6 Outstanding Barking Dog Alarms for In or Outside

Not everyone wants the responsibility of owning their own dog, but would like the security that some dogs bring.  Barking Dog Alarms can be used to protect any part of your house including garages, gardens & sheds.

Small, portable and simple to use, these portable devices can be plugged in or battery operated and can be moved simply and easily to anywhere you require.  Most barking dog alarms have a motion detector that reach anywhere up to 23 feet.  As the alarms can detect movement with the super sensors, the alarm will let of a dog barking sound that can be heard through windows / doors

Real Dogs can only identify intruders when they are a little closer as they tend to sniff before barking.  These alarms can give you a good warning before someone enters your property.

We have identified 6 of the best Barking Dog Alarms that are a great price and also do an amazing job to help protect you.


6 Best Barking Dog Alarms That Will Protect Your Home

1 Electronic Secure Watch Dog6 Outstanding Barking Dog Alarms for In or Outside

If you are looking to guarantee the safety of your house without the cost of an actual dog then the Electronic Secure Watch Dog is for you.  This is the greatest and most effective motion detector on the market today.

The alarm includes Dog Barking, Chimes or the sound of an alarm to help deter intruders.  Inclusive of a wireless remote control so you can turn off the alarm when you wish to deactivate it with the simple click of a button. The radar sensitivity can detect can sense movement through windows which really helps the detection of intruders / visitors.  However, the sensor does not work through brick, concrete or steel walls / doors you can easily place the dog alarm on the window sill inside.

Keeping your family safe is the main priority of any dog barking alarm and this is the best in our opinion.

2 Safety Technology ED-50 Rex Plus6 Outstanding Barking Dog Alarms for In or Outside

Owning a dog barking alarm is great as long as you know just how reliable it can be.  The Safety Technology ED-50 Rex Plus is just that.  Simply plug it in and place anwhere you wish to detect direct movement.  That’s it.  Point to note:  Do not place behind metals as the device will not work.

The ED-50 Rex Plus dog barking alarm is set off by movement in front of the alarm.  As the movement (person) gets closer to the alarm, the barking noise becomes more frequent.  This can cause intruders to be scared / distracted and scare them away.  Or, it can wake you up in the night so you can scare them yourself.

Saving money on a real dog and time with training. This dog alarm does exactly what you need it too.  This will protect the family and belongings in any home.

3 Streetwise Electronic Watch Dog6 Outstanding Barking Dog Alarms for In or Outside

Streetwise have created a 24/7 security dog barking alarm that will protect you and your home.  Being able to detect movement / strangers through walls helps keep the device hidden but ensures intruders are kept at bay.

With an amazing range of 23 feet, the Streetwise Electronic Watch Dog is a great device.  Please note that if you are using the device through a wall, the range is only 16.5 feet, but still a great length.  Metal and tinted glass are 2 materials that will block the barking dog alarm signal and microwaves from detecting movement.

Complete with volume control and 2 other alarm sounds PLUS a Remote Control should you wish to turn the device off during the day.

One amazing feature that is included is the ability to record audio.  If someone has entered your property unlawfully, the full conversation and sounds can be recorded by the device when in use.  Always make sure it is connected to your electrical socket for full use.

4 Barking Intruder Alarm Home Security Device6 Outstanding Barking Dog Alarms for In or Outside

If you are wanting a more aggressive sounding dog bark then the Barking Intruder alarm by Electronic Watchdog can give you just that.   With an amazing, realistic, barking sound, strangers will be afraid as soon as they get within 15 feet.  The device will also increase in volume and become more frequent should the intruder continue to get closer.

Being able to detect through walls and doors the device has one of the best radar systems which will help keep you safe and protected at all times.

This remarkable and affordable device is one of the more realistic barking alarms which can also be used for more pleasant and inviting sounds.

5 Sentry Electronic Watchdog Safety 6 Outstanding Barking Dog Alarms for In or Outside

Sentry Electronic Watchdog device has the ability to detect animal and human movement through walls, glass windows and doors.

As well as a great detection unit the device also has a 180 degree detection angle at the front of the device which helps detect intruders right across the front of the house where most is just a direct detection from straight in front.

It is such a light device and easy to be moved around the house.  It also does not require to be plugged in and has high water protection in case you wished to use the device outside.

6 Safety Technology International, Inc.ED-55 Rex II6 Outstanding Barking Dog Alarms for In or Outside

The ED-55 Rex II is a barking dog alarm that keeps your house, car or family protected at all times.  The alarm comes with dog barking, a siren OR greeting sounds.

Without owning a real dog or spending time training, this device is perfect for the home.  Using the barking dog sound burglars / intruders can quickly become stunned and disturbed by the noise.

It works through walls , glass and doors and can be placed in any room indoors.  Once you have chosen your desired sounds and the device is in place, the device will work.

The closer an intruder gets the more intermittent the sounds become making it a lot more distracting for intruders in the home.


Protecting your house is easy with the Dog Barking Alarms available.  Owning a dog barking alarm will ultimately keep and strangers, burglars away from your properties valuables.  Most people find these devices are a great alternative to actually owning a dog as they provide the same type of security as a well-trained guard dog.

As these devices only require a plug or a battery, you will not need the added time of training, feeding, picking up poop or walking.  You can simply unplug it should you not require its use.  Cheap, affordable and effective.