Top 5 Best Long Handled Pooper Scooper – Environmentally Friendly For You and Your Family

Owning a dog is a wonderful experience.  No dog owner likes bending down to pick up a warm wet poop.  Unfortunately, this is part of dog ownership and something we all must do as dog owners or we could face a fine.  There are so many tools available now to help pick up poop after our dogs and the best long handled pooper scooper will help prevent back problems in dog owners PLUS picking up poop can be made quick and simple and less dirty.

Whilst searching for the best doggie products we wanted to find the best, most effective, long handled pooper scoopers on the market.  Once you have taken the plunge and moved away from puppy training pads then taking your dog to the great outdoors is an all new challenge.  This can be stressful on its own without having a poop bag blowing around in the wind whilst trying to collect the poops.  Then a hole in the bag and your hand ends up in the poop…. NOT GOOD!

There are many popular brands out there and there are also some very cheap versions out there.  We have reviewed the best long handled pooper scooper on the market based on value for money, effectiveness, longevity and easy to use.  We also used customer reviews as a guide for our choices.  People who use these best long handled pooper scoopers on a daily basis are the best sources of information as they provide the most accurate reviews.

Throughout this review we will provide information on the overall benefits of using a long handled pooper scooper, review each of the Top 5 Best Long Handled Pooper Scooper and advice on WHY you should use a long handled pooper scooper.

Choosing the Best Long Handled Pooper Scooper: Why Should I Use One?

Dog poop contains different types of nasty bacteria’s and parasites which if left on the ground can affect the water.  Picking up dog poop is not only respectful to local residents but it is the law.  Dog poop is a polluter and not only that, it’s a nightmare to clean up.  Stepping out of your garden into someone elses dog poop is annoying.

When you are outside gardening or your children are playing outside then not picking up dog poop can put you at risk of health problems and infections.  Flies and other bacteria will spread diseases from dog poop if it is not disposed of correctly.

Buying the best long handled pooper scooper makes picking up dog mess much easier and hassle free.  Depending on which model you choose depends on whether your children can also get involved.  Picking up dog poop is an absolute must if you own a dog.  Some pooper scoopers can cause more problems for you than help.

Being able to pick up waste and easily place into a doggie poop bag is always the best option to look for when searching for a long handled pooper scooper.  Finding the most cost effective and practical pooper scoopers has been a challenge however, below is our Top 5 Best Long Handled Pooper Scooper for you and your family to use daily.

Top 5 Best Long Handled Pooper Scoopers for You and Your Family

1 2-in-1 Rake N’ Spade with Panbest long handled pooper scooper Rake N Spade

Our number one choice for best long handled pooper scooper is the Rake n Spade by Natures Miracle.  Although, this pooper scooper requires 2 hands to operate, the quality of the Rake n’ Spade makes this stand out more than the others.  This very simple idea helps keep the Rake n’ Spade a top choice for any dog owner and this version is an improvement on the previous model.

With the Rake n’ Spade you will not ned to worry any longer about picking up poop.  You can easily pick up any dog poop, small or large, without bending down.  Just place the Rake n’ Spade on the floor and easily scrape up your dogs poop in just a few seconds.  This also works on ANY surface including concrete, grass and snow.  The Rake n’ Spade is easy to clean as it is non stick so there shouldn’t be much left over to clean.  There are also other versions available that come with an LED light and super thick dog poops bags.

The simple design is one of the most outstanding features of this long handled pooper scooper.  There is no need to worry about breaking anything as the design, unlike other pooper scoopers, has no springs.  This makes it one of the most sturdy pooper scoopers and will last longer than others on the market.

Dog owners are leaving regular reviews on how reliable this long handled pooper scooper is and just how simple it is to use.  Picking up dog poop on any surface helps reduce problems when out walking your dog and cleaning up after them.


2 68AR Raspberry Panorama Large Scoop and Rake Setbest long handled pooper scooper

Taking dog owners back to a basic style pooper scooper, the 68AR Panorama Scoop and Rake from Four Paws is a reliable piece of equipment you will not regret buying.  The price of this pooper scooper does tend to scare people away however, it is more reliable than the spring version.  It also has extremely reliable functions, basically because there are none.

One great feature is the rust resistance it has which will allow the pooper scooper to be left outside and you wont ned to worry about damage from rust and bad weather.  With an amazing comfortable rubber grip, it is a very easy to use item and great for the garden to use and to leave outside.

