Top 6 Best Stylish Dog Lampshade Collar Alternatives

Welcome to a world where your furry friend’s style shines just as bright as their personality! In this guide, we explore the top 6 best stylish alternatives to traditional dog lampshade collars. We understand that your pup deserves to look fabulous, even during the recovery period. Say goodbye to bland and uncomfortable cones, and say hello to a new era of chic and comfortable alternatives that keep your canine companion both safe and stylish.

An alternative dog lampshade collar can be a great thing for dogs. It can protect them from many things. Dogs have to wear cones or lampshade collars at least once. But why do they wear it? The answer is simple. If dogs go through some surgical procedures and wounds or there are certain injuries that have occurred, they can wear this collar.

Dog surgeries are very common especially if you are getting your dog neutered. Vets will always ensure that the incision made and stitched on your pet is as neat as possible. Lampshade-style collars or Plastic Cones were designed and created to help prevent your dog from licking the wound. Dog lampshade collar alternatives, such as inflatable collars are also available. Any constant licking/scratching could cause the wound to open or even get infected. This will then lead to more surgery or a nasty-looking scar.

Over many years, dog owners believed that animal saliva will help recovery time and healing. The fact is, licking a wound will slow down the healing process. Animal tongues are uneven and rough feelings, especially cat tongues, which over time destroy healing tissue. If the tissue is destroyed too much then your pet could start to chew on the damaged tissue which can then cause even further problems.

What are Lampshade Collars?

Lampshade collars, or E Collars, are not the prettiest of accessories for your pet but they ultimately do their job. Furthermore, for the small price, they save you further checks and operations at the vet, which can become very costly. All pets can destroy wounds in, what feels like, a blink of an eye. You only need to look away for a split second and the wound will be open and damaged and your dog in pain.

If your dog manages to open the wound completely then there will be treatment required. This will involve cleaning the damaged area and tissue, cutting away any dead skin, and then fully re-stitching the incision. All this can be prevented by the simple use of a plastic cone/lampshade collar. The cost of surgery is far more expensive and traumatic for your dog and can easily be avoided. Overall, this can end in a longer recovery time and far too much, unnecessary, discomfort.

Once your dog surgery is complete and you have your Dog Lampshade Collar alternative style like the inflatable dog collar then your dog must wear it at ALL times, morning, noon, and night. Pets quickly learn how to eat and drink with the collar on however, some dogs find the collar embarrassing and may not want to leave the house.

Ralph has recently had a lampshade style collar fitted since his neutering. We will go into more detail about his behaviour below but initially, we had to keep putting Ralph outside to ensure he went to the toilet. Sleeping was not an issue and he adapted well after a few days. Dogs initially see the cone as a punishment, not realizing what has happened. When removed, you will be quickly forgiven and they will love you again.

What Are Lampshade Collars, Inflatable Collars, and Dog Lampshade Collar Alternatives?

Living with a cone over your head cannot be comfortable. Dogs learn to adapt but do find them uncomfortable and embarrassing. Finding a comfortable dog lampshade collar alternative could be much more effective for your dog.

Dog cones are not the prettiest accessory but are the most effective. They are designed to stop your dog from messing with a wound or stitches they may have after surgery. This is exactly what they need to do, stop your dog from messing with the wound.

Take a look at Ralph when he first got his cone, he looks so embarrassed. This could be one of the reasons why they are seen to be the cone of shame. POOR RALPH!

Dog Lampshade Collar Alternative – Inflatable Dog Collar

Inflatable dog collars are one of the Perfect Dog Collar Alternatives on the market today. Comfortable, durable, and designed to fit your dog’s neck. They are designed similarly to the neck pillows used by humans on a flight to help them relax and get some sleep. Dogs that were inflatable dog collars find it much easier to get some rest as it is used much like a pillow.

They are so simple to fit and use and quick and easy to inflate/deflate.

ZenPet ProCollar


Inflatable dog collars are a great dog collar alternative for your dog’s recovery. Here we have the ZenPet Pro Collar which is designed for a comfortable recovery. Available in Black, this collar provides a nice comfortable fit for your dog without restricting vision.

The collar is simple to inflate and deflate and is completely chew resistant, should your dog somehow manage to get their teeth into it.

Available in six different sizes, it’s a simple and affordable lampshade dog collar alternative.

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Kong Cloud

lampshade dog collar alternatives

The Kong Cloud E-Collar has been designed with bright blue colour and is another amazing recovery device.

Slightly shorter in height than theZenPet your dog will find it easy to adjust and avoid objects whilst walking around the house.

Available in five different sizes, Kong has its own chart which helps identify the right size for your dog(s). You can always measure your dog’s neck yourself too.

They are designed for 24 hours a day use and are completely comfortable.

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Comfy Velcro Dog Cone

All Four Paws

This comfy Velcro cone comes in eight different sizes from extra small to extra extra large. It is also available in two colours – Black and Tan

As with all the collars we have reviewed, the All Four Paws Velcro Cone is flexible and helps support your dog’s recovery. It is also designed for comfort and help prevent injury.

Water-resistant, easy to use and take on / off, it is reflective so great for the outdoors. It also works with a standard dog collar so no need to make a decision on which to use.

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Alfie Pet Dog Cone

Alfie Pet is a very popular adjustable Velcro dog collar and makes a great lampshade dog collar alternative. They come in bright colours and are six different sizes.

