3 Dog Harnesses for Active Pet Owners: Best Running Tips

Embarking on a run with your four-legged companion can be an exhilarating experience, creating a stronger bond between you and your furry friend. However, choosing the right dog harness is paramount for both your pet’s comfort and your ease of control. In this guide, we’ll explore three top-notch dog harnesses tailor-made for active pet owners, along with essential running tips to make your exercise routine a joy for both you and your canine companion.

Dog harnesses can be piece of great equipment for your dog. If you are going outside with your dog and you want to make sure that your will follow your direction, you can use a harness. It is also great for their physical support. It can reduce stress from your dog’s neck unlike a dog collar and gives a firm hold around the back and chest area. Going for a run is a great way of getting out of the house and clearing your mind of the day’s stresses.  Without any doubt, dogs make the good running partners as most of them love a good walk and a nice run.  Dog harnesses for running and a hands-free dog lead are a great way of bonding with your dog.  If you love running, choose a great breed that will run with you.

Superb 3 Dog Harnesses for Running

1 Ruffwear Adventure Harness

best dog harnesses for running Ruffwear

When it comes to dog harnesses for running or walking Ruffweat will always make an appearance somewhere.  This time they are above surface of the shop with the Ruffwear Adventure Front Range Harness.  Why ahead of the webmaster?  simple.  Its simple design provides a much more comfortable experience for your dog for long periods of time. The adventure harness comes complete with a fully padded chest and belly panel and four amazing adjustment points.  This ensures that the harness will be a nice, snug, comfortable fit.

Complete with a reflective piping trim for your dog’s safety and two aluminium attachments for your lead.  Having two points is a great feature as some dogs prefer the belly attachment and others like the back.  It all depends on your dog but now you have a choice.

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2 Ruffwear Web Master

best dog harnesses for running Ruffgear Web Master

Second and a very strong second, to say the least is the Ruffwear Web Master Harness.  The design of this harness allows for comfortable running and walking with your dog and keeps comfort at the heart of the design. Included are five adjustment settings to ensure a secure, snug fit for your dog. With two strong lead attachment points and a foam-padded chest and belly strap you don’t will remain comfortable on their run, just not designed for long periods of time.  Over time this can become irritable to your dog.

One great feature is the handle on the back which really helps you lift your dog, small or large, into the car or over obstacles like walls and fences. This harness has also been deemed as escape-proof by some owners who have had previous problems with escaping dogs from other harnesses especially when out running.

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3 Truelove No-Pull Dog Harness


Finally we have the Truelove No Pull Dog Harness. Designed extremely well and completely comfortable for your dog, this harness fully helps prevent dogs from pulling on the lead whilst out walking or running. Again, the Truelove comes complete with two strong lead attachment rings and a reinforced padded, webbing chest support. The reflective piping also adds to the dog’s safety but also looks great with the amazing variety of colours you can choose from.

And Finally, the hands help support seat belt attachments in your car to ensure the car journey is as comfortable as the dog run.

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Choosing the Dog Harnesses for Running

Running with your dog can work with any dog harness, however, some are far better than others.  You need to make sure your dog is comfortable and safe while running, especially if you have a medium-sized dog as this can cause problems for you or your dog.  The good dog harness for running has some amazing features, here are some of the things you should be looking for when choosing a harness for running;

Easy to Adjust

Being able to adjust any dog harness is always a requirement but is even more ideal in dog harnesses for running.  Lengthening or Shortening the straps in different places will help you be able to fit the harness comfortably.

Always be careful choosing a harness as you must always measure your dog first but almost all the amazing dog harnesses for running provide enough movement and flexibility to support all different types of dogs.

Reflective Piping for Visibility

Almost all dog harnesses for running will include either reflective piping around the harness or a full high visibility cover.  Safety for your dog is just as important as for yourself so if you are running at night, this is definitely a feature you should always look for, especially if you run at night.  If your harness does not come with reflecting piping or strips, you can always buy some cheap tape to stick on.

Now let’s take a look at the amazing dog harnesses for running to help keep you and your dog fit and active…

Alternate Hands-Free Running Options

Hands-Free Dog Lead / Leash are used by some of the more ‘serious’ running amongst dog owners.  These make running even more comfortable for both dog and runner whilst putting in the miles.  With an elasticated lead that tends to stretch up to approx. 60 inches, they attach to your waist via a belt rather than a handle for you to hold.

These amazing leads help to free up your arms to do whatever you wish, dependent on your running style.

Please note that dogs that pull or just don’t enjoy being a run will definitely not suit a hands-free dog lead.  As with any change to your dog’s routine, you will need to train your dog.  Start out with a slow jog or small run first, this will help them adapt to the change in how the lead responds.  Last thing any runner needs is a strong dog pulling back suddenly and sending them on their rear end.

Tips for Running with Your Dog

1. Prepare Your Dog

Being a runner already do not expect your dog to be.  Initially start with shorter journeys to ease them into your expectations.  Also, allow the dog to feel part of the run and not just dragged along.  Try not to push the dog too hard or for too long as eventually, you will see your dog start to want more and increase stamina.

2. Reduce Sniffing On Your Journey

Dogs will Sniff, Sniff and Sniff some more… This is just what they do.  They like to sniff the surroundings as a security measure for themselves to help find the way home should they need to.  This is noticeable when you are on the route back as your dog will pick up the pace.  Being on a run with your dog is supposed to be just that, a run… Throughout your journey, allow your dog to sniff.  You then need to reduce this more and more.  Wider path areas are a great place to run as there are little areas for your dog to sniff in like hedges and long grass.

3. Training: Doggitivity

Dog training will always help with a treat.  Dog treats on a run will really help provide control and comfort for your dog.  It will also prevent any fear.  Positivity and encouraging messages to your dog throughout your journey will really help keep your dog enjoying the run.

4. Hand-Held Lead For Novice Runners

When dogs have not been on a run before the behaviour can be very unpredictable and start to pull you all over the place.  Whilst you are controlling the dog with a hand lead, you have much firmer control.  You can easily move yourself and your dog out of any dangers that may be facing you, unlike a hands-free lead which gives little control and is designed for experienced human and dog runners.

Dog harnesses for running will also help prevent obstructions.  Standard dog collars will start to choke or strangle your dog especially if they decide to run the other way after a cat or a rolling leaf.  Harnesses provide much-needed comfort and suitability for any dog owner whilst out walking or running.

5. Off-Leash

Finding an open area that is nice and secure for your dog to run free is also a great time for you and your dog. Dogs love the freedom and if they are well enough trained, the lead time is a great bonding time.

Unleashing the Ultimate Running Experience: Best Practices with Your Furry Friend

In conclusion, investing in a high-quality dog harness is a game-changer for pet owners who love to stay active with their canine buddies. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting, the right harness can enhance the joy of your shared adventures. Remember, comfort and safety go hand in paw, so choose wisely. With the right equipment and a handful of running tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating lasting memories on the trail or pavement with your energetic and loyal running partner. So, gear up, lace up those running shoes, and let the adventure begin!

Dogs can be fussy and can struggle to adjust to wearing a harness.  This can take time and patience before they eventually wear them.  Making sure the harness fits comfortably will always be positive in your dog’s mind.  Simple, effective, webbing based harnesses are quite comfortable, overall the most comfortable dog harnesses for running or walking have a high padded area around the belly and chest.