Tomatoes For Dogs – Health Benefits And Hazards

Doggie HealthTomatoes For Dogs - Health Benefits And Hazards
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If you are a concerned and worried dog owner and wondering if tomatoes for dogs is good or bad, let us assure you that you are not alone. As tomatoes are ubiquitous in our everyday diet and are beneficial for our health, we might want to share them with our beloved canines.

Only red and ripe tomatoes are suitable for dogs. Tomatoes are similar to potatoes, bell peppers, and blueberries in some way or other as they all belong to the same plant family that is the Nightshade family. However, unlike potatoes or bell peppers, tomatoes contain some toxins which can be harmful to dogs.

Which parts of tomatoes are suitable for dogs?

As mentioned above, tomatoes possess some toxins, namely, solanine and tomatine, toxic and harmful for dogs. These toxins are found only in the green and unripe parts of the tomatoes. As the tomatoes ripen with time, the toxin levels decrease bit by bit. That is why colour is the key to the safety of tomatos for dogs. Never feed your dog green tomatoes or any green parts of the tomatoes or leaves, for that matter. Ingesting green slices of tomatoes can lead to tomato poisoning in dogs.

Can dogs have tomato sauce?

Most people love tomato sauce and ask, is tomato sauce bad for dogs so that they can enjoy delicious snacks dipped into tomato sauce and also share those with their four-legged babies. The answer is yes and no. Tomato sauces on their own are not that harmful to dogs. However, the extra ingredients used in tomato sauce to make it lucrative to humans can be detrimental to dogs. 

Additionally, tomato sauces are not always processed from just ripe and red tomatoes. Unripe and fully or partially green tomatoes are sometimes included in the store-bought tomato sauce, which can cause serious harm to a dog’s health. The answer to the question, can dogs eat tomato sauce is, would be no. However, you can always make tomato sauce at home without any extra spice or chemicals for your dog.

Can dogs have tomato soup?

Tomato soup is one of the most popular dishes, including tomato as their main ingredient. While tomato soup does not sound very interesting for a dog’s appetite, you never know what foods dogs will be interested in. Mostly, dogs will take an interest in whatever dish you are eating beside them.

Now understandably, like a careful dog owner, you would be interested in knowing, can dogs eat tomato soup? Unfortunately, this question has no straightforward answer. It depends on the quality of tomato soup and whether it is appetizing for dogs or not.

Like tomato sauce, tomato soup itself is not bad for dogs. What makes different dishes of tomato soup either suitable or not suitable for dogs is the recipes used. Various recipes for tomato soups require other extra ingredients like spices or flavours or toppings which can be toxic to dogs. There is no telling which specific tomato soup is suitable for dogs, and the only way to know is by checking the ingredient labels before serving it to the dogs. Do not forget to do that.

Can dogs eat cherry tomatoes?

Apart from the regular tomatoes, a type of tomatoes is available that are small in size and round in shape, which is believed to be the genetic mutation of wild tomatoes and domesticated garden tomatoes. These tomatoes are called cherry tomatoes as they come in various colours such as yellow, purple, green, and even black.

Since some people love to eat cherry tomatoes, they want to know, ‘can dogs eat cherry tomatoes’ or not? It is wise to keep the dogs away from cherry tomatoes no matter how much they beg for this to eat. Dogs might be OK after consuming cherry tomatoes first and might not show any adverse reactions immediately after finishing. Still, cherry tomatoes also contain high levels of solanine and tomatine toxins and can cause severe distresses for dogs later on and even cause tomato poisoning.

Benefits of tomatoes on dogs

Though tomato is not a very friendly product for dogs, it holds a few benefits. Can dogs eat tomato soup? Yes, they can, but only when ripe tomatoes are used, and they are homemade and spice-free. The fibre content in tomatoes supports digestion in dogs, and antioxidants help keep diseases at bay. The vitamin and mineral content in tomatoes helps in hormonal balance, tissue growth, and proper cell functioning of dogs.

Tomato poisoning in dogs

Thankfully, tomato poisoning is not very common in dogs. But that doesn’t mean it can never happen. It is authentic and might change your thoughts on tomatoes for dogs. The reassuring fact is that most dogs who faced tomato poisoning have fully recovered. As previously stated, toxins like solanine and tomatine present in tomatoes, especially in green and unripe ones, as well cherry tomatoes, can lead to tomato poisoning.

The symptoms of tomato poisoning include weaknesses of muscles, loss of appetite, confusion in the brain, hypersalivation, dilated pupils, tremors, lethargy, stomach pain, difficulties in breathing, irregular heartbeats, diarrhoea, vomiting, and even seizures.

After diagnosing tomato poisoning in dogs, veterinarians might generally induce vomiting or monitor them for some hours before prescribing some medicines.

Cautionary warnings

So, How good are tomatoes for dogs? You might have got the answer. You should never serve unripe or green tomatoes to your dog as it can lead to tomato poisoning in dogs.

If you want to serve homemade tomato sauce to your dog, you should avoid extra seasonings like spices, salts, or additional flavours. Also, you should avoid store-bought tomato sauce as they are full of different herbs, which can be harmful to dogs.

It would be best to avoid store-bought canned or packaged tomato soup for your dog.

Whenever you prepare a homemade tomato soup, you should opt for fresh garden red tomatoes as they can be of the maximum benefit to your dog.

It would be best to avoid cherry tomatoes or wild tomatoes as they can cause several minor disorders in dogs.

Final Words

Tomato is a controversial product for dogs, and questions like ‘can dogs eat tomato soup’ are common. Dogs are not very fond of tomatoes, but a small amount of tomato soup or tomato sauce is not a big deal for your puppies unless they are in the pup stages or belong to a smaller breed. Don’t hesitate to contact your vet if your dog faces adverse effects from tomato consumption.

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