Top 4 Dog Appeasing Pheromone Collar – Best Calming Solution

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Welcome to the world of canine tranquility! In the realm of pet care, finding effective solutions to keep our furry friends calm and collected is a top priority. Among the plethora of options available, dog appeasing pheromone collars have emerged as a game-changer for many pet owners. In this guide, we’ll explore the top 4 dog appeasing pheromone collars, each offering a unique blend of comfort and serenity for your beloved canine companions.

A calming pheromone is released after puppies are born which helps in calming them as well as the mother dog. These pheromones have been used in a dog appeasing pheromone collar and wall diffusers to calm a dog that is otherwise aggressive. They do not change a dog’s behavior totally but have been quite a success in calming these defiant dogs.

Over the last year or so, I have tried everything with Ralph to calm him down. Long Walks, regular short walks, long and short walks throughout the day, plenty of fetch around the house and I even considered dog training courses. I researched and researched to try and find a solution to keeping him calm when he’s at home. Then I came across a Dog Appeasing Pheromone Collar.

At first, I was like, “What is this? Pheromones for  Dog Behaviour? No, it can’t be real!”  So I kept looking and researching and finding out as much about the product as I could. Now, if you have never heard of a dog appeasing pheromone collar before then you are about to be amazed. The collars are great for dogs with stress or separation anxiety which then result in calmer behaviours such as reduced barking.

What is a Dog Appeasing Pheromone Collar?

After a female dog has given birth, a calming pheromone is released. This helps calm herself and the puppies she has delivered. These pheromones have now been implemented into dog collars and plug-in wall diffusers to bring you the Adaptil Dog Collar and the Adaptil Plug-in Diffuser.

It took a while and at first, I could not be sure that a pheromone would indeed calm a dog, but due to the great price, I purchased the Adaptil Plug-In Diffuser. After just a week, I noticed a significant difference in Ralph’s behaviour and he seemed so much calmer. Yes, we still had the odd bark here or there, but nothing compared to what we went through before. Reading the reviews of this product, I can see many other buyers of the Adaptil Plug-In Diffuser have had great success too.

Dog Appeasing Pheromone Collar

Will a Dog Appeasing Pheromone Collar Actually Work?

This is the million-dollar question and, quite simply, the answer is YES. A Dog Appeasing Pheromone Collar does work because they reduce stress and anxiety in your dog.   Please do be aware though that Pheromone Therapy will NOT change your dog’s behaviour. Some owners have stated that since using the Adaptil Plug-In Diffuser, their dog has stopped going to the toilet at night and leaving a mess on the floor.

Although the pheromones do not teach a dog new tricks, the pheromones do reduce stress, worry and anxiety. Even as humans, with less stress and worry, we are less prone to have accidents. So by reducing the stress and anxiety, your dog may naturally stop wetting or messing at night.

Adaptil is the leading distributor in Dog Pheromone Products. Let’s take a look at what Adaptil has to offer;

Adaptil – Product Reviews and Buyers Guide

1 Adaptil Dog Collar

Adaptil Dog Collar ReviewsThe Adaptil Dog Collar is ideal for stressful situations both indoors and outdoors such as going into kennels, holidays, visiting the vets or out on walks. The Adaptil Dog Collar has also been proven to provide puppies with confidence during training to help them develop into well-behaved adult dogs.

Just fit the pheromone infused collar snuggly around your dog’s neck so the heat from your dog allows the pheromone to be released. The Puppy/small Adaptil collar fits necks up to 37.5cm and the Medium/large Adaptil collar fits necks up to 62.5cm. Each collar lasts up to 4 weeks and can be replaced as required.

The Adaptil Dog Collar is recommended by vets and dog trainers around the world and is a great success for all dog owners.

Using the collar for dogs with no behavioural issues is a waste of time and money. Dogs suffering from separation anxiety are the best dogs to use the Adaptil Dog Collar on as that is what it is designed for, reducing stress and anxiety.

This dog collar produces so many amazing results but it all depends on your dog. Some dogs are quick to react to the pheromones and you will see results in just a few hours, others can take a couple of months but the results are still there.

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2 Adaptil Plug In Diffuser

Adaptil Plug In DiffuserThe Adaptil Plug-In Diffuser contains the same dog appeasing pheromone that is released by female dogs when they give birth. For best results, the Adaptil plugin is best placed in the room your dog spends most of its time. The plugin covers 50-70m2, the same size as a three-bed property. The Adaptil Plug Intakes small vials that last up to 4 weeks. It is highly recommended to replace the diffuser after 4 or 5 vials have been used.

How to use the Adaptil Plug-In Diffuser

  • Remove the refill vial cap
  • Screw the refill vial onto the diffuser unit
  • Plug the diffuser into an electric socket
  • Leave the diffuser switched on continuously
  • Do not plug in behind a door, curtain, behind or underneath furniture or in a drafty area
  • Plug-In where the dog spends most of their time

Bonfire night is a disaster for dog owners. Each year fireworks are bigger and louder and cause our dogs more stress and pain. Simply plug the Adaptil Plug-In Diffuser into the room where your dog will be during the fireworks / or any loud noises. It is recommended to purchase at least 2 weeks before to allow time for the Adaptil Plug In to work.

Another great use for the Adaptil Plug-In is when you have moved house. One of the hardest things for a puppy to learn is sleeping alone, especially in new surroundings. At the start, it can be very distressing and will cause crying/howling. Rescue dogs can also take a long time to settle down. Just simply plug the Adaptil Plug-In Diffuser and help your dogs quickly settle in.

