Top 5 Pool Floats for Dogs: Summer Fun for Your Pup

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Make a splash this summer with your furry friend by exploring the “Top 5 Pool Floats for Dogs.” As temperatures rise, it’s time to treat your pup to a paw-some aquatic adventure. Whether your canine companion is a water enthusiast or a first-time swimmer, these specially designed pool floats promise a tail-wagging good time. Join us as we dive into the world of canine aquatic enjoyment, highlighting the best floats that guarantee summer fun for your pup!

Dogs love to be in pools with their families. To give them a chance to be with us for water fun dog pool floats come in use. It helps them to swim in the water by floating. It is a durable and lightweight floating material that helps them to enjoy the pools ad likes safely. So if you want to know about the 5 pool floats for dogs then read this article.

When I first started looking into the paddling pools for dogs I came across the pool floats and thought it was a silly idea. The more I researched, the more I understood their practicality of them. Some dogs never know when to stop and will try and swim and swim and swim until they have no more energy. This can then cause a risk to your dog if they don’t take a break.   A pool float for your dog can reduce that risk as you can easily put them on to it or they can climb onto it on their own.

5 Pool Floats for Dogs

1 PaddlePaws by SwimWays

PuddlePaws best pool Floats for Dogs

Our number one choice of pool floats for dogs is the PaddlePaws bySwimWays. Supporting dogs over 65 pounds in weight, the paddle paws is comfortable, claw resistant, float. The materials used in the PuddlePaws is strong material that helps keep it claw resistant. The inner section is also spring sewn to provide additional comfort and reinforcement in the float, allowing it to support larger dogs. With a quickly deflate system, you can easily store away the float. The innovative jet valve technology helps to inflate the float quickly also. Owners of the PuddlePaws are amazed at just how durable the float is. Even when the largest of dogs are using the float for long periods, the materials do not show any signs of wear and tear. The material is extremely tough and will not rip or tear in the roughest of surfaces or conditions.

One downfall of the PuddlePaws is the spring in the tubing, the is supposed to help the float keep its shape, however, tends to be the first area of the float that gives way. Others have found the air valve difficult once the float is full and this can cause air to release whilst trying to put the air plugin quickly. If you have a short temper like me, you will quickly get frustrated by this.

Ralph loved this float when we tried him with it, and because it was designed for larger dogs over 65pounds, he had so much room. It felt like it would last longer, and he looked so comfortable. This float is completely clawed proof, this float is a long-lasting float that can be taken anywhere.


  • Suitable for larger dogs over 65 pounds
  • New valve technology for quick inflate and quick deflate
  • Nice and easy to store away


  • Metal springs don’t last long enough making the float quickly go out of shape
  • Can be a struggle to secure the valve once filled with air

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2 Kelsyus Floating Chair

kelsyus floating chair

Second, on the list is the floating chair made by Kelsyus. Suitable for adults up to 17 stone and is also suitable for dogs to sit comfortably. Being one of the pool floats for dogs, it measures 39x39x17 inches when completely inflated. Being a floating chair, the comfort is increased with the included backrest.

As the Kelsyus floating chair is a heavy-duty float, it is great to support both humans and dogs. If you have a small dog, like Ralph, you can set the dog on your lap whilst using the chair’s comfort. This is ideal for keeping your dog nearby whilst floating on the pool. Owners of the Kelsyus have suggested this chair due to the high quality of the materials of the chair and its design of it. The chair also allows small amounts of water to keep it cool.

Also included is a cup holder, which has no use for a dog but is good for yourself. Deflating the chair is simple, but it isn’t easy to completely fold away again and will not be as neat as when first purchased. The price is also ideal and is almost half the price of the other pool floats for dogs.


  • Supports humans and dogs
  • Does not tip over easily
  • lets small amounts of water on to help keep cool


  • Does not fold away as tidily as when first bought

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3 Paws Aboard Pool Float

Next, we have the Paws Aboard Pool Float. This large float shaped like a paw is a huge 50×39 inches and suitable for up to 90 pounds for extra large dogs. Like all the pool floats for dogs, the Paws aboard is made from a material that is dog claw resistant but may not withstand cats claws. Simple to inflate and deflate, plus comes complete with a loop for you to fit a rope. Paws Aboard have ensured that the float is simple for dogs to get on board. Well trained dogs tend to help each other around the pool by pulling the float along or even racing each other. Current float owners have stated that they are surprised by how long the float lasts and that even after a few summers, they are still able to use it. Paws Aboard Pool Float has made the design tough and long-lasting and simple, and effective for your pet. Helping to reduce hyperactive dogs to a calmer state by finding that comfortable place to rest when in the pool. The float can also be hung out to dry when finished.

