Best Dry Dog Foods Perfect for Puppies, Medium and Senior Dogs

Owning a puppy for the first time is like becoming a first time parent. Many new puppy owners want to know what the best dry dog food for puppies will be. They also want to know if there are cheaper alternatives that will reduce the costs.  Storing dry dog food is simple.  Keep it in an airtight storage container in a nice cool cupboard.  This will ensure the food keeps dry and the flavour is kept in the food.  If any air does get into it, your dry food quickly becomes very soft and loses taste.  Your dogs will also want to eat at the same times and part of their trying from a puppy is to ensure they get the right amount of food.  As your dog gets older and bigger, they may have larger portions.  This can be complicated if you are out and struggle to feed your dog at the correct time.  Automatic Dog Feeders are a great way to ensure you never miss a feed.  These can help with training also as your dog will learn when feeding time is by the noise of the food dropping into a bowl.

Honestly, these questions are ones that only you or your vet can answer. Doing your own research and speaking with your vet will help any new puppy owner find the right dry dog food with the best nutritional balance.

Puppies should not be taken away from there mothers until 8 to 12 weeks old. This is when puppies can start to eat dry foods, kibble, on their own. You can however ween puppies much earlier than this but from 8 weeks they should be on solid foods on their own.

We would always recommend starting with the best dry dog food for puppies that is high in calories, vitamins and minerals and above all else protein. All of this will ensure that you puppy will have the adequate diet to support their development.

One thing to note about puppies is that they grow at an alarming rate which also means they need help developing their bones and muscles. This can be done by choosing the best dry dog food for puppies that has the additional nutrients that your dog will need to stay strong and healthy. Discussions with your vet will always help ensure your meeting your puppies dietary requirements.

Finding the highest quality best dry dog food for puppies was not easy however, we have provided a good list of the Top 5 best dry foods for your puppy.

Top 5 Best Dry Dog Food for Puppies

1 Nulo Dry Dog Foodbest dry dog food for puppies by Nulo

Our first choice Best Dry Dog Food for Puppies is the Nulo Dry Dog Food.

Nulo Dry Dog Food is prepared in the USA and two high protein receipes which include Salmon and Turkey.

With the optimal amount of proteins your dog will have the perfect aid to help build bone strength, support the immune system and above all else, keep your dog looking healthy with a nice-looking coat. Nulo Dry Dog Food is also grain free which also does not contain any artificial colours or preservatives.

Nulo Dry Puppy Food became an instant hit with puppies due to the tasty chewy pieces and even fussy eaters will take to this food immediately. Reviews of the Nulo Dry Dog Food suggest that puppy owners, once purchasing the Nulo Food, never change to anything else. Nulo Puppy Dry Dog Food is a well-priced and well packages dog food.

Packaging comes with an airtight zip lock that will ensure the food lasts longer and remains fresh. It has also been said that the high calorie formula in Nulo best dry dog food for puppies helps active dogs stay active.



Prepared in the USA
20% Carbs and 80% meat
Small dry Grain Free food


Some Owners Reported Loose Stools in their Dog

2 Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Puppy Food

Our second choice is the Wellness Core Natural Puppy Food. Wellness is a very popular brand amongst other dog food companies and they are not afraid to put money into providing the perfect formula for their amazing puppy food recipes. Using all natural grain free ingredients the wellness core is formulated to help puppies through their younger, faster growing years into the developmental years.

Identifying the popularity of this product was easy with the high number of satisfied customer reviews.

Ingredients in the Wellness Core Grain Free Puppy Food include high proteins such as chicken, turkey and salmon as well as some quality fruit, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, omega 3 fatty acids and many other key ingredients to make this an all round, complete, grain free high quality puppy food.


All Natural and Grain Free
No artificial colours or preservatives
No wheat, corn or soy


Reported that food has irritated some dogs allergies

3 Earthborn Holistic

Wells Pet Food are a very popular brand with dog owners and in third place we have their Earthborn Holistic dry dog food for puppies. Dogs will always hunt for their own food and try to be scavengers for any foods they can find, especially human meals. Our son often sneakily gives Ralph food to help clear his tea quicker. Dogs that eat junk food regular will suffer with serious health problems in the future as well as physical problems. Dogs always require a very well balances diet full of the right animal proteins like all these best dry dog foods for puppies.

