Can My Dog Have Treats If They are Diabetic? Find Out Here

Diabetes in humans and dogs is a very difficult illness to deal with.  But at least humans can tell you when they feel ill, right?  Dealing with dogs in this condition is extremely difficult.  Dogs like their own freedom and like to be loved, when it comes to diabetes, they can feel anxious and stressed.

Like with humans, finding the right foods / treats for your diabetic dog is important.  Finding foods and treats requires research and due care and attention.  If you were diabetic would you just go pick anything?…. no…. so don’t do it to your dog.

Dog treats should always be given as a treat, not a meal.  Do not EVER over feed your dog treats.  If you are finding treats for a diabetic dog, then you still must only give the recommended amount.  Treats are a great way of training your dog.  Too many treats can cause a very unhealthy doggie and lots of other problems.  Make sure you are treating your dog a reasonable amount, once or twice a day, and sometimes not at all.  Even the healthiest of dogs don’t require a treat every day.

When purchasing any dog treats always make sure you check;

  • Are they suitable for the size and weight of your dog?
  • What is the sugar content?
  • How many is a reasonable amount for your dog a day?

If you are still unsure then seek a dog trainer or vet for advice.

When To Treat a Diabetic Dog

Simple.  Give your doggie the insulin they require and then treat afterwards.  This helps your dog understand that the insulin is required and maintains sugar and glucose levels to a stable level.  Any kind of medication should be followed by a treat to help administer each time.

How Do I Know What Treats Are Right for my Dog?

Finding the right balance for your doggie can be difficult, but what’s different?  Diabetic Dog Treats will not seriously affect your dogs blood sugar levels.  Diabetic dog treats have a much less carbohydrate / sugar content.  Another great way of finding a superb treat is a high fibre content.  Fibre is a huge promoter of healthy bloods.  High Fibre and Low Carbohydrates make a huge difference to the health of your dog.

Another great way of reducing the risk of diabetes in your dog is reducing the fat intake.  Finding a low balances diet like Grain Free Dog Food or Hypoallergenic Food will help.

Now let’s look at what is available;

Best Diabetic Dog Treats

Dogabetix: Ellas Diabetic Dog TreatsCan My Dog Have Treats If They are Diabetic? Find Out Here

Our number one choice is Ella’s Diabetic Dog Treats.  Wow, the back story to this company is just amazing.  Researched and produced from their own experiences.  Ella’s dog treats are mad with love from the owners of their very own diabetic dog. Wanting to produce the best diabetic dog treats that they could share with other diabetic dog owners.

Once researched, they reached out to ‘Dogabetix’ to help produce and develop the product.  Completely sugar, gluten and potato-free, dogs will love the amazing Pumpkin taste.

Completely organic too these treats are absolutely made with 0% sugar, 100% love. Not just great for diabetic dogs, but also for dogs with a loose stool.

Nutralin; Chewable Dog Treats

Can My Dog Have Treats If They are Diabetic? Find Out Here

Only created for diabetic dogs, Nutralin’ dog treats are great if your dog is showing early signs of diabetes. If you start to notice a change in your dog and think their sugar is too high, Nutralin will really help.  Further tests with this product shows they are also superb if you dog has early stages of Hyperglycaemia (another form of diabetes).

These treats are vet recommended and should only be used on the vets advice.  Treating them after an insulin injection ONLY is recommended with the product so they are perfect.

Older dogs will love these are they are chewable so dogs with teeth or gum problems will be able to have these too.

Chicken Jerky Bites by Paw to Tail

Can My Dog Have Treats If They are Diabetic? Find Out Here

Paw To Tail have made an amazing dog treat here that surprises everyone.  Why/?  Lack of ingredients.  The Chicken is a superb chicken breast that humans could also have.  Low stock and produce of these bites are the only down fall as can quickly sell out however, they are a regularly wanted product and do come back on the shelf.  Not only is the chicken breast amazing, the product has no rice, soy, gluten, no artificial flavours or additives and are perfect for diabetic dogs.

Finally, what makes this an amazing product is that the chicken is fully smoked, YES SMOKED, with Hickory.  This is usually used by Die Hard Barbecue fans.

Natural Diabetic Dog Treats by the Old Dog Cookie Company

Can My Dog Have Treats If They are Diabetic? Find Out Here

Our final diabetic dog treats are made by the old dog cookie company.  One of the longest serving companies for diabetic dog treats, they have provided their treats to vets due to the trust they have in the brand.  Made with all natural and no chemicals, these treats are amazing.

When looking for a treat with the perfect ingredients to help keep your aging dog healthy and supports diabetes, look no further.  The ingredients help reduce blood sugar levels, looks after your dogs insulin and slows down the all important metabolism.  What’s inside?

  • Whole wheat flour
  • Oats
  • Dandelion
  • Fruit (apples)
  • Squash

The bag contains 40 amazing dog bone shaped treats also to help them last several weeks before needing to purchase again.

Homemade Dog Treats

If you are a keen cook and want to investigate making your dog foods and treats the internet is full of ideas.  You could also look into our page for homemade dog foods to have a look at just a small selection.