you are sincere in your efforts you will notice that your dog has essentially learnt how to heel in 5 days. So, follow the tips mentioned above if you want to teach your dog to heel in 5 days.

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