5 Best Affordable Pet Camera Treat Dispenser for Every Dog Owner

As dog owners, we should treat our pets in a similar way to how we would look after a child. This also includes a monitor or pet camera to use whilst you are away from the house. Below, we’ve reviewed and listed the best pet cameras / pet camera treat dispenser for monitoring your dog and looking after them when they are alone.

There are many types of pet cameras.  Some will mostly just record your pet or stream the video to your phone, others will also allow you to provide a treat.

The best Pet Camera treat dispenser in our opinion is the Petzi. One of Petzi’s main features is while you can record in great quality and provide high quality audio to your phone, you can also treat y our pet remotely with just a little tap of a button.


With a Pet Camera / Pet Camera Treat Dispenser you can watch, interact, and treat your pet and most have features such as:

  • Instant streaming using your phone
  • Video and Picture capture
  • See in the dark with a night vision feature
  • Speak & Listen to your pet
  • And with a pet camera treat dispenser you can treat you pet

Choosing the Best Pet Camera Treat Dispenser

Having a dog is just like having a child or a baby. This is why we need Pet Cameras.  Our dogs can teach themselves to get into places they shouldn’t or investigating rooms / places that you really don’t want them too.

When it comes to the safety of your dog, you can never take too many precautions, just like when you have a baby.  We have to aware of all surroundings and be on your toes of any dangers that ‘may’ occur before they actually do. One of the best ways to do this is with a Pet Camera / Pet Camera Treat Dispenser.  A Pet Camera Treat Dispenser is a great way to distract your dog by just quickly shouting through your phone and quickly pressing the treat button to eject a treat in to the room.  Distracting your dog from whatever they are about to get up too.

We looked into many factors of the Pet Camera and Pet Camera Treat Dispensers; (i) Value For Money (ii) Reliability (iii) Feature Quality.  Let’s take a look…

Pet Camera & Pet Camera Treat Dispenser: Buyers Guide

If you’re wanting to shop for either a pet camera or a pet camera treat dispenser then there are many things ought to take into account. All of the below tips can assist you to make the best decision.

Not all cameras give the power to check what your pet is doing from your smart phone – this can be ESSENTIAL. This feature on most of these pet cameras helps your really understand what your pet is doing and be ready to support / train your dog wherever possible.

Live Stream

Live streaming is the most significant feature for pet cameras. When revieweing, you should purchase a pet camera that comes with a mobile app. The app simply permits you to look at the live feed from any location.

Motion Activation

Some pet cameras advanced feature including motion activation recording. The motion activation can send an alert / message your phone indicating that your pet is running / moving. This is a great feature to help you if your pet is prohibited from a particular location of the house and has got loose.

Night Vision

Night vision is vital if you’re employed late or out the house for long periods of your time.

Voice Compatibility

Talking to your pet through the camera is one in every of the most recent options. additional usually than not, this may create your dog bark, however it will check that your dog is alert and not being mischevous.

Treat Dispenser

Treat dispensers ar actually the foremost recent development in technology. having the ability to supply a treat to your dog via your sensible Phone is out and away the simplest factor technology can give for your dogs. If your out all day and have left your dog a minute, simply merely activate the video, speak to your dog, then give a treat (if your dog has behaved of course)! to require it even additional, automatic dog feeders will give a full meal at set intervals do you have to select this feature.

Setting up your Pet Camera

Setting up a security camera or pet camera could sound overwhelming a number of you – particularly to people who aren’t technical school savvy. Todays pet cams ar a lot of less complicated and most ar wireless, some guaranteeing sixty second installations! With the arrival of wireless pet cams, you’ll be able to merely set the new camera on a shelf and transfer the app.

Owning a Pet Camera or Pet Camera Treat Dispenser is unquestionably a requirement HAVE for any pet owner.


Top 5 Best Pet Cameras and Pet Camera Treat Dispensers

petziePetzieA revolutionary remote treat dispenser and camera that makes it fun and easy to connect with your pet from anywhere, at anytime.
furboFurboHD Wifi Cam, 2-Way Audio, and Treat Tossing
petcubePetCubeetcube is an interactive pet camera that lets you watch, talk to and play with your pets from your smartphone when you're away from home.
pawboPawbofun & interactive product for better audio & video communication high quality approach to providing you a better connected visual experience
petchatsPet ChatzPetChatzHD creates an entirely immersive connection with your pet while you are away

1 Pawbo Pet Treat Cam & Treat Dispenser

pawboPawbo brings you closer to your pets, like your actually in the same room.  The 720p Camera gives you clear, amazing quality and makes the two way interaction with your pet.

The Pawbo includes an app that allows you to video chat with your pet at the touch of a button.  Listen and respond appropriately whilst you are on the go.  Pawbo brings you close! A true multiple entertaining app, bonding you and your creature, with different games.

2 Petzi Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

PETZI Pet Camera Treat DispenserPetzi Pet Camera Treat Dispenser is by far the easiest and most reliable treat dispenser available.  We love this product.   Its simplistic design and easy to use functions are the reasons why the Petzi should be the number one choice for any dog owner.   Take a look at some of the features below;

  • Remote treat launcher with included camera
  • night vision and wide angle lens
  • High quality audio
  • Compatible with Apple and Android smart devices
  • Place it anywhere with the universal mounting kit

3 Furbo Dog Camera & Treat Dispenser


The Furbo Pet Camera Treat Dispenser has some wonderful options that other similar products do not have. It additionally features a very elegant style that enables the Furbo to be placed anywhere and go un-noticed.

  • FUN TREAT agitated
  • HD CAMERA & visual sense
  • TWO approach CHAT

Check out the video below of the Furbo Pet Camera Treat Dispenser in action.

5 Best Affordable Pet Camera Treat Dispenser for Every Dog Owner

4 Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera


Although the PetCube is not a Pet Camera Treat Dispenser, this camera has the fun element of displaying a tiny red dot onto the ground that your pet can love and chase for hours! This helps as an excellent exercise tool for your dog.

Beautifully designed with brushed aluminium and rounded corners, the Petcube camera is a chic, top quality device that you simply will be proud to place in any space. You'll love the elegance of your Petcube and it's appearance as much as you will love playing with it to interact with your pets.



5 PetChatz HD Pet Camera Two-Way Audio/Video System

petchatsAs a pet parent, you regularly worry that your pet is lonely without you - With PetChatz you'll be able to make certain that never happens and "be there from anywhere" for your pet. With best amazing interactive capabilities, PetChatzHD is the last product you may ever require too keep connected along with your pet! Motion & Sound Detection Keep tabs on noise and movement while you're away with our timely alerts and “Silent Mode”. From rough play to thunderstorms to unwanted guests,   you'll be able to stay on top of what happens once mum and dad have gone away!

Easy Set-up simply mount the bracket over any plug socket, fix your PetChatz unit and secure the unit to the bracket. Within minutes you'll be able to chat along with your pet. Reward Them with PetChatz Treatz® With one single click, you'll be able to reward your precious pets with extremely wholesome all-natural treats specially developed to be safe and wholesome for each dogs and cats.












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