As with all dog cones, the Alfie Pet is great for a dog out of surgery and wanting to recover. Designed to be lightweight and comfortable, ensuring that your dog cannot reach those recovering parts.

Your dog will always be able to sleep in this cone and wear it as expected. It also will not interfere with your dog’s feeding times or toilet times.

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Soft Cones for Your Dog  

Plush Collars might not be the greatest choice for all dogs. If, like Ralph, your dog quickly destroys soft toys then DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

Instead, these soft cones are a great alternative collar. They provide a good level of comfort and are a great lampshade dog collar alternative.

Kong EZ Soft Cone

Soft cones are a great alternative and the Kong EZ Soft Cone does not disappoint. Soft and comfortable, this collar is a good choice for your dog’s recovery. Adjustable with a drawstring, you can quickly loosen and tighten the collar.

Due to the soft materials, the cone will adjust with your dog’s sleeping position to ensure your dog remains comfortable.

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Fabric Dog Cone

Lampshade-style dog collars can feel like a punishment and putting them on is difficult too. As this type of cone needs to be worn all the time throughout any recovery process, you want your dog to be comfortable. Whilst researching lampshade dog collar alternatives we came across many different styles and Fabric Dog Cones are a softer, more comfortable alternative.

Take a look at the fabric cone that comes highly recommended by dog owners and friends.

Soft Pet Cloth Recovery Collar by KVP

Comfortable and easy to adjust, the KVP Soft Cloth Recovery Cone is a great lampshade alternative. Simply adjust with the toggle to fit your dog’s neck size.

Five different sizes to choose from, KVP has catered for MOST breeds. The material is soft and chew-resistant, but any dirt or accidents can easily be machine washed.

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Why Is It Called The Cone Of Shame?

If you were forced to wear such an ugly-looking accessory would you not be ashamed? It is easy to see why they are seen as a cone of shame due to how funny they look when on your dog. Ralph regularly looks at us as if to say “Why? Why do I need to keep wearing this? What have I don’t wrong?” but he doesn’t realize that he is not being punished. We regularly treat him with chicken and ham to ensure he still feels loved and not neglected.

Dogs love to scratch, lick and smell anything and everything. If it is something they don’t know then they will investigate it, smell it, and possibly lick it which is to try and help any itchiness stop. All this can cause infection and problems which is why a dog cone is absolutely needed.

Helping your dog heal quickly and effectively is the main reason for the cone and wearing it is where the cone of shame comments come from. Dogs do look funny with a cone on and Elliot, my youngest son, laughed the first time he saw Ralph. Asking your dog to just simply stop licking and scratching will not work, because they naturally will just go straight back to it.

Finding the right dog cone that fits comfortably whether it be a dog lampshade collar alternative or a plastic lampshade dog cone can be difficult. Further through the article, we will discuss which ones we have found to be great.

Why Does My Dog Need a Cone?

Dog licking throughout the years has been deemed as a healing process for wounds. Ancient Egyptians believe this so much that they would create Dog Licking Temples where they would allow dogs to lick their wounds.

Dogs will lick their wounds in the hope of a quick healing process. This, in hindsight, is not a bad thing however a few licks to a wound are a great help. Problem is that in a dog’s head, a thousand licks to a wound are just as good for healing. This is when severe problems begin and infections can occur.

A dog cone is a way of preventing any licking at all so your dog cannot have these regular thoughts in their mind. Extending any healing process, human or dog, can make life difficult. In Dogs this may seem much worse as they find it difficult to communicate with you and cannot physically tell you what is wrong. Continuous licking to a healing wound could cause infections or even for the wound to open.

The veterinary recommendation is that a dog cone, after castration, should be left on your dog 24 hours a day for at least 10 days. This ensures that your dog cannot lick, chew or infect any wounds that should be healing. Dogs love to investigate anything and after surgery wounds become itchy and irritable. If your dog decided to explore this then the stitches could soon become a “plaything” for your dog and before you know it, you back at the vet for a second time. More medication, more stitching, and more time needed for a cone will delay the healing process and recovery time.

Dogs will find the cone irritating and embarrassing and Ralph initially found it difficult to adjust. He would walk into the door frame or the end of the couch. He would even not go out for a week for the first few days so we had to ensure we helped him along.

Overall, we did this for a few days then after 4 days from surgery, Ralph quickly became accustomed to the Dog Cone. 10 days passed by and he is now fully healed and loving life.

Unleashing Canine Chic: The Future of Dog Recovery Wear

In conclusion, upgrading your dog’s recovery style is no longer a challenge with these top 6 stylish alternatives to the standard lampshade collar. From fashion-forward fabrics to innovative designs, these options prioritize both flair and function, making the healing process a more comfortable and stylish experience for your beloved pet. Embrace the future of canine chic and bid farewell to the traditional cone – because your pup deserves to shine, even when under the weather.

In conclusion, the dog lampshade collar is a unique and stylish way to keep your furry friend safe while out on walks during the night. It’s a functional and fashionable accessory for any dog owner who wants to ensure their pet is visible to cars and other pedestrians. With its reflective material and built-in LED lights, the collar provides maximum visibility, making it an excellent choice for those who want to keep their dog safe and stylish at the same time. So, next time you take your dog out for a walk at night, consider adding a dog lampshade collar to their wardrobe to keep them safe and stylish.

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