Dog owners find that the 68AR is a great pooper scooper on Grass.  Looking at the scooper you would think it is quite flimsy and will break easily but, the teeth are not as flimsy as first seem PLUS will survive quite a bit of pressure being applied when you pickup your dogs poop.

The design also helps you get deep into the grass without bending or snapping the teeth on the rake.  The biggest flaw in the set is the pan as it can be quite loose and flimsy and its advised not too put too much pressure on.  Make sure you are careful when using the pan as overtime it can bend and eventually snap making it useless.

3 Natures Miracle Jaw Scoopbest long handled pooper scooper Natures Miracle Jaw Scoop

Third choice of our best long handled pooper scooper is the Jaw Scoop from Natures Miracle.  This is an earlier version of the Rake n’ Spade but is still a great pooper scooper at a fantastic price.  Being a spring action pooper scooper the Jaw Scoop is amazing value for money and will ensure you can pick up poop without any hassle on any surface.

Completely non stick, cleaning the Jaw Scoop will be a doddle.  There are 2 different sizes of the Jaw Scoop which is great dependent on the size of your dog.  Again, like the Rake n’ Spade, you can buy a version with an LED light poop bag holder.  Finally, being extremely cheap and affordable with such amazing quality, the Jaw Scoop is difficult to contend with.

Being one of the most popular spring action pooper scoopers customers shout about all the amazing features it provides.  The spring action is also extremely sturdy and helps make the job of picking up poop simple.



4 Nomad Pets Pooper ScooperBest long handled pooper scooper by Nomad Pets

Nomad Pets are a very popular doggie company that have created here the Lightweight portable pooper scooper.  Designed to make picking up dog poop as easy as possible and much easier than any of the rake sets.  The price of the pooper scooper is a little more expensive than most pooper scoopers however.

When looking at the size of the Nomad Pets Pooper Scooper, you will be very surprised at just how lightweight it really is.  With a singled handed action, picking up dog poop can be done in just 1 second.  The plastic is washable making it easy to keep clean after use and it can be used on almost any surface.  Visually, the pooper scooper looks longer than most but at a mere 27inches long, the Poop Patrol will still prevent bending down to pick up dog poo.

Whilst reviewing all the long handled pooper scoopers we looked for quality and durability.  The Nomad Pets like the others reviewed is made with heavy duty, strong, materials that help keep the pooper scooper lasting a long time.  Holding the Nomad Pets Pooper Scooper is also comfortable as the nice finger grip handle provides all the comfort you need.  Although this has a great build and design, some customers have reported that the spring action just doesn’t last long enough and isn’t sturdy enough.

Most reviews however have been nothing but praise for Nomad Pets.  Overall, it seems to be down to either you like it or you don’t.  Some find it completely fit for purpose and others don’t.  It is a reasonably priced pooper scooper that does exactly what is required, picks up poop.

Grass Wire Rake Scooperbest long handled wire pooper scooper

Finally, if you are looking for a cheap, cheerful and practical best long handled pooper scooper then the Wire Rake Scooper is the cheapest available.  If your dog regularly poops in grass then the Wire Rake Scooper will be good enough for you, especially for the amazing price.

With a simple design it will feel like you are about to rake some leaves in the garden however,  this pooper scooper will do the job required.  With no additional settings or features, this Long Handled Pooper Scooper doesn’t get much simpler.  The rake is rust resistant which allows for outside storage when not in use.  The rubber grip handle helps for a comfortable grip for anybody who uses a pooper scooper regularly.

What Should I Look For in a Long Handled Pooper Scooper?

Choosing the best long handled pooper scooper isn’t difficult, the essential part of a pooper scooper is the strength of the scoop.  They are such a simple design they are easy enough to make yourself.  Some long handled pooper scoopers still require some manual intervention where others are automatic to pickup tool.

Dog owners who take the plunge and purchase a long handled pooper scooper don’t change back.  We found that whilst walking Ralph, our son really liked helping when we were out walking.  Having a pooper scooper really encouraged him to help pick up the poop with our help.

Whilst walking your dog, the last thing you need is to be dragging around a heavy pooper scooper.  Owning a lightweight pooper scooper will make life easier because you will need this one every walk.  Most are made completely out of lightweight materials anyway so there isn’t much research required.  It is definitely a key factor of owning the best long handled pooper scooper.