Puppies get a lot of their nutrients from vegetables and green plans and puppies require regular intake as it will help them develop and grow in their younger years. The Earthborn Holistic puppy food has a chicken and whitefish meal option to help support the development including strengthening of bones and muscles.

Reviews of the Earthborn puppy food have highlighted that skin and digestive problems in some dogs have improved when changing / using this best dry dog food for puppies. Several other doggie problems have also been identified as improving such as itchy skin, obesity and upset stomachs.



Holistic Food
Probiotics are included in the food
Contains only 20% fat
Omega Fatty Acids and Antioxidants also included


Not Grain Free
Chicken is not REAL Deboned Chicken

4 Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild are also one of our best grain free dog foods and have also made it into our Top 5 best dry dog food for puppies. Just like the grain free dog food, this formula helps with dogs digestive system and also reduce skin irritations. Taste of the Wild also understand that dogs can digest food much easier when they are rich in protein which is why many of the Taste of the Wild range is recognised by Vets around the world as the best dry dog food for puppies and adults. Other well known facts about dog foods is they require fruits and vegetables as well as a good level of protein. Taste of the Wild have found an amazing balance of all these ingredients to provide a great tasting dry dog food for puppies.

Taste of the Wild dog food is created with history in mind and looking at what dogs have loved over time. The wild side of the ingredients comes from the buffalo meat or the roasted bison / venison which gets all dogs and puppies a little bit excited.

If you are changing your dog food or buying one of the best dry dog food for puppies for the first time then you should always check the ingredients. The label on the Taste of the Wild products is an amazing descriptive label which provides enough information to make a healthy decision for you and your dog.


Grain Free
Unique Proteins Used for Sensitive dogs
Contains only 17% fat
Includes Pro-Biotics for Healthy Digestive System


Diarrhea and Vomitting has been noted by some owners
Inconsistency have been noted with the quality of the product

5 Merrick Grain Free Puppy Food

Merrick have arrived on the dog food market and immediately found a food that dogs will instantly like. Merrick have followed the trend of ensuring that stomach problems and stool issues are avoided with their foods and that the food can be digested without problems.

Staying away from carbohydrates and grains that more common dog foods use has helped Merrick produce a remarkable dry dog food for puppies. Any of the best dry dog food for puppies is great but if you are looking for something to suit your dogs needs then the Chicken and Sweet Potato recipe from Merrick is for you.

Merrick label is clear. visible and highlights that real chicken as the main ingredient and is made in the certified organic kitchens in the USA.

Transitioning dogs from one food to the Merrrick range should be done gradually (as with any dog foods) as this can cause slight problems in dog stomachs.


Real Deboned Chicken
Grain Free
No soy, wheat or Gluten
No ingredients from China


Some owners reported that there dog simply did not eat or like this food

How Should I Feed My Puppy?

Feeding a puppy should not be a terrifying experience yet some puppy owners have a fear that their dog will choke or struggle to each the dry food. Puppies and dogs are stronger than you think and their jaws will break through the dry foods. As puppies though it is essential that you buy the smaller sized dry foods rather than the larger chunks. Also, depending on your breed, you may need to stay on the smaller sized foods like we have to with Ralph.

If you are adopting or taking a dog in from a shelter then always check what food the puppy was on previously. Before you buy any food, it is a MUST that you purchase the same food that were on previously. You can then buy any of the best dry dog food for puppies above to help transition.

Any transition from one food to another should be done over a 2 weeks period. The best way to transition is using large parts of old food and a smaller portion of new food. Stick with this for a couple of days and then move onto a 50% split. Stay with this for another 5 days and increase the new food percentage. Another 3-5 days and then your good to go with 100% of the new food in the dogs bowl.

Keep your eye on the dogs stool during transition as any sign of problems then you should slow down and reduce the new food ratio.

Always start new puppies on dry dog food as this is recommended by vets. This is due to the nutrients and vitamins that are in dry dog foods.

When to feed your puppy;

  • Puppies up to 6 months – 3-4 times a day
  • Puppies over 6 months – Twice a day

Setting a clear feeding routine with your dog will help you potty train you dog as you will know when they need to go potty. As your puppy grows, they will start to go potty on their own as the routine will have helped them.

Best Dry Dog Food for Medium Dogs for a Healthier Balanced Diet

Preventing nutritional diseases in your dog can be easy if you purchase the Best Dry Dog Food for Medium Dogs that have been specially formulated. Medium sized dogs have nutritional needs that are different to that of large and smaller sized dogs. The below top 5 best dry dog food for medium dogs will help provide your adult dog a well balanced nutritional diet that their body will need and in the long term prevent any potential illnesses. Grain Free foods are also a great way of keeping your dog fit, active and healthy.

