Top 5 Amazing Herding Balls for Dogs: Make Your Pet Smart!

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If you have an energetic dog and you love to play with them. Then you know, It’s extremely exhausting work. Herding balls for dogs are the good interactive toys that you can buy. Once you train your dog to play with herding balls then you can do household work without any worry. Check all the details here.

What Are Herding Balls?

A herding ball is a huge, heavy ball for dogs. It is usually made of hard plastic. It was invented to let herding dogs play on their own and not to chase their owners. Predominantly Herding Balls were invented for the Herding breeds. Herding Dogs were first used in 1570 to assist sheepherders. Herding breeds are spontaneous, quick, and agile. Gradually people started to keep Herding Dogs as their pets. It’s tough to play with these agile and muscular dogs throughout the day. That is why the ‘Herding Balls for Dogs’ concept came.

Benefits of Herding Balls For Dogs

Laziness is a disease. If you see your dogs are not spontaneous then it is a very bad sign. It might happen your dog will start behaving weirdly. This is why it’s critical to keep them busy with toys. That’s what herding balls can help you with. Much other weird behaviour can be fixed by these balls, such as:

  1.     Digging
  2.     Barking
  3.     Chasing people or bikes
  4.     Trying to herd people
  5.     Nipping peoples’ legs
  6.     Chewing

Disadvantages of Herding Balls For Dogs

Now you’ve got to know about the above benefits. But, there are a few disadvantages of these balls also. That you have to keep in your mind while you let your dog play with Herding Balls.

  1. Sometimes ball’s surface can become harsh. And your dog might get some paper cuts on its nose. Make sure you smooth the ball’s surface before you give it to your pup.
  2. Once you train your dog how to play with these balls they might only focus on the ball, it can easily collide with other objects. That’s why you need a big space.
  3. As Herding balls are made out of hard plastic when your dog tries to chew these balls, it might cause gum pain. Or might get cut in gums.

These are the main issues that one might face with Herding Balls. If your dog is attempting to chew on the herding ball, keep it away from their reach to avoid hurting their teeth.

Herding Dogs

Herding balls are the Toys for herding dogs. We’ve found these breeds enjoy a lot playing with this toy. Let’s discuss. There are so many different breeds of herding dogs that love to play with Herding Balls. These dogs love herding balls:

Please check the list:

  1. German Shepherd
  2. Border Collie
  3. Belgian Sheepdog
  4. Picard
  5. Collie Berger

If your dog is not from a herding breed then also you can train them to play with these balls.

Different Sizes of Herding Balls For Dogs

Herding balls come in different sizes. You can choose the amazing one for your dog out of many variations. Make sure whatever the size you will buy that shouldn’t be fit in your dog’s mouth. It might be a bad idea to choose a small size that your dog can easily gulp. We’ve found these 4 sizes. Please check the list.

  1.     0-20 lbs – 4.5” ball
  2.     20-60 lbs – 6” ball
  3.     60-110 lbs – 10” ball
  4.     110+ lbs – 14” ball

Although it’s a rough guide, you can buy these balls as per your wish keeping the above instructions in mind.

Toys for Herding Balls For Dogs

A lot of toys you might find in the market but Herding balls are the good ones.  These are durable. Your dog doesn’t get hurt by these smooth balls. It keeps your dog busy and allows them to play around without any harm. Our team has researched a lot about available toys in the market. And we’ve found that Herding Balls are the superb toys for your dogs.

So, you’ve learned a little bit about herding balls but aren’t sure which one to buy. This is where our team can help. We’ve got you covered with the superb herding balls in the market. You can easily buy these balls online.


One of the superb herding balls that you can purchase for your hyperactive dog. Jolly Ball has got great suggestions from its buyers and has become the most popular brand in the Herding Balls industry. If you are worried about the durability of the product then, fret not! This ball is designed for a longer period and constant movements. Whether your dog nips it or bites it, it is impossible to destroy it. That’s why it is one of the superb toys for herding dogs.


Let’s see the whole specifications of Jolly Ball.

  1. Size: 4.5” to 14”
  2. Weight: 0.15 lbs to 2.2 lbs
  3. Material: Plastic
  4. Color: Blue, Red, Purple
  5. Breed Suggetions: Small to Large Breeds

Great  Material: They use plastic to make the toy more durable so your dog won’t chew it up.

Multiple Sizes: Dogs have different shapes. Keeping this in mind they manufacture a variety of sizes.

Pros: It will keep your dog busy for long hours. It’s very hard to destroy. You will get different sizes according to your dog.

Cons: sometimes after a lot of use the might become edgy that you have to keep smooth.


If you’re looking for a safe product then Rocco and Roxie is the good brand. They don’t use any toxic material to make these balls. Their USP is they use high-grade Thermoplastic material. which is way safer than normal plastic. Rocco & Roxie has bagged thousands of great suggestions from their customers.


Let’s see the whole specifications of Rocco and Roxie Balls.

  1. Size: 2.5” and 4”
  2. Material: Thermal Plastic
  3. Color: Blue, Sky
  4. Breed Suggestions: Small to Large Breeds

Great  Material: They used thermal plastic that is non-toxic to your dogs.

Multiple Sizes: These balls come in 2 sizes

Pros: As they use good quality plastic, you don’t need to worry about your dog’s health.

Cons: There is a small hole on the above surface. Dogs with sharp teeth might starch scratching the point and that may burst the product. Although there are many toys that you might buy for your dog, herding balls are the toys for your herding dogs. This makes your dog smart and spontaneous. And these above-mentioned products are the that you can buy for your loved one.


Herding Balls for dogs is always a good choice. Your dog can play with these balls throughout the day. Because it is made out of hard and inflexible plastic that does not deform when put under pressure, it is extremely tough to bite. Once you train your dog to play with herding balls by the next time they will play on their own.

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