Choose the Best Branded Organic Dog Treats for your Doggie

One thing we always want to make sure we do is provide you the best products on the market for your doggie.  This will include dog Foods and Treats.  Finding the best branded organic dog treats was a difficult task however, we have found some amazing products for you.

Every year new products are on the market due to the amount of money that is put into dog treats.  Buying organic dog treats  is a great way of keeping your doggie healthier.  Making your own dog food and dog treats is also simple.

Many questions are asked on a daily basis.  How can I truly know what the best branded organic dog treats are? How easy is it to make my own?  Is there a limit to how many dog treats my dog should have daily?

Hopefully, by the end of this article you will not only know the answers to these questions, but you will also be able to purchase your very own branded organic dog treats.

Your doggies diet is made up mostly of Dog Food (90%).  The other 10% is made up of treats.  If your doggie is a good healthy weight and at its ideal body weight, then you should aim for 95% Food, 5% Treats.

Why?  Treats, including organic dog treats, are not balanced with nutrition or complete.  They are also only formulated to be provided as supplemental.

Should I give my Puppy / Senior Dog Treats?

ABSOLUTELY!!  Treating your dog is a fundamental part of dog training.  It is also recommended to treat your dog for good behaviour, even when not training.

If you have an older dog then you should already be aware at how important treats are due to how much you used them for training your doggie.  Being a new dog owner then you need to know that treats will ensure your dog is treated for good behaviour and training.

Always bear in mind how many treats you give to your puppy.  Rewarding them for training is a great way of showing them they have done well.  You don’t need to give Huge portions of treats as your dog will be happy with just a nibble.

Older dogs absolutely love treats.  The older they are the less active they become.  Giving a treat to an older dog keeps them feeling loved and they do absolutely love treats.

Check with your local vet if you are unsure how many treats to give daily.  They will be able to advise on portion size to ensure your dog is hungry and ready for meal times.

Best Branded Organic Dog Treats

Labels on dog treats can be very confusing.  Many dog treats include a form of sugar.  The nutritional values in each of the dog treats is varied from one product to the next.  This causes even more confusion as to which to choose.

When researching dog treats, we found that many of them included so much sugar, they exceeded the recommended 10% daily allowance.  This was mainly in dog treat biscuits.  The best branded organic dog treats we have found have a very clear ingredient and nutritional value.  They all contain little to no sugar and clear provide a recommended daily intake based on your doggies size and age.

To be one of the best organic treats for puppies there are several requirements.  They need to be easy to digest as puppy’s digestive systems do take some time to develop.

“Get Naked” are a grain free and organic chew which helps to relieve pain in your puppy’s teeth.  Dental Chews are also a great way of cleaning your puppy’s teeth.BEST BRANDED ORGANIC DOG TREATS

Furthermore, Honest Kitchen have provided a soft food which is a great way of ensuring your doggie has a nutrition balance.  This soft, organic food can be given to your doggie as a small treat or as a mini meal.

These types of treats and foods are always handy to have close by.  Puppies can quickly get an upset tummy or even digestive problems.  Having these treats available will quickly help relax and balance your puppies upset tum.

Choose the Best Branded Organic Dog Treats for your Doggie

Organic Treats

Pet Naturals superfoods are not only Natural treats, but are also organic.  What does that mean I hear you cry. The confusion is real, natural and organic? Well, Pet naturals are completely free of any artificial ingredients making them completely natural.  Although partially organic, they are still organic.

Choose the Best Branded Organic Dog Treats for your Doggie

There are also several flavours to choose from making your doggie continue to love them.  The flavours are Ralphs all time favourites, Bacon, Chicken and Peanut Butter. YUM! YUM!

Fruitables have also provide some fantastic flavours in there treats.  At just less than 9 calories, these partially organic treats come in cranberry (great for Christmas), Banana, apple or Blueberry.  With a fanstically delicious pumpkin bottom, these treats are to die for.  Most dogs will be barking mad to miss out.

Choose the Best Branded Organic Dog Treats for your Doggie

Best Healthier Options

Dogs have always loved some fruit and veggies and that is no different when it comes to treats.  Isle of Dogs have produced a gluten free, partially organic, all natural dog treat.  Full of all the goodness your doggie needs.  Another great addition to these treats is that they support your doggies health, including improving joints.

Choose the Best Branded Organic Dog Treats for your Doggie

Chicken Treats

EVERYBODY LOVES CHICKEN – Even Dogs! Ensuring your chicken for your dogs is the best.  Some Chicken dog treats and full of harmful antibiotics which can stress your dog.  Organic chicken dog treats are amazing. These amazing biscuits by Organix are perfect.  Free from any harmful ingredients like pesticides and ALL NATURAL!

Choose the Best Branded Organic Dog Treats for your Doggie

Then we have the PLATO range of chicken strips.  Again, completely organic and full of that extra special tastiness.

Choose the Best Branded Organic Dog Treats for your Doggie

And for training your dog, these chicken dog treats by Full moon are perfect.  Just 3 Calories, you would be a fool not to use these for training.  Your dog will go through treats like a normal meal when training so the lower the calorie intake the better.

Choose the Best Branded Organic Dog Treats for your Doggie

In Summary:  Best Branded Organic Dog Treats

Hopefully, in this quick review, you have found yourself some absolute gems.  Dogs will love any of these treats.  Our favourite is the Fruitables range due to the variety of flavours.

Although the Full Moon treats are lower in calories, they are great for young pups.

If you do have any dog treats that aren’t listed, please share your treat and review and we’d be happy to share with the rest of mydoggie world.


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