Shopping for healthy dry dog foods can be difficult especially with commercial branded foods being designed to every single nutritional need. Plus, commercial dog foods are easier to buy and more convenient that homemade dog foods. Check out our homemade dog food page for some amazing recipes to help your doggies nutritional needs.

With all the different types of dry dog foods available we have researched and found the best dry dog food for medium dogs and will provide the benefits of each.

Now, let’s take a look at the best dry dog food for medium dogs

Best Dry Dog Food for Medium Dogs

1 Merrick Grain Free Dry FoodMerrick best dry dog food for medium dogs

Merricks Grain Free Food is our 3rd choice of the best dry dog food for medium dogs due to the main ingredient being real deboned meat. Plus, it is also a grain free dog food. A high percentage of the food is a mixture of protein and fats (70%). As highlighted on the front of the packaging, the main and first ingredient used is real deboned buffalo meat and is completely grain free.

Medium sized dogs benefit from this dog food as the high protein and high calories included provide everything your dog needs to have healthy joints and be a naturally healthy dog. Merricks Grain Free Food has a 38% protein content and 16% fat. Being a grain free dog food, Merricks will also be a healthy and more natural alternative to help dogs that reach badly to grained foods.

Merricks Grain Free Dog Food is a trusted brand that gets all the ingredients from the USA including its buffalo. Although there are general concerns around importing dog foods, Merrick thrive on quality and customers have noted that since using Merrick Grain Free Dog Food they have seen a noticeable different in the dogs health and energy levels.


Real Meat off the bone
High Quality Proteins and Fats
Probiotics for a healthy Digestive System
Grain Free


Some Dogs have had an Allergic Reaction
Some owners reported upset stomach in there dogs after switching to this food

2 Grain-Free Yukon River Canine Salmon and Sweet PotatoYukon River Best Dry Dog Food for Medium Dogs

Grain Free Dog Food by Victors Yukon River is an amazing food that is packed with all the calories and protein that an Active, medium sized, dog needs. Made with Salmon and Sweet Potato, the Yukon River formula is also a hypoallergenic dog food.

Victors Grain Free Dog Food is made and prepared with salmon and being grain free contains no grains. This makes it the most popular and best dry dog food for medium sized dogs. This food has huge benefits for dogs that may have food allergies and is the best dog food for medium sized dogs due to the high calorific values.

As the food does not contain any chicken, beef or other meat proteins, other than fish. Being totally grain free it is not great surprise that dog owners and dogs LOVE the Victor Yukon River Grain Free Dog Food over any branded dog food.


Hypoallergenic Dog Food Formula
Made in USA
Well Balanced Fat and Protein content
Grain Free


Inconsistent Quality Control
Some owners reported upset stomach in there dogs after switching to this food


Family Foods has created one of the best dry dog foods for medium dogs that is made by a family run business that thrives on producing only wholesome food for pets.

Being filled with energy dense proteins the Fromm Family Foods dry dog food is recommended more for a medium sized dog with normal day to day activities. When feeding Fromm Family Foods it is vital the your dogs activity levels stay the same to help maintain your dogs weight and support the development of muscles. When feeding your dog the Fromm Family Foods dog food, owners have noticed that they feed their dog much less than normal branded foods due to the calories that are packed into it.

Noticeable improvements have been seen in dogs energy levels after switching to this food. Owners have also seen improvements in skin, coat and some digestive problems. This is just after a few weeks of using this amazing dry dog food.


Available for all stages of dogs life
Made in USA
Probiotics to help aid digestive system
Includes Salmon Oil for a healthy coat


Dog Owners have reported some dogs having allergic reactions
Some owners reported upset stomach in there dogs after switching to this food

4 Wild Prairie FoodAcanaWild Prairie Best Dry Dog Food for Medium Dogs

Acana Wild Prairie is a very popular dog food that is sourced from Canada’s local farm distributors and Cold Lakes. Acana dog food comes highly recommended for medium size dogs mainly because the food contains 70% ingredits that have derived from animals, and the first two are ‘real’ whole meat.

Acana Wild Prairie Dog Food is one of the best dry dog food for medium dogs as with every cup full you are providing 462kcal which will easily satisfy your medium sized dogs energy levels and requirements.

