Dog Treadmills to Regularly Exercise Your Dog From Home

Different dogs need different amounts of exercise.  Puppies, no matter what breed, are extremely active and require extra walks.  Keeping them active helps stimulate the brain and entertained preventing any form of boredom or anxiety.  Some dog owners never find enough time to entertain their dogs which then causes dogs to be rehomed and left in a home.  Dogs need the exercise to maintain their physical presence.  If you have the space at your home, dog treadmills are a great way of ensuring your dog is going to get the exercise required;

Dog Treadmill Considerations

We covered a few of these earlier in the article but would like to go into a little more detail.

Treadmill size:  Small house, limited space then there is no need for a treadmill.  It will only be in your way and you will quickly tire of getting it out and putting it away.  The weight of the treadmill is also a huge consideration.  If you are having to move around, your not going to want to keep trying to lift or move it.  Some treadmills have wheels for easy mobility.  Although they are still heavy, once on the wheels, you can move them a little easier.  Plus being on wheels they are easier to store away (if you have the space)

Your Dog: Your dog size is probably the most important.  Checking the size of your dog to the treadmill is an absolute must.  Buying a treadmill that is too small for your dog is very dangerous.  Alternatively, buying a treadmill that is too big will do nothing for your tiny pooch.  Smaller dogs will struggle to work a larger treadmill and leave them fed up and uninterested.  Larger dogs on smaller treadmills can seriously harm themselves.

If you are unsure then always seek advice. Most treadmills however do come with extremely details recommendations for breed, size and length of dog for their treadmills.

Choosing the Best Treadmill

There are literally hundreds of treadmills for dogs on the market however, these are our top picks.  Finding a suitable one is up to you really.  Main things to consider are; size of your dog, size of the treadmill, size of your home and whether you even require one.  You would need to look for the relevant treadmill based on your doggie size.

Why buy a treadmill?

Dogs do not NEED a treadmill however, they are handy if you have the space.  Dog walking in the great outdoors not only helps socialising, but helps all the family get together too.  We find walking Ralph and Rupert outdoors is a great way of exercising ourselves as well as socialising the dogs.

If you feel like a treadmill will come in handy then there is no reason why not to have one but do not stop walking outdoors also.  Dogs love being outside more than inside so where possible take them out!

There are some uses for a treadmill and we wanted to capture them below;

Bad Weather:   This is probably the most common.  Ralph and Rupert hate going outside in the rain so a treadmill would be perfect for them. Some times when we have heatwaves too, dogs should not be walked on the red hot pavement.  This can cause burns to pads and make doggies very sore.  Treadmills will prevent such risk.

Overweight: Obese dogs can be a serious and expensive condition.  Exercising your dog regularly, with the right diet, will help lose that weight.  Using a treadmill when unable to exercise or walk your dog is a great way of keeping that regime up.

Working:  Some people may say, if you cannot look after a dog enough through the day, why get one?  This is very true.  Busy work schedules and leaving your dog alone all day can cause serious mental harm to your dog.  They become bored and start to take on naughty traits to get attention.  Some dogs also generate anxiety and this can be very difficult to manage.  If you do have a dog and struggle with time or exercise a treadmill will support.  But we would suggest rethinking your decision to own a dog in the first place.

And Finally…..

When purchasing a treadmill for your dog then always check some very important features.

  1. Price: Don’t overspend and under use.  Treadmills seem like a great choice but if you don’t use them, are a costly decision.  Some are very cheap and not very good, others are very expensive and hardly get used.  Do your own research as well as looking at our top 4 above.
  2. Sides: if you are wanting to have your doggie running on the treadmill then get one with sides.  They can easily get carried away and miss the treadmill.  This can cause injury if their paw gets stuck or they simply fall off.  The sides ensure they are enclosed and safe.  Also make sure there is no wall directly behind the treadmill.  As like humans, if you doggie gets tired they will slide right off the back.
  3. Noise: Noise reduced treadmills are the best way of getting your dog to use the treadmill.  If the motor is too loud your dog will be scared of it from the start and not use it.  Our Top 4 are extremely quiet and allow your dog to feel safe and comfortable using it

Here are our favourites;

Top 4 Dog Treadmills or Wheels

Dog Runner– Large Dog TreadmillDog Treadmills to Regularly Exercise Your Dog From Home

The Dog Runner Treadmill is one of our largest treadmills we have looked at.  Much more suitable for larger dogs the Dog Runner is a superb treadmill that will meet your dogs needs.  As it is such a large treadmill, the dog runner is extremely durable and is support the weight of much larger dogs, supporting dogs up to 110kg.

There are no special features or confusing technology.  The dog runner is a simple and basic treadmill designed only to track your dogs distance travelled, speed and time.  Speed settings range from 0.5mph to 7.5mph.  This is extremely helpful to keep your dog exercised and healthy.

Dog Pacer TreadmillDog Treadmills to Regularly Exercise Your Dog From Home


Dog Pacer is designed for Small, Medium and Large dogs.  Identified as a great treadmill for dogs across many dog owners mainly due to the fact that it can be folded away.  The foldable feature of this treadmill has a patented design which makes it different to any other foldable treadmill.

The Dog Pacer also has a quiet motor and a superb customizable running program to pick the perfect exercise for your dogs journey.  You can customise this by weight & age of your dog to ensure they get the right level of exercise required to keep them stimulated.

PetRun PR700Dog Treadmills to Regularly Exercise Your Dog From Home

We have 2 dachshunds, one miniature, and both need lots of exercise.  LOTS OF EXERCISE.  They just seem so full of energy its unbelievable. However, one difficulty with these dogs is they hate going out in the rain.  That’s where the PetRun by Go Pet comes in handy.  This perfect small dog treadmill is great for puppies and smaller dogs.  Ensuring that these dogs get their regular exercise certainly helps calm them down.

Several features stood out for us with this cheap treadmill.  The quiet motor helps prevent your dog from getting scared or disturb anyone at home.  Included is a treat holder to help incentivise your doggie.  It is also extremely sturdy for such a small treadmill that your doggie can enjoy each and every walk. Finally, the treadmill also comes with some tiny wheels so it can be easily moved and stored away.

GoPet Treadwheel

Dog Treadmills to Regularly Exercise Your Dog From Home

And Finally, the hamster wheel for dogs.  This superb design, suitable for small dogs is exactly like a hamster wheel.  GoPet have designed this to help doggies exercise from a young age.  Being so small and simple to use, this is one of the more popular items for puppies on the market.  Suitable for small dogs only, the GoPet is a superb Pet Wheel that will keep your doggie entertained throughout the whole exercise.

No plugs, no computers, no technologu – just a wheel and your dog is all that is required.  A nice little feature is the UV protection that the wheel provides.  This allows for use in direct sunlight, outdoors, and not affect your doggie in anyway.  The surface of the wheel is also padded for that extra comfort.  Allowing your doggie to walk the required distance on a soft floor, just like wearing slippers.