PetSafe Superb Stay and Play Wireless Fence System Review

Dogs have a natural wanderlust and for a lot of pet owner, their furry buddies hold a special place in their heart. Wanting only the best for them means providing them with necessities and of course ensures their happiness and safety at all times. The reason dogs are more endearing for us is because of their playful, bubbly and full of life personalities. If left unsupervised or if not properly trained to adhere to training commands or due to unforeseen circumstances they can potentially land themselves in trouble in the great outdoors.

Dogs just like human beings need space, freedom of movement and daily exercise, all the while with some form of protection. Whether it is to protect them from car fatalities on the street, if your dog tends to leap around, for safeguarding people who do not want to interact with dogs, preventing them from wandering into a neighbour’s property, protecting sensitive areas like flowerbeds on your property, you’ll need a control instrument. Pet containment systems are easily acquired barriers that are both humane and safe to use to achieve the end result you want.

Invisible dog fences have a slightly controversial tag attached to them. This stigma arises from the fact that they adopt an electric shock strategy to keep animals within the contained area. Invisible fence systems come with a dog collar and transmitter. Whilst the dog is fitted with the collar the transmitter is either your home or garage the transmitter is installed. A warning sound/ alarm will go off to inform you and your dog if he/she ventures close to the pre-set boundary.

Despite the first warning, if your dog continues towards the perimeter a static correction shock will be delivered by the collar. Fear not for this static correction jolt is pretty mild and a painless electric simulation. It basically adopts the concept of conditioning i.e. training your dog to not cross the pre-established zone.

Depending on the kind of system you decide to buy, the boundary set up process can vary as well. Basically, a wire is laid out on the boundary of your property or desire zone. This wire is commonly placed underground. Alternatively, radio signals or GPS technology aligned with the dog collar can be used to communicate with each other in order to figure out the pet location.

Buying Guide:

  • Range: To allocate how much area your pet will be allowed to roman around in without receiving correctional jolts, you need to consider the range of your wireless fence. To do this you will need to use a tape measure to come to an accurate decision.  Wireless signals operate in a sphere hence start measuring from the point where the transmitter has to be placed.
  • Number of Collars:  The purchase of a transmitter than can handle the load of multiple collars arises when you’ve got a family with multiple dogs. Due to brand or manufacturer reasons, some systems require the acquisition of separate additional collars.
  • Adjustable Level of Correction: Range is very much connected to this element. In order to keep your pet within the desired boundaries, you will have to take into consideration that every dog has different correction requirements.
  • Battery Types: Battery is a key element as it determines the durability and possible costs. For systems that use proprietary batteries, you might be in a pickle. This forces you to be limited to purchasing from the same manufacturer to ensure normal functioning and powering the unit. There are those that use common batteries that can be bought easily and from anyone. We advise you to be cautious of battery level indicators as it allows you to keep an eye on where the fence’s power level has climbed to.
  • Type of Material: Some dogs dig holes near or around the perimeter of the fence you have set up either for fun, out of curiosity or if they sense a feeling of entrapment. In this case, you should get a wooden fence. It should preferably extend deeper underground for maximum resilience. A chain-link fence runs the risk of ensnaring the collar or causing damage to pet paws or trap its collar. Durable fence materials are wood over metal, as metal chain fences are guaranteed to at some point rust from moisture, whereas wood withstands all weather types and external influences better.
  • Safe and Secure Height: Here you must observe canine behaviour and determine your dogs jumping ability as you need to get a fence that your dog will not easily hop over. Higher fences also keep out unwanted strays and risks. A picket fence grants you a view whilst keeping your dog within the set boundary.

For the bigger picture, it is always important to consult with neighbours, online and with local animal caretakers/ government bodies about the laws with regards to fences within your residential location.  There can possibly be rules, regulations, permissions, and restrictions depending on the type, size, set up and material that is legally acceptable.

PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence System

PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence Systempetsafe stay and play wireless fence

Naturally, pets enjoy jumping around wherever they can, which makes it hard to keep them in line. Wired fences end up making the task even harder. You get tired of ruining your garden and spending money on more wires constantly to create a secure boundary for your pets to stay safe in. That’s where the PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless System comes in.

With regards to your pet’s breed and persona, you can adjust this system to five different shock levels. The first level only produces a beep, whereas the fourth level increases the tone even higher. This useful product also fixes the most frustrating and irritating issue of having to deal with wired fences. Wires tend to create a lot of clutter which can be hard to clean up. The wireless system makes this a non-issue.

The collar size of the receiver can be fixed according to the size of your pet. It is great for dogs bigger than five pounds in weight. It also provides broad wireless coverage of greater than 105 ft. The collar has a rechargeable battery on its receiver to provide users with prolonged battery life. On average, if your pet spends two hours playing in your yard every day, the collar won’t need any charging for 3 days.

When plugged in, the receiver’s battery can completely charge within two to three hours. Ideally, you’ll just have to recharge your battery once every month. Another great feature of this system is its portability. The fence is freely portable, which makes it very easy to set it up at various locations. You only have to set up the system, plug it in, and it starts working immediately.

Ultimately, compared to the overall cost of quality and convenience, the PetSafe Stay and Play Fence Wire is a safe and reliable option. You won’t have to think about any long-term costs and inconveniences with this handy system. ​


Different shock levels
Collar size can be adjusted
No clutter of wires
W ide coverage
Extended battery life


Doesn’t perform well around the electrical gear
Coverage can be inconsistent
Incompatible with metal

PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Receiver Collarpetsafe stay and play wireless collar

The PIF-300 is another very popular PetSafe Stay and Play wireless system option that is safe and effective for dogs over eight pounds. The collar comes with five adjustable static levels of static with a beep only mode. It’s able to cover about half an acre, and if you add in a second transmitter you can double the coverage quite easily.