When feeding Wild Prairie to your dog you must always keep an eye on your dogs weight. If a dogs energy levels drop suddenly they can very quickly gain weight and you must look for a suitable alternative. Many owners have moved to this best dry dog food for medium dogs because of the calories that Acana offers. Providing a low car diets protects dogs from obesity and the high level of calories help support your dogs energy levels.


100% Real Food from Canadian Farms and Lakes
35% Protein and 15% Fat
Probiotics to help aid digestive system


Some Reviewers have said there dog just did not try and eat this food
Some owners reported that there dog had diarrhoea


5 Royal Canin Health Nutrition Medium Adult Royal Canni Best Dry Dog Food for Medium Dogs

Royal Canin dog food is a little more specific and is suitable for medium sized dogs aged 1-7 years old and weight between 21 and 55 pounds. This age and weight is a great age for dogs to start filling out and reach an ideal weight in their adult years.

AS with most of the best dry dog food for medium dogs the Royal Canin Health Nutrition food provides dogs with a healthy, shiny, coat and help build dogs natural defences. This will help fight illness and irritations in the skin. Maintaining your dogs exercise and activities is a must with this food as it will help maintain and build your dogs body mass and weight.

When switching to the Royal Canin dog food owners reported dramatic changes in the dogs health. Owners that switched stated this was the best dry dog food for medium dogs that they had tried and would not switch back to any other brand. Some stated this was a life changer for them and they had never seen a shinier coat or there dog looking as healthy before.


Much More Specific and Targeted to dogs aged 1-7 years old and 21 to 55 pounds
23% Protein and 12% Fat
Highly Digestible


Some Owners were disappointed to see Rice as the first ingredient
Some owners reported that there dog had diarrhoea and sickness after eating this food

Best Dry Dog Food for Medium Dogs: Benefits

Dogs are always growing and require a suitable level of protein to help with growth and strength. Meat in any dog food is the best source of protein. You can also get protein reduced foods but these do contain a higher level of calcium but must be maintained and controlled.

Dry Dog Food formula for any dog size and breed is not as simple as it may seem. If you have a working or active dog then a high protein diet is what your medium sized dog needs along with a high calorie intake to help with energy levels. The high proteins will help maintain and build leaner stronger muscles that will ensure you have an energetic, active, hard working dog.

Medium sized dogs are not just highly active dogs, many are also nice and relaxed. These dogs can tend to quickly become over weight after a few extra calories. In this scenario you should ensure you keep your dogs activities in mind when feeding your dog.

Vitamins and Minerals are a key part of any dogs diets linking with your dogs energy levels and age, you should make sure they are getting the optimum amount of calories. If you want to ensure you are providing your dog the best diet then choosing the best dry dog food for medium dogs will help ensure you meet the correct nutritional needs for your dog.

Visiting the vet for advice is always advised but they can only provide information which may not always be 100% accurate. More importantly they can guide you to the appropriate information to help.

Best Senior Dog Food for a Healthier Looking Dog in their Senior Years

When dogs age the body changes and this should also mean the diet does too. You should arrange regular meetings with your vet to discuss dietary requirements and future plans for your dogs health. Your vet should recommend starting with the food your dog eats before exercise etc. Looking into the best senior dog food available is a great place to start and will help ensure your dog is entering its senior years healthier.

Switching to Senior Dog Food. Which Brands Do I Choose?

Dogs hitting their senior years can depend on the size of the dog. Smaller breeds aren’t deemed to be ‘senior’ until they are at least 10 years old, whilst larger breeds such as St. Bernards will be considered to be a senior dog at the age of six or seven. This is due to the length of time dogs will live. This is due to the fact that larger breed dogs don’t live as long as smaller breeds. Studies have also revealed that your dogs diet will also have a major impact in how long your dog lives for.

Dependent on your dog size will then help you decide when to have your initial discussions with your vet regarding your dogs nutritional requirements. By visiting your vet early enough you can then ensure your dog gets full benefit of being on the right diet at the right time through its senior years. Throughout this post we will discuss which are the best senior dog food brands for your dog and also which of the main factors you need to consider when choosing the best senior dog food.

Unlike most review pages, we would normally dive right into the best senior dog food brands at this point however, it is key to understand a little bit more about senior dog food and nutrition.

Benefits of the Best Senior Dog Food?

