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Embarking on journeys with your furry companion can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but ensuring their safety and comfort is paramount. Small dog booster seats provide the perfect solution, allowing your furry friend to ride comfortably beside you. In this guide, we’ve curated the 5 best small dog booster seats that not only prioritize your pet’s well-being but also enhance your travel adventures together. Discover the perfect combination of style, safety, and convenience as we explore these top picks.

Transporting a dog in the car can be dangerous and very distracting. Dogs get very excited when loose in the car as they wish to see the world pass by. They also look for comfort in a human in the car which sometimes can be the driver. The danger the dogs provide is not just to themselves, but to anyone else in the car including your family and children. If you were to have a small accident, even just a tiny bump, your dog will immediately panic. The best way to ensure your dog and family are safe is by purchasing a dog car seat, specifically one of the Best Small Dog Booster Seat.

Dogs running wild in the car can damage your seats and your belongings plus make you unaware of what is going on in front of you on the road. Owning a dog car seat cover or hammock can help protect your interior and help you personalise your car style. For some smaller dogs owning the Best Small Dog Booster Seat will support your dog’s comfort and safety PLUS the booster seat will allow your do to see out of the window.

Transport Your Dog: Safely and Comfortably in a Dog Car Seat

Large dogs are often transported in crates normally in the boot of the car. This is not the most humane way of travelling as your dog can get stressed, banged and bumped about. Try fitting a harness that can clip into the seat belt and hold them safely. Also, purchase a car seat protector and help keep your do comfortable and your car protected.

Small dogs love car seats and with any best small dog booster seat, there is plenty of room for your dog to sit or lie down. There is also plenty of space to keep your dog safe and protected in case of an accident.

Let’s take a look at the best small dog booster seat that has been tested and available on the market

Best Small Dog Booster Seat

1 Snoozer Lookout I – Dog Car Seat​BEST SMALL DOG BOOSTER SEAT

Our top pick Best Small Dog Booster Seat is the Snoozer Lookout I.

Designed to be extremely comfortable for your dog when on any car journey due to its extra-thick padding. Supports dogs that weigh up to 25lbs, this amazing car seat is great for well-behaved dogs.

The interior is made with a Sherpa lining along with pretending lamb wool to help keep your dog nice and snug and warm in the winter but comfortable all year round.

The Snoozer comes in many different colours and in small/medium sizes. With the different colours and sizes come different materials so it is always best to check the product description before buying.

With the many colours to choose from helping you personalise the car seat to match your car and interior, this seat has many more pros than cons.


Great for letting dogs see out the window
Extremely Comfortable
Well Made and Great Value for Money


Longer, Thinner dogs, will struggle to fit on this seat

2 Snoozer Lookout II

Although much more expensive than other dog seats, the Snoozer Lookout II comes with some extra nifty features that most other car seats don’t have. The price does let this car seat down however, it is an absolutely fantastic car seat that comes complete with a small tray so you can feed your dog whilst on the road.

Made from more of the same materials as the Snoozer I the Snoozer II is just as comfortable, just as safe and just as beautiful.

Available in both small and medium sizes and a whole host of colour schemes to suit you and your car, this seat is a great seat for those long car journeys.


Multiple Colours to help match your car interior
Extremely Comfortable
Great for Long Car Journeys
Simple to Install
Tray for Food / Treats


More Expensive than the Snoozer I
Limited Stock Available

3 Kurgo Skybox Dog Booster Seat

Third, on our list of Best Small Dog Booster Seat is the Kurgo Skybox. Supporting dogs up to 30lbs in weight, the Kurgo Skybox can be installed easily using the car seat belt. This enables you to move the seat wherever you like in the car, even the middle seat. The Skybox allows your small dog to sit up and view the world passing by but also keeps your dog comfortable. This seat is also waterproof and very sturdy.

There is a limited range of the Kurgo Skybox as it is only available in two colours; Orange or Blue. The body of the seat is black and simple to wipe and clean when required.

When taking your dog out on a journey, this seat is really a great choice as it is so simple to clean should your dog like getting wet and muddy.


Strong Sturdy Design
Can be used in the front
Installation is Easy


Bit Small and Cramped for 30lb dog

4 Pettom Dog Booster Seat and Carrier

Taking your dog with you on any road trip is great but having a car seat and carrier in one is a bonus. The Pettom dog seat and carrier supports dogs up to 25lbs, which is a good weight to carry around. The seat is also higher than most meaning that most of your dog is covered and protected. Once unclipped, you can then just put it over your shoulder and carry your dog.

Patton’s dog seat and carrier come in a larger size which can take up to 2 seats in your car.

As the seat converts into a bag, regular checks are required to look for wear and tear to prevent your dog from falling out the bottom.


Works as a Carrier as well as a seat
Easy to Clean


Dogs Tend to Panic as the seat tends to cut them off at the neck
Dogs Cannot See out the Top

5 Solvit Tagalong Pet Booster Seat (Deluxe)​

Finally, the Solvit Tagalong Dog Booster Seat is a luxury seat that helps keep your dog lifted and protected. Fully lined with a comfortable and easy-clean fleece that will help keep your dog protected, comfortable and warm.

The Solvit Tagalong comes in three sizes from Large to Jumbo and can house more than one dog at a time. Keep a constant check on your dog seat as some customers have reported damage in a short period of time and low use.


Houses more than one dog
Easy Clean


Has been said that the Solvit does damage quite easily through wear and tear

How to Choose the Best Small Dog Booster Seat

Choosing one of the Best Small Dog Booster Seat should involve the same amount of looking as you would for your child. There are several things to look out for that will help you to find the perfect dog booster seat.

How to Make Sure Your Dog Car Seat is Safe For Your Dog

  1. Measurements
  2. Simple to Use
  3. Cleanliness
  4. Fitting Guides
  5. When to use
  6. Materials

Measurements: Always check the measurements of the seat and your dog. Ensuring there is enough space for your dog to sit comfortably on short or long journeys.

Simple to Use: Taking the seat out and re-installing should be an easy task and should also not damage the seat.

Keeping Clean: Taking your dog on a walk will result in dirty dog paws. These are then put on the seat and eventually can start to smell. Being easy to clean is an absolute must.

Fitting: Most dog booster seats require your car to have a headrest to hook the seat onto. Always check fitting instructions for your dog booster seat and check they fit your car.

Use: If you are a regular long-distance traveller then a more expensive luxury car seat is a must. If you just take smaller trips every now and then, then a cheaper model will be more suited.

MaterialKeep your eye on your dog once they start using a car booster seat as they can get quite itchy and uncomfortable. Depending on the materials used your dog will not travel well and can cause distress when driving.

Comfort on the Go: The Pinnacle of Small Dog Travel

As we conclude our exploration of the 5 best small dog booster seats, it’s evident that the right choice can transform your travel experience. The bond between you and your furry friend is a journey in itself, and these booster seats ensure that every ride is a comfortable and secure one. Elevate your adventures and prioritize your pet’s safety by investing in the perfect booster seat – where style meets functionality, and you both ride comfortably together. Traveling with your small dog has never been this enjoyable!

Dogs, like children, are best to be seated in the back of the car. This will prevent any damage to your dog or child if the airbags were to deploy in an accident. Great placement of any dog booster seat is behind the driver’s seat so you can check on your dog in the mirror, plus your dog can see you too. The perfect place is in the middle but most cars don’t have a headrest in the middle seat so can be difficult.

Dogs can be placed in the front passenger seat however it is not advised. If you choose to put your dog in the front of the car, make sure the seat is pushed right back. This helps prevent the airbag from hitting your dog in the face if the airbags went off and protect them.


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