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3 Adaptil Pheromone Spray

Adaptil spray has been developed for temporary relief for events that are short in duration e.g. travelling. The spray can be applied to your dog’s bedding/crate or other items your dog will spend its time near. To make car journeys more pleasurable for you all, spray the back of your car in preparation for travelling. Once sprayed, the effects will last up to 4 hours. DO NOT SPRAY directly onto your puppy/dog. Please allow 15 minutes before introducing your puppy/dog to the object or area sprayed to allow the alcohol carrier to evaporate.

The Adaptil Spray is also great for vets’ visits. By spraying the car beforehand, your dog will be more relaxed this making the vet’s visit much more pleasurable for you, your dog, and the vet. But you could also have the Adaptil Dog Collar on your dog throughout the visit, this will also be just as effective.

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ADAPTIL Diffuser Adaptil SPRAYADAPTIL large medium DogcollarADAPTIL Small Medium Dog CollarADAPTIL TABLETS
Settling into a new home
New member in the family
Kennel stay
Staying alone at home
Fireworks, thunderstorms and other noise phobias
Socialisation and training
Visits to the vets
The short term challenging situations

Adaptil Dog Collar Side Effects

PROS:  A Dog Appeasing Pheromone Collar is an alternative way to support and encourage improved behaviour in your dog. The dog appeasing collars are simple to use and do not irritate skin or fur in any way. The Adaptil Collar Reviews and the Adaptil Plug-In Diffuser reviews speak for themselves and make this product stand out as a great way to calm your dog down and make them feel much more comfortable. Owning an Adaptil Dog Collar or any of the Adaptil products is an obvious choice instead of dog supplements.

CONS:  Because each dog is different and will respond differently to a dog appeasing pheromone collar, it can be very difficult sometimes to determine the influence the collar can have on your dog’s behaviour.

A dog’s personality may change for the worse and something you may not want to happen. This can become hard to control and one of the biggest downfalls of a dog appeasing pheromone collar. Also, some people do find it only cures anxiety partially and further treatment is required. This is not the case all the time, but it all depends on how much your dog suffers from stress and anxiety.

How to Use the Adaptil Dog Pheromone Products

Dog Pheromone treatment or therapy has greatly improved and evolved over the years. With new technologies comes new innovative ideas, and with that comes a whole host of dog calming products for us to choose from.

Adaptil Plug-In Diffuser

It’s best to place the Adaptil Plug-In Diffuser in the most used room by your dog i.e. the living room. Your dog should always be exposed to the pheromone but not so much that it’s directly in its face. The Adaptil Plug-In Diffuser lasts for approximately 4 weeks before requiring a refill. This can be done 4 or 5 times and then the Diffuser will need replacing. Always place the Adaptil Plug-In clear of obstructions so that the pheromone can spread around the room.

Adaptil Spray

Using the Adaptil Spray pheromone works well if you’re travelling around in your car regularly. One great way of using this product is by spraying a paper towel then place the towel in the car. This will generate the same level of pheromones and be less harmful to your dog. Do not spray your dog directly as all dogs have a great sense of smell, and this is just mean.

Adaptil Dog Collar

Adaptil Dog Collar Pheromones are the newest ways of treating your dog. They are great for dogs regularly on the go and ensure your dog gets enough of the pheromones to keep calm. As this is a collar, the Adaptil Dog Collar can be worn on those long walks as well. When your dog wears the Adaptil Collar,  body heat will cause the pheromones to release.

Adaptil Collar  is ideal for:

  • Puppy meetings / socialising
  • Travelling in the car
  • Puppy Crates
  • Dog Training
  • Loud noises i.e Bonfire Night
  • Staying home alone / New Homes

Each Adaptil dog collar lasts up to 4 weeks and can be replaced if required.

The Adaptil dog collar is proven to work on all breeds of dogs, as long as it is fitted correctly.

If you are taking your dog for a walk, the Adaptil Collar does not have a lead attachment. If your dog wears another collar, ensure the Adaptil dog collar is still in contact with your dog’s skin. This is the only way the collar will work

Adaptil Dog Collar Fitting Instructions?

  1. Place a finger in the loop close to the buckle
  2. Using this loop pull the thin plastic to uncoil the collar
  3. Fasten the collar
  4. Place over your dog head to tie loosely around the neck
  5. Tighten the collar to fit snugly with your dog’s skin
  6. You should be able to place no more than 2 fingers between the collar and the dog’s skin
  7. Ensure the collar is fixed inside the buckle
  8. Cut off the excess portion of the collar

A Symphony of Serenity with Dog Appeasing Pheromone Collars

As we wrap up our exploration of the top 4 dog appeasing pheromone collars, it’s evident that these innovative solutions provide a harmonious blend of science and care for our four-legged friends. Whether you’re dealing with separation anxiety, fear of loud noises, or general unease, these collars stand out as the best calming solution. With their proven effectiveness and pet-friendly approach, these collars truly orchestrate a symphony of serenity for your beloved dogs, ensuring a happier and more tranquil life for both pet and owner alike. Embrace the calming power of dog appeasing pheromone collars and witness the transformative impact on your canine companion’s well-being

Adaptil Dog Collars are the most popular solution and cheaper alternative to help your dog’s anxiety recovery and can sometimes help support dogs’ behaviour such as inappropriate barking. Adaptil Dog Collars use synthetic dog appeasing pheromones to help calm dogs. These are a much-loved product and have great reviews around the world on the effect these have had on their dogs.

The Adaptil Dog Collar’s biggest plus is that, as with any dog appeasing pheromone collar, there are no long term side effects. This gives owners much more confidence when purchasing rather than any tablet/medication that may be prescribed. Although the collar is safe for MOST dogs it definitely should not be used if the dog has skins defects. If the collar or diffuser does not seem to be working, then alternative training may be required at a greater cost.

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