Some of the best senior dog food brands can be rated high based purely on customer and dog owner reviews but please remember that each and every dog will take to each food differently. Vet advice is also advisory when change your dogs diet in such a way.

What to Look For in Best Senior Dog Food

Throughout our extensive research it is known that for senior dogs to live a longer life it is best they are on low calorie foods. As your dog ages, just like humans, the metabolism will slow and if your dog remains on a high calorie diet, they will gain weight much quick. This can result in serious problems with your dog.

Aging dogs are more prone to diseases such as Arthritis so it is absolutely essential that your dogs diet is talked about immediately with a vet to ensure that you are providing the right calorie levels and not over feeding your dog. Vets will also advise on the right foods and nutrition to give your dog.

Furthermore, high fiber diets are highly recommended by vets due to the gastrointestinal health improvements they have. Although the best senior dog food reviewed below is high in fiber and low calorie, this does not mean they are perfect for your dog, they are just the best out there. You should still seek advice from a vet as to which brand is right for you.

There are hundreds of different foods for dogs out there that are great for dogs such as grain free dog food and homemade dog food. We have considered these senior dog foods and spoken to local vets to gain their opinions also before pulling together this Top 5 Best Senior Dog Food Brands for you to look into.

Now let’s dive into the Best Senior Dog Food For a Longer Healthier Life for your Dog.

Top 5 Best Senior Dog Food for a Longer Healthier Life

1 Orijen Dog Food for Senior Dogsbest senior dog food by OrIJen

Type: Grain-free
Price: £5 per 1kg
Fiber: 8.9%
Calories: 414 kcal per cup

Number one on our Top 5 for best senior dog food is this amazing high quality, protein filled dog food is the Orijen Grain Free Dry Dog Food. This food contains some of the best chicken and turkey as well as eggs, fish and many other great nutrients to provide your senior dog everything it needs. Everything about this dog food takes into consideration your senior dogs slower metabolism.

In packages from as small as 240g all the way up to the large 11.4kg bags, the feedback is absolutely amazing. With no artificial preservatives used, owners and dogs like this product a lot due to the healthy-looking coat it provided your dog along with a resolution to skin problems and a great increase in dogs energy levels. For senior dogs, energy is difficult to get but this food provides the right level of nutrients to make your dog feel young again.

Along with dogs looking and feeling fantastic, it has been noted that other medications have been reduced since using the Orijen dog food. These are the main reasons why we have ranked this number on for best senior dog food. The price is a little steep in comparison to other brands however, once you have used this product you will be glad you paid the additional price. Reduction in vet visits meant this dog food is well worth the additional cost.

Dogs of a more senior age start to become fussy with the foods they eat and that can make it very difficult to choose the right food for you dog. Orijen have made this food smell great and taste even better that all dogs will love it.


Ingredients include Chicken, Eggs, Fish, Fruit and Vegetables
No Artificial Preservatives
Skin Problems Quickly Cleared Up After Using This Food
Improvements Made to Dogs Health


Price is Much Higher than Other Brands

2 Wellness Complete Healthbest senior dog food WELLNESS HEALTH

Type: Well-balanced
Price: $1.68/lb
Fiber: 5.6%
Calories: 416 kcal/cup

If you are looking for a delicate diet for your dog then look no further than the Wellness Complete Health Senior Dog Food. Made in the US, the ingredients are naturally sourced to provide an amazing dog food that is nutrient rich and full of amazing ingredients. These include chicken, brown rice, white fish, carrots and many other vegetables. Also included are extremely balanced levels of calcium and glucosamine to help keep bones strong.

As senior dogs are fussy eaters, feeding them can be difficult but, as with the Orijen, this food is super tasty for dogs and there are no problems in getting them to feed. Wellness Complete Health dog food has also been known to show huge improvements in dogs health and conditioning which meant, for such a great price, this is definitely ones of the best senior dog foods.

Due to the fantastic price of this amazing dog food, there are some production and shipping delays which can cause problems if you are keen to start using senior dog food. Customers who have used to the product have commented on the improvements made in the overall health of the dog including heart and skin conditions.