Always make sure that float is dry before storing away as it can quickly become mouldy or damp smell. This is one of the major downfalls. Although most negative feedback is this, it remains up there as one of the pool floats for dogs – ensure you dry it properly.


  • Supports extra large breed dogs up to 90 pounds
  • Simple Inflate/Deflate system
  • Can attach a rope
  • Lasts several years with no complaint


  • If not dried correctly then can start to form mould and smell damp

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4 Kelsyus Floating Lounger

kelsyus floating lounger chair

Kelsyus return to our list with the Floating Lounger. Similar to the Floating Chair suggested above, apart from the additional footrest that allows for a total relaxing stretch when sitting with your pooch. As the Kelsyus lounger supports weight up to 17 stone, you can easily sit your dog on your lap and relax in your pool or lake and enjoy the nice summer weather. This additional comfort is one of the reasons why customers see it as one of the pool floats for dogs.

Like the Kelsyus chair, the lounger has a simple inflate and deflate system and an additional clip to attach a rope to so it can be pulled along or attached to a boat. This will help keep the float in reaching distance should you wish to get back on dry land or back aboard. It inflates to a nice 56x38x5.5 inches and allows small amounts of water onto the chair to keep it cool. The backrest is also great in supporting people with back issues as it is extremely comfortable.

Kelsyus have tried to keep the chair comfortable by adding a fabric cover on the seat. This prevents your skin from sticking to the plastic section which, when in hot weather, can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Although the choice of colours is minimal, the chair does exactly what it is intended to.

Having never seen a float designed so well and comfortable, we had to place this on our pool floats for dogs list. Even if you do not own a dog, it is a great float, but you can still be comfortable and relaxed and enjoy the great outdoors with a dog. Being tough and durable, this float supports you and your dog without any hassle.


  • Supports up to 17 stone humans
  • Side clip for easy attachment to a dock/boat
  • Enough space for you and your dog to site comfortably


  • Side clips are a little flimsy
  • Only one colour is available

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5 River Run by Intex

Like your classic rubber ring, the River Run by Intex is a cool 53 inches round float with a backrest included. Usually used at water parks in lazy rivers and water slides, this is extremely comfortable. In the hole of the rubber ring is a mesh allowing for you or your dog to sit comfortably and keep nice a cool when the water splashes up. The ring also comes complete with two handles for you to be able to grab hold and pull your dog along the water.

Dog owners who have bought the River Run found this to be a safe, comfortable float that they could use with their dog or their children and be assured of their safety. As the ring stays cool, you have no doubt that it will remain safe from burning.

An air pump is suggested when trying to blow the ring up as it is quite large and can take some time. Deflating is simple and can take approx. 30 seconds from fully inflated to flat. The ring is also extremely durable and strong and will bump off rocks without puncturing. The material used is high quality and made to last the toughest of conditions.

Being durable, strong and comfortable is the reason why this is one of the pool floats for dogs. As with any float, you should always ensure there are no punctures or leaky valves before entering the water. A quick test will help you and your dog accustomed to the new challenges ahead.


  • Strong and Claw proof seat
  • Rope and handles available
  • the surface remains cool and comfortable at all times


  • Always check before using as reports have suggest valve can be leaky

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Dive In: Choosing the Perfect Pool Float for Your Pup!

As we wrap up our exploration of the “Top 5 Pool Floats for Dogs,” it’s clear that summer and canine companionship are a match made in poolside paradise. These floats not only ensure safety and comfort for your furry friend but also add an extra layer of joy to your summer escapades. So, why wait? Dive into the pool float frenzy and make this summer unforgettable for both you and your loyal companion. With these fantastic options, you’ll be creating memories of sunny splashes and wagging tails in no time. Cheers to a season filled with aquatic adventures and boundless canine happiness!

Owning one of the pool floats for dogs makes those days out in the lake, the sea or your large pool a much more enjoyable experience as you can take your dog with you. Safety checks should always be put in place. Check the air stays in the float when inflated. Check the comfort and coolness of the float. Ensure the heat is not too much before using. Most of all, ensure your dog is trained to stay on the float before heading out into the open waters.

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