Healthy Dogs Need Merrick Grain Free Dog Food

Grain free pet foods are healthier for our pets and supply them with a more natural diet that supports their natural feeding habits. Merrick grain free dog food specializes in creating pet food that contains all the necessary proteins and is low in carbohydrates and vitamins that helps boost their energy levels, keeps them fuller for longer and stimulates fantastic growth.

Grain Free dog food is a great alternative to normal dog foods.  Being Grain Free they can be extremely healthy for your dog.  They also ensure your dogs coat and fur looks healthy, whilst maintaining all the nutrients your doggie needs.

Lets Take a look at some of the best Merrick Grain Free Foods and Treats available;

Best Merrick Grain Free Foods

1 Merrick Grain Free Salmon & Sweet Potato KibbleBEST MERRICK GRAIN FREE FOOD

These grain free kibble types are suitable for dogs of all ages and contain healthy fat ingredients that helps build and maintain muscular tissue and balance weight gain and nutrition.  The Merrick Grain Free Salmon & Sweet Potato Kibble is both delicious for your dog and healthy!

Pros – Merrick grain free dog food consists of fun and interesting recipes that enhance dog’s digestive systems. Salmon is the main ingredient in this product and provides your dog with Omega 3 minerals that helps fight aging. The Sweet potato and pea ingredients provide your pet with fibers to help their digestive systems. This dog food also consists of easy to digest carbohydrates so your dog won’t have any issues with digesting the food properly. There are different size bags available; 4lb, 12lb and 25lb.

Cons – Might not be suitable for small puppies

Other similar products – For variety you can try the various different recipes such as; Buffalo and Sweet Potato, Lamb and Sweet potato and Duck and sweet potato.

2 Merrick Whole Earth Farms Beef & Lamb dog foodHealthy Dogs Need Merrick Grain Free Dog Food

This grain free dog food is a bit more affordable yet still offers great quality food to dogs.  Merrick Whole Earth Farms Beef & Lamb dog food are wholesome and contain all the valuable minerals and fibers your dog needs to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Pros – The food is naturally nutritious and contains organic products from USA. It is affordable and there are wide ranges of recipes your pet will absolutely love. The recipe includes sources of pork meal, beef and lamb, dried blueberries, flavorful rosemary, sage and thyme for optimized vitamin, mineral and fiber intake and is suitable for dogs from all ages. All ingredients are healthy to dogs unlike foods that contain corn, wheat and soy which are not healthy to dogs. There are different size bags available; 4lb, 12lb and 25lb.

Cons – The kibble might be difficult for small puppies to chew.

Other similar products – There is a wide variety of recipes such as; Chicken and Turkey, Turkey and Duck and a special recipe for adult dogs.

3 Merrick Wilderness Blend Canned FoodHealthy Dogs Need Merrick Grain Free Dog Food

Canned dog foods are a great source of fresh foods that contain far less preservatives than kibble recipes. The Merrick Wilderness Blend contains buffalo, venison, salmon, fresh carrots, gold potatoes, peas and apples for added minerals and vitamins.

Pros – This Merrick grain free dog food is specially formulated to maintain a healthy and balanced diet for dogs of all ages. It comes with clear instruction as to which amounts to feed your dog for their specific body weight. The can is user friendly and require no can openers and is packed with healthy protein, mineral and vitamin sources that is blended to taste great for dogs.

Cons – Unlike kibble, you cannot store an opened can out in the open.

Other similar products – Other fun flavors of Merrick’s canned food include Buffalow Grill, Turducken, Mediterranean Banquet, Grammy’s pot pie and a very special Thanksgiving Day doggy dinner.

4 Merrick Canned Dog Food Variety BundlesHealthy Dogs Need Merrick Grain Free Dog Food

To supply your dog with a variety of delicious meals you can invest in the Merrick Canned Variety Bundles that contain four different flavors so your dog will never get bored of eating the same thing every day. The four flavors include Turducken, Grammy’s Pot Pie, Thanksgiving Day Dinner and Cowboy Cookout.

Pros – The variety packs consists of the 4 most popular flavors of dog food.  The special recipes helps to boost dog’s natural muscular growth, supply them with needed vitamins and minerals to boost their immune systems and help their digestive systems function better.

Cons – If your dog is allergic to one of the flavors then the variety pack might not be for you. Your dog may not like some of the kinds in the pack.

Other similar products – You can also order removable lids that fit onto the cans for fantastic storage options.

5 Merrick Kitchen BitesHealthy Dogs Need Merrick Grain Free Dog Food

This is a fantastic solution if your dog is allergic or sensitive to human food and would like a snack every now and then. The Merrick Kitchen Bites are a healthy and nutritious snack for dogs and is a great solution for dog training snacks that are healthy and tasty so they will be eager to comply to score more treats.

Pros – The Grain and gluten free solution is great to maintain dog’s healthy digestive systems. It is a ready snack that requires no preparation time. You can easily control how many bites your dog receives. The product contains no corn, wheat or soy and will boost your dog’s energy levels with these fun and tasty bites.

Cons – Can be a bit tough for puppies

Other similar products – There is a wide variety of kitchen bites such as Brauts-n-Tots, Cowboy Cookout, Turducken and Wingalings Applewood Bacon.

In Summary

Merrick’s also produces a wide range of food products for cats that include kibble and canned foods. They did extensive research on pet’s digestive systems and concluded that a lot of common ingredients found in dog food are harmful to your dog’s digestive system. These harmful products include corn, soy and grain. Merrick’s dog and cat food products are made from natural products and the recipes are specially developed to contain protein, vegetable and fruit sources to optimize your dog’s health.