Balanced Levels of Calcium
Made in the USA
Strengthens Bones and Joints in Senior Dogs
Helps to Improve Body Mass


Can be Delays in Shipping of Product

3 Hill’s Science Diet Adult 7+ Longevitybest senior dog food HILLS SCIENCE

Type: Well-balanced
Price: £4.96 per kg

Fiber: 2.4%
Calories: 364 kcal/cup

Like humans, dogs become slower and lazier as they get older. This make arthritis and other common illnesses become even worse. Hills Science Diet Dog Food has been created to really support and improve the quality of your dogs’ senior years. With a carefully formulated set of all natural ingredients, this dog food is simple to digest and extremely tasty for your dog. They also guarantee that the food will provide all the nourishment your dog needs.

Some owners have declared in their feedback that they have seen huge improvements in aging dogs health. Other feedback also comments on the amazing quality of the product as well as the various size bags you can purchase.

Hill’s Science Diet Original Dry Dog Food for Adult dogs 7+ is a great food for even the pickiest of dogs. Providing a gentle and completeness to kidney function.

Although this is advertised as ‘whole grain’ some consumers have found their to be corn in the ingredients which has caused allergies and stomach conditions to form. Majority of customers are happy with the product and their dogs LOVE IT!


Made with All Natural Ingredients
Contains Complete Nourishment
Can Be Prepared in Two Styles


Does Include Corn but this is NOT on the Label

4 Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Seniorbest senior dog food - Diamond Naturals

Type: Well-balanced
Price: £6.60 per kg

Fiber: 4.4%
Calories: 318 kcal/cup

One of the biggest challenges facing us as dog owners is ensuring our elderly dog continues to have an active lifestyle with plenty of exercise and also the right diet and nutrition. Diamond Naturals is a well formulated to help maintain the most optimal health for any dog in its senior years.

Included in this fantastic dog food is chicken, eggs, fruits and vegetables and many other amazing ingredients. Also included are antioxidants and omega fatty acids to support healthy coats, this is alongside the standard vitamins and minerals.

Choosing the best senior dog food is difficult as senior dogs are more fussy about what foods they eat and their stomach’s easily become upset. Customers who bought the Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Senior Dogs also found that the price, in comparison to treatments for skin problems, is a lot cheaper and worked just as well. Healthier looking stool and beautiful looking coats makes this a popular choice with professionals and the Diamond brand becomes something they have used for a long period of time.

As we have already said, some senior dogs are extremely fussy eaters and as great as this product is, it just isn’t for everyone. Featuring in our Top 5 best senior dog food list, buyers of this product could not recommend it enough and has become the main source of food alongside keeping them exercised and well looked after.


Contains High Quality Ingredients
Containts Anti Oxidants and Omega Fatty Acides for a Healthy Coat
Helps Improve Gastrointestinal Problems


Some Dogs Struggle to Switch to Any of the Best Senior Dog Food

5 CANIDAE Life Stages Dry Food

Type: Well-balanced
Price: $1.50/lb

Fiber: 4.4%
Calories: 342 kcal/cup

Canidae have provided one of the best senior dog foods available that is not just for senior dogs. This food is absolutely perfect for dog owners that have more than one dog and / or dogs of many different ages. Canidae have made this product so practical, anyone with more than one dog, puppy up to senior dog, finds this the best dry dog food money can buy. With optimum levels of protein to help build your dogs muscles and strengthen elderly dogs too, you cannot go wrong.

The best part of this senior dog food is the aid in digestion it provides suitable omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid levels which help keep your dog looking healthy. Owners that changed to Canidae noticed a significant improvement in their energy levels making them a spring chicken once again.

Some customers have reported their dogs to have started with a small case of mild constipation which for senior dogs can be quite serious. Always make sure that you transition over in the correct way and seek advice from your vet where you are unsure. This will help avoid any unnecessary complications and ensure your dog can live a happy healthy final few years in their senior lives.


Great For Dogs of All Ages
Optimum Protein Levels
Contains Pro Biotyics to help Digestion
Contains Omega 3 and 6 for Healthier Coat


Dogs Have Been Known to get Constipated when Changing Food

Summary: Best Dry Dog Foods

Throughout our research we wanted to make sure we provided enough information for all stages of a dogs life.  From puppy up too your dogs senior years, their are all types for great foods available.  It is recommended to ensure your dogs get the nutrients and proteins required.  All these will ensure your dog lives a long and healthy life.  Having a dog in the house should be treated like a member of the family.  Would you eat food thats not good for you? These foods are the best on the market.  However, that is our own views based on our research.  Feel free to make your own decisions.  Always remember to check the ingredients on any dog foods.  Some dogs are allergic to certain ingredients and this unfortunately is not something I can cater for.  Every dog is different.


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