The collar’s over-correction feature makes sure that your pet is never stimulated for more than thirty seconds at a time. It also comes with a warning for low battery so you won’t worry about your dog getting out if the collar isn’t charged. What’s great about the system is that you can add any number of dogs for protection so long as they each have their own receiver.

The collars come on multiple sizes and varieties so you can get the one that matches your pet’s temperament and personality. Even better, the customer service is pretty handy in case you need any help. PetSafe’s offers a ‘limited lifetime warranty’, so in case you break something within the first year, you’ll get your replacement free of cost. With such convenience, it’s no wonder the IP-300 is famous.


Quick Setup
Low Maintenance
Clear and Detailed Manual
Great Customer Service


Only offers a circular boundary
Coverage can be inconsistent
Doesn’t work under too many trees or metal sheds

PetSafe PIF00-12917 Standard SystemPetSafe Standard Wireless Fence

The PIF00-12917 wireless fence is designed to be elegant and effective by providing you with a circular boundary through electric signals for your pet. The boundary can also be adjusted or easily changed whenever you’d like, for your own convenience. The unit has a maximum coverage area of 210 feet and a minimum of 44 feet, within which your pet receives a static signal in case they cross any lines.

With five different levels of shock, you will be able to control exactly how much correction any pet gets. For your dog’s safety, there is also an automatic shut-off option. After fifteen seconds, the signals will automatically cease. You also have a tone-only option to stop your dog from moving with a simple beep. The setup time for the whole thing is pretty quick too, with only two hours needed to get ready.

The device can also be transported easily at any time due to its lightweight and compact design. You’ll be able to plug the device into any outlet as well. This means regardless of whether you are home or on holiday, you’ll be comforted knowing your pet will stay safe and not roam off anymore. While it is only catered to one pet, the system is pretty useful overall, so the PIF00-12917 is definitely a great choice.


Works for dogs 5 pounds or more
Waterproof collar
Inbuilt rechargeable battery


Metal roofing can interfere with the signal.
May give static within the boundary.
Not the most durable system.

PetSafe Free to Roam Wireless FencePetSafe Free to Roam

Following the PetSafe PIF-300, this system has also started gaining some popularity. That’s because pet owners now wish to have security options on the go for their friends. So, the PetSafe Free to Roam fence is built to provide portability. So, you can rely on great performance even if you’re out of the house with your pets.

The lightweight design makes it so that you won’t have any problem carrying an invisible fence with you. You just have to put a collar around your pet’s neck, limit the signal boundary to your liking and then your pet can stay by your side easily. No longer do you need a separate carrier. If you’re out on a playground or at the park, you can adjust the signal lines using the main transmitter, and voila!

The PetSafe Free to Roam system makes use of replaceable batteries. So, the most maintenance you’ll have to do is change the batteries once in a while to keep the fence active. It’s also convenient since you won’t have to find any power outlets for the fence to work. Ultimately, you’ll be able to enjoy the ideal outdoor experience with your dog with this wireless fence system.


180 Feet Coverage
Replaceable Batteries
Low battery Warning


Only Circular Boundary
Only Supports 100v AC

PetSafe Stubborn Dog Wireless Fence KitPetSafe Superb Stay and Play Wireless Fence System Review

This PetSafe system is designed for stubborn dogs, to help you make a safe and secure space for your pet without installing any wires or physical fences. You can keep the main device indoors and simply adjust the circular boundary to include the ideal size of space you want for your pet. The system is portable so you can take it on your travels, and you can set it up in just one or two hours.

The package comes with a detailed training guide for your pet, so you can have your dog trained in less than two weeks. The system has the largest range of shock correction with five levels, as well as the basic tone-only mode.  Even if placed indoors, this device gives you a massive of about three-quarters of an acre. The fence also allows you to control more than just one pet, so long as they all have the collars.

The low-battery warning on the collar indicates when the collar needs charging, which usually takes two to three hours, and can last for as long as three weeks. and can last up to 3 weeks. Without any wires, this system takes just one to two hours, which makes it great for RVs and vacation homes. Overall, as a multi-pet system, the Stubborn Dog version is great for any hyper pups out there.


34 acre coverage
Controls More than One Pet
Wide Coverage


Sometimes the signal stops working

PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment SystemPetSafe Superb Stay and Play Wireless Fence System Review

If you’ve been using wired fences for a while, then you’ll want the benefits that come with a wireless system. The PetSafe 2-Dog Containment Fence is one such system that provides you with security via radio signals, so wires won’t be an issue. All you have to do is plug it in, choose your preferred dimensions of the boundary for your invisible fence, and you’re ready to go train your dog.

Because there are no wires installed in the ground, there is no prolonged maintenance needed for the system. With the containment system plugged in, there won’t be need of any equipment or collar replacements. The receiver in the collar is also water-resistant, making it ideal for use in stormy weather or even while swimming.

The portability of the fence is definitely one of the best features. Now you can take care of your dog in the park, at the playground on or your road travels. You just need to set the containment area according to the space around you and you’re good to go. Overall, as a security system for two pets, this has a lot of potentials to be a useful tool.


No Maintenance
Waterproof Collar


Less Area Coverage
Battery Issues


There you have it! Our pick for the best wireless fence is the PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence System! With its overall effectiveness, large capacity for controlling multiple pets, great coverage, and ideal price, you can’t get a better deal than that! If you want alternatives for smaller pets, the PetSafe Wireless Collar or Standard systems are ideal.

For more durable options, the Containment System and Stubborn Dog Kit are both better alternatives. And finally, for a more comfortable boundary, the Free to Roam system is a perfect choice. That said, the best wireless fence system comes down to your requirements and preferences. Hopefully, the guide we’ve provided should give you all the information you need to